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Flip Me Over

9 x 12�v Inda Ink on Bristol

King of the Rainforest

22 x 30� White Prismacolor Pencil on Black Canson Paper

Reclining (in black)

20 x 24� White conte on Black Canson Paper

Forms Repeating

9 x 16� Prismacolor Pencils on Mat Board

Of Forgotten Times 24 x 30� Oil paint on canvas

Simply Me (Self Portrait) 5 x 7� Acrylic on Panel

Roaring Twenties 6 x 8� Woodblock Relief

Rays of Redd (Self Portrait) 11 x 14� Lithograph

Jekyll and Hyde 6 x 8� Etching

Supporting the Humanities 11 x 16� Screenprint

Vous ne me posseder 8.5” x 8” x 6.125” Red Clay

Robin Mug

3.5”x 4” x 3.125” Red Clay

Beaded Butterflies

Sizes ranging from 2� to 4� Wire and Beads

On Violet Shores

5 x 7� Photomanipulation

The Animal Inside (Self Portrait) 8.5 x 11� Photomanipulation

Below the Surface 4.5 x 4.5� Digital Painting


16 x 24� Digital Painting

Les Femmes et Les Filles 32 x 60� Digital Collage

Artist Alley 11 x 17� Digital Print

No More Hiding 3 x 5� Photograph

Home Alone

12 x 16� (individually) Photomanipulations

Redd </3 Math HTML Website

PHP Machine PHP Website

No one ever cried at a Website... until Now PHP Website

Personal Homepage PHP Website

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