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FOREWORD Making a supersonic freefall from the edge of space was always my dream. But I never dreamed how many people would share it. When I jumped from a capsule 24 miles above Earth on October 14, 2012, millions of people across the globe shared the experience live on the Internet and television. Now, after months of analysis, we’re very happy to be able to share another aspect of the adventure with people worldwide: the scientific findings of the Red Bull Stratos team. The experts who contributed to the mission are extraordinary – the very best of the best in some of the most challenging areas of science, medicine and technology. They safeguarded my life; and in doing so, they broke boundaries in their own fields just as surely as I broke the sound barrier. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to express my gratitude (definitely not in these few words), but I hope that after reading this document you too will appreciate their historic efforts. From the start, the men and women you’ll hear from in these pages, people like our technical project director Art Thompson and the legendary Joe Kittinger, were determined that Red Bull Stratos would be a true scientific flight test program, with the results of our work shared for the benefit of the global community. It’s thrilling to know that, after months of analysis, their insights are being released to a world eager for the findings. I can think of no greater honor for myself – or for this team – than to know that people informed by our mission will use the data to take aerospace safety to the next level; or to spark children’s interest in science; or simply as inspiration to pursue their own goals. I look forward to seeing what the realization of their dreams holds for all of us. Felix Baumgartner February 2013

Red Bull Stratos Scientific Summit


Red Bull Stratos Summary Report  

Final findings of the Red Bull Stratos Scientific Summit.California Science Center, Los Angeles, California, USA. January 23, 2013

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