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Epiphone Toby Deluxe V Bass

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V

Vintage Sunburst 061230 £145

Natural 253286 £260

Tone, playability and style in one incredible value package, it’s the Epiphone Toby Deluxe V in vintage sunburst. • Finish: Vintage sunburst • Body: Radiata • Neck: Maple • Fingerboard: Rosewood, 12” radius • Pickups: Tobias SCR and SCT split humbuckers • Controls: 1-neck volume, 1-Pickup blend with centre detent • Master EQ, active Tonexpressor bass enhancement control • Bridge: Flush-mount, low-profile, fully adjustable • Machineheads: Deluxe die-cast

• Maple, C-Shape Neck (Polyurethane Finish) • Soft Maple Body • 20 Medium Jumbo Frets • 2 x Fender-Designed Single-Coil Jazz Bass pickups • Controls Volume 1. (Neck Pickup),Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Master Tone • Standard 5-Saddle Bridge • Standard Open-Gear Tuner Machine Heads • Chrome Hardware • 3-Ply Black/White/Black Pickguard

Squier Affinity Jazz V

Spector Performer 5

Black 392956 £185

Red 004882 £260

• Body:Alder • Neck: Maple, C-Shape, (Polyurethane Finish) • Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9.5” Radius (241 mm) • No. of Frets: 20 Medium Jumbo • Pickups: 2 Single-Coil 5-String Jazz Bass Pickups (Mid & Bridge) • Controls: Volume 1. (Neck Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Master Tone • Bridge: Standard 5-Saddle • Machine Heads: Die-Cast Mini Tuners • Hardware: Chrome • Pickguard: 3-Ply White/Black/White

With the legendary Spector build and sound quality we think the Spector Performer 5 Red is definitely the ultimate entry-level bass guitar • Neck: 1-piece rock maple neck construction • 24 fret Rosewood fingerboard • NS-bass shape • Basswood body construction • High gloss finish • Hardware: Black • Spector Performer bridge • Passive tone circuit

Squier Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Crimson Red Transparent 255953 £220 The Jag bass is perhaps the most versatile bass out there, with the Squier VM Jaguar Bass V, you can have all the tone with more low end! • Finish: Crimson red transparent • Body: Basswood • Neck: Maple, modern C shape • Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9.5” radius • Frets: 20, medium jumbo • Bridge: 5-string standard vintage-style with single groove saddles • Machineheads: Standard open-gear


0131 229 8211

Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI 3-Tone Sunburst 182322 £240 The Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI offers a unique hybrid of guitar and bass with plenty of mojo to boot • Double Cut-Away Alder body finished in 3 Tone Sunburst • Maple neck with re-enforced Titanium truss rod & Rosewood fretboard • Jaguar Vintage style single coil pick-ups with on/off slider switches & low-cut switch • BR-B6 Non-locking fully adjustable 6-saddle Tremolo Bridge • MHB-SD91 Vintage Style Nickel Machine Heads


There’s an amp out there for just about every type of playeR From those looking for more gain than you can shake a stick at to those who wish to dabble with effects, here are a few common features explained to help you get the sound you need.

Gain Control


Digital or Valve?

The gain on an amp essentially controls how distorted the sound is, from a little bit of crunch that works great on blues / indie tracks to full on heavy metal onslaught

Commonly found effects on amps are reverb, delay and tremolo - these are called time based effects or modulation. Reverb and delay both allow the player to create new sonic landscapes that are ideally suited for lead playing, and can really round off the edges of slightly more jagged sounds.

Many amps these days are digital modelling amps, in that they emulate the sound of classic models through digital circuitry and chips. The great advantage here is that you can have dozens of sounds all in one unit, so they are super versatile. Valve amps on the other hand with their analogue circuitry have a much more pleasing, rich and warm sound and as such are sought after by the discerning player / used more often in recording situations.

EFFECTS LIKE REVERB AND DELAY AllOW THE PlAYER TO CREATE NEW SONIC LANDSCAPES EQ controls These are really important to sculpting your sound. Most amps have a bass, middle and treble control that allow you to boost or attenuate certain frequency ranges of the signal from your instrument to sit in the mix nicely.

Master volume Does what it says on the tin, once you’ve balanced the volume between channels on your amp (if this is a feature for you) you can then control the overall volume to taste.

Headphone output Practice in peace! There’s nothing more offputting than a room full of guitarists all riffing away (in different keys) at the maximum possible volume. Isolate the problem at the source and give them some cans.

Combo or head/cab? Combo amps pretty much dominate the market as they are so convenient to transport and come in every size from the dinkiest table top model to 4x12 touring grade models. For large scale performances and recording situations however - having a large cabinet with interchangeable heads can be very useful, as players can bring their own head and just plug in and you can REALLY crank the volume.

461504 (Black)

Yamaha TRBX305

Hofner Shorty Bass

White 427133 £260

Black 203660 £112

The Yamaha TRBX305 is an ultra-playable 5 string bass with powerful tone shaping capabilities. • Body: Mahogany • Neck: 5-Piece Maple / Mahogany • Fingerboard: Rosewood • Scale Length: 864mm • Frets: 24 • Pickups: Yamaha Ceramic HU • Controls: 5 EQ Style Switch (Slap, Pick, Flat, Finger, Solo) • Hardware: Yamaha Black Chrome

When you need to take your electrifiable low-end on the road, in a very small or full car, the Hofner Shorty Bass Travel Bass Guitar is what you need to be looking at! • Travel Bass Guitar! • Basswood Body • 30” Scale Length • Humbucking Pickup • Volume and Tone Controls • Rosewood Fingerboard • Includes Gig Bag

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