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Ministry Update

June 2014

JACK & LOREN MESSARRA Following God’s Call to South Africa! When? ✦

Depart January 2015

2-year commitment

Who? ✦

Partnering In Ministry With: ✦

East Mountain

The World Race

Being Sent By: ✦

World Outreach Mission

Grace Bible Church

Focus: studying Biblical Languages & discipling local church leaders

What? ✦

Jack will pursue his masters in Biblical Languages & Linguistics at Stellenbosch University.

Loren will work in community development and teach life skills classes.

Jack will be teaching Bible & Theology classes for pastors and community leaders through East Mountain.

Dear Friends, Summer is here! We hope you are enjoying warmer weather. We’d like to share with you an exciting development in our ministry. After two years at home, God is calling us back to the mission field - this time in South Africa! South Africa has been on our hearts for some time. Since 2009, Jack has hoped to study at Stellenbosch University under Dr. Christo van der Merwe, one of the world’s leading Hebrew scholars. God has finally opened this door! He has also provided a missions partner in East Mountain ministries. East Mountain is a community of missionaries equipping pastors and church leaders through theological training, spiritual formation, and community development.

Ministry Update

June 2014

Jack will be pursuing his masters degree in Biblical Languages (Hebrew & Greek) and Linguistics, while teaching Bible classes and mentoring local church leaders with East Mountain. God is increasing his passion for empowering others to enjoy the delights of God’s word. This degree will more fully prepare him to preach, teach, and continue discipling others.

Our Budget Monthly Needs $2,000 • Rent, Food & Living $1,500 • Monthly Ministry Costs $500 One Time Needs • Moving Needs • Education • Administration

$23,000 $10,000 $8,000 $5,000

2 Year Total Need


For a detailed budget, see: Other Needs • 20 monthly giving partners • 25 weekly prayer partners

How To Give Online: Mail a check: World Outreach Ministries P.O. Box B Marietta, GA 30061

Loren will provide mentoring and counseling with East Mountain. She will continue teaching community health and life skill classes, something she has enjoyed with Living Water, The World Race, and in her current ministry with refugees. We are also dialoguing with The World Race about continuing our work with them by hosting short-term mission teams. We would connect them to local ministries, provide training and discipleship, and help them process their experiences. We are very excited about these new opportunities! We are so thankful for all of you, our community of faith! Your fervent prayers, your generous giving, and your powerful encouragement equip us to serve God’s Kingdom overseas. We ask you to journey with us as we step forward in faith. Would you prayerfully consider supporting our ministry and study in South Africa? A snapshot of our financial needs and instructions on how to give are to the left, with more detailed info provided on our website Thank you for your care for us. We pray that your joy and hope in Christ would abound as you draw near to Him.

On the memo line, please write: “Jack & Loren Messarra #343”

For His Glory,

All donations are tax-deductible.

Jack and Loren

If your have questions about our ministry, email or call us:
 806-420-7660 To join our prayer team, email:

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