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Novation MiniNova

ICon CubeMi 3 MIDI Interface

Korg Volca Keys Analogue Loop Synthesiser

Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synth Module

277792 £225

738770 £45

275706 £92

564156 £350

A huge range of classic and new synth sounds, a vocoder, and full software control capabilities. • Hugely powerful mini-synth with UltraNova’s sound engine • Brand new VocalTune and classic vocoder effects • 256 fully tweakable sounds

A hassle-free way to keep all your MIDI gear plugged in and ready to go.

One of the most popular products of the last year. • Three note true analogue synthesis with onboard delay effect • Intuitive pattern creation • Sync in and out for hooking up to other Volcas or the Monotribe • MIDI in for control from your DAW or external sequencer

Takes Moog’s legendary analog circuitry to a new, lower price point, allowing anyone to add the fattest of fat bass to their sonic arsenal. • Compact rugged steel chassis • One knob per function interface • Two ultra stable oscillators with Sawtooth and Square waveshapes • Classic Moog ladder filter • Two Minimoog-style ADSR Envelope generators with Release On/Off switch • 1 MIDI-syncable triangle wave LFO for modulating VCF/VCOs • DIN MIDI In and MIDI over USB

715306 (Volca Bass, £92) / 574932 (Volca Beats, £92) 199750 (Volca Sample, £96) / 005365 (Volca FM, £101)

Arturia MiniBrute 25-key Analog Monosynth 690283 £275 A revolution in affordable analogue synthesis. • 100% Analog Audio Signal Path • 25 note Keyboard with Aftertouch • Rugged Aluminium Enclosure

Chord USBMC 1x1 USB MIDI Interface

Arturia MicroBrute Analogue Synth

Roland JDXi Hybrid Analogue Digital Synth

482028 £10

786340 £208

001952 £341

Add 16 channels of MIDI I/O to your computer quickly and easily with the Chord USBMC USB MIDI interface. • 1 in 1 out MIDI (16 MIDI channels each way) • Requires no external power supply (USB powered) • Plug and play installation

Massive analogue sound in your studio at an incredible price! • 100% analogue audio signal path • Voltage Controlled Oscillator with new overtone sub-osc • CV input and output and patchable routing matrix • Step Sequencer

An affordable mini masterpiece merging analogue and digital synthesis. • Interactive crossover synthesizer with analog and digital sound engines • Analogue synth section provides authentic lead and bass tones • Two digital synth sections with SuperNATURAL synth tones and 128-voice total polyphony

Moog Theremini

Elektron Analog Four Tabletop Synthesiser

Novation Bass Station II Analogue Synth

693858 £215

308776 £958

674782 £313

All of the goodness and space-age control of the original theremin, but with the ease of playing in tune! It’s the Moog Theremini! • Re-imagining of the theremin • Controllable assistive pitch quantisation makes it impossible to play a wrong note • Sound engine derived from the Animoog • Store and recall 32 wave and wavetable-based patches, scale and root note settings • Compact speaker onboard • Headphone jack • Two line level outputs • USB connectivity

Gives you four analogue synths and an incredible sequencer in one box! • 2x analogue oscillators per synth voice • 2x sub-oscillators per synth voice • 1x 4-pole analogue lowpass ladder filter per synth voice • 4x synth, 1x CV and 1x FX track on the sequencer

The renowned Novation BassStation analogue monosynth reworked for the 21st century. • Analogue monosynth: brand new version of the classic BassStation • Analogue synth layout includes dedicated controls for all major parameters • Two Oscillators plus an additional Sub Oscillator

Korg Kaossilator 2S KO2S

Moog Werkstatt-01 Analogue Synth Kit

ANALOGUE SYNTHESISERS Korg MS20 Mini Analogue Synthesiser 837541 £391 The real analogue synth from 1978 with modern connectivity! • 2 Voltage-controlled oscillators, amplifiers and filters • 2 envelope generators and 1 low frequency oscillator • Process external audio signals • USB and MIDI connections • Flexible patchbay for getting deep into your synthesis and sound design

001942 £85

Standard MIDI to MIDI 2m Cable 467320 £1.67 Perfect for hooking up your external synths, sequencers, drum machines and controllers.

The Korg Kaossilator 2S is a great little portable synthesiser that allows you to create anytime and anyplace. • A synthesizer that lets you use the touchpad to perform freely • 150 sound programs that meet the needs of every dance music style • Loop recorder that lets you intuitively overdub phrases, with undo/redo • A new workflow with Ableton Live lets you export data in a variety of formats. • Ableton Live Lite is also included

778165 (Elektron Analog Keys, £1041)

Teenage Engineering PO14 Sub

576261 £166

001924 £45

Not just the most affordable way to own a Moog, but a great educational tool as well. • Single oscillator analogue monosynth solder-free synth kit. • Single VCO w/ frequency control (8Hz to 16KHz) • Saw and square waveshapes w/ control for square pulse width

The coolest little synth this side of anywhere, the Teenage Engineering PO14 Sub is a back-to-basics bass maker that’s full of surprises. • 15 deep, dirty bass sounds • Drum machine • 16-step sequencer with 16 patterns • 16 effects • Battery powered • Secret Nintendo-style game • Built-in metronome • Digital alarm clock 001923 (PO12 Rhythm, £45) / 193446 (PO-20 Arcade Synthesizer, £45) / 001926 (PO16 Factory, £45)


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