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From affordable starter sets to professional session kits both acoustic and electronic - we’ve got them all.

ELECTRONIC DRUMS Alesis DM Lite 172849 £183 Great for quiet practice and for beginners, the Alesis DM Lite electronic perfect, everything included starter kit.

The bass drum, snare drum, toms, cymbals and hardware comprise all basic drum kits, whatever the model.

What Size

Kick and Snare


For a basic setup or for a beginner - a 4 piece kit comprising bass, snare, tom and hats are all you need (hey - it worked for the Beatles!) Taking up a minimum of space, it’s easily portable, and is well suited to jazz, blues, and rock styles. 5, 6, 7 and above piece kits offer a much bigger tonal range and are suited to rock, fusion, contemporary, and metal styles.

The 2 most fundamental drums in most styles of music. Most rock / metal drummers prefer at least a 20” kick drum but for jazz and roots music you can go down as small as 16”. Snare drums are 14” in diamater and traditionally made of either metal or wood. Metal snare drums, made of steel, brass, aluminum, and other alloys, offer an exceptionally bright, cutting tone. Many drummers prefer the warmer, mellower sound that a wood snare offers.

Kick drum pedals range from simple, inexpensive single-pedal models to the sophisticated double pedals favored by rock, metal, and fusion drummers.

drummers often use different sticks for different styles of music Cymbals Materials Many kinds of woods are used in drum manufacturing, and all have unique sound qualities, Maple being the most popular - but you’ll often find Birch, Oak, Mahogany and Basswood to name but a few others. Drum shells are made of several plies, or layers of wood and to generalise, drums with more plies have a brighter sound and those with fewer plies have a lower fundamental note.

Cymbals are an essential component of any drum set. Most drum sets come without cymbals, so you’ll want to find cymbals that fit the music you like to play and the set that you’ve chosen. The main types of cymbals are ride cymbals, crash cymbals, hi-hat cymbals and splash and china cymbals. Cast cymbals are poured from liquid metal and have complex, rich harmonics that are very desireable to the ears and sheet cymbals (more common) are cut from large sheets of metal and give fairly uniform results. Many jazz players favor darker, more complex cymbal sounds, while rock drummers generally lean toward a brighter, louder sound that cuts through the mix.

Hardware Unless you are purchasing a shell pack, a drum set will come with the hardware necessary to assemble and play it. Essential drum hardware includes the bass drum pedal, snare stand, hi-hat stand, and cymbal stands.


T he F riendly M usic S tore

Alesis Nitro 726247 £283 An eight piece kit with a cracking module at an incredible price, the Alesis Nitro is an electronic drum set game changer!

Drum sticks come in as many sizes and shades as the players who use them, and drummers often use different sticks for different styles of music. In general, heavier sticks such as 2Bs are favored for rock and R&B styles where more volume is needed. Lighter sticks like 7As tend to be favored for jazz, folk, acoustic, and other styles that require less volume. The numerical part signifies the circumference of the stick, the lower the number, the larger the circumference, and the letters are A for ‘Orchestral’ and B for ‘Band’.

Alesis DM6 098926 (DM7X, £285) / 098926 (DM7x Session Kit, £285) / 946971 (DM8 USB, £430) 629797 (DM8 Pro Kit, £515) \ 000437 (DM10X Kit, £625) / 624238 (DM10X Studio Kit, £435) 526173 (DM10X Studio Mesh Kit, £578) / 000437 (DM10X Mesh Kit, £625)

Alesis Nitro 132340 £285 The Alesis Nitro kit is an 8-piece electronic set that gives you a huge amount of percussive power at this price point!

Roland TD30KSE 701625 £3225 A UK-exclusive kit, the Roland TD30K-SE Special Edition adds extra performance nuance to the TD30K, without the price.

Roland TD30KV Roland TD30KV: the ultimate electronic drum kit, with a huge range of sounds and a whole new level of expressivity.

DRUM MACHINES Korg KR Mini 535645 £55 Affordable, fun, useful and inspiringly cute.

Korg Volca Beats 574932 £95

Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit ALESISCMK £571 The Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit is a five-piece electronic drum kit featuring exclusive Alesis mesh drum heads that delivers the perfect feel and expression.

001321 £308

All that infernal racket too noisy? NO PROBLEM! Go electric - we stock (nay - specialise in) electronic drum kits from basic starter packages for little ones all the way up to touring grade MIDI monsters.

One of the latest in Roland’s line of V-drums, this kit features incredible SuperNATURAL technology for incredibly expressive and responsive sounds.

721402 £250


990784 £2741

813241 £5000

The Alesis DM6 is a great performing electronic drum kit.


Roland TD30K

Thought the incredible TD range of V-Drums was out of reach? Not with the fantastic Roland TD-1K!

Roland TD4K 897833 £480 The incredible V-Drum sound in a super-portable package, try out the Roland TD4K and you won’t be disappointed!

Roland TD11K 299516 £666 The TD-11 is Roland’s best-selling V-Drum line, find out why for yourself with the TD-11K.

Korg have given us what we’ve been wanting for so many years; meet your new drum machine: the Korg Volca Beats!

Alesis SR16 216810 £79 • Audio Outputs: 4 (2 stereo pairs) • Pads: 12 velocity sensitive (w/Dynamic Articulation) 920221 (SR18, £167)

Boss DR3 823345 £130 • New Rhythm Progressions with 3 variations each for Intro, Verse, Fill and Ending

Akai XR20 740962 £175 With a huge range of sounds and battery power, the Akai XR20 lets you take your beat production and performance anywhere!

Nord Drum 2 084999 £285

204350 (TD11KV, £933)

Say hello to the second generation 6-channel modelling percussion synth!

Roland TD25K+P

Roland Aira TR8

961743 £1375

792223 £341

A revolution in simple, but effective control of sound, the Roland TD25K+P is a joy to play and hear.

The ultimate analogue modelling drum machine, the Roland Aira TR8 combines the iconic sounds of the TR808 and TR909.

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