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Trekking Nepal in 2014 For us at Back Track, trekking is our way of life. We always prepare well and are dedicated to ensuring that our trekkers have the holiday of a lifetime. Our trekking itineraries are arranged so we can meet each day’s objective in a leisurely fashion.

As well, a programme for acclimatisation is built into each itinerary so everyone will have the maximum chance to acclimatise to the altitudes in which they are trekking. There is plenty of time to stop and take photographs, rest, or just have a cup of tea with the locals in a village tea house. Our group size is limited to a maximum of 14 trekkers plus our Back Track trekking crew. Having only small groups ensures all trekkers are given maximum attention and assistance when required. Once booked, you will be issued with comprehensive Pre Departure Information detailing your gear and clothing requirements and everything you need to know to ensure you are professionally prepared. In addition, you have access to a trekking expert at any time by calling us on our ‘1300’ Trekkers Assist line, plus, the Clients Login section on our web site and Newsletters will keep you up to date with any important news relating to preparations for your holiday.

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Our Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes and Everest High Passes  treks are conducted in Lodge Style.

To save you money, for the duration of the trek a Camp Kit is provided consisting of a warm sleeping bag, suitable for cold Himalayan nights, and a kit bag to hold your belongings on the trek. The kit bag is carried by your porter.

The Khumbu area of Nepal, home to the Sherpa people, is where these treks takes place. The Sherpas have a long association with western trekkers providing guides and climbing crew for mountaineers way back to the early 1920’s. In their homelands they have built an infrastructure of clean and comfortable lodges in all the major villages and trekking locations. Therefore there is no need to camp on these treks – campsites on our Everest trek are usually in the grounds of a warm, comfortable lodge. Back Track utilises these lodges for accommodation. Rooms are usually twin share with comfortable beds.

FITNESS Both treks are graded challenging, requiring participants to commit to a dedicated training program prior to departure. Depending on your current level of fitness, if you are not as fit as you would like to be, a minimum 3 month program is required to ensure that you are fit enough to enjoy the trek. Back Track willingly provides advice to all our trekkers on how to obtain the required fitness level. Your pre-departure information guide contains extensive fitness training information.

Everest High Passes | Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes 2014

Trek Nepal 2014 with Back Track Adventures  

Trek Nepal 2014 Everest Base Camp Gokyo Lakes and Everest High Passes