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Squier Bullet Strat


From 1/2 and 3/4 size models to left handed, we have something for everyone.


We are discerning about our stock and don’t stock problem models.

* Many of our staff are gigging guitarists or even teachers, who can offer impartial honest advice on hundreds of models. *

We’re just as happy sharing our time and knowledge with new players and beginners as we are with professionals and rock stars.


Engineered to avoid twisting, kinking, and having any “physical memory”. Backed by a lifetime warranty. 891235 (5m, £8.33)

Jackson JS11 Dinky White 686862 £105 With humbucker pickups ideally suited for high gain requirements, this is the perfect guitar for budding young metal heads / rockers. • Rosewood Fingerboard, 22 jumbo frets • 2x Jackson high-output humbucker pickups • Volume and tone controls, pickup selector

The Nut supports and guides the string, and is usually made of plastic, ebony or ivory.

FRETS Frets divide up the neck of the guitar into little areas that across the length of a string, we perceive as spacing the notes 1 semitone apart. When you fret a string, you are essentially altering the length of that string, which correspondingly creates an incrementally higher or lower note.

A pickup is essentially a magnet. A coil of wire that, when a string is plucked, generates a magnetic flux caused by the vibrating strings above it. This signal is then output to the controls section and then into the amp.

Volume and tone controls allow us to fine tune the sound our pickups are generating, such as by balancing volume or reducing high frequencies to give a more mellow sound.

straight 468527 £6.67

557390 (Fiesta Red, £88) / 267026 (Blue, £88) / 000000 (Arctic White, £88) / 390906 (Brown Sunburst, £88)


Allows a strap to be attached for playing standing up / spinning it round your head.


An excellent entry to the World renowned Fender Stratocaster family. Lightweight and easy to play - perfect for those just starting out and those with little fingers. • Maple C-shaped neck, rosewood fingerboard with inlays • 21 medium jumbo frets. 3 Single coil pickups with vintage style tremolo

Acting as string terminators, The primary function of tuning pegs is to raise and lower the pitch of the strings.


The shape of the body is primarily an aesthetic choice, but also has an impact on playability, and how the player responds to the instrument. The type of wood it’s made of affects weight, sustain, durability.





Fender Performance Series 3m Instrument Cable

Black 329394 £88

We offer a vast range of electric guitars from just about every major brand

* Every instrument leaves our store setup and ready to play. * We specialise in pupil purchases, enabling students to purchase their instrument ex VAT.

T he F riendly M usic S tore

0131 229 8211

ELECTRIC GUITARS Why buy your guitar from us?



862262 (Metallic Red, £105) / 978299 (Metallic Blue, £105) / 426520 (Gloss Black, £105)

Yamaha Pacifica 012 Dark Metallic Blue 896656 £134 A favourite amongst guitar teachers nationwide, well built and designed to last, it’s the one the ‘cool kid’ always has. • Classic double-cutaway shape, • Solid Agathis body with bolt-on maple neck 911816 (Black, £134) / 702536 (Red, £134) 725732 (Vintage White, £134)

Levys M8 poly Strap

Squeeze Capo 953588 £7 Transpose to your heart’s content with this durable capo.

Black 268961 £4.17 A high quality guitar strap suitable for all guitars fitted with standard strap buttons.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the pickup selector allows us to select which pickup is being used at any given time, or even a blend of 2 together - providing many possible tonal variations.

TGI Transit Bag Electric 4330

BRIDGE The design varies greatly between different manufacturers, but in general the purpose of the bridge is to allow the strings to sit at a relative height to the fretboard, and is where the strings terminate.

287285 £13.50 Durable 6mm padding with sturdy shoulder straps

Orders and enquiries to

TGI TGI 81 Clip On Tuner 303644 £7 Precision Clip on Headstock Tuner for Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Bass • Tuning Range: A0 (27.50 HZ) ~ C8 (4186 HZ)

Full product range at WWW.REDDOGMUSIC.CO.UK


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