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THE RED BULLETIN ACTIVE STUFF ODLO SPIRIT A thin, lightweight, hardshell Gore-Tex jacket that provides protection from wind, rain and snow.


KRAFT & ULRICH HARPER ISPO BRANDNEW WINNER* STYLE WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT IT Your bike or skateboard will no longer be left lying around. The versatile modular storage can be used as a workstation or as a place to keep your sports gear. WHERE IT BELONGS In your home office or near your coat rack. WHO NEEDS ONE Sports and space-saving design lovers alike.

ISPO BRANDNEW WINNER* WHEELER This gadget turns Zehus-partnered fixedgear bicycles into e-bikes. It stores power as you ride, requires no extra cables and is operated via Bluetooth.

ORTOVOX ROCK‘N’ WOOL OVER ALL Freeriders who fear the cold can invest in this limited-edition base layer made from 100 per cent Tasmanian wool.

HEADIÇAO – BALLS 4 BRAZIL ISPO BRANDNEW WINNER* SOCIAL AWARENESS WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT IT This charity project aims to bring a new kind of ball game to children around the world. WHERE IT BELONGS Anywhere there’s a need for affordable sport. So far it has proved popular at orphanages in Brazil. HOW IT WORKS The game is called Headis and was invented by René Wagner, from Germany. It’s played like table-tennis, only with a bigger ball and without the bats – players head a special rubber ball across a ping-pong-sized table. The Headiçao project brought the new game to underprivileged children in the 2014 World Cup host nation by using wood and buckets to set up Headis tables all over the country.

SALOMON SK Y 30 Enjoy year-round adventures with this 30-litre pack. It’s good for everything from ski tours to summer hikes and long excursions.

TENTSILE TREE TENT ISPO BRANDNEW WINNER* HARDWARE SUMMER WHAT’S GREAT ABOUT IT A tree house that outdoor adventurers can carry anywhere they go. WHERE IT BELONGS On the ground or, even better, hung like a triangular hammock between three trees. WHO NEEDS ONE Adventurers who still want a good night’s sleep come floods, rocks, snowdrifts or bugs.


The Red Bulletin March 2015 - NZ  
The Red Bulletin March 2015 - NZ