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T he F riendly M usic S tore

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Waves Studio Classics Native 000355

From the industry’s most popular equalisers, compressors, and limiters to award-winning reverbs, noise reduction, and surround sound tools, Waves offers the world’s largest selection of professional audio plugins.

Waves Vocal Native 000358

Waves SSL 4000 Collection 552967









Four modeled plugins based on renowned API modules. Developed in association with APIAuthentic API sound, in-the-box and live on stage.



Six indispensable audio plugins. Includes EQ, compression, double-tracking, delay, level maximization and more. As used on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games.


16-band peak limiter / level maximizer plugin. Built-in linear phase equalizerARC. Automatic Release ControlIDR. Increased Digital Resolution with double precision bit re-quantization and dither with 9th-order noise shaping filter. Linear phase filtering for maximum output, free of phase distortion. Includes the L3 Multimaximizer, L3 Ultramaximizer, L3-LL Multimaximizer and L3-LL Ultramaximizer.

Waves Mercury Native 000353




16 professional audio plugins for mixing, mastering and more. Affordable collection designed for personal production studios. Includes reverbs, compressors, equalizers, level maximizer and effects.

Waves Gold Native 000347


35 essential audio plugins for mixing and mastering. Great introduction to the world of Waves. Includes compressors, equalizers, reverbs, effects and more.


Waves Platinum Native 006236


Over 45 industry-standard audio plugins. Comprehensive mixing and mastering package, includes L2 Ultramaximizer, PuigTec EQs, H-Delay and more.


Waves Diamond Native 000346


Over 60 powerful audio plugins for mixing, mastering, live sound, restoration and more. Includes vintage models, dynamics, equalizers and more.

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Mac Mini CALL

We supply all current Apple products, from laptops and tablets to desktops and beyond. Prices change continually so get in touch to discuss your needs.

With its sleek aluminium design, a removable bottom panel for easy access to memory, and a space-saving built-in power supply, Mac mini is pretty incredible. It features high-performance graphics that make it up to two times faster than before. And it’s Apple’s most energy-efficient desktop computer, using less than 6 watts of power when idle.

The thinnest and lightest Mac ever with every component meticulously redesigned to create a Mac that is just two pounds and 13.1 mm thin. The new MacBook features a stunning 12-inch Retina display that is the thinnest ever on a Mac, an Apple-designed full-size keyboard which is dramatically thinner and highly responsive, the all-new Force Touch trackpad that brings a new dimension of interactivity to the Mac, an incredibly compact USB-C port for data transfer, video out and charging in a single connector, and a new battery design that maximises every millimeter of space to deliver all day battery life.

Macbook Pro (13” & 15”) CALL

Prices are ex VAT, correct at time of going to press and subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted.

Thunderbolt LED cinema Display CALL The 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display supersizes your view with an incredible 2560-by-1440 resolution. The LED Cinema Display features a universal MagSafe connector that charges your notebook, a Mini DisplayPort cable for easy connectivity, and three USB 2.0 ports. There’s also a built-in iSight camera, microphone, and 49-watt speaker system for a true desktop experience.

MacBook Pro features the latest dual-core and quad-core processors and faster graphics to deliver the perfect combination of pro performance and extreme portability. And whether you’re using the 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro, you’re guaranteed to get battery life that lasts as long as your typical workday (or longer).

PC workstations

Macbook Pro with Retina Display (13” & 15”) CALL

Carillon Tower CALL

A stunning high-resolution display, an amazing thin and light design, and the latest technology to power through the most demanding projects.

Macbook Air (11” & 13”) CALL • All-day battery life, fourth-generation • Intel Core processors with faster graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and flash storage that is up to 45 per cent faster than the previous generation

Imac (21” & 27”) CALL CALL

Waves Silver Native 000354

Three meticulously-modeled plugins. Recreates the golden recording chain used by Eddie Kramer at London’s Olympic Studios. Includes Kramer Master Tape, HLS Channel and PIE Compressor.

Waves API Native 000342


Five essential audio plugins. Includes compression, chorus, delay, double-tracking, level maximization and more. The same high-quality plugins used by top professionals.


T he F riendly M usic S tore

Apple Computers

The all-new iMac packs high-performance processors into an aluminium and glass enclosure with up to 40 per cent less volume than its predecessor and an edge that measures just 5 mm thin.

Over 140 stellar audio plugins. One massive collection. Upgrades available from all bundles.

Five innovative audio plugins. Stretch and manipulate time, pitch, dimension, dynamics, and punch. Includes Trans-X, SoundShifter, Morphoder, Doubler, and Renaissance Axx.

Waves Tape, Tubes and Transistors 627301

Waves Musicians 1 616326

Waves L3-16 Native 000351

Six essential audio plugins. For professional and aspiring video editors alike. Integrates seamlessly into Avid Media Composer 5, Apple Soundtrack Pro, and Sony Vegas.

Waves Transform 006237


Waves Musicians’ Bundle 2 840850

14 cutting-edge audio plugins for 5.1 surround mixing. Includes compression, limiting, reverb, spatial enhancement, upmixing and more. Engineered especially for today’s multi-channel listening environments.

Waves Video Sound Suite 006239



The world’s first all-inclusive mastering collection. Includes the L3-16 Multimaximizer, Dorrough Meters Collection and much more. For subtle or surgical manipulation of your mixes.

Waves 360 Surround Tools 174614

Waves Restoration Bundle 623594

Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios. Recreates the inimitable sounds heard on many historic recordings and pop masterpieces. Modeled on the original, rare and often exclusive Abbey Road Studios hardware. Legendary sound, in-the-box and live on stage.

Over 30 plugins for sound design and post production. Everything needed to mold, modulate and mangle your sound. All-in-one, off-the-shelf audio processing solution.

Waves Grand Masters Collection 528882


Waves Abbey Road Bundle 525076

Three state-of-the-art mastering plugins. Includes L2 Ultramaximizer, Linear Phase Equalizer and Linear Phase Multiband Compressor. Give your recordings the finishing touches of power & perfection.

Waves Sound Design Suite 066211

Waves Native Powerpack 053227


Over 40 plugins for live sound. Includes EQ, reverb, compression, gating, limiting, modulation and more. All the processing power you need to bring studio sound to the stage.

Waves Masters Native Bundle 941457


Five intuitive audio plugins for noise reduction. Everything you need to revive damaged recordings. Includes Z-Noise, X-Noise, X-Hum, X-Click, and X-Crackle.

Four must-have plugins for live sound. Includes C4 Multiband Compressor, Renaissance DeEsser, Renaissance Reverb & H-DelayNative, TDM / Venue and SoundGrid® compatible.

Waves Live 006235

Waves CLA Compressors Native 000344

10 essential plugins for mixing and mastering. A powerful introduction to the Waves experience. Includes compression, EQ, reverb, delay, level maximization and more.

Over 20 state-of-the-art plugins. For audio restoration, mixing, mastering and more. Includes vintage models, noise reduction tools, equalizers, dynamics and more.

Waves Genesis (Live) 651328


Four modeled plugins based on classic compressors. Created in collaboration with Grammy® award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge. Includes CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76 Blacky & CLA-76 Bluey.

Nine multi-effect plugins for bass and drums. Created in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig and Tony Maserati. Bring the sounds of top producers and engineers to your studio.

Waves Broadcast and Production 485888

Waves V-Series 545143

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Macbook Retina 12” CALL

Three state-of-the-art vintage models. Based on the legendary 1066, 1073, 1081 and 2254 modules. The big budget sound—at your fingertips.

Four all-in-one multi-effect vocal plugins. Created in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig and Tony Maserati. Bring the sounds of the leading engineers and producers to your studio.

Waves Signature Series Bass and Drums 222643


Four plugins meticulously modeled on the legendary SSL 4000 Series. Developed under license from Solid State Logic. Includes presets from Grammy® award-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge.

Six powerful vocal plugins. For pitch correction, breath reduction, dynamics, de-essing, and doubling. Includes Waves Tune, DeBreath, Renaissance Channel and more.

Waves Signature Series Vocals 549329


11 meticulously-modeled audio plugins. Based on the gear that helped make recording history. Includes SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series and The API Collection.


Imac with Retina Display (21” & 27”) CALL With Retina display, text appears sharper than ever, videos are unbelievably lifelike and you can see new levels of detail in your photos. The 21.5-inch iMac is available with the all-new Retina 4K display featuring an amazing 4096 x 2304 resolution and 9.4 million pixels, 4.5 times more than the standard 21.5-inch iMac display. Every 27-inch iMac features a Retina 5K display, the world’s highest resolution all-in-one display with a stunning 14.7 million pixels, 7 times more pixels than an HD display.

Mac Pro CALL

Carillon are regarded as the specialists for audio PC’s, so if windows is your platfrom - look no further. Get in touch to build the machine that fits your needs.

Same great build quality with component chosen for audio recording meaning low noise, stablity and performance. In a Fractal Design or Antec case, no corners cut.

Carillon Rack CALL Studio systems but within a bomb proof AC1 carillon rack case. Quality components lie in side, low noise, stability and performance from a name you can trust.

Carillon Laptop CALL Wanting a mobile production/recording system, don’t compromise. We have systems that will work with your audio interface, be serviceable and upgradable and of course Carillon fully supported.

Carillon Location CALL These are great systems for the studio and location recording and offer a compact but high performance self contained recording setup which can be up and running on location in no time at all.

Ipads iPad Pro (9.7” & 12”) CALL iPad mini 2 CALL

Designed around a revolutionary unified thermal core, the Mac Pro introduces a completely new pro desktop architecture and design that is optimised for performance inside and out.

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