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Open Couples’ Hearts to God’s Design for Marriage SACRAMENTS

In the pastoral style of the Redemptorists, Your Marriage and Tu Matrimonio contain the necessary elements to help couples build a strong foundation for lifelong marriage. Each chapter is written by an expert in his or her field and covers many topics not usually found in a marriage-preparation program. Videos feature real couples who are eager to share their wisdom with your engaged couples. Tu Matrimonio is one of the few Spanish-language programs found in the market. Visit to see video clips, review sample pages, and download a free chapter on cohabitation. “Your Marriage and Tu Matrimonio help couples discern God’s will while preparing for the celebration of the sacrament and for the commitment of a lifelong marriage. I am particularly grateful for the session on military marriages....” Most Rev. Timothy P. Broglio, JCD Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA “Your Marriage includes important topics for engaged couples to discuss as they prepare for their wedding and a lifetime of marriage. I appreciate...encouraging couples to harmonize their differences and see the richness of their strengths as a unique couple.” Most Rev. Richard J. Malone Bishop of Buffalo

Your Marriage Leader Guide 9780764-825477

Participant Workbook


Program DVD

Tu Matrimonio

ne of Make Jesus the cornersto




Programa DVD

Program Kit

Set de Programa 1 Guía del instructor, 1 Libro de trabajo para los novios, 1 Programa Bilingüe DVD A00082

Program Kits (one of each of the below) 64-page Leader Guide • 8.5 x 11 240-page Participant Workbook • 8.5 x 11 Bilingual DVD • 80-minutes

Name three things your

marry, hen a man and a woman decision they make a permanent te to love—to make a comple in love that is free, gift of self to the other On their wedding faithful, total, and fruitful. of the sacrament, day, through the grace dly intimate and they enter into a profoun in communion with life-giving relationship help, they establish the Lord. With Christ’s which to build a strong foundation upon their married life.

Libro de trabajo para los novios

Bilingüe 9780764-825835

1 Leader Guide, 1 Participant Workbook, 1 Bilingual DVD A00081

Scripture Support

Guía del instructor

Bilingual 9780764-825835


Spirituality and Faith in Your Marriage

your marriage.

relationship is based on.

1. 2. 3. Name three things you

hope to build in your life


1. 2. 3.

structure, This foundation, this support Jesus Christ. Just is the covenant love of back, broke himself as Jesus held nothing us— for out himself open, and poured called by God husbands and wives are to love, service, and gifted by his Spirit open their hearts and sacrifice. When they , they make themand take up this mission create a gift not just selves vulnerable and to the rest of but other, each and to God

Name three ways you or sacrifice.

already model Christ’s

love, service,

1. 2. 3.

Name three ways you enter marriage.

the world.

1. 2. 3. 9 8

$94.99 $15.99 $12.99 $79.99


hope to improve your

love as you

MARRIAGE Your Wedding

Getting Married

A Guide to Getting Married in the Catholic Church


16-page paperback • 8.375 x 10.375 English 9780764-816383 $4.99 Spanish 9780764-812491 $4.99

Natural Family Planning


This easy-to-read, magazine-style guide is designed to help couples as they prepare for their marriage ceremony. Illustrated with fullcolor photographs throughout, it helps couples clarify their own approach to the sacrament of marriage and provide creative support for each other during the preparation period and on into their new lives together. 24-page booklet • 8.25 x 11.625 9780892-438037 $4.99

A Catholic Approach

A Catholic Wedding


This booklet explores the history of Christian belief about contraception, natural family planning methods of the modern era, and artificial contraception. It offers suggestions on finding a health-care provider and provides data on what research shows about the benefits of natural family planning.


48-page booklet • 5 x 7.8 English 9780764-818332 $4.99 Spanish 9780764-818554 $4.99

Folded leaflet • 3.5 x 8.5 • Pack of 25 9780764-812583 $7.99 This item is nonreturnable

This informative leaflet is written for inactive Catholics and those of other faiths or denominations who find themselves attending a Catholic wedding. It answers frequently asked questions like who can receive holy Communion, what to do for those can’t or don’t want to kneel, and more.

Catholic Annulment, Spiritual Healing

Marriage Annulments Under Pope Francis



Catholic annulment is often viewed as an obstacle to marriage or a formality of canon law. Few people realize that annulment is more than just a process — annulment leads to healing. The authors draw upon their own experience of Catholic annulment to describe not only the procedure but also the peace it


brought into their lives.

Marriage Annulments Under Pope Francis presents the facts about Catholic annulment as implemented by Pope Francis in a clear, pastoral, and nonjudgmental way. The book is a helpful, healing guide to those who may be seeking an annulment and to anyone who has a question about the new annulment process.

96-page paperback • 4.37 x 7.125 9780764-808838 $8.99

32-page paperback • 4.375 x 7 9780892-828089 $3.99

Call 800-325-9521


Affordable enough to put into the hands of all who are considering marriage, this booklet, designed by a priest and married couples, addresses self-knowledge, communication, the Catholic understanding of marriage, and many other issues with humor and wisdom.

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BAPTISM Your Baby’s Baptism

Your Baby’s Baptism



Leader Guide


Part of the Liguori Sacramental Preparation Series, this Leader Guide arms facilitators and coordinators of baptismalpreparation classes with the information you need to instruct and inspire. The wraparound style of the Leader Guide provides an easy way to lead parents through the lessons. • References to the Scripture and the Catechism • How-to guides for baptismal-prep meetings • Page-by-page tips for using the Parent Guide • “From the DVD” feature that connects topics to the new Your Baby’s Baptism video

Parent Guide

Part of the Liguori Sacramental Preparation Series, this booklet prepares parents for their baby’s special day and reminds them of their own baptismal promises and calling. This booklet includes an overview of sin and salvation, a short history of baptismal practices and traditions, the meaning of the sacrament and its symbols, a step-by-step guide to the rite, and references to Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and other Church documents. 16-page booklet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-825385 $4.99 Spanish 9780764-825101 $4.99

Your Baby’s Baptism

• All the great resources in the Parent Guide — and more!

Welcome to God’s Family WITH FR. JIM DEITERS

24-page booklet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-825392 $6.99 Spanish 9780764-825286 $6.99

This program DVD celebrates and renews faith while strengthening parents’ decision to raise their child in the Catholic faith. Topics include: the Sacrament of Baptism, Holy Water and the Font, Liturgy of the Word, Intercessions and the Litany of the Saints, Anointing With Oil of Catechumens, Blessing of Water, Baptismal Promises, Symbols, Blessing of the Parents. Special Feature: A message from Lisa Hendey, creator of and the Catholic Mom Moments blog and podcast, who explains the importance of parents as the first teachers of the faith. Free Presenter’s Guide online. 30-minute DVD English 9780764-821943 $36.99 Spanish 9780764-822056 $36.99



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Your Guide to Godparenting

Your Child’s Baptism



What do you ask of God’s Church for your child? This question, taken from the rite of baptism, requires only the briefest of answers: baptism—faith— eternal life. And yet, the baptism of your child is a complex event, embracing those difficult concepts we understand only by degrees: faith, life, relationship, Church. The far-reaching and clearly formed insights in Your Child’s Baptism will help you prepare for the simple— and yet complex—beginning of your child’s life in Christ. 32-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9780867-163438 $4.99

48-page booklet • 5.5 x 8.25 English 9780764-825804 $2.99 Spanish 9780764-827044 $2.99

Parent Prayer Card

Catholic Update Guide to Baptism MARY CAROL KENDZIA, SERIES EDITOR

The first sacrament of initiation is not a one-time event but an invitation to a lifelong journey of Christian discipleship. Drawing on the trusted and popular Catholic Update newsletter, the Catholic Update Guide to Baptism will answer your questions about baptism. Whether you were baptized as an infant or as an adult, this guide will help you fully understand and accept God’s call to be renewed in faith and love.

Baby’s Baptism This printed folder has space for photos, dates, signature, and “Parents Prayer.” Sold in sets of 10. Parent Prayer Card • 8 x 10 9437AP $8.99

Godparent Prayer Card

53-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9781616-360634 $5.99

Baby’s Baptism This printed folder has space for photo, dates, baptism parish, signatures, and “Godparent Prayer.” Sold in sets of 25.

For Baptism pamphlets, see page 117.

Godparent Prayer Card • 5.375 x 8 9437CP $9.99

For more Catholic Update Guides, please see page 28.

Call 800-325-9521


Being a godparent is an honor, a blessing, and a lifelong commitment. Using practical solutions and simple activities, this booklet outlines the responsibilities of the role and guides godparents on the journey, from the ceremony through the godchild’s early life. Topics include a review of requirements of godparents, an outline of what happens at the baptismal ceremony, and suggestions of how to be a good godparent. As part of the Liguori Sacramental Preparation Series, this practical formation tool is ideal for first-time or distant godparents.

Handing on the Faith




Saints AND Me!








Saints for Sacraments includes saints who inspire us to receive God’s grace through the sacraments of the Church. The seven books in the set have imprimatur and are part of the Saints and Me! series. They include a reproducible book of activities for all the saints.

✶ S AC R



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The author of the Saints and Me! series, Barbara Yoffie, has been in Catholic education for 35 years as both a primary-grades classroom teacher and a religious-education coordinator. Barbara has a master’s degree in religious education administration from Loyola University in New Orleans and a certificate of religious studies from Paul VI Institute in St. Louis. Jeff Albrecht is the illustrator of Saints for Sacraments. He has worked for Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel, DC Comics, and various Christian publishing companies from his studio in the St. Louis area.

Padre Pio: Saint for Reconciliation BARBARA YOFFIE

Teresa of Ávila: Saint for the Eucharist


Padre Pio was born in Italy in 1887 and was a priest and confessor. (“Padre” is “Father” in Italian.) He heard millions of confessions during his lifetime. Padre Pio had the gift of healing people and knowing what was in their hearts when they came to confession. He filled people’s hearts with peace and helped them to love God. By encouraging prayer and frequent confession, Padre Pio brought people back to God and the Catholic Church.


Teresa of Ávila, Spain, was born into a wealthy family in 1515. She loved Jesus very much and became a Carmelite nun. When she received the Eucharist, she could feel his great love and grew stronger in her faith and friendship with Jesus. Teresa started a new Carmelite convent. The nuns prayed for the Church, for sinners and people who did not love God. 32-page booklet • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-827938 $6.49

32-page booklet • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-827921 $6.49

John Vianney: Saint for Holy Orders Louis and Zélie Martin: Saints for Matrimony BARBARA YOFFIE


Louis and Zélie Martin are the first married saints to be canonized together. They lived in France in the nineteenth century. Both had hoped to enter the religious life but found it was God’s will to marry and have children. They created a home environment that invited holiness and taught their daughters, including Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, to love God and serve the poor. 32-page booklet • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-827945 $6.49


32-page booklet • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-827952 $6.49

John the Baptist: Saint for Baptism

Maximilian Kolbe: Saint for Anointing

Philip Neri: Saint for Confirmation

Saints for Sacraments Activity Book

32-page booklet • 5.3 x 8.25 9780764-827976 $6.49


John Vianney was born in France during the French Revolution when religion was forbidden. He desperately wanted to become a priest so that he could help people love God. Finally, he was ordained a priest, receiving the sacrament of Holy Orders. He was sent to the village of Ars, where a lot of people lost their faith. Father Vianney helped them find it, teaching them how to live and love like Jesus. “Come to mass, and come meet Jesus,” he urged. He is the patron saint of parish priests.

Coming in Spring 2019! 32-page booklet • 5.3 x 8.25 9780764-827969 $6.49


32-page booklet • 5.3 x 8.25 9780764-827983 $6.49

96-page booklet • 8.5 x 11 9780764-828010 $12.49



First Penance

Joyful Reconciliation

Preparing Children for the Rite of Reconciliation


34-minute DVD English 9780764-821950 $36.99 Spanish 9780764-822063 $36.99


First Penance holds a child’s attention with full-color illustrations, lessons in an easyto-grasp verse, and entertaining games and puzzles. It also helps parents understand and get involved in the sacramental preparation of their child. 8 four-page lessons • Nested • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-801945 $3.99 Spanish 9780764-801952 $3.99

Jesus Forgives My Sins MARY TERESE DONZE, ASC

Your Child’s First Penance Handing on the Faith CAROL LUEBERING

Jesus helps his brothers and sisters learn to live together through word and example. With this book, family members learn together to seek and give forgiveness and to keep from hurting each other. Your Child’s First Penance helps parents prepare their child to make First Penance a joyful experience.

This booklet explains the sacrament of Penance in language that primary-grade children can understand. Colorful and engaging, it can be used as a supplement to classroom preparation or shared with the child at home. It includes eight nested handouts over topics such as God Loves Me, God’s Rules, Jesus Forgives a Sinner, Coming Home Again, Families Work Together, and A Brand New Beginning. 32-page booklet • 5.125 x 7.375 9780892-434800 $3.99


32-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9780867-163469 $4.95


This joyful presentation from Brother Francis reminds old and young alike about the great gift of God’s forgiveness through the sacrament of Reconciliation. This includes explanations of how to make a good confession, two songs, and the Parable of the Tax Collector.


Sophie feels sad because she had an argument with her friend. Sophie’s mother explains that when we make a mistake, we should say we’re sorry and ask forgiveness. God gave us the sacrament of Reconciliation for when we need to tell him we’re sorry so we can make a fresh start. This book, part of the Sophie Wonders series, is an excellent tool for teaching children ages 3 to 6 understand an older sibling’s preparation for First Penance.

25-minute bilingual DVD 727985-01460 $12.99 Coloring/Activity Book 978098-809647 $2.99

32-page booklet • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-823459 $6.49

Call 800-325-9521


This DVD introduces the sacrament and explores the prayers, ritual, and gestures of the rite, and why it is a time for repentance and joy. For parents there is an explanation of the sacrament and what the parents’ role is in teaching and modeling the faith. There is an examination of conscience for children and adults and a message from Lisa Hendey, founder of, who talks about her First Penance and how feelings of fear were swept away by God’s love outpoured.

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FIRST EUCHARIST Don’t Drink the Holy Water!

A Child’s First Communion And So Much More!

Big Al and Annie Go to Mass



This DVD features with two programs—one for children as they prepare and one for the adults guiding them along the way.


Young children can be both mystified and confused by what they witness while attending Mass with their families—even when they can see over the adults sitting in front of them! Don’t Drink the Holy Water! explains the Mass with creative, full-color illustrations and simple descriptions that resonate with kids. A special section at the back of the book helps adults answer kids’ questions about the sacrament. Featuring a 50-minute DVD—broken into 20 small segments, perfect for engaging kids and offering opportunities for questions and reflection—parents, grandparents, godparents, and teachers alike will appreciate this lively, versatile teaching tool. 64-page hardcover/DVD • 8 x 8 9780764-819483 $19.99

Children: With both holiness and humor, the insight in the 4-part, 23-minute segment teaches children the fundamentals of our Catholic faith and inspires them to love the Mass more than ever. Adults: A 3-part, 57-minute segment will recharge your presence at Mass and renew your understanding of the Eucharist. View a sample video and download reflection and discussion questions at 80-minute DVD English 9780764-820519 $36.99 Spanish 9780764-821684 $36.99

Jesus Invites Me to the Feast


A little girl named Sophie goes to Mass with her family. She wonders what happens when people line up for Communion. Her mother explains the sacrament of the holy Eucharist. This entry in Liguori’s 7-book Sophie Wonders series about the sacraments is an excellent tool for teaching children ages 3 to 6 about an older child’s first Communion. 32-page booklet • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-823398 $6.49

My First Eucharist Journal CHRISTINE WAY SKINNER

Jesus Invites Me to the Feast is a colorful, engaging first Communion journal that provides faith formation and religious development for children and their parents. This one-of-a-kind journal gives simple, step-by-step instructions for scrapbooking a child’s faith journey toward first Communion. This journal helps families create lasting memories of this special time and provides a priceless keepsake they’ll always treasure. 80-page paperback • 11 x 8.5 9780764-819988 $9.99

The Mass

The Bread of Life



This inspirational and instructive presentation teaches children about the sacrament of the Eucharist and prepares them for their first Holy Communion. The episode contains stories of The Last Supper and Imelda Lambertini and two visualized songs. 29-minute bilingual DVD 727985-01391 $12.99 Coloring/Activity Book 9780983-809609 $2.99

Come with Brother Francis as he celebrates the life-changing power of the Mass. It includes an animated representation of what happens during the Mass and our encounter with Jesus as we celebrate this wonderful gift of God. 29-minute bilingual DVD 727985-015514 $12.99 Coloring/Activity Book 9781939-182272 $2.99



La primera Comunión / First Communion

Preparing Children for the Sacrament of the Eucharist


The bilingual student packet has English and Spanish side by side for each lesson for families that speak dual languages. All can read along in the language with which they are most comfortable while preparing for first Communion. 8 eight-page lessons • Nested • 8.5 x 11 Bilingual 9780764-823794 $4.99

8 four-page lessons • Nested • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-801921 $3.99 Spanish 9780764-801938 $3.99



Here’s a clear, straightforward guide for Catholic and nonCatholic parents whose children are making their first Communion. A friendly, magazine-style booklet with full-color photographs throughout, it covers the role of parents in preparing their child to receive first Communion and answers common questions that children ask.

Fully comprehending and appreciating the Mass can be difficult for young children. With imaginative illustrations, games, and thoughtful activities, this booklet allows children to follow along during Mass, making it the perfect supplement for First Eucharist programs. Children can write and color in this book and then wipe off the plastic pages, allowing for repeated use. 24-page booklet • 5.875 x 8.25 9780764-806681 $5.99

16-page booklet • 8.5 x 11.625 9780892-433285 $4.99

Your Child’s First Communion Handing on the Faith

Jesus Comes to Me



This booklet helps prepare primary-grade children to receive their first Eucharist. Colorful and engaging, it can be used as a supplement to classroom preparation or shared with the child before the school lessons begin. 32-page booklet • 5.125 x 7.375 9780892-435388 $3.99

Parents are expected to take an active role in preparing their children for first Communion. In Your Child’s First Communion, Carol Luebering draws upon experiences of family life to help parents prepare themselves to welcome a child to the Lord’s table. Each chapter offers questions for reflection or discussion and passages from the liturgy, Scripture, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church for prayerful meditation. 40-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9780867-163445 $3.95

Call 800-325-9521


Preparing Children for the Sacrament of the Eucharist


Preparing children for first Communion is an important step on their journey to Christ. Liguori’s easy-to-use program reinforces the importance of the sacrament and the message that Jesus loves us. Classroom activity pages reinforce the lessons for children, and notes to parents to the material and suggest ways for parents to get involved in their child’s preparation for First Communion

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CONFIRMATION Sacraments for Children

Your Child’s Confirmation

An Introduction to the Seven Sacraments for Middle-Grade Children

Handing on the Faith CAROL LUEBERING


Each chapter offers questions for reflection or discussion and passages from the liturgy of the sacrament, Scripture, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church for prayerful meditation. It concludes with a look at the Confirmation rite.


This DVD follows eleven middlegrade friends in a summer-camp setting, which takes viewers on a learning adventure to discover the meaning behind the symbolism of the sacraments. A free Presenter’s Guide suggests ways to incorporate this DVD into your existing Confirmation program, and is available online at

32-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9780867-163452 $3.99

35-minute DVD 9780764-818172 $24.99

A Sponsor’s Confirmation Journal My Confirmation Journal DEBBIE REPP

This journal is a treasured companion for any teen going through Confirmation preparation. Besides providing young people with space for personal journaling, it also includes insightful questions, reflections, and illustrations that help teens define themselves and understand their own spirituality.


This journal includes insightful questions, reflections, and explanations that help sponsors approach their role with confidence and enthusiasm. It begins with words of appreciation for the sponsor in recognition of the very important role that they have agreed to accept. Through journaling and reflecting, sponsors are reminded that they have the opportunity to strengthen the faith of another person. 32-page self-cover • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-809811 $2.99

48-page self-cover • 5.5 x 8.25 9780764-802577 $2.99

Catholic Update Guide to Confirmation

Mining the Meaning of the Bible

Beyond the Literal Word SALLIE LATKOVICH, CSJ

This book is a perfect guide for Confirmation classes to teach middle-grade students to understand the meaning and messages of the Scriptures, answering many difficult questions. It includes references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and timelines, as well as uses maps and graphical representations that appeal to this age group. 64-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 9780764-819827 $6.99


As one of the Church’s sacraments of initiation, Confirmation is considered today as a rite of maturity in the faith. This guide to Confirmation explains the history and meaning of the sacrament. It will guide you through the process of Confirmation and inspire you to allow the Holy Spirit, whose charism marks this sacrament, to change your life. For more Catholic Update Guides, please see page 28. 54-page paperback • 5 x 7 9781616-362393 $5.99



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Getting Confirmed



Join Fr. Joe Kempf and a group of high school students as they prepare for Confirmation. These young Catholics face the same problems as other adolescents: sexuality, peer pressure, relationships, commitments, and doubts about themselves and their faith. They learn the sacrament of Confirmation is a way to choose to love God and God’s people. 57-minute DVD 9780764-817946 $24.99

A Journey of Questions and Answers Confirmation is a time for young Catholics to make adult decisions. As with all-important choices, there are things they need to learn and do before being confirmed in the Church. Getting Confirmed is a colorful guide developed especially for young Confirmation candidates. Presented in a way they can understand, it explains why Confirmation is important. 16-page booklet • 8.25 x 11.625 9780764-800481 $4.99


Confirmation for Teens

A Post-Confirmation Course for Teens Participant Guide

Student Packet DEBBIE REPP

Liguori’s original 12-lesson program includes contemporary graphics that give the lessons youth appeal, activities that involve the candidate’s whole family and community, and a full retreat program. Written for the maturity and interest levels of today’s teens, each lesson is designed to help candidates understand the commitment involved in this important sacrament.


There is often little support and encouragement to help them continue to grow in the faith after Confirmation. This activity book allows teens to connect their experience and faith through action. Student • 92-page paperback • 8.125 x 5.8 9780852-314326 $11.99


12 four-page lessons • Nested • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-801099 $4.99

A Post-Confirmation Course for Teens Leader Guide

Confirmation for Teens Leader’s Guide DEBBIE REPP

An excellent supplement to an existing program, Confirmation for Teens is written especially for the maturity and interest levels of today’s teens, each lesson is designed to help candidates understand the commitment involved in this important sacrament and enhance their experience of Confirmation in a meaningful and memorable way. 12 four-page lessons • Nested • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-801105 $5.99


This program continues to develop the faith of young people after Confirmation by linking their experience and faith through action. Life uses a pastoral approach to formation, inviting teens to see (be aware of their surroundings), to judge (through discernment or reflection), and then to act, enabling them to discover how to live the Gospel events and circumstances in their daily lives. Leader Guide • 86-page paperback • 8. 25 x 11.6 9780852-314319 $19.99

Call 800-325-9521


A Commitment to Life for Grades 9–12 DVD

[ 22 ]



Journey of Faith The ever-popular and long-running RCIA programs with imprimatur, Journey of Faith and Jornada de Fe, have a fresh, new look with expanded leader materials. Written in the engaging, pastoral style of the Redemptorists, Journey of Faith and Jornada de Fe speak clearly to audiences in their voice—adults, teens, children, and Latinos. The flexible style of the nested lessons enable you to teach the lessons in the order you want. The comprehensive Leader Guide gives you everything you need to walk into your RCIA class and start leading, whether you’re a veteran RCIA/RICA instructor or a firsttime volunteer. Covering each of the periods of Christian initiation, Journey of Faith and Jornada de Fe begin with the concept of faith in the Catholic Church and explore many topics in their 48 lessons.

Now 48 Lessons!

Inquiry (Preguntas)

The lessons in Journey of Faith, Inquiry begin with the concept of faith in the Catholic Church and continue the exploration into many topics that will be discussed further throughout the program. Some of the concepts include the Trinity, Jesus as fully human and fully divine, an introduction to the Bible, prayer life, the Mass, Church leadership, Mary, and the saints.

Enlightenment (Discernimiento)

Journey of Faith, Enlightenment takes candidates through a period of self-reflection and preparation for the sacraments. They learn about God’s mercy and forgiveness through an introduction to the scrutinies and are encouraged to participate in the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. They also participate in a group Lenten retreat, an opportunity for them to spend some quiet time with themselves and God before becoming fully initiated into the Church.

Catechumenate (Catecumenado)

The concepts in Journey of Faith, Catechumenate include the RCIA process and rites, salvation history, lessons on each of the sacraments, Church history, dignity of life, social justice, and moral living.

Mystagogy (Mistagogia)

Journey of Faith, Mystagogy leads the new members of the Church, into full participation with their Church and parish communities. At confirmation, they are given the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mission to evangelize. These Mystagogy lessons focus on how to become witnesses for Christ, how to continue their faith formation now that they are fully initiated into the Church, and how to share the joy and enthusiasm they have for the faith with others.

What People Are Saying

“We use Journey of Faith for Children, Teens and Adults throughout our whole program, and we are excited to see it updated. It is an excellent tool that engages the learner and invites us all to ask questions. It teaches the core of what it means to be Catholic.” Maggie Martin, Director of Religious Education, St. John of God Church, Central Islip, NY



[ 23 ]

Adults Inquiry, Lessons

Adults Catechumenate, Lessons

16-lesson packet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-826252 $5.99 Spanish 9780764-826931 $5.99

16-lesson packet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-826245 $5.99 Spanish 9780764-826924 $5.99

Adults Inquiry, Leader Guide

Adults Catechumenate, Leader Guide

128-page spiral bound • 9 x 12 English 9780764-826269 $19.99 Spanish 9780764-826894 $19.99

112-page spiral bound • 9 x 12 English 9780764-827167 $19.99 Spanish 9780764-827273 $19.99

Adults Enlightenment, Lessons

Adults Mystagogy, Lessons

8-lesson packet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-826276 $3.99 Spanish 9780764-826917 $3.99

8-lesson packet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-826283 $3.99 Spanish 9780764-826900 $3.99

Adults Enlightenment and Mystagogy, Leader Guide 112-page spiral bound • 9 x 12 English 9780764-827174 $19.99 Spanish 9780764-827327 $19.99

Full Set of Lessons (48 Lessons) English JF0001 $15.99 Spanish JF0002 $15.99

Full Set of Leader Guides (3 Leader Guides) English JF0003 $49.99 Spanish JF0004 $49.99

What People Are Saying

“The materials look great. I appreciate your easyto-read lessons and wraparound Leader Guides that show where to introduce key points and discussion starters. The flexible format lets leaders rearrange the topics to fit our process. Journey of Faith makes the Christian initiation process look so easy!” Oscar Cruz, Director of Catechumenate Family Catechesis, Archdiocese of New York

Call 800-325-9521


Nearly a quarter-century strong, Journey of Faith for Adults and Jornada de Fe para Adultos welcomes adults of all ages and backgrounds to the Catholic faith and meets them where they are in their own faith journey. The programs address relevant life issues, faith topics, and questions in a catechetical approach to RCIA.

[ 24 ]


Based on the best-selling adult Christian initiation program from Liguori Publications, Journey of Faith for Teens and Jornada de Fe para Adolescentes introduce teens to the Catholic faith in a way that’s relevant to where they are in their own lives, using an engaging pastoral style.


Engaged teens learn better, which is why we’ve combined collaborative activities with group discussions and private journaling to appeal to a variety of learners in a way that’s flexible enough for you to modify to your unique needs. The lessons give teens the facts they need to be informed about their faith, and the freedom to explore what faith means for them.

Teens Inquiry, Lessons

Teens Catechumenate, Lessons

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Teens Inquiry, Leader Guide

Teens Catechumenate, Leader Guide

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Teens Mystagogy, Lessons

Teens Enlightenment, Lessons

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Teens Enlightenment and Mystagogy, Leader Guide 112-page spiral bound • 9 x 12



in an baptismal font may be In older churches, the it church. In newer churches, area in the rear of the where sanctuary. In churches is usually in or near the person’s by immersion (when a baptism is performed is d in the water), the pool entire body is submerge entrance so that all who often located at the church actually can and of enter the church are reminded they make the sign of vows as renew their baptismal cross with the holy water.

the Catholic Church T h i n g s a n d Pl a ce s i n

The confessional is a and counsel from a priest. loving God’s infinite mercy and precious reminder of forgiveness. gathering space, called large a have Many churches into just before the entrance the vestibule, located area an is church. This space the worship area of the together for fellowship where parishioners gather before and after liturgical and communit y-building celebrations.

s near the parish What are the other building church? or large room where building The parish center is a The rectory is the place parish activities are held. live and work. There may where the parish priests your parish church, a place also be a convent near live. where religious sisters and a e between a church What is the differenc

Tabernacle 6. Ambo 7. Lectern 8. Altar 5. Roman Missal water 3. Sanctuary 4. the cross 13. Sacristy 1. Baptismal font 2. Holy candle 12. Stations of Crucifix 11. Easter (paschal) 9. Sanctuary lamp 10. representation of those light candles as a physical (10)— in a votive candle also contains a crucifix (the weeks following The burning of the wick season prayers. Easter rising to the The church sanctuary enting During symbolize our prayers of Jesus on it—repres burns at every liturgy. and the rise of smoke a cross with the image Easter), the Easter candle Usually the crucifix is liturgical year, it is placed heaven. his suffering and death. the During the rest of the prominent place near to symbolize our entering permanently hung in a n near the baptismal font in a church? in during the processio n of Christ at our What are the other roomsministers prepare altar. Or it may be brought in the into the death and resurrectio placed Easter church ritually the and other services, The priests and at the beginning of Mass baptism. At Catholic burial casket to symbolize the in a room called the the for Mass and other services sanctuary. candle is positioned near is usually located behind life with the risen Christ. sacristy (13). The sacristy deceased person’s new sanctuary. This is where a Crucifix? or off to the side of the Why do Catholics have on their vestments, worship space of a church priests and deacons put , the Often the sanctuary and worn during liturgical of honoring, or venerating art such as banners and the symbolic garments The Catholic practice are adorned with liturgical complete of the in colors faith and our of n the symbols celebrations. crucifix is a declaratio tapestries that contain , to us in the death of season (Advent, Christmas alb love of God that was shown the particular liturgical an alb and a stole. An Easter). Sundays and These vestments include one Jesus Christ. Ordinary Time, Lent, and symbolic of the purity include the use of flowers is a long white garment special feast days usually ing God and is worn by is a symbol of Christ's help us to connect the should have when approach is a The image of the crucifix or other greenery that of altar servers. The stole a reminder of his suffering. year with the seasons priests, deacons, and deacons victory over death and seasons of the Church should deacons; and Catholics priests by crucifix, band or sash worn a When looking upon the God’s magnificent creation. one shoulder whereas Christ and thank him for wear it diagonally across be drawn to reverence Christian (12), in front or down both our sins. While not all Stations of the Cross priest wears it either crossed garment is called a sacrificing himself for a Churches also have the outer of the crucifix, many use carvings, or plaques shoulders. The priest’s churches use the symbol a series of fourteen pictures, Jesus. of is a dalmatic. Other our salvation through the suffering and death chasuble, and the deacon’s cross as a reminder of representing events in n, for Mass in the sacristy, for prayer and meditatio ministers might also prepare Jesus. These are used of acolytes (altar the and Stations The Catholic (reader) Lent. the of season symbol found in including the lector especially during the of Another very important along the inside walls candle (11). The servers). the Cross are usually found Church is the Easter (paschal) decorated white candle, the church. nals, small rooms Easter candle is a large It is blessed and lighted Churches also have confessio the sacrament symbolic of the risen Christ. liturgy (held in the late older churches, contain in which people can celebrate can seek advice Vigil Some churches, especially they during the annual Easter People who offer the day before Easter of reconciliation or where rows of small votive candles. or of petition (asking) evening on Holy Saturday, or font, ing the altar, baptismal special prayers of thanksgiv Sunday). It is placed near pulpit.


where the word of God The ambo (6) is the place during Mass and at is proclaimed to the assembly for these Scripture used other services. The book ral Lectionary. All nonscriptu readings is called the ing happens from the reading and song-lead lectern (7). the a special place where The tabernacle (8) is the form in Christ of body (the consecrated Eucharist the tabernacle the sanctuary of hosts) is kept. Near y, reminding us of Jesus’ lamp (9) burns continuall that is reserved, or kept, presence in the Eucharist



English 9780764-827150 $19.99 Spanish 9780764-827334 $19.99

cathedral? a church of the bishop of A cathedral is the official a geographical area composed diocese. A diocese is the leadership and pastoral of many parishes under care of a bishop. of the pope, the bishop The cathedral church of St. John Lateran. of Rome, is the basilica d more important than St. John Lateran is considere St. Peter’s in Vatican City. any other church, even area in Rome that is the Vatican City is a 108-acre of the Catholic Church ters headquar worldwide is of the pope. Vatican City and the official home has diplomatic relations a recognized state and among government officials) (ongoing discussions with many other countries. church looks like, it is No matter what your parish faith communit y, the sacred the heart of your own to you. While a beautiful space most important can be a holy place for park or your own bedroom together with the people you, at church you come The and praise to our Lord. of God to give thanks gather believers are called to church is a place where just like you would gather together and celebrate a restaurant to celebrate at someone’s house or family event. Jesus himself the holidays or a special e of the Christian faith emphasized the importanc “For where two or three communit y when he said, I in the in my name, there am are gathered together 18:20). midst of them” (Matthew

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Full Set of Leader Guides (3 Leader Guides) English JF0007 $49.99 Spanish JF0008 $49.99

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“In RCIA, the process of spiritual formation can become lost in the catechetical process. Journey of Faith helps RCIA leaders to keep this vital balance.” Bill Bischoff, Master Catechist and Instructor for RCIA Catechist Certification Classes, Diocese of San Diego



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Children learn at their own pace. They learn by asking questions and by doing. That’s why we’ve combined the lessons with a variety of engaging activities in a way that’s flexible enough for you to modify to your unique needs. Each lesson features a colorful animated drawing and ongoing story that captures children’s attention and enables them to see their own faith journey mirrored in the adventures of Mrs. Evans’s fictional RCIA class.

Children Inquiry, Lessons

Children Catechumenate, Lessons

16-lesson packet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-826351 $5.99 Spanish 9780764-827037 $5.99

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Children Inquiry, Leader Guide 128-page spiral bound • 9 x 12 English 9780764-826368 $19.99 Spanish 9780764-826993 $19.99

Children Catechumenate, Leader Guide

Children Enlightenment, Lessons

Children Mystagogy, Lessons

112-page spiral bound • 9 x 12 English 9780764-827181 $19.99 Spanish 9780764-827280 $19.99

8-lesson packet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-826375 $3.99 Spanish 9780764-827013 $3.99

8-lesson packet • 8.5 x 11 English 9780764-826382 $3.99 Spanish 9780764-827006 $3.99

Children Enlightenment and Mystagogy, Leader Guide

person in our journey Jesus is the most important is the center of our faith. toward God. Jesus Christ know God. Without Without Jesus, we couldn’t no Church. Jesus, there would be life. and the truth and the Jesus said, “I am the way me” Father except through No one comes to the at those words carefully. (John 14:6). Let’s look

but I tell you is the truth,” Jesus didn’t say, “What asks us to believe in him “I am the truth.” Jesus we believe in someone, because he is God. When we is true, too. That’s why we trust what they say taught. also believe what Jesus

Do you believe that is really God?


The Life

live by his example. Jesus Jesus taught us how to and pray. This helped would often go off alone his Father. We also him understand and obey live by God’s rules. Jesus spend time in prayer and That good news fills our brings us everlasting life. lives with joy and hope.

What in your life brings you joy or hope?

The Way

When we know Jesus, Jesus is the Way to God. us learn from Jesus leads we know God. What we closer to God.

How does Jesus lead you to God?

Jesus Is...

good deeds. He also Jesus didn’t only perform himself. Here are a few: said a lot of things about world” (John 8:12). • “I am the light of the see? How is How does light help you Jesus like a light? (John 10:14). • “I am the good shepherd” do? How is Jesus What does a shepherd like a shepherd? and my Father is the • “I am the true vine, How does a vine vine grower” (John 15:1). to? How is help the plant it’s attached Jesus like a vine?

life” (John 6:48). How • “I am the bread of How is Jesus like does food give you life? food?

life in the Gospels of We read about Jesus’ was and John. Jesus’ birth Matthew, Mark, Luke, to angel named Gabriel a miracle. God sent an if she was willing to be ask a girl named Mary engaged to a man named Jesus’ mother. She was Mary and , in Bethlehem Joseph. Jesus was born grow knowing and to him helped and Joseph loving God. things. He taught people Jesus did many good people when they were about God. He forgave they’d done. He also sorry for the wrong things of sick or injured. Some healed people who were about Jesus describe stories the most exciting d. A miracle is an event the miracles he performe explanation. It seems that doesn’t have a scientific . happened it that proof impossible, but there’s


The Miracles of Jesus

Jesus was doing or Not everyone liked what leaders of the time saying. So the religious killed on a cross. Jesus plotted to have Jesus planning, but he let knew what they were died on a cross, them plot anyway. Jesus greatest miracle of but three days later, the from the dead! He all happened. Jesus rose so they would know appeared to his friends who believes in Jesus he was alive. Anyone lives forever. knows that he is real and



The Life of Jesus

The Truth

Who Is Jesus?



112-page spiral bound • 9 x 12 English 9780764-827198 $19.99 Spanish 9780764-827341 $19.99

Full Set of Lessons (48 Lessons) English JF0009 $15.99 Spanish JF0010 $15.99

Full Set of Leader Guides (3 Leader Guides) English JF0011 $49.99 Spanish JF0012 $49.99

of miracles when he was Jesus performed a lot miracles teach us about on earth. What do these Jesus? • Matthew 14:22–33 them, “[Jesus] came toward 25). walking on the sea” (v. • Matthew 8:5–13 him” (v. 7). “I will come and cure • John 11:17–44 loud voice, “[Jesus] cried out in a (v. 43). ‘Lazarus, come out!’”

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“Journey of Faith for Children can be used in age-level classroom or small group formation, or in a mixed family group with parents and older siblings using other levels of Journey of Faith which correspond to the same lesson topics. It is a flexible, adaptable, and simple resource to prepare children over the age of 7 for the sacraments.” Joyce Donahue, Catechetical Associate, Religious Education Office, Diocese of Joliet, IL

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Journey of Faith for Children and Jornada de Fe para Niños provide a solid catechetical foundation by introducing children to the Catholic faith in a way that will start them on a lifelong journey of knowing and loving Jesus.

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Catholic Update 100+ Set: Topics for RCIA

A Guide for Group Reflection on Sunday Scripture




This is a Lectionary-based approach to Christian initiation that can also be used as the Breaking Open the Word supplement or to other RCIA programs such as Journey of Faith, as well as for small group Scripture study. The Word Into Life includes commentary on each of the Sunday readings, discussion questions, gathering and dismissal prayers for each RCIA phase, and an index of topics. It has been updated to cross-reference to the Catholic Update handouts used in Journey of Faith. Available for liturgical years A, B, and C. 76-page paperback • 8.5 x 11 Liturgical Year A • 9780764-816260 $10.99 Liturgical Year B • 9780764-813498 $10.99 Liturgical Year C • 9780764-815362 $10.99

own RCIA program. The set includes such topics as: C1706A Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: The Catholic Faith Is Alive in the RCIA C9508A What Are Sacraments? C9802A Opening the Gifts of the Holy Spirit C1205A The Nicene Creed: What We Believe C9204A Our Holiest Week: A Practical Guide to the Holy Week Liturgies

When You Are an RCIA Sponsor Handing on the Faith RITA BURNS SENSEMAN

When You Are an RCIA Sponsor reflects on the responsibility and significance of being chosen to share your faith and personal experience with someone less familiar with the path than you. The author explains clearly and briefly the Rite of Christian Initiation, including a description of the rituals involved in the initiation process, as well as a description of the theology of baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. She offers suggestions for being a companion and witness on the RCIA/RCIT/RCIC journey, for introducing and welcoming the new Catholic into the parish faith community, and for praying and worshiping together. Each chapter provides questions for reflection or discussion, and, for prayerful meditation, passages from the Rite, Scripture, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 64-page paperback • 5 x 7.5 9780867-164497 $5.99

Liguori has compiled 100 of our best Catholic Update issues that address the topics taught in RCIA, allowing your class of seekers to delve deeper. This set is perfect for use with Journey of Faith for Adults, The Word Into Life, or your

C1405A The Joy of Being Catholic Be sure to order one set for each of your candidates and catechumens. Set of 100 • 8.5 x 11 JF0013 $24.99

The Community We Call Church

An Introduction for RCIA



One of the first questions that occurs on the journey of faith is “What is the Church?” This deluxe pamphlet offers an insightful, complete, yet concise, answer to that question. Directed toward those who are beginning the RCIA program, The Community We Call Church describes the founding and growth of the Church as based in Scripture and enriched by historical perspective through two millennia. It presents the Church’s mission and meaning of its presence in the world—to call to holiness all people through evangelization, witness, and worship. The Community We Call Church is part of the Introduction to RCIA series, a set of 9 pamphlets for candidates and catechumens covering a compendium of topics on the Catholic faith, each written by an expert on that topic and each has received imprimatur. Other pamphlets in this series can be found on page 120. 32-page deluxe pamphlet • 4.125 x 5.875 9780867-828072 $2.50



Handbook for Today’s Catholic Children

Revised Edition

Handbook for Today’s Catholic, popular for decades, is written in easy-to-understand language with content divided into four sections: Beliefs, Practices, Prayers, and Living the Faith. It’s fully indexed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It’s perfect for RCIA, adult faith formation groups, high school religious-education classes, and inquirers into the Catholic faith.

With illustrations, creative analogies, and simple text, it helps children develop a Catholic identity and a lasting faith. Written for younger children, this book presents basic tenets of the Catholic faith in terms they can understand. Chapter topics include “All About Sin—More About Love,” and “The Church Cares for You,” which discusses the Ten Commandments. Each chapter ends with a short prayer.

128-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 English 9780764-812200 $5.99 Spanish 9780764-813221 $5.99

64-page booklet • 5.125 x 7.375 English 9780764-810138 $4.99 Spanish 9780764-810428 $4.99


Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen Activity Notebook

Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen This edition addresses issues relevant to 21st-century teenagers. It covers serious topics in a friendly tone and appropriate manner. Catholic doctrine, practices, and prayers are explained in a way that speaks to teens. Teens will respond to the honest, pleasant tone; parents and teachers will appreciate the conversations it starts. Used alone or with the Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen Activity Notebook, it’s the perfect guide on the journey to Catholic Christian adulthood. 112-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 9780764-811739 $5.99

This companion to Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen has pertinent questions to help readers connect subject matter with personal experience, draw conclusions, and formulate further questions. It also suggests activities to help apply content from the Handbook in practical ways. The Activity Notebook provides teachers and group leaders instruments for discussion and sharing of experiences, ideas, and questions. 48-page booklet • 8.5 x 11 9780764-813788 $4.99

Handbook of Sacraments for Today’s Catechist JOYCE SPRINGER

As a supplement to the bestselling Handbook for Today’s Catholic, this handbook provides reference material for teaching all seven sacraments, with sections on preparing children for Penance, Eucharist, and Confirmation. It offers activities for children coming from different backgrounds and age levels in religious instruction and introduces theological concepts with stories children can relate to.

For more Handbooks, please see page 32. Ever popular, with over one million copies sold, these Handbooks cover the fundamentals of Catholicism and are indexed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They are perfect companions to RCIA instruction, religion classes, and faith-sharing groups.

112-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 9780764-819469 $6.99

Call 800-325-9521


Handbook for Today’s Catholic

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CATHOLIC UPDATE GUIDES Catholic Update Guide to the Mass

Catholic Update Guide to the Sacraments of Healing




Catholics have many questions about the central practice of the faith: Why do I need to go every Sunday? Why can’t non-Catholics receive the Eucharist? What are the differences in the parts of the Mass? This guide is ideal for anyone returning to the practice of the Catholic faith, for those who are becoming Catholic, and for parents who want to know more about the Mass as they bring their children to celebrate the Eucharist. 48-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9781616-360047 $5.99

Catholic Update Guide to Communion

The sacraments of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick are the Church’s response to our need for healing—both physical and spiritual. This guide examines the healing power of both sacraments, dispels some misconceptions, and provides a historical perspective that blends solid theology with liturgical experience. This book will answer your questions about these sacraments, whether you’re new to the Church or want a refresher on these healing gifts. 52-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9781616-364311 $5.99

Catholic Update Guide to Confession


What is Communion? Why did Jesus give us this extraordinary gift? How do we receive Communion? The Second Vatican Council described the Eucharistic sacrifice as the “source and summit of all Christian life.” Using the most current translation of The Roman Missal, this best-selling series explains this great mystery and helps you understand the history and meaning of Communion. Whether you are new to the Church, guiding your child through first Communion, or returning to the sacraments, this book will help you grow stronger in your faith. 56-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9781616-362409 $5.99

Catholic Update Guide to Marriage


The Catholic Update Guide to Confession offers a concise understanding of what confession is and does for Catholics and gives a step-by-step guide to participating in the sacrament. There’s information on how to prepare for confession, prayers (including the act of contrition), and other helpful tips for making the experience meaningful and life-enriching. This resource is ideal for anyone returning to confession, preparing to receive for the first time, or those who want to review the sacrament of Reconciliation as they prepare a child for the sacrament. 48-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9781616-360030 $5.99

Catholic Update Guide to Vocations



What is marriage? Why is the sacrament important? How does a couple make marriage work? A true Christian marriage is far more than just a wedding. The insights in this book bring perspective on the sacramental nature of marriage as an outward sign of a couple’s lifelong commitment not only to each other, but also to Jesus. Drawing on the trusted and popular Catholic Update newsletter, the Catholic Update Guide to Marriage will help you understand marriage as a promise of love, compassion and fidelity that makes a couple a symbol of God’s plan and of his love for the world.

All Christians have a vocation, or calling from God, to share in redemption and eternal life. But how can we know, specifically, what God wants of us? This guide shows you how to discern the right path for your life and embrace it with confidence. Drawing on the trusted and popular Catholic Update newsletter, this guide will answer your questions about choosing and living out a vocation. Whether you’re just starting to discern your path in life or thinking of making a change, look here to find the wisdom and guidance you need.

54-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9781616-360627 $5.99

54-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.25 9781616-364328 $5.99



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Feeding Hungry Hearts

Celebrating the Eucharist


96-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 9780764-816994 $8.99

The Eucharist and the Rosary Mystery, Meditation, Power, Prayer MATT SWAIM

The author takes a unique approach to rosary devotion in exploring the many facets of the mysteries of the rosary found in the Mass. Matt Swaim discovers a new dimension to the traditional devotion of rosary prayer. Meditations on Scripture through the 20 Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous, and Glorious mysteries of the rosary become ever new and inspirational when connected directly to the celebration of the Eucharist. Each chapter offers suggestions for deepening your awareness of Christ’s love. 128-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 9780764-818738 $12.99


In this 45-minute four-part video, Fr. Joe Kempf invites each of us to look at this sacrament of the Eucharist and discover how when we celebrate together as a community of faith at Mass, we are receiving this phenomenal gift of the meal called Eucharist. This DVD walks us through the celebration of the Mass and explains why we do what we do. It is for study groups, RCIA participants, new Catholics, or any Catholic who wants to deepen their appreciation of the Eucharist and understanding of the Mass. See the free Presenter’s Guide with reflection questions and spiritual exercises and a sample video at 45-minute DVD English 9780764-819490 $36.99 Spanish 9780764-821677 $36.99

Visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary SAINT ALPHONSUS LIGUORI

This classic translation of St. Alphonsus Liguori’s Visits is a faithful rendition from the original Italian. It includes St. Alphonsus Liguori’s introductory and concluding prayer, spiritual Communion, and his reflection/ meditation for each of 31 visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 64-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 9780892-437702 $3.99

In the Presence

The Spirituality of Eucharistic Adoration

In the Silence

Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration


With the ancient practice of Eucharistic adoration being rediscovered in today’s modern parishes, In the Presence provides the perfect guide to the history, practice, and meaning of this tradition. Sr. Joan Ridley connects the private devotion of Eucharistic Adoration to Eucharistic spirituality and common worship, combining traditional significance with the best in contemporary theology.

This book contains more than 50 prayers of gratitude, affirmation of faith, petition, and much more— all straight from the day-to-day experience of human life— specifically written for Eucharistic adoration. These prayers speak from the heart and allow it to be fully open to Christ’s presence. Author Vandy Brennan Nies offers prayers of gratitude, affirmation of faith, petition and much more.

80-page paperback • 5.125 x 7.375 9780764-819070 $6.99

96-page paperback • 5 x 7.8 9780764-818868 $7.99


Call 800-325-9521


The answers to fifty of the most-asked questions about the Eucharist. Designed to give readers a better understanding of the Eucharist and the rituals involved in Mass, devotion, and prayer, this book is formatted in a way that is easy to read and understand. This book addresses questions about the relationship between the altar and the Eucharist, the importance of processions, the Benediction, and more.

2019 Sacraments Catalog  

Liguori Publications offers books and sacrament-preparation programs and books for children, teens, and adults.

2019 Sacraments Catalog  

Liguori Publications offers books and sacrament-preparation programs and books for children, teens, and adults.