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Roland FA06

Korg Kronos 2 61

Yamaha reface YC

Roland FR1X

000007 £691

001943 £2200

761491 £275

281626 £1025

• Reimagined music workstation designed to maximise your creative flow

SGX Berlin piano: a whopping 9GB Steinway style concert grand piano with unique una corda ‘soft pedal’ samples.

• Combo Organ Sound Engine with five vintage organ Waves • All the controls needed to play organ: Footage sliders, Percussion, Vibrato and Rotary speaker control

• Full range high quality speakers on board in bass reflex box. • 7 W x 2USB memory port for Wave/MP3 player, new-sounds upload, data loading/saving

000008 (FA08, £1100)

001945 (Kronos 2 88, £2625) / 001944 (Kronos 73, £2408)

200033 (Red, £1025) / 169123 (FR1XB Red, £1166)

Roland E-A7

Korg Pa4X 61

600671 £825

883851 £2430

• Arranger keyboard • Over 1,500 versatile tones from all over the world • WAV file import and onboard sampling function

• 61 keys with semi–weighted keys with velocity and ftertouch • Big, bright, and bold, capacitive TouchView display

Yamaha MX49

Roland KC60

541426 £380

558664 £216

• Over 1000 sounds taken from the famous MOTIF XS • VCM Effects • Built in USB audio and MIDI interface

• Compact, affordable keyboard amplifier with legendary KC sound • 40-watt output power with 10” speaker and independent tweeter

Yamaha Motif XF 6 White

Roland KC150

308714 £1609

512360 £275

• 6-octave workstation synthesiser • Comprehensive high sound quality, including an enormous 741MB of waveforms

• The perfect combination of power and value, ideal for small to medium-sized gigs • 65-watt/12-inch speaker and piezo tweeter

743934 (Pa4X 76, £2567)

059738 (XF 7 White, £1680) / 739092 (XF8 White, £2200)

Korg PA300

Roland KC110

631055 £480

358964 £291

• Professional arranger keyboard • Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine offers improved realism and vivid sound

• Runs on eight AA batteries, eight AA rechargeable batteries, or AC power (adaptor included) • Highly efficient 30 watts (15W+15W) stereo amplifier with two 6.5” (16 cm) speakers and two tweeters

Roland V-Combo VR09

Roland FR3X

448801 £480

927965 £1566

• Light and mobile; battery or AC power • Pro-quality acoustic and electric pianos, including grand piano with 88-note stereo multi-sampling

Authentic Accordion Sounds Including: Italian Jazz, German Folk, French Musette and Russian Bajan plus Orchestral Options.

Roland C30

Roland FR8XBK

852958 £2416

013201 £3433

• 61 keys with “click action” F-Scale touch • Four harpsichord sound-sets and two positive organ sounds • Plectrums and strings never need replacing, and no tuning is required

Flagship piano-type V-Accordion, filled with many enhancements requested by pro accordionists.

Roland C330

Roland FR7XB

Light Oak 953002 £5937

662844 £3166

• The Roland C330 Digital Organ is a truly expressive instrument, offering the versatility and sound of a church organ in a surprisingly compact package ideal for home use.

If you need your accordion to be the best-sounding and playing it can be, the easiest to get into the PA, and offer much more than accordion sounds, the Roland FR-7X is for you.

741735 (Dark Oak, £7046)

390363 (FR8xB Black, £3633) / 712569 (FR8XRD+P, £3433)

728481 (FR7X+P, £ 3029)

Roland C380 Dark Oak 520155 £8195

Korg Krome 61

Roland KC350

549346 £658

333723 £341

• KRONOS-derived full length, non-looped piano and drum sounds, plus new electric pianos designed to shine on stage

• Stereo mixing keyboard amplifier with 120-watt/12-inch speaker and horn tweeter • Output Select switch and convenient Shape switch for tonal adjustment

069762 (Krome 88, £1083) / 583560 (Krome 73, £833)


Nord C2D

Korg PA900

Roland KC880

563029 £1200

239843 £788

• Massive internal ROM – plus up to 192 MB of user PCM data – provides a powerful wave memory, delivering the best sound quality possible

• 320-watt stereo power amplifier, 12-inch woofers and two horn tweeters • Built-in stereo effects (Reverb, Chorus, Tremolo, Rotary)

597824 £1892

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• High quality sound from Rodgers/Roland library • Compact and lightweight body features a luxurious Dark Oak finish and a roll top with lock and key • Cathedral-size sound thanks to the RSS ambience system

Prices are ex VAT, correct at time of going to press and subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted.

The ultimate portable organ for musicians who need complete control over their drawbars as well as keys.


TIPS! ORGANS AND accordions

David Gardner The Ultimate Fusion Of Technology and Tradition. Today’s modern electronic accordions offer synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power. Packed with features and enhancements developed with input from the world’s top players, bringing a previously unattained level of expression and versatility to every accordionist. To speak to our resident accordion specialist, email’

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