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Numark HF125

498033 £15

741645 £5.42

584024 (K99, £30) / 347869 (K141, £83) / 262854 (K240, £71) / 819311 (K271, £91)

• Flexible 7-position independently adjustable dual ear cups

Beyerdynamic DT100 16 Ohm 453639 £91 • Excellent ambient noise attenuation 407186 (DT100 400 Ohm - Black, £84) / 138295 (DT150, £96) 900940 (DT250 80 Ohm, £105) / 321894 (DT100 400 Ohm - Grey, £85)

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm 846298 £105 • Closed diffuse field studio headphone, excellent isolation from ambient noise 020652 (DT770 80 Ohm, £105) / 694261 (DT770 32 Ohm, £105) / 232256 (DT880 Pro, £155) 600611 (DT990 Pro 250 Ohm, £105) / 205612 (DT1350, £154)

Pioneer HDJ500 Red 195808 £54 The Pioneer HDJ500 headphones are DJ headphones for home, on the go or at the club. 072692 (Black, £54) / 828146 (White, £58) / 886197 (HDJ1500 White, £105) / 000615 (SE-MX7 Blue, £124)

935212 £53 A professional pair of dj headphones at an unbelievable price, the Shure SRH550DJ are what you want to plug into the mixer!

Audio Technica ATH-PRO700 Mk2 A great choice if you’re looking for a new set of DJ cans, the Audio-Technica ATH-Pro 700 mk2 deliver on sound and comfort.

230308 £20 Giving you a natural-sounding response, the Roland RH5 headphones are incredible value! 183440 (RH A7, £66) / 687831 (RHA7 Red, £63)

Roland RH200 509248 £66 • Black, coiled-cable version of the RH-200S headphones • Professional stereo headphones with exceptional clarity and accuracy 031184 (RH200 Silver, £66) / 031036 (RH300, £121)

With the advent of the computer, The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is pretty much the hub of everything that we do in the recording studio.

Shure SRH550-DJ

Black 503429 £119

Roland RH5


AKG K181DJ 974946 £91 The ultimate tool for professional DJs. • 3D-Axis professional folding mechanism

Headphone Amplifiers Art Headamp

It handles all the incoming and outgoing traffic to and from our mics / speakers / headphones / MIDI devices and performers, writes all the data safely to our computer hard drive, acts as our pallette for mixing / mastering and can now even be played as an instrument itself ... what more could you ask?

Essentially all DAWS do the same thing But, there are as many different types of workflow as their are genres of music, and it’s about trying to find what system works best for you and your needs. You need to be able to get your ideas into the box as quickly and seamlessly as possible, arrange your ideas, visualise your plan and be able

654148 £33

Audio Technica ATHM20X

660331 £15 The renowned sound and quality of Sennheiser can be yours with change back from a single note with the HD201 closed-back headphones. 768729 (HD203, £21) / 866872 (HD205, £29) / 794937 (HD215, £42) / 294039 (HD439, £50)

Samson C-que 8

Sennheiser HD380 Pro 147449 £79 Looking for a great pair of closed-back headphones for tracking in the studio? Look no farther than the Sennheiser HD380 Pro. 194288 (HD280 Pro Black, £71) / 315019 (HD600, £250)

Sennheiser HD25C mk2 916539 £121 The standard is now at version 2. With the Sennheiser HD25C mk2 professional headphones, you’ll have plenty confidence in your mixes. 016985 (HD25SP II, £90) / 181455 (HD25 1 II, £88) / 607943 (HD25 Aluminium, £130)


• 4-channel headphone amplifier • Four 1/4 inch stereo headphone outputs

Art Headamp 6 100942 £125 474324 (Headamp 6 Pro, £145) / 897911 (Headamp 4 Pro, £88)

Samson S Amp 4 Channel 087600 £36 A 4-channel headphone amplifier ideal for home recording, 18 Volt AC adapter included.

MTR PS4 Headphone Splitter 149490 £25

The DAW receives incoming singnals from your audio interface and allows you to assign these to discrete tracks, which are written to the hard disk.


087600 (S Amp, £36)

• Six Independent High-Power Headphone Amplifier Channels • Dual Function Balance


These files can then be recalled and manipulated in any number of ways - moved, repeated, cut up, sewn together, stretched, quantised, reversed (always fun) or even deleted.

608201 £100

Sennheiser HD201

emulators to synths, orchestral strings, cuban percussion ensembles - also handling all the communication between your hardware controllers (keyboards etc).

your next video will be a Cinch


• 1/8th-inch as well as 1/4-inch inputs and outputs • Lower noise, lower distortion and more output

855658 £37 The Audio-Technica ATH-M20X headphones are high-quality, but affordable closed-back dynamic headphones.

to find, access and navigate all the various layers and processes that each DAW offers without wanting to tear your hair out. Essentially all DAWs do the same thing.

The DAW is pretty much the hub of everything that we do in the recording studio

Files can then be combined with others into multitrack mixes (the limit to which really is only down to the power of your computer!) where discrete volume, panning and tonal adjustments, be it creative or corrective, can be applied to help you realise your sonic vision. The DAW can host a vast range of plugins, from EQs and compressors to reverbs and delays that can be called upon to finely craft individual or multiple files into the finished article.

Sequencing The DAW itself can play host to any number of native or 3rd party instument plugins, from drum

Video Many DAW’s have full video integration allowing you to work inline with video files, so your next music video or foley project will be a cinch!

Scoring A fairly recent development, you can now create and export scores from MIDI arrangements - be it a single drum part or a full orchestral score as you record, a real time saver!

Mastering and Sharing Once you’ve completed your mix, your DAW offers a wealth of tools for you to buff up your files ready for the desired medium - be that CD, MP3, DVD or beyond, and share with the world.

Ruggedly built 1-4 stereo signal splitter box! • A simple plastic box houses one stereo jack input feeding 4 stereo jack outputs

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