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BACK TRACK ADVENTURES have operated small group guided adventure holidays worldwide since 1985. We commenced our first Nepal treks in that year with 2 groups completing the then, just opened Annapurna Circuit which has now become one of the classic Nepal treks. Back Track has for the last 30 years pioneered new remote trails and we are justifiably proud of our policy of continual research in new trekking areas. Our vast knowledge, our affection for Nepal and our deep commitment to seek the ultimate trekking experience has led us to develop new and exciting treks. Quality, not quantity is our policy when it comes to trekking. We have a vast file of unique trekking opportunities to tempt you with in the years to come. In this brochure we present the famous, Lodge Style trek, Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes and a new, more challenging adventure Everest High Passes. WARNING: trekking in Nepal is seriously addictive. Your first trek with Back Track could lead to a lifetime addiction to travel and trekking in exotic locations.

Everest High Passes Including Everest Base Camp, Kala Pattar, the Gokyo Valley and Renjo La From Kathmandu 15 April – 07 May 2014 This is a brand new adventure for Back Track that celebrates our 30 years of Nepal treks. It includes many highlights from our classic Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes trek such as Base Camp, Kala Pattar, Cho La and the Gokyo Valley but includes time for additional exploration in the Khumbu Valley, a crossing of the 5417m Renjo La and a visit to the remote Bhote Kosi Valley; Be prepared for a thrilling, high altitude experience. This trek will suit experienced Nepal trekkers keen for an extreme adventure plus first time trekkers willing to test themselves in this most beautiful alpine environment.

Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes From Kathmandu 10 November – 02 December 2014 If your ambition is to walk amongst the highest, most majestic mountains on earth then this is the trek for you. The Everest area of Nepal is famous due to the exploits of mountaineers such as Hillary, Tenzing, Bonnington, Messner and Macartney-Snape. The Sherpa people who inhabit Khumbu, as the area is called, are well-known for their cheerful hospitality. This trek visits their villages and monastries and provides a wonderful opportunity for cultural interaction. The 5545m “hill” of Kala Pattar, is the highest point of the trek. You’ll stand in awe, inspired by breathtaking beauty. Mt Everest and a host of Himalayan giants will surround you in a 360 degree panorama that you’ll never forget. The following day, we plan to trek to Everest Base Camp. The views from here up the rugged Khumbu Icefall are simply awe-inspiring.

Everest High Passes | Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes 2014

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Trek Nepal 2014 with Back Track Adventures  

Trek Nepal 2014 Everest Base Camp Gokyo Lakes and Everest High Passes