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Kids percussion



we have everything you need to hit, scrape, shake, tinkle and generally make a racket at Red Dog Music.

Kids percussion Early Years Tambourine 003641 £16

Wooden Hooped 6” Tambourine As humans, we are very perceptive of and very responsive to rhythm - the first music we ever made is widely believed to have been percussive in nature, and it has a fundamental role, arguably defining, what music is: organised sound. Our ealiest percussion instruments go back thousands of years to around 6000 B.C and were used to send signals, aiding communication and marking territory (what’s changed?!)

Did you know


The word ‘rhythm’ derives from the Greek word ‘Rhein’ meaning to flow or stream. It’s believed that we are predisposed to liking rhythms because we are so well versed from such an early age, starting with our mother’s heartbeat! And even right down to the cellular level, neurons fire signals rhythmically and different cells in our body communicate in cyclical, repeating patterns.

As humans, we are very perceptive of and very responsive to rhythm

001209 £7 The Percussion Plus PP 4006 6 inch Tambourine is wooden hooped.

Plastic Tambourine Black Penguin 003929 £20

Budget Bodhran Beater 004087 £4 Perfect for beating Bodhrans.

Frame Drum 001210 £7 • Wooden hoop with handle, natural • 20cm diameter

SVM Ocean Drum 12” 004126 £33 An Ocean Drum is a traditional percussion instrument. 004127 (18”, £56)

A bright and colourful tambourine shaped like a penguin.


Quantising can be a very useful way of correcting bad timing in a perfromance, but sometimes computers can make things just a little too perfect. Groove (techically defined as the slight discprepancies between beats over time) is hugely important in a great rhythmic performance, and really helps keep the listener engaged. Try ‘humanising’ your recording / performance next time and see if you’ve got groove.

Plastic Tambourine Orange Bear

Chiquitas Blue


Percussion Plus 10” Tambourine

Frog Maracas

001208 £9

003797 £3

• 10’’ Diameter

Pair, red plastic frog face design.


Percussive overdubs can be the icing on the cake for many recordings / live performances, but not many have ended up in a $7,300,000 lawsuit. That’s the amount awarded in damages when Pharrell Williams sneakily copied the cowbell from Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got To Give It Up’ for his track ‘Blurred Lines’. Ouch!

004007 £20 A bright and colourful tambourine shaped like a bear.

003709 £6 High quality set of shakers which are great for schools and ensembles. 003710 (Yellow, £6)

Plastic Tambourine Brown Koala 004008 £20 A bright and colourful tambourine shaped like a koala.

Plastic Yellow Sparkle Maracas Pair 003931 £6 Great fun to play and being made from plastic they are very durable.

001209 (6”, £7)

Chord Double D Black Tambourine

Wood Maracas Firework

371231 £11

004054 £9

• The classic hand percussion instrument

Pair, painted bowl with pattern, overall length 10.5”/27cm.

655350 (Red, £11)

Headless Tambourine Black

Medium Natural Maraca Pair

003831 £12

003902 £12

Plastic 8.5”/21.5cm dia. 16 jingle pairs. Inset padded handle. 003832 (Blue, £12) / 003834 (Red, £12) / 003835 (White, £12)

This pair of wooden Maracas have a natural look and are great fun to play.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘oh but I’m tone deaf - I can’t do music!’ Well - did you know that arrhythmia is far more common than tone -deafness? Fidel castro was a famous sufferer, famously unable to distinguish between a waltz, a rumba and a samba, so had pretty dodgy dance moves!

Star Tambourine

Early Years Cabasa

003999 £9

003770 £8

Multi coloured plastic star frame with 14 pairs of chrome jungles. 25cm.

This bright instrument is easy and fun to play; a great introduction to music.

8” Scottish Bodhran



• Suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced players


In the event that we’re surprised by an off-timed beat or a different rhythm altogether, the blood flow increases to this area of our brain and we are surprised… and a little excited, because it’s these surprises and deviations that make the music interesting!

962121 £19

Session Series Bodhran 14” 004084 £38 The Session Series is made for us specially to our design. 004085 (16”, £43) / 004086 (18”, £47)

Waltons Clonmacnois Bodhran 004233 £62 Waltons Bodhrán Pack 18” - Clonmacnois design bodhran, beater. 004234 (Cross Bodhran, £62)


T he F riendly M usic S tore

0131 229 8211

726857 £28 Wood with crosspattern scraper for maximum. rhythmic response.

Striped Maracas 001214 £9 Perfect for shaking!

Plastic Sparkle Maraca Pair Blue 003697 £6 These maracas have a blue sparkle design and are great fun to play.

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