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500 series modules


T he F riendly M usic S tore

Fredenstein F604

Aphex Comp 500

500-Series Gate 585877 £313

500-Series Compressor 001219 £119

• Switchable gate and ducking modes • Fully balanced analogue signal path

• Transformerless input, active balanced, Jensen JT-11DL output • Frequency Response: +0.1/-1.0dB <10Hz to 45kHz

Fredenstein F603A

Aphex EQF 500

500-Series Equalizer 065537 £316

500-Series Equaliser Aphex Dual RPA 500 500-Series Dual Preamp 001221 £119

• 4-band EQ with passive LC filters and short signal path • Shelf type low and high freqency filters

• Transformerless, active balanced input

Warm Audio WA12-500

FMR RNLA 500-series

500 Series Pre-Amplifier 474171 £316

500-Series Compressor 000304 £213

• 500-series lunchbox microphone preamp • 71db of Gain

• Single-channel, 500-series version of the RNLA • Balanced input & output

Warm Audio Tonebeast TB12-500


Preamp and Warmth Box 978295 £441

500-Series Compressor 000302 £213

• Dual-width 500-series preamp, DI and giver of analogue warmth • Discrete 312 preamp design with coupled CineMag Transformers

• Single-channel, 500-series version of the RNC • Balanced input & output

Lindell Audio 6X-500

Focusrite Red 1

500 Series Microphone Pre Amp with EQ 674277 £174

500-Series Preamp 278650 £416

Single channel transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier and passive 2-band equaliser.

• 500-series Microphone Preamp Module • Same circuit topology and components as the original red preamp

Lindell Audio 7X-500

Radial EXTC 500

500 Series FET Compressor 131893 £221

500-Series Guitar Effect Interface 641978 £214

• FET-style 500-series compressor • Variable mix control for precise parallel compression

• Balanced interface for guitar effects pedals • Helps to optimise signal path

Lindell Audio PEX-500

Standard Audio Level-Or

500 Series Passive Pultec Style EQ 737201 £158

500-Series Limiter 001387 £396

A take on the classic Pultec equaliser design. • Transformer-coupled balanced inputs and outputs

• Class-A discrete amplification stages • Transformer balanced input

Ocean Audio EQ Two

Standard Audio Stretch

500 Series EQ Module 001141 £190 Classic EQ design with Malcolm Toft’s Signature Sound. • 4-bands of eq

Ocean Audio Mic Pre Two 500 Series Preamp 001146 £190 • Mic / Line Preamp module • Fits any 500 series rack or console

Ocean Audio EQ One 500-series Equaliser 001140 £348 • Fits any 500 series rack or console • Classic EQ design with Malcolm Toft’s Signature Sound

Aphex EXBB 500 500-Series Aural Exciter 001222 £163 • Mono I/O, transformerless, active balanced input • Impedance: 40KOhm in, 110Ohm out


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HEADPHONES the saviour of the modern classroom?

Headphones come in many different shapes and sizes, but really there are only a few fundamental types. There’s the very popular circumaural and supra-aural style that most studio engineers and DJs use and the discreet earbud style for both consumer level music devices and high level IEM (In ear monitoring) systems for the live musician. There’s also only a few distinctions to be made within these so here goes!

Circum-aural Circumaural headphones completely cover your ears and isolate against any external noise.

Supra-aural Supra-aural headphones sit ON your ears rather than around them and offer less protection from bleed and outside noise, but are lighter. These can for example be better for DJs who don’t actually want to be fully isolated from the sound in the room, but still need to hear what’s coming through the headphones.

low end is contained within the cup of the headphone and does not escape.

Open Back Open back headphones are often preferred by people making critical mix descisions (especially when the mix is near completion) as they do not colour the sound quite as much as their closed back counterparts, with ventillation allowing for a more natural flow of air. Be careful checking bass levels with open back headphones though as they can prove inconsistent (just open up your main monitors again to double check).

looking for headphones to use with a portable player or laptop, stick to the range of 16 – 32 ohms; High-End Headphones Favor High Impedance - the advantages of higher impedance being a more sophisticated coil can be used in the driver (more winds) so a better overall sound and reduced distortion. Battery powered devices don’t work well with high impedance headphones.

Earbuds To be blunt, cheap earbuds are nasty BUT it’s how your typical consumer will be listening to the finished article so it’s important to check your mix on these too.

Fancy models

Headphones come in many different shapes and sizes

If you’re going to be wearing headphones for prolonged periods of time, consider your comfort. Higher end models have more adjustable bands and feature better cushioning pads and longer cables that allow you to move around more freely, not to mention are made of better quality components that will last longer. Rotating speakers are also super handy for vocalists and DJs alike.

500-Series Compressor 001897 £475 • 100% analogue signal path • 7 different switchable filter combinations

ART P48 48 Point Balanced Patch Bay 005068 £69 The best solution for organizing cables while optimizing connectivity in any studio or live PA rack. Designed for maximum convenience, each pair of TRS 1/4-inch balanced I/O can be configured for normal or half-normal operation.

Closed Back


Closed back headphones are excellent for situations where you wish to avoid leakage, such as a recording session where you need to avoid spillage into the mic (like the classic click track problem!) For checking the bass levels of a mix this type are brilliant as they are so isolating from the outside world. Often much louder than open back models, they offer a bigger bass reproduction because the

Headphones range in impedance from 16 Ohms to 600 Ohms. So, which impedance is best, and WHY DOES IT MATTER? It depends on what you plan to plug them into - headphone sources generally put out very different amounts of power into different headphone impedances. If you’re

Behringer PX3000 Ultrapatch Pro 195430 £57 Professional and fully balanced patchbay eliminates cable clutter in your studio. • Adding order and clarity • Fully balanced high quality 1/4” TRS connectors

Have you ever wanted to know why Red Dog doesn’t, and never will sell Beats (by Dr Dre) Headphones? See

>> For Computer software see page 93-98 << WWW.REDDOGMUSIC.CO.UK

Prices are ex VAT, correct at time of going to press and subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted.



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