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elcome to the 25 edition of Redefining Business. The editorial team has been working really hard to ensure that our newsletter appeals to as many readers as possible. The truth is that different people read our monthly newsletters in different ways which is why we carried out a survey a few weeks back to see how we can improve the newsletter for you. Thanks to all of you for returning the forms in with valuable comments.

Taking your feedback into account we have decided to publish the newsletter quarterly from now on so that we can ensure that we are filling its pages with the right mix of articles. Since the beginning of the year the EHS department have been busy with their Pride and Care programme as well as their environment sustainability programme which we are reporting on this month. We also have some news from Jomvu and a usual highlight to Pwani’s employee of the month for April 2013. This month we lost two very special members of our family, Lillian Delight Maggio and Korokocho. Both Lillian and Korokocho will be missed dearly. May their souls rest in peace. Enjoy the read!


Name: Wilson Mwagudu Nyota Designation: General worker Department: Filling Station: Jomvu Wilson has been an effective champion of 5s and works with minimum or no supervision at all. He mobilizes and motivates other crew members daily to ensure their work environment is kept clean always, and standardizes the department and holding areas with chosen colour-codes. Wilson is very versatile and always ready to volunteer on whatever tasks pending. He identifies and plans to clean olein service tanks and overhead product lines when necessary single handedly. Congratulations Wilson! We are very proud of you!

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ost effectivness is an intergral part for any manufucturer. Here at pwani we are ensuring that all our systems are efficient

operationally and cost effectivly. For instance,high pressure boiler in our refinery plant at Jomvu applies a thermodynamic scientific aspect. It's an isolated system which only exchanges heat during strip distillation of crude palm oil. This system ensures that mineral water is not lost to surrounding boilers. Secondly,the operators have become innovative by blending its fuel i.e fuel oil and industrial diesel oil instead of industrial diesel oil which is more cost effective.

The first operator Eng.Gilton and Mr Odongo.(standing)

Pride and Care is Back!


fficient production and a good working environment are complementary. The elimination of inefficiencies and accident

hazards caused by unfavourable conditions in and about the workplace is essential in getting the job done properly and safely. It has been proven that productivity levels are higher in highly organized workplaces. Not only that, unnecessary costs and wastages are also eliminated in such environments. This can be achieved by implementing pride and care (good housekeeping) techniques. The underlying philosophy of pride and care techniques is that it seeks to simplify one's work environment, reduce wastage and non-valueadding activities through a systematic process, thereby improving quality and productivity. These are some of the reasons that led to EHS coming up with Pride and care campaign theme to enable Pwanians to improve quality and productivity. Kikambala HODs made it by having a plant tour and assigning duties and responsibilities on how to achieve and standardize pride and care philosophy. The same theme campaign was carried out at Jomvu concurrently.

Charity championing Pride and Care in the Office at Kikambala

Well done Pwani! The key now is to sustain this!

Before and After photos in the fatty Acid control room Before | A PUBLICATION OF PWANI


It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the sudden passing on of Lillian Delite Magio on 01/05/2013. Like a flower nipped of its bud, you have been plucked in our midst. The face of Pwani. Your beautiful smile at the Reception will be missed. Always smiling to all. Young and old; customers , visitors and staff all alike. Delite we will miss you. May your soul and heart find peace and comfort. Eternal rest, grant unto her oh Lord and the perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.


Lillian Delite Magio

Ndoko Wato Mvurya It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Ndoko Wato Mvurya on 08/05/2013. Famously known as Korokocho, one of the oldest employees in Pwani. Mention Ndoko, Nobody knows, but mention Korokocho the response is ooooh! From the beginning of Pwani Korokocho was one of the beginners. In Exports you will be missed handling your roles with calmness. Korokocho we will miss you. Tulikupenda lakini Mungu alikupenda zaidi. Mungu aiweke roho yake mahali pema. Amen.

Know Your Colleague We appreciate the growth of our family at Pwani - with growth, comes the challenge of not knowing all our colleagues. Wordsmiths, take this opportunity to dare you. Know your colleagues, in and out of your work station. Here's a test: No matter how much pressure of work but always had a smiling face welcoming all with a smiling and cheerful face. Very Polite, Kind hearted and courteous. Famous Words: Pwani Life….how may I help you… Any Guess who it could be? Fill the Blank...............................................................


by Prisca Akinyi

Tribute to Lillian and Korokocho No Night Without, by Helen Steiner Rice There is no night without a dawning No winter without a spring And beyond the dark horizon Our hearts will once more sing… For those who leave us for a while Have only gone away Out of a restless, care worn world Into a brighter day.


NEW STAFF Welcome to Pwani life! Ms. Mary Ombatta Help Desk Coordinator Head Office "Each morning I think , what grace ,what favor , what possibly have I done to deserve the blessing I have. So I wake up, and go out and put my best foot forward , to say thank you . That each day ,be a tribute to that debt which, I could never possibly repay.’’ Mr. Jessey Mburu Ndung’u Credit Control Assistant Head Office What motivates me to come to work is to make the life of my 1 yr old son have a better life than I did while growing up. Mr. Godfrey Ogondi Applications Support Executive Head Office Wants to create an environment of peace and be a blessing on to others. "The greatest glory of living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall, you hold the power to change everything in your life, Show the world what you believe in and express it in your daily life.

On friday 17th May a few students and teachers from Mvita Boys Secondary School had an educational trip to our Jomvu factory as a part of their curriculum.

Name: Mr. Subramoniam Pillai Designation: IT Manager Location: Kikambala Motto: “Take risks in your life; if you win, you can lead, if you loose you can guide” | A PUBLICATION OF PWANI



n February 2012 EHS started an environmental sustainability programme aimed at planting 10,000 trees in our 25 acre of land. This implied trapping significant amounts of CO2 from the environment that causes Global warming. Trees as well act as wind barriers, decrease noise pollution and soil erosion, provide shade, create a diverse plant and animal habitat and purify the air by absorbing major greenhouse gases. Pwani has extended the same programme by providing tree seedlings to public schools and community cultural groups, aimed at completing the circle of life. These are the projects supported by Pwani to date:


Linet Jeptum Kilifi District Forest Officer (Nov)

Joseph kimani (sep 8th)


Pwani sponsored the whole project (Tree planting day) Pwani gave 40 litres of petrol to Mtwapa uzalendo youth development cultural centre for environmental sustainability(Theme: To save our forests and Birds)

Nzai (Principal)

300 (casaurina)

Kilifi plantation

200 (casaurina)



Casaurina plantation at Kikambala | A PUBLICATION OF PWANI

300 (casaurina)

10 (casaurina) for the Living Legacy project at the school 300 seedlings plus 40 liters of diesel

Umoja Primary Kibauni Primary School.

Mtwapa-Uzalendo Youth Group

Palakumi Primary school

Braeburn Mombasa International School Majengo -Uzalendo Youth Group

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