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rome, get ready to rock! The world’s finest fmx riders return for more high-flying action

RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011


Photos: R. Schedl, H. Mitterbauer

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RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

Rome, Coverphotography: daniel grund/red bull content pool, claudia villa/getty images; photography: Denis KLERO/red bull content pool

get ready to rock Red Bull X-Fighters made its Italian debut with a spectacular, adrenaline-packed finale to the 2010 World Tour in Rome, where Nate Adams drove the packed stadium wild by winning his second Tour title in a row. An incredible night of bravery in the air left every spectator hungry for more. Now, prepare yourselves for another feast of FMX, because Red Bull X-Fighters is on its way back to Rome! With competitions already completed in Dubai and Brasilia, the world’s biggest FMX stars are heading back to the Eternal City for a second Roman adventure. It’s set to be an even bigger, more intense battle than last year. With the monumental Stadio Olimpico as venue, you will have the opportunity to see some truly awesome aerial action. The arena is ready. The gladiators are on their way. Rome, get ready to rock!

Conte nts ic of the best action from last year’s histor 04 rome revisited a look back at some reaction from the last round and action the All tour World 2011 event in Rome 10 the aries After a traumatic end to his season in exotic Brasilia 14 stretChing the bound ns why it is time to get serious 20 six explai od Sherwo Levi tar supers last year, FMX y invited to each 2011 event. Meet the ticall automa are six top year’s Last of the best debut After an impressive Red Bull X-Fighters stuff White the 24 ozen half-d vil darede to ncini is back, and ready for another chance Bianco o Massim hero n Italia year, last just how a triCk FMX star Levi Sherwood explains break into the big time 26 anatomy of year guide to the tricks to look out for this to land a Ruler Flip 28 sliCk triCks Your t and each element is crucial to a rider’s comfor 34 get the gear The kit is simple, but on and Zoran Filicic give their inside view safety 36 double troub le Alvaro del Farra All you need to know Co olimpi stadio 40 out pan will how this year’s Rome competition the 2011 Tour is shaping up 46 tour dates about tonight’s location 44 results How


Photography: Sebastian MarkO/REd bull content pool


Bull In 2010, the Eternal City was the first location in Italy to host the Red event, The sight! first at love definitely was it and – tour world rs X-Fighte after which took place at the Stadio Flaminio, was sold out only four days a unique eing guarante into went people 350 of work The sale. on went tickets earth of 6,500m³ and lights 330 : spectacle for the 20,000-strong audience Air), one (Big jumps e 23-metr five featuring , adrenalin pure of track a created 13-metre jump (Super Kicker) and one extraordinary 35-metre jump! headed This year, it’s going to be even better: the world’s top FMX riders are ce experien will fans 50,000 expected the for the huge Stadio Olimpico, where longer even be will track The show. table unforget an and thrills greater even than – more jumps have been added – and the competition will be fiercer one jumps, three jump: triple w brand-ne the to thanks all of least not ever, they’ll because riders, the for e after the other. It will be a massive challeng s have to stay focused for much longer than usual, calculate the distance jumps. of e sequenc suitable most down to the millimetre and plan the rs – Come and help us write a new chapter in the history of Red Bull X-Fighte see you all on 24 June! 4 




Gianni Alemanno, MAYOR OF ROME

Photography: Daniel kolodin/red bull content pool, fabio lovino

The Red Bull X-Fighters motocross event is something entirely new to Rome, where it was given a very warm welcome by the fans last year. The Stadio Flaminio was packed to the hilt with spectators excited about the unbelievable acrobatic skills of the riders. Thousands of fans and curious observers were holding their breaths as the riders turned in fabulous, unique performances. Their verve and enthusiasm introduced us to a new, dynamic sport that astounded and exhilarated thousands of spectators and fans from all over the world. This year, we’re ready to do it all over again here in Rome. For one magical night, the Stadio Olimpico, the very emblem of sports in the capital, will be the setting for a spectacularly exciting event. I’d like to invite everyone in Rome to head for the Olimpico and fill up the terraces for the unforgettable event that’s about to be staged by Red Bull X-Fighters 2011.


After the extraordinary success achieved last year, Red Bull X-Fighters is returning to Rome. The heart-stopping show has aroused the enthusiasm of the audience and attracted the attention of the media – both here in the capital and in the rest of the world. The setting for the 2011 edition of Red Bull X-Fighters will be the Stadio Olimpico, chosen because the city of Rome aims to allow as large a number of fans as possible to get together. Spectators of all ages can’t wait to see the fabulous, over-the-top performances of the biggest names in this sport.


“A unique, truly extraordinary event. Make sure you don’t miss it!”

Dany Torres:

e, and it was “It was my first time in Rom . The track was a memorable experience any problems, superb, and I didn’t have difficult to because it wasn’t really that tricks.” pull off some breathtaking

Nate Adams:

ally all my life, but I haven’t actu “I’ve been travelling virtually arenas. But when I take ous vari the than r othe h, seen muc of the I like to enjoy the tourist side par t in Red Bull X-Fighters, es like Cairo, Moscow or plac in land we en Wh l. tour as wel . When I h of those places as I can s. Rome, I try to see as muc um and the Circus Maximu osse Col the ed visit I e, was in Rom ular.” ctac spe ly real le, edib It was incr

performance “I was so satisfied with my n a bomb! in Rome, which went dow and the fans There was a huge crowd They gave us a were literally going craz y. e rooting for all fantastic welcome, and wer ld you ask for? � the riders. What else cou

Photography: Balazs Gardi/Red Bull Content pool (1), joerg mitter/red Bull content pool (2)

Adam Jone s:

100.000 cheer Adams to victo Defending Red Bull X-Fighters champion Nate Adams went big in Brasilia to claim his first win of the year and amaze FMX’s largest-ev er crowd!


“I’m just speechless,” said Nate Adams, as he looked out across a vast sea of 100,000 FMX fans. All of them were wildly celebrating the American’s first win of the 2011 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, which took place in the Brazilian capital Brasilia last month. In front of the largest crowd ever to witness a freestyle motocross event, Adams gave an almost perfect demonstration of the art of FMX. He beat Australian daredevil Robbie Maddison in the final head-to-head round, and took the victory at round two of this year’s World Tour. Adams’ fourth career win at Red Bull X-Fighters also gives him control of the overall standings. Andre Villa took third place that night. The Norwegian’s ultra-smooth consistency now places him second in the overall standings, just 20 points behind two-time champion Adams and 35 points ahead of Maddison. “Rubber Kid” Levi Sherwood took fourth place, and his 55-point haul on the night leaves him tied for fourth overall, alongside the unfortunate Dany Torres, who was forced to bow out of the main event in the Esplanada dos Ministérios. Torres suffered a foot injury in the run-up to the competition, and though he bravely attempted to fight through the pain, the discomfort eventually became too great and he was forced to retire from the competition. However, Torres should be fit for duty in Rome, where the battle to rule Red Bull X-Fighters will resume in what should be the series’ most intense round yet!  


Photography: andreas schaad/red bull content pool


RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

jump through time! From a single battle to a world-spanning series featuring the very best freestyle riders on the planet, Red Bull X-Fighters has come a long way. Here’s how…


2001. Red Bull X-Fighters is born on a hot July

day, when some of the world’s best FMX riders gather in the historical bullring of Valencia, Spain. With echoes of Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls – 100 white-clad volunteers are herded into the arena by the FMX stars – Mike Jones is cheered on to victory by a fanatical crowd. The template is set.

2002. Following the success of the Valencia

event, Red Bull X-Fighters migrates to Madrid’s legendary Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, for wilder tricks and bigger air. More than 23,000 fans are crammed into the iconic venue, to see local hero Edgar Torronteras take his revenge on inaugural winner Mike Jones.

2002 2003

2003. Bigger and better. Kenny Bartram rules both in Valencia and Madrid, twice relegating fellow American Nate Adams to second position. 2004. Madrid hosts the only event of ’04, but a

new legend is born when Travis Pastrana takes his first title ahead of Nate Adams and Ronnie Renner. “Red Bull X-Fighters is more fun than any other event. The atmosphere is unique,” the new champion says. It’s about to become even more special…


2005. With crowds rising in the Red Bull X-Fighters heartland of Spain, the decision to go international is made. Given its bullfighting heritage, Mexico’s vast Plaza de Toros in Mexico City is the ideal destination. Here, Ronnie Renner dominates what is quickly becoming FMX’s most exciting series. 12 


RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

2006 2006. After a glut of US wins, a new European

star is born, as Swiss rider Mat Rebeaud beats Travis Pastrana in Mexico. Rebeaud eventually finishes third behind winner Pastrana and Nate Adams, but it’s clear that a new era of internationalism beckons. Time to go global.

2007. The first World Tour takes off in 2007,



2008. The beast keeps growing. Across a six-stop season, including Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Fort Worth in the United States, Madrid, Oeteslhofen in Germany, and the season finale in Warsaw, Mat Rebeaud is imperious. He takes three wins from the first four Tour events, and seals the title victory even before the final round. 2009. The biggest Tour yet sees Red Bull X-Fighters invade Mexico, the US, Spain and, for the first time, Canada and the UK. And despite the discovery of wonder kid Levi Sherwood, who wins at his first attempt in Mexico, it’s Nate Adams who eventually seizes the overall title, first place in Calgary and London and second in Madrid, landing him the crown ahead of friend and California neighbour Robbie Maddison.


2010. For the 10th Tour, Red Bull X-Fighters

goes even bigger. Aside from the established cities Madrid and Mexico City, the series stages wild events at some of the world’s most iconic locations, including Egypt’s Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau, Moscow’s incredible Red Square, and Rome, the Eternal City. The dominance of Nate Adams looks eternal too, as the ’09 champ seizes a second title on the bounce. Can anyone stop The Destroyer in 2011?  


PHOTOGRAPHY: Global-Newsroom, Red Bull Content Pool


with events in Mexico, Ireland and, once again, its spiritual home, Spain’s Madrid. It’s here that Travis Pastrana takes another title, blitzing the finale after also taking victory in Ireland, to claim his title back from Mat Rebeaud.


beyond all limits After an accident robbed him of a shot at his first Red Bull X-Fighters title last year, Levi Sherwood is back and says that this year, it’s time to get serious…


Photography: Balazs Gardi/red bull content pool

Sherwood reached fifth place in Dubai with this spectacular Shaolin Flip.


Photography: Balazs Gardi/red bull content pool


What happened at the end of last year? You went to the ASA FMX World Championships in Pomona, California, and that was the last time we saw you until the start of this year. I crashed pretty badly and as soon as I crashed, I knew immediately what had happened. I had a broken femur. It was not even a month before Rome. I was pretty excited about Rome. I had brought my season back to where I wanted it and I was riding really well. Going through last season, there were a lot of ups and downs. I thought I had thrown it away more than once at the start of the year. I thought, “Oh no, my season’s over before it’s begun” and at the following round I’d be like, “There’s no way I’m coming back from that”, but it all changed in Russia. Moscow really brought my confidence level back up and I knew I had a shot. Then I did pretty good at the X Games and went to London and won, and that was like, “Sweet! I’m back in the game”. I was riding a lot, feeling really good and thinking I had a good chance at taking my first title. So, as soon as I crashed I knew that was gone. It was pretty heartbreaking. I couldn’t even feel the pain. I was just so disappointed in myself. It was a real shame because it was a competition I didn’t really need to do. It looked like fun the year before, and everyone was doing it, so I thought, “Screw it, let’s do it and just go and hang out with the boys”. But it didn’t work out that way. After the crash I was so disappointed. All I could do was say, “Okay, just get me to surgery, get it fixed and let’s get out of here”.

You were in very good shape then too. Yeah, I was really feeling good. I was starting to get some momentum. I was riding better. I’d done well at a couple of events. It felt quite natural, I just felt like I was having a lot of fun on the bike and that I didn’t really have to force it. The crash definitely put a big damper on everything. I feel that if I’d been able to keep that going through the summer, the summer in New Zealand, then it would have been a lot easier for me at the start of this season. But I can’t do much about it now. For how long were you off the bike? Four and a half or five months. It was quite a long time, but you know I was in no hurry, I’ve never been one to rush recovering from an injury. I just wanted to make sure everything was right before getting back on the bike. So how was your winter? It was summer in New Zealand, so I just hung out with my mates, went to the lake near where I live. I started riding a lot of motocross and I was having a lot fun with that. And then, when the time was right, I started riding freestyle again. As stupid as it was – the accident – it had always been my goal for the year that, before I got back on the bike in the winter, I wanted to take it easy, not push it, learn a few tricks and not go crazy trying to do something every day. Before, I think I was like “yeah, come on, let’s get into it” all the time. But I wanted to learn a bit of patience and a few tricks through a few rides, rather than going for it too much. Saying that, I went out and rode the Nitro Circus Live tour in New Zealand. And my first time out, I went and did something stupid,  



landed on my backside and hurt my back. So I was out for another month! But I learned a lot from the winter, so I don’t regret anything really. What about your plan for this season? Looking at Nate, do you think, “I need to approach things that way, because whatever he’s doing, it works”? Yeah, definitely. During my time off, I thought about that a lot: how I can ride better, how I can improve my performances. My riding’s up to scratch when it needs to be. But the biggest thing for me is probably not practicing, it’s having the right mindset and having confidence, because the smallest thing can knock me back down. So every time I have a bad day riding, I just go to bed and wake up the next day, and tell myself to be positive, and I think that’s what I’ve done a lot. You have to think positive, and that’s what I think Nate does. He’s definitely won more than anyone else. He’s incredibly consistent, so he knows how it’s done. He’s the guy to beat every year. He seems very prepared and focused at events. Is that something you can find in yourself as well, or do you have a different way of getting the best out of yourself? He’s definitely the most focused and the best prepared, and he practices more than any of us. I can take some of that, but I need to do it slightly differently, I think. I can’t function if I practice too much. I just go backwards. I need to find a happy medium between the two. But this year, I have decided I’m not going to goof around any more. I’m going to take it more seriously and give it a really good shot. I think I was probably just getting lucky last year, when I 18 

was riding well. I wasn’t practicing and I wasn’t doing what I should have been doing. I think because I had had two bad rounds before winning in Moscow, I was nearly over it. I was just trying to go there, have fun, not think about it and make the most of the traveling. That’s what I did and it worked, but it probably wasn’t the best thing for me. What works best for me is when I find a course I really connect with and that flows really nicely. If the track’s uncomfortable for me, I’ll have the worst time. I can’t force myself. I’m not one of those people who can make it happen like that. If it’s there it’s there, if it’s not… You seem to like the big tracks, like Moscow and London from last year. Exactly! I don’t know why. I used to like the small ones but I changed my tune completely for some reason. I like big courses, nicely flowing tracks, ones that allow me to get into it, so I don’t have to force anything. So which ones will be the good venues for you this year? I’m not sure. It’s a tough one. Spain doesn’t really suit me. I don’t do that stop-start stuff that much. All I can do is hope for the best. Rome is a different venue, so I don’t know about that, and it’s the same for Poland and Australia. All I want to do is find some consistency. If I’m on the podium at every event I’ll be happy. Wins would be nice but I’ll take the points wherever I can get them. This year, it’s about going to every event. And when I’m there, I’m there to ride, rather than goof around and have fun. Sure, I’ll enjoy myself, but it’ll be more fun if I come away with a trophy at the end of it!

Photography: Joerg mitter/red bull content pool

“It was pretty heartbreaking. I couldn’t even feel the pain. I was just so disappointed in myself.”

Before his accident, Sherwood conquered the podium at the Red Bull X-Fighters Tour 2010 in Moscow and London.

The 2010 top six are automatically invited to each event. Meet the daredevil half-dozen...

Nate Adams

Nickname / The Destroyer Nationality / USA Date of Birth / March 29, 1984 Bike / honda CRF 250/450

The Destroyer needs little introduction. One of the most fearsome past competitors in FMX, he has dominated Red Bull X-Fighters for the two seasons. In 2009, he took a dramatic title win at the final round in London. Last year, he repeated the feat, with three second-place finishes and two third places leaving him at the top of the standings after the final round in Rome. The only question now is, can The Destroyer’s grip on the series be destroyed? Don’t bet on it!

Andre Villa

Nickname / None Nationality / Norway Date of Birth / April 27, 1982 Bike / Yamaha YZ250

Andre was the ‘renaissance man’ of Red Bull X-Fighters last year. After a disappointing 2009 season, Villa decamped to the US that winter and reinvented himself, emerging at round one in Mexico in 2010 as a surprise winner. The shock soon wore off, as the Norwegian went on to score podium finishes at the following two rounds in Egypt and Russia. Despite leading the series right up to the final round in Rome, Andre lost out on the Tour title by just five points. All of this suggests that Villa the Thrilla will come back in 2011 with a massive point to prove.

results 2011 Dubai (UAE) 2 Brasilia (Brazil) 3 Rome (Italy) Madrid (Spain) Warsaw (Poland) Sydney (Australia) current points: 145 current position: 2nd

results 2011 Dubai (UAE) 3 Brasilia (Brazil) 1 Rome (Italy) Madrid (Spain) Warsaw (Poland) Sydney (Australia) current points: 165 current position: 1st

Dany Torres

Nickname / DT Nationality / Spain Date of Birth / March 10, 1987 Bike / KTM 250SX

Photography: Balazs Gardi (1), Flo Hagena (2), joerg mitter (1) (ALL for Global-Newsroom/Red Bull X-Fighters)

One of the most stylish riders on the Tour, Dany Torres – with his impressive mixture of flawless technique and great trickery – has been close to a title win for several years. That it hasn’t happened yet is purely due to bad luck. Last year’s attempt was derailed by a wrist injury that sidelined him for the Moscow event. He returned after a quick recovery, and the events in Madrid and London saw him close in on the leaders. His stunning win in Italy was never going to be enough to propel him to the top of the standings , but it did point to a rider who – if he stays free of injury – could give Nate Adams a run for his money.

results 2011 Dubai (UAE) 1 Brasilia (Brazil) Rome (Italy) Madrid (Spain) Warsaw (Poland) Sydney (Australia) current points: 100 current position: 4th


The Rubber Kid made one of the most sensational Red Bull X-Fighters debuts ever when he won his first event in Mexico in 2009. Clearly, the young New Zealander was becoming a force to be reckoned with, but indifferent results at the beginning of 2010 called that assessment into question. In Moscow, Levi suddenly hit his stride, winning that round, and later adding to the lustre with his victory in London. Given his exceptional late-season shape, he should have gone on to the challenge for the ultimate prize in Rome. But cruel luck saw him crash at an event in California , and a broken femur caused him to miss out on the chance to claim his first Red Bull X-Fighters title. He’s another one with a claim to this crown, so expect big things from the Rubber Kid this year. results 2011 Dubai (UAE) 5 Brasilia (Brazil) 4 Rome (Italy) Madrid (Spain) Warsaw (Poland) Sydney (Australia) current points: 100 current position: 4th


Photography: joerg mitter/Red Bull X-fighters, Axel Schelber/Red Bull content pool

ADAM JONES Nickname / None Nationality / USA Date of Birth / July 23, 1984 Bike / Yamaha YZ250

results 2011 Dubai (UAE) 8 Brasilia (Brazil) 7 Rome (Italy) Madrid (Spain) Warsaw (Poland) Sydney (Australia) Current points: 55 current position: 8th

the The first one to land a Cordova Flip in competition, Jones is one of top FMX riders in the world. An X Games gold medallist in 2007, he’s The won pretty much every major event he’s competed in at least once. only trophy missing from his cabinet was a Red Bull X-Fighters win, and he scored that in Giza last year. The victory spurred the American rider on, and he ended the season with fourth place on a rain-hit London course and a hard-fought second in Italy. Having finally found the key to victory, Jones will definitely be one to watch this year.

ROBBIE MADDISON Nickname / Maddo Nationality / Australia Date of Birth / July 14, 1981 Bike / Yamaha YZ250

Maddo, who – aside from being an FMX superstar – is also a distance-jumping record holder, started last year with spectacular style: by jumping across Greece’s Corinth Canal. In the wake of that huge jump, he swore off big distances in favour of big air, vowing to give it his all in pursuit of a Red Bull X-Fighters title. His victory in Spain, inspired by his latest trick, The Volt body varial, gave him a solid platform. But crashes at the X Games and the London round left him with a broken hand, which ruled him out of the final stop. Maddo’s certainly got the skills for the big win, and it’s only a matter of time before he picks up the elusive prize of a Tour title.

results 2011 Dubai (UAE) 7 Brasilia (Brazil) 2 Rome (Italy) Madrid (Spain) Warsaw (Poland) Sydney (Australia) current points: 110 current position: 3rd

Photography: Gepa Pictures/mario kneisl


max BIANCONCINI Born in 1979, Bolog na’s “Bianco” or “Littl e White” . climb ed onto his first motor bike at the age of three n Italia in part taking ross, motoc with He start ed out And European races and cham pions hips, befor e moving into supercross and then freestyle. He’ll be a wild card for the Rome leg of Red Bull X-Fighters



the Once again, this year you’ll to have the chance to take part in o Olimpic Stadio the in time this ers, X-Fight Bull Italian leg of Red in Rome. How do you feel about that? It’s definitely not easy to describe how I feel: all I can say is that I’m really proud, really satisfied to be taking part in such an important event again, and it’s surely a sign that my riding skills are up to the job. e Last year, the battle with the big international names in freestyl it make didn’t you and you, for struggle uphill an motocross was past the first run. What have you learned from that experience? Last year was my first experience on such an important circuit, and we’ve on got to realize that this type of event really does attract the best riders wonder you do, can they what see you when es, sometim the planet – and if they really are from this planet… But joking aside, after last year’s if experience, I’ve realized that you’ve really got to learn new tricks. And they can do it, what is to stop me from doing the same? How are you getting ready for the event? Lately I’ve been really, really busy with a variety of events around Europe, to but that’s a good thing, because it keeps me in shape. I’m also planning go to Spain, to my friend Miralles, so I can train better and more calmly. any What have you got up your sleeve for this event? Do you have new tricks to show off with? what I’m trying out a few new moves in the foam pit, but I’d rather not say all kinds of tricks. Some of these stunts are really hard to pull off, and if Rome. in them see to able be you’ll , goes smoothly e, Which riders have inspired you the most? Who is your favourit and why? riders, I can’t say I actually have a favourite rider – there are so many great tricks riders’ other copy to like I special. g somethin has and each one in the though, and in my park at home, I have a go and see if I can do them Libor friend my tricks few a off pull to trying I’m now, same way. Right Podmol is great at. ers What’s your view on the kick-off of the 2011 Red Bull X-Fight season? Who do you think could be the favourite for the title? are The standard is improving all the time, but as I imagined, the top riders pretty much the same as before. The competition in Dubai was really is on exciting, and everyone did some amazing things. But I reckon Torres a high right now, and I think he could be the winner for 2011. When you’re not training or competing, what do you do? when The little free time I have I like to spend with my girlfriend Kamila, and friends. my with – warfare mock – soft air play to go I she’s not around of Aside from that, I have a little farming business, so I’ve got quite a lot time. free much have don’t really I and things to do,  


Photography: joerg mitter/red bull content pool


On the e d i S p i l F

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alex Schelbert for Global-Newsroom

erwood Ru bb er Ki d Levi Sh kes on e ma he w ho ex plai ns ers’ most of Re d Bu ll X-Fig ht t tr ic ks – ul tech nically di ffic easy… ok lo – th e Ru le r Fl ip


dubai / RED BULL X-FIGHTERS up before is put my super flip levers k tric this for e par pre n normal, tha r we slo e littl “The first thing I do to a d to ride into the ramp ten I ff. e-o tak ter. the fas ng approachi bike off the ramp the take-off to spin my is and then accelerate on k as hard as I can. This bac l pul I ff, e-o the tak need to speed you so , When I’m about to leave flip the of n ws down the rotatio because a Ruler Flip slo rt to account for that. sta end the at n atio up the rot super flip levers and ext let my wrists lean into my I p, try to and ugh thro k loo I , Once I’ve left the ram s out ended my arms and leg my feet out. Once I’ve ext . can I as g lon as flip levers and try to hold this position for k on, I lean into my super bac get it to e tim it’s k When I thin e. This is the part where l, to get back onto the bik my t spo I e, bik the tuck my legs up into a bal on k n the most. Once I’m bac slows down the flip rotatio k in my run. tric t nex the for e par pre ks, because there are no landing and start to do than a lot of other tric to ier k to eas ch mu k tric I find this far to extend. It’s a fun tric how hard to pull and how half measures as far as t!” do when it all goes righ


RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

Slick Tricks Red Bull X-Fighters brings the world’s finest riders to the planet’s hottest locations. as for the riders, Well, they just have to bring the sickest tricks possible! Here’s your guide to tonight’s biggest moves…

WHIP A relatively simple trick, demonstrated here by Levi Sherwood. The rider kicks the bike sideways in the air, so that the machine comes to at least a 90° angle before being straightened out for the landing. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 5

LAZY FLIP A Backflip in which the rider, here it’s Dany Torres, lies back, flat on the seat, with his arms extended during the rotation. While he’s upside down, his body is parallel to the bike.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Global-Newsroom

difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 9

DOUBLE HART ATTACK The origin of this trick is the Hart Attack, invented by FMX star Carey Hart. The rider holds the bike at the front and rear, kicking his legs outward. The Double Hart Attack adds an element of a Superman Double Grab, where the rider – in this case Levi Sherwood – performs the Hart Attack, but uses just the rear grip holes, which enables him to extend his legs much further away from the bike. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 5

ROCK SOLID A variation on the Superman Double Grab. In this trick, the rider extends his legs out behind the bike to resemble the super hero in flight. For the Rock Solid – shown here by Mat Rebeaud – the rider releases his hands sideways, totally detaching himself from the bike. He then catches the bike and uses the grab holes to pull himself back onto the saddle. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 6

RULER One of the trickiest moves to pull off. The rider – in this case Josh Sheehan – comes off the ramp and throws his feet up towards the sky, while also pushing the rear of the bike down. The name Ruler comes from the angle between rider and bike that looks like the hands of a clock pointing to 12 and 6. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 5

KISS OF DEATH INDY FLIP The basic Kiss of Death trick involves doing a handstand on the bike, while stretching down to kiss the front fender. It takes some skill, but to do it upside down and with an added Indy variation, where the rider scissors his legs out at angle, takes things to another level. Mat Rebeaud shows how it’s done. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 9


RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

HART ATTACK INDY FLIP Why stop at an upright Hart Attack? Why not flip it, as Levi Sherwood shows? Plus, hoping for more points, the New Zealander adds an Indy kick, just because he can! difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 10

TSUNAMI The key to the Tsunami is to perform a handstand in the air, over the front of the handlebars, while keeping the bike as horizontal as possible, like Andre Villa. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 7

PHOTOGRAPHY: Global-Newsroom

CORDOVA FLIP With his hands on the grips, the rider brings his feet up underneath the bars, presses his knees to his chest, and then arches his back so that he is looking out over the back fender. All this while pulling a Backflip! Adam Jones was the first rider to land a Cordova in competition. This is Remi Bizouard’s spectacular take on the trick. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 7


RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

DEAD BODY FLIP For the Dead Body, the rider leans over the front of the bike, while holding the bars and keeping his body horizontal with the bike. Now, try that while flipping, like Levi Sherwood. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 9

DOUBLE GRAB INDY The standard Double Grab is straightforward enough: Dany Torres grabs the back of the motorcycle with both hands and extends his body off the back of the bike. An added Indy scissor kick lends a bit of flair to what, these days, is a relatively basic trick. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ 4

SUPERMAN INDIAN By modern standards, another relatively simple trick to pull off. The rider releases his feet from the foot pegs and extends his legs back, like Superman in flight. Mat Rebeaud adds the Indy variation for style. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ 4


RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011 whipped Nine O’Clock Robbie Maddison pulls off a big extension of this trick, in which the rider holds the bike just by the handlebars. He aims to get his body to the nine o’clock position in relation to the bike. Robbie adds a whip too, kicking the bike out for added difficulty. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 7

Tsunami FLIP Levi Sherwood performs a handstand on the handlebars while keeping the bike level. Sounds simple, right? But how about doing it upside down? difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 8

PHOTOGRAPHY: Global-Newsroom

NINE O’CLOCK INDY As Josh Sheehan demonstrated in Rome, the rider’s aim here is to lift himself off the bike and extend his body at the 9 o’clock position. Requires good upper body strength. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 7


CHRIST AIR Similar to a Cliff Hanger – in which Robbie Maddison hooks his feet under the handlebars and extends his body straight up from the bike – the Christ Air adds the element of extending the arms out in a redeemer-like pose. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 5

VOLT The big one from 2010, and the trick that helped Robbie Maddison to victory in the Madrid round. The rider dismounts and pirouettes his body through 360 degrees, before climbing on board again. Technically extremely difficult, the Volt definitely represents the future for FMX’s big-tricking superstars. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 10

STRIPPER FLIP While performing a Backflip, the rider puts one leg over the handlebars, while locking the other one behind the bars, as in a Cordova. Again, extension is the key here, and no one does extensions better than New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood. difficulty 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 8



flying in top gear

It’s not just big tricks that the riders bring to events, it’s also big style. Dany torres talks us through his essential kit... Bike Most riders choose from manufacturers such as Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda. For Dany, though, it’s the KTM250 SX. “It’s the bike I feel most comfortable with, it’s like my second skin.” An FMX bike is largely the same as a regular-trials bike, but with a few key modifications:  orks/Nu mber Plates: Riders cut the 1F number plates to fix on grip tape, which helps them to clamp their feet to the forks during tricks like the Cliffhanger. 2 P op-Up Bars: These are flip-up bars that, when extended, help a rider maintain balance by propping his arms against them for stability. H andholds: Cut-outs in the plastic just 3  beneath the seat provide space to hang on to during seat-grab tricks. Footpegs: Most riders go for wider 4  pegs, for greater stability.





Oakle y Mayh em MX gogg les “These really work well for me. Great designs, high-quality lenses. I have this model in several colours,” says Dany.

Troy Lee Des ign s SE2 ‘Vorte x’ helmet k “I love TLD’s artwor and designs and would n wear their stuff eve ring me,” says if they weren’t sponso h helmet, which -tec high this of y Dan ers and cheek features shock absorb oved easily pieces that can be rem in case of a crash.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Daniel Grund, joerg mitter for Global-Newsroom, Simon Vinall Photography Ltd

troy lee desig ns grand prix Jerse y A rider’s jersey and pants have to be lightweight and breathable but they’re also his oncourse identity, Dany’s come from US company Troy Lee Designs, which has been custo mising riding gear for over 25 years.


Gaer ne SG12 boot s “These are my favourite boots. The season I first wore them they gave me good luck, I had a lot of good results. Last year they made me a special pair in green and white.”



One is Italian TV’s most famous commentator on extreme sports, and the other is an FMX star (on forced rest), who’s currently on the Red Bull X-Fighters jury: Zoran Filicic and Alvaro Dal Farra face to face.

double check 36 

Photography: elenora raggi, Red Bull content pool


Alvaro, introduce us to Zoran – Zoran, introduce us to Alvaro. A: Hi there guys….now, how can I introduce Zoran? You don’t know who he is? Having started out as a snowboarder, and a big fan of all kinds of board sports, Zoran became a great sports commentator, announcer and presenter, especially in the world of action sports …. as well as being a great friend and comrade in the travels and adventures that are part of the freestyle universe. Z: Alvaro’s a freestyler. That ought to say it all, but if I had to add any details, I’d say he’s a guy who lives for what he loves, taking it to the greatest heights possible. With FMX he’s found his element, and adrenalin is what keeps him there. An outstanding snowboarder, party animal, friend, FMX rider, a creative, enterprising figure … and now, unfortunately for him, a judge. I say unfortunately because, after years spent poring over scores with juries – stressing them out with requests for explanations and justifications, and wondering how come the beauty of this, that or the other trick escaped them – he now finds himself on the other side of the barricade. And that explains just how committed he is – he feels as if it’s him out there doing the jumps. On June 24 you’ll be meeting up again in Rome, one as a judge and the other as a commentator for Red Bull X-Fighters. After the roaring success of last year’s final, what do you expect from this return to Italy of the world’s most spectacular freestyle motocross event? A: Having Red Bull X-Fighters back in Italy is a matter of prestige for all of us, but especially for Zoran and for me, because being there in an official capacity is hugely satisfying, it’s a great honour. I’m expecting even greater energy and enthusiasm from the crowd, to give an extra-special touch to this important event. As a judge involved in the whole championship, I can see that everyone’s really happy and excited to be returning to Rome for this event … so we can’t let them down! Z: Alvaro and I saw Red Bull X-Fighters together for the first time in 2006 in Madrid: we were in Spain to cover the event live on 38 

TV, and right from the word “go” we couldn’t wait to comment on it, stir up the crowd, become part of the whole rock-style vibe. Last year our dream came true at the Flaminio, and it was the greatest event I’ve ever commented on. The response from the crowd was just incredible, it left the riders speechless. It was a fabulous show, and there were “only” 20,000 spectators. This year it’ll be the Stadio Olimpico, and I’m getting shivers down my spine at the thought of it... I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Last October, 20,000 spectators went wild at the Stadio Flaminio, and tickets for the event sold out in just 4 days. Did you expect that kind of enthusiasm for FMX from the Italian fans? A: I was convinced it would be a great success, but I didn’t expect quite such a massive response. This just goes to show how popular the sport is in Italy, and that we’re ready to host events like Red Bull X-Fighters – not just football. Z: Claro que sì! Folk had been waiting for this for years, and the ingredients are all there: show, rock, freestyle… The riders are the world’s greatest and FMX is really exciting to watch. Fortunately, Red Bull decided to schedule an Italian leg on the tour – the final no less, and both Alvaro and I thought: “and why not at the Olimpico?” And sure enough… Forecasts on the competition? Which of the riders do you reckon have the best chance of winning? A: I’d go for the Europeans. Knowing Villa, and watching him in action, I think that he could lift the trophy, if he doesn’t blow it… And then you’ve also got Levi Sherwood, Torres, and the others. They’re all fantastic riders. And to think that before my accident I was right up there with them... Z: I love the style of Dany Torres. It’s hard not to put your money on him after the win in Dubai, and he sure wants to repeat the first place he got in Rome last year. Then there’s Robbie Maddison, who’s a real bulldog, Nate Adams, who’s perfect as far as technique goes… But Levi Sherwood is just awesome. Have you noticed any progress in the performance of the “old guns”? A: Everyone’s made amazing progress. What I


see is that the “veterans” improve gradually, make solid progress, their experience keeps them constant. And then you’ve got the younger riders like Sherwood, able to effortlessly come up with fabulous tricks and chalk up great results… But sometimes, their lack of experience turns against them. Z: Sure. The sport’s moving ahead at such a fast pace. You’re now hearing about front flips, front 360s, double back flips, volts – all of this stuff would’ve been unthinkable until two years ago. Even Max Bianconcini can now pull off a Back Flip Cliffhanger, which in 2006 no one had yet managed. The Foam Pit has done wonders for technical progress, and now, no rider could do without it. To stay on top you’ve got to be flexible, and even the old guns have had to move up a gear, adding a dash of their unique style and experience. Among the up-and-coming riders, who is the most promising? A: Sherwood’s definitely got unbelievable extensions in the tricks. Whether he’s on a flip or with his bike in a standard position, the extension’s the same for him. Z: Levi Sherwood, for sure – although, after the silver at the X-Games, I’m not sure I’d still call him an “up-and-coming” rider… What would you like to see on the next leg in Rome? A: The track’s going to be really big, really technical. I’d like to see our Italian hopeful, Massimo Bianconcini, at least get past the first round and into the head-to-head, maybe kick out a big name … all this before a crowd I’m sure is going to be fantastic. Z: Two years ago, in Genoa, I asked Nate Adams what his FMX dream was, and he replied: “two 360s in a row, on two consecutive jumps, one towards the right, one towards the left”. If I see him pull it off, I’m gonna throw away the mic and just scream for hours on end. What is the hardest part of being a judge or commentator for an event like this one? A: We judges have a huge responsibility, and we work hard all year to develop our skills so we can become as effective at judging as possible. I find it really difficult. Before the event, I’m always really tense, almost as much

as I was before hopping on my bike. I know I can’t make any mistakes, that I’ve got to stay focused, stay sharp, make a note of everything and give the best verdict possible in just 45 seconds. I’ve got to have it all clear in my mind. The few days before the event, I go over all my notes with the information on the verdicts, we do some trial assessments using videos, to make sure we’re as ready as we can be and don’t make any mistakes. We study the training the riders have been doing, so we have an idea of what to expect. Z: The commentator’s job is a mix of words, music, rhythm, vibes, getting in tune with the crowd. The spectators in Rome are so enthusiastic that it’s easier, but the minute you call a trick or say something, 50,000 people hear you. And sometimes I really talk crap …. er, am I allowed to say “crap” … I’m gonna get censored now, right? Ask each other a question. A: In 2006, we were both in Madrid to comment on this event. We said we’d meet up again the next year, with me as a rider and you as a commentator. I was there – but where were you? Z: I had a go at studying Spanish, but when I realized there was more to it than just adding an “o” to everything, they gotto anothero commentatoro ;-) Z: Alve, how is it that every time I see you with Mat Rebeaud, you talk to him in bad English, convinced it’s fluent French? Go on, give us an example! A: What, you mean they’re two different languages? Nah, all you need to do is roll a few “R”s and you’re away… Okay, here we go: “Salut Mat, ça va okay? Nous allons à la parrrk, you come avec us? Je suis pumped up… Come on, allons… :-)” No, I’m just kidding to keep Zoran happy. My French isn’t really so bad. Three good reasons not to miss the Rome leg of Red Bull X-Fighters: A: You can’t miss the biggest, coolest event on earth. It’s got it all: history, culture, style and FMX – and it’s in Italy! And don’t forget what comes afterwards: ride to party! Z: It’s the coolest show of the year, with the hottest crowd in Italy. I can’t think of any good reason to miss Red Bull X-Fighters!  



from to

15 24

from to

15 24



Box office Shopping zone

Vidiwalls Judges Riders´ field Parking


Event area Stadium area

50 52

from to

25 to 42


25 42

from to

15 24

from to

43 49

from to

25 42

from to

Entrance gates (Gates 2/13) (Gates 15/24) (Gates 25/42) (Gates 43/52) (wheel chair entrance)

RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

Riding Rules

A potent mixture of high-octane intensity and gladiatorial duelling, Red Bull X-Fighters rewards riders’ daring, technical skill and vibrant showmanship. Here’s how it works...


2 runs (12 riders)

The top six riders in Qualifying progress directly to Round Two, while the remaining six head to Round One, to fight for two remaining Round Two spots.

Rider 01

Rider 02

Rider 03

Rider 04

Rider 05

Rider 06

Rider 07

Rider 08

Rider 09

Rider 10

Rider 11

Rider 12

round 1

1 run (Qualifying ranks 7-12)

The top six from Qualifying (Qualifiers 1-6, in gray) do not take part. The bottom six from Qualifying now ride once more, with the two ranked highest progressing to Round Two.

Qualifier 01

Qualifier 02

Qualifier 03

Qualifier 04

Qualifier 05

Qualifier 06

Qualifier 07

Qualifier 08

Qualifier 09

Qualifier 10

Qualifier 11

Qualifier 12


RED BULL X-FIGHTERS world tour 2011

The Rules

Round two

Each World Tour stop comprises three days: Day One (rider briefing and training) Day Two (training and qualifying) Day Three (training and main competition)

heat 1

heat 2

vs Quali heat 3

Quali 05

Winner R1


vs Quali heat 4


Quali 06

Quali 02

Runner-up R1

vs Quali



semi-finals Head to head

It’s almost crunch time. The penultimate head-to-head round sees the tricks and showmanship ramped up high.


Winner Heat 1



Winner Heat 4

Winner Heat 2


Winner Heat 3

finals Head to head

It all comes down to this. One run each, the biggest tricks, the biggest crowd-pleasing action and, in the end, just one winner.


Winner Semi-Final 1


Winner Semi-Final 2

The field limit for a competition is 12 riders. The six top riders from the final standings of the 2010 Tour immediately qualify to participate. The remaining six spots are given to Open Category riders. Four of these riders will be selected to compete by the 2011 Tour Rider Selection Committee. Two further Wild Card slots are made available to riders who, according to the organisers, will bring something special to the event. Beginning at the first event, up to four Open riders will be able to gain a spot at the following Tour event. If an Open rider is ranked in the 2011 Tour Top Six at the end of any Tour stop, he will automatically be invited to the next Red Bull X-Fighters event. Following the Qualifying round on Day Two, the six riders ranked highest in Qualifying automatically progress to Round Two of the main competition. The bottom six in Qualifying then battle it out in Round One of the main event on Day Three. In Round One, each rider has one run to impress the judges. The top two riders from Round One then progress to Round Two, where they are ranked as seeds #7 and #8. Then, they compete in head-to-head runs against the top six from Qualifying, who are seeded 1-6. In the headto-head rounds, each rider gets another single run, the lower seed going first. A panel of five judges, presided over by the head judge, rules on categories including Variety (of tricks), Challenge and Execution, Form and Flow, Use of Course and Energy, Excitement and Entertainment.

The Points System

At each Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour stop, 100 points are awarded for first place, 80 for second, 65 for third, down to 5 points for 12th place. As the tour heads toward the final round, riders have the chance to discard their lowest singleTour-stop score under the Throw Out Rule. The remaining stops are totalled to give an adjusted points score prior to the start of the final event. The overall winner of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2011 is the rider with the highest number of points after the final stop of the season.

1st 100 points 7th 30 points 2nd 80 points 8th 25 points 3rd 65 points 9th 20 points 4th 55 points 10th 15 points 5th 45 points 11th 10 points 6th 35 points 12th 5 points  


Illustrations: Mandy Fischer

Head to head

The head-to-heads see the riders seeded according to qualifying and round one results. Then they face off...



In front of an enormous crowd of 100,000 fmx fans In brazIl, nate adams re-establIshed hIs domInance of red bull x-fIghters wIth an emphatIc vIctory...

Defending champion Nate Adams proved unbeatable in Brasilia.



Dubai, UAE final results  01 Dany Torres (ESP) 02 Andre Villa (NOR) 03 Nate Adams (USA) 04 Blake Williams (AUS) 05 Levi Sherwood (NZ) 06 Eigo Sato (JAP) 07 Robbie Maddison (AUS) 08 Adam Jones (USA) 09 Taka Higashino (JAP) 10 Robbie Adelberg (AUS) 11 Lance Coury (USA) 12 Jackson Strong (AUS)

points 100 80 65 55 45 35 30 25 20 15 10 5

BRASILIA, brazil final resultsPoints 100 01 Nate Adams (USA) 80 02 Robbie Maddison (AUS)  65 03 Andre Villa (NO R)  55 04 Levi Sherwood (NZ)  45 05 Eigo Sato (JAP)  35 06 Javier Villegas (CHI) 30 07 Adam Jones (USA) 25 08 Blake Williams (AUS) 20 09 Beau Bamburg (USA) 15 10 Gilles Dejong (BEL) 10 11 Gilmar Flores (BRA) 5 12 Dany Torres (ESP)

overall points 01 Nate Adams (USA) 02 Andre Villa (NOR)  03 Robbie Maddison (AUS) 04 Levi Sherwood (NZ)  – Dany Torres (ESP)  06 Eigo Sato (JAP)  – Blake Williams (AUS) 08 Adam Jones (USA) 09 Javier Villegas (CHI) 10 Beau Bamburg (USA) – Taka Higashino (JAP) 11 Gilles Dejong (BEL) – Robbie Adelberg (AUS)

165 145 110 100 100 80 80 55 35 20 20 15 15

Photography: Balazs Gardi/red bull content pool

overall standings

Nate Adams continues to be the man to beat in Red Bull X-Fighters, but can he carry his winning ways through to Round Three in Madrid, where Robbie Maddison was victorious last year?

Photography: Balazs Gardi/red bull content pool

DUBAI uae / 15 April BRASILIA Brazil / 28 may ROMe Italy / 24 june MADRID spain / 15 july warsaw Poland / 6 August SYDNEY Australia / 17 september next stop: PLAZA DE TOROS DE LAS VENTAS, MADRID! publication RED BULL X-FIGHTERS MAGAZINE #3 / 2011 / rome publisher Red Bull GmbH, Am Brunnen 1, A-5330 Fuschl am See produced by Red Bulletin Corporate Publishing, Heinrich-Collin-Str 1, A-1140 Vienna, printed by Offset 5020, A-5072 Siezenheim press contact visit



Red Bull X-Fighters Mag - Rome 2011  

The world’s top 12 freestyle motocross athletes converted Rome’s Stadio Olimpico into a modern Circus Maximus on Friday. In front of 45,000...