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T he F riendly M usic S tore

Cable Connectors Standard 6.3 to 3.5 mm Headphone Adapter 104922 £2.50

Standard 6.3mm Male Stereo Jack o 2 x 3.5mm Female Jack 422281 £1

Standard Female Jack to Female RCA Phono 159611 £1

0207 622 7912 Standard Male XLR to Female Jack 161373 £2

Standard 3.5mm Mono Female Jack to 3.5mm Mono Female Jack 708418 £1

Power Cables Standard IEC Mains 2m 453306 £3.75 769806 (5m, £9)

Perfect for connecting gear to power conditioners.

489407 £9

Standard Male RCA Phono to Mono Female Jack

Van Damme IEC Extension Cable

393987 £???.??

Black finish.

036746 £8

Standard 3.5mm Stereo Male Jack to Stereo Female Jack 307089 £1 Also known as smally to biggy headphone adaptor.

Standard Female XLR to Male 6.3mm Stereo Jack 719908 £???.??

Standard Female XLR to Female XLR 219552 £2

Standard 600mA Regulated Multiway PSU 977880 £12 The Standard 600MA regulated multiway power supply does what it says on the tin and is suitable for most low power products.

Standard USB Charger Plug

370246 £2


408319 £198

Power Reels Standard Mains Exension Cable Reel

Van Damme DB25 to 8x XLR F 3m 266223 £142

005588 £10

Handmade DSub loom featuring Neutrik connectors.


Van Damme DB25 to 8x XLR M 3m

Standard AA Batteries 4-Pack Duracell AA Plus Power 4-Pack 515124 £4 Long-lasting power guaranteed. Designed for long lasting performance in a broad range of everyday devices.

Duracell PP3 Alkaline

383928 (1m, £98)

707145 £142

Van Damme DB25 to 8x Stereo Jack 4m 848089 £151

Hosa DBD305 DSUB 705152 £18 Connect your DSub-equipped consoles, patchbays and other pro studio equipment with the minimum of fuss.

High energy output. Great for most stomp boxes and electro-acoustic guitars!

Standard CR2302 052985 £2 Ideal for use with compatible tuners. Wide operating temperature.

Multicore Cables & Looms

Suitable for so many musical emergencies, this USB charging adapter is what you need when you’re on the go with devices of all types!

Proel Livewire 8x Jack to 8x Jack 3m

Ear Plugs Fender Musician Series Black 739310 £9 Tired of waking up with ringing in your ears the morning after a gig? You want the Fender Musician Series Black Ear Plugs!

Fender Touring Series

648971 £19

472705 £19

Power Strips

High quality 8-way mono jack loom perfect for both live and studio applications.

When you need to protect your ears - which you do! - but need to maintain audio fidelity, the Fender Touring Series Ear Plugs are for you!

Standard 2-Gang UK Powerstrip 3m

Standard 8-way XLR 3m

292449 £7

659301 £28 Suitable for balanced line or microphone level signal transmission.

3m length, non-rewireable. 327840 (5m, £9) / 426459 (5m Black, £12)

Doc’s Proplugs Vented 258891 £11 Several sizes available. 559735 (Medium, £11) / 034817 (Medium/Small, £10) / 244473 (Large, £11) / 816257 (XL, £11)

Standard 4-Gang UK Powerstrip 2m 809172 £8 2m length, non-rewireable. Also available in black for stages.

Stageboxes Proel EBN804 932710 £165 000000 (EBN1204)

Standard 10-Way Socket 2m 597821 £10 10 gang mains extension lead with power indicator.

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750924 £19

367789 £7

880122 (2m Switched, £11)

Standard Male XLR to Male XLR

Van Damme 12x XLR F to XLR M 3m

176243 £4

048771 (2m, £9) / 734829 (3m, £9)

719908 £2

Standard 8-Way Power Strip with USB Chargers

For applications where high current over longer periods is required. Ideal for units such as guitar effects pedals etc.

330167 £1

Standard Female XLR to Male 6.3mm Stereo Jack

T he F riendly M usic S tore

0113 246 7985

885032 £3

IEC extension Cable

112608 £2


732259 (4m, £151) / 151355 (8m, £142)

Standard 2 x RCA Phono Female to 2 x RCA Phono Female

Standard Female XLR to Male 6.3mm Mono Jack


Prices are ex VAT, correct at time of going to press and subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted.

Proel EBN2408 000000 £275

Planet Waves PW-EP100 744933 £11 Noise reduction of 29 dB.

STD Blue Ear Plugs X200 965549 £22 Refillable barrel of 200 foam earplugs.

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