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Some say the bassist has the most important role in a band, bridging melody, harmony and percussion. not only do we stock a wide range of basses but we have several very knowledgable bass-toting staff members amoNGst our ranks.


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Peavey Milestone Bass

Eden EC8 905693 £80 • 20W bass combo with 1x8’’ speaker • Gain, Enhance and tone controls with Auxiliary input and headphone output

Black 005637 £167 A really solid feeling instrument that looks great and feels even better. An industry staple. 005638 (Gulfstone Blue, £167) / 005639 (Ivory, £167) 005640 (Vintage Burst, £167)

The modern electric bass guitar is a direct descendant of the double bass, the first prototype of which was about the size of a cello and featured a rudimentary pickup. These days when somebody talks about a bass, the mind instantly jumps to an image of an electric bass guitar, rather than it’s predecessor, the acoustic upright, which has been around since the 17th century. An experimental marketing product of major ‘30s companies such as Gibson, the instrument was conceived because the double bass was often being drowned out by the brass sections of jazz bands.

an important part of rock, blues, jazz, funk, reggae and countless other genres of popular music Rather tragically, double bass players often had to travel alone to gigs because of the size of their instruments, often getting lost en-route and

Yamaha TRBX174 Red Metallic 790722 £166 Great playability, and wide range of possible tones. A true all rounder. • Alder body with maple neck • 1x split coil and 1x single coil pickup

missing the show. The revolutionary new compact design meant that the bass player could travel with the rest of the group on the tour bus, where they could now suggest ‘hey, why don’t we play one of my songs’ and be immediately turfed out back onto the road. Perhaps the most iconic bass of them all is the Fender Precision - named so as the new-fangled frets on the instrument allowed the notes to be played with exactly that - precision. It was released in 1951 and is still by far the most popular body style, with everybody from Flea to Jaco Pastorious playing them. Released in 1960, The Fender Jazz (featuring two separate pickups as opposed to one split) also made a big impact on players and remains one of the industry staples. The pioneering work of forward looking manufacturers and the early players led to a surge of popularity in the modern bass guitar, making it known as it is today - an important part of rock, blues, jazz, funk, reggae and countless other genres of popular music.

681475 £10 • Fully collapsible stand for electric, acoustic or bass guitar with folding neck support

Fender Custom Shop Performance Series Instrument Tweed Angled 10ft

Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner 919892 £8.50 • Ultra-compact design. Quinta Flat Tuning mode lets you tune 1-5 semitones flat

Cable 305049 £10.83 • Extra thick 8mm diameter black PVC jacket • Commercial-grade connectors

* Every instrument leaves our store setup and ready to play. * We can source just about any brand on the market. * From short scale to 5, 6, 8 string models and left handed, we have something for everyone. * We are discerning about our stock and don’t stock problem models.


Tripod & Folding Neck Guitar Stand

Gator GC Bass

Squier Affinity Jazz

Deluxe ABS Bass Guitar Case 494424 £65

Black 166503 £163

• Fit-all lockable bass guitar case • Deluxe ABS exteriorHeavy-duty aluminum valance

An excellent entry level model to the iconic Fender jazz range. • Alder body with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard 284256 (Lake Placid Blue, £163) / 067081 (Burgundy Mist, £163) / 67081 (Burgundy Mist Metallic, £163) 900048 (Brown Sunburst, £163) / 284256 (Lake Placid Blue, £163)

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