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-I know, I know. The only person who loves me more than you do is God. -That’s right. So how’s school going? The host Mother interrupted with a cheerful “Happy Thanksgiving” and carved the turkey. Plates were being passed from family member to family member. -You look just like your mother, you know. -Yeah, I’ve been told. -You’ve got your dad’s hair, though. Do you know where Milford is? -No, Grandma, I don’t. -Probably the bathroom. He’ll be out soon. She let out a giggle before silence. -How’s school going, darling? -Pretty good. -That’s good, that’s good. Milford is so proud of you. -I hope so. -Where is he? He’s been gone awful long. -Grandpa’s not here anymore. I’m sorry, Grandma. -Oh. How long? -A couple years now. -I thought I talked to him yesterday. Silence. -How’s school going, darling? -It’s going great because I’m in your prayers. -Remember, the only person who loves you more than I do is God. She joined Milford the week before Christmas.

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Red Cedar Review Vol. 54