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ModulAR Synthesis


T he F riendly M usic S tore

Cases and Power

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VCOs and Sound Generators

There’s no getting around this one, you’re going to need a box and a power supply. You can have the choicest choice of synth modules, but if you don’t have anything to put them in and power them up, they’ll just be exceptionally cool-looking paperweights. Turn them into a musical instrument with a modular case and power supply!

If you’re wanting your modular synth to make its own noise, then you’ll want some sound sources. With a choice from basic analogue oscillators, recreations of the VCOs of classic synths, drum voice, versatile digital sound sources and things we wouldn’t know how to describe, get your patch started off right with a great choice of sound source!

Make Noise Skiff with Power

Tiptop Audio RS808

453499 £165

002350 £63

• Powered skiff case for Eurorack modular systems

• Classic Roland TR-808 bass drum sound 002377 (SD808 Snare) / 002376 (RS808 Rimshot and Claps) / 002357 (CB808 Claps)


Make Noise Wogglebug

005840 £230

002275 £175

• Made in 8mm Poplar Plywood • Width: 45cm

• Complete Complex Random Voltage system, no external modules necessary

Complete Systems A complete modular system can have you creating sounds right out of the box!

Moog Mother 32 260132 £425 • Semi-modular analogue synthesiser module • Onboard 32 step sequence

Roland System 1m 848824 £340 Take the power of the System 1 and wrap it up in a neat little rack unit, add some modular tricks and, voila: the Roland System 1m!

Sequencers You can choose to sequence via your DAW or an external box using MIDI, you can choose to eschew conventional sequencing paradigms and control your system manually, or you can create your perfect standalone system by putting a sequencer in your modular synth!

MFB Seq3 221720 £135 An incredible value sequencer, the MFB Seq3 offers a huge amount of versatility in your Eurorack synth.

Rebel Technology Stoicheia 002345 £145 • Euclidean sequencer module for Eurorack

Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor Dynamic Rhythm Generator 413034 £165 • Dynamic Rhythm Generator

Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor 8HP Rhythm Generator 866544 £151 • Rhythm generator module for Eurorack systems

002279 £200 • Digital sound generator • Loosely based on 8-bit console sound chips

FILTERS The filter is often the soul of a synth and, with a modular system, you can choose what you want to use, how many you want to use, how to connect it and how to modulate it giving you complete control over how to remove those frequencies.

Make Noise FXDf 002254 £84 With the Make Noise FXDF, you can split your audio into six bands for powerful sound design opportunities!

Mutable Instruments Ripples 002286 £120 • Filter module for Eurorack

Tiptop Audio Z2040 002400 £130 An analog filter based on the filter of the Sequential Circuits’ Prophet 5 Rev2. Make everything sound Prophetic!

Envelopes, LFOs & Modulation You’ve got your basic timbre, now add a bit of movement and make it come alive! With a range of envelope generators, low frequency oscillators and choice of inspiring modulation sources in your modular system, you can really go to town and create patches that evolve over days.

Doepfer A-140 ADSR 002456 £55 • Eurorack envleope generator

ALM Busy Circuits Pip Slope

Tiptop Audio Z4000

ALM Busy Circuits DSG

002402 £105

100445 £46

• Voltage controlled envelope generator

• Din sync module for Eurorack systems

Clocks, Timing & Triggers

Intellijel Audio Interface II

Clocks are the brains that lets the multiple hearts of your modular synth beat in glorious time, or multiples and divisions thereof, but they don’t stop there. Getting creative with clocks, clocking, time and timing can let you get properly creative with your patch programming.

Get your modular connected to the rest of your studio the proper way with the Intellijel Audio Interface II.

002193 £155

Doepfer A-160


133227 £40

You’ve got the patch 90% of the way there, but it just needs that bit of a lift to take it to the next level, maybe it’s time to add an effect or two to your modular system. From classic spring reverbs to digital multi-effects via CV controllable delays, we’ve got the effects you need for your Eurorack modular.

• Frequency/clock divider module for Eurorack systems

002277 £67

Flame FX6

• Dual Bernoulli gate module for Eurorack

002180 £62

Intellijel uScale II Intelligent Quantizer & Interval Generator 002234 £155

779767 £70

Prices are ex VAT, correct at time of going to press and subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted.

Audio Damage Grainshift ADM02 002136 £130

• Two 0-10v outputs (a and b) with 1v/oct scaling.

Granular is good, and so is pitch-shifting; put them together and you get the small yet powerful Audio Damage Grainshift!

VCAs and Mixers

Dreadbox Delta Delay Module

If you’re moving audio around your modular synthesis, chances are you’ll want to shape it, get it through a VCA with a control voltage from your source of choice and give it some movement. If you’re moving more than one bit of audio around, or you want to play about with some more complex CV routing, then you’ll want a mixer. Good job you’re looking at the VCA and mixers category then.

075056 £140

Doepfer A-138B Logarithmic Mixer

Rebel Technology Bitreactor

• Delay module for Eurorack modular systems


002452 £38

002341 £165

• Logarithmic potentiometers make this unit ideal for audio mixing

• Bit-crusher and down-sampler module for Eurorack

Tiptop Audio MixZ

Doepfer A-100 C15 Each

002372 £62 • Low cost analog multi-channel mixing module

Make Noise Optomix 002262 £155 • Direct coupled, process audio or control signals

002441 £2 • Perfect for your modular system

Doepfer A-100 C30 Each 002442 £3 • 30 cm patch cable


Tiptop Audio Stackcable Green 20cm

If you’ve built yourself your perfect modular synth, why keep it contained within its case? With a MIDI and/or USB input module, it can become a sound source for your DAW. With pedal impedance/level matching inputs and outputs, you can take advantage of the vast array of guitar effects out there, and let’s not forget getting your audio back out into the outside world...

002363 £6

Make Noise Rosie >> For DAWs see page 93-98 <<


T he F riendly M usic S tore

0207 622 7912

• Great choice of digital effects on board

• Envelope generator module



Mutable Instruments Branches

Mutable Instruments Edges

ModulAR Synthesis

• Low noise, shielded cable for patching modular synths 002375 (30cm) / 002387 (50cm) / 002356 (70cm) / 002374 (150cm)

Make Noise 4HP Blank Panel 002242 £4.50

002271 £100

• Keep your modular system looking sleek

• Master Volume Control for the modular system

002245 (6HP) / 002240 (1HP)

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