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Digital pianos have been a popular choice for use in the classroom or stage for many years now. With no need for tuning or maintenance, they also have numerous other practical advantages. In the past, these digital benefits could have meant compromising on the sound quality or feel. Fortunately this is no longer the case! New technologies have seriously enhanced the sound quality to the point that some instruments will accurately replicate every behavioural nuance from an acoustic piano. The keys and action have been engineered to feel responsive and incredibly authentic. Pianists of all abilities can

play with the same level of technique and expression they are used to from a traditional instrument. Today’s digital pianos are far more than just a practical solution, they are a joy to play! Various interactive features for learning, teaching and practicing and an extensive range to suit all budgets, mean that there has never been a better time to buy a digital piano.

What is the piano for? I know it seems a fairly obvious question but it’s worth considering what its primary function will be. Will it be in a classroom all the time or is it something you want to move around? Will it ever be used live or is it purely for teaching?

Today’s digital pianos are far more than just a practical solution What does it need to look like? Digital pianos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some traditional and some anything but.

How much space have you got and how big is the room it will live in? This is an important consideration. Larger pianos tend to have larger speakers built in and will project the sound across a busy classroom where as a smaller instrument may require additional amplification.



What else would you like it to do? Don’t forget, digital pianos offer a whole host of additional features. Recording performances to a USB stick or iPad, designing your own piano sound and playing along with favourite songs wirelessly are just a few of the features found in some of these instruments.

How much do you want to spend? You get more for your money than ever before with Roland digital pianos and they offer exceptional value at all levels. Cost is usually related to how the piano feels, sounds and looks rather than extra gadgets or features. Whatever your budget, we guarantee to deliver an instrument that will bring years and years of musical enjoyment! Taking some time to think through these sorts of questions will help you form a picture of your individual requirements and how the piano will fit into your own environment. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what’s available.

Digital pianos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes We are proud to be specialists in Roland pianos, whose range consists of three main areas: Upright and grand pianos These models are designed to resemble the appearance of their acoustic counterparts. Some are a little smaller and most are available in a range of finishes. Slimline pianos A great alternative to a traditional upright digital, these ultra slim pianos still feel and sound amazing, just with a smaller footprint Portable and stage pianos Ranging from great, low cost models to high end, road ready professional stage instruments these portable pianos are versatile, light and packed with loads of useful features.



Red Dog Music Education Catalogue 2016  
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