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‘A Pathfinder Healthwatch’

RedbridgeLINk Local Involvement Network

A health and social care network for people in Redbridge

Annual Report

April 2011 to March 2012


Welcome Welcome to the fourth Annual Report produced by your Local Involvement Network, RedbridgeLINk. This report covers the year from April 2011 to March 2012. The Redbridge Local Involvement Network (LINk) is an independent organisation of individuals and community groups that work together to improve local health and social care services. Our role supports the statutory sector to develop cohesive structures, ensuring ‘involvement’ is the key word for our strategic partners within the borough. We continue to support the development of a ‘Network of Networks’ allowing effective engagement to occur with all sectors of our community including hard to reach and seldom heard groups. RedbridgeLINk has over 1700 individual members and 192 organisations on its database. All receive information on current consultations and events, both national and local. To ensure we are accessible to all, we produce regular enews, newsletters and updates for members who do not use the internet. We also update our website, Facebook and Twitter with news and information and regularly meet with members of the public at open sessions. Full reports from events and meetings are made available to download from our website at Best wishes,

Cathy Turland RedbridgeLINk Manager


Copies of this Annual Report can be made available in an Easy Read format, on audio tape, large print (text only), CD or downloaded from our website. Please contact our office for details.

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Developing a Healthwatch for Redbridge


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Introduction by the Co-chairs of RedbridgeLINk This year saw RedbridgeLINk gain Healthwatch Pathfinder status. This meant that we have spent a large part of the year getting ready for the transition to Healthwatch Redbridge next year. Many Redbridge residents took part in a series of focus groups to tell us what they would expect a local Healthwatch to provide. In March, the London Borough of Redbridge (LBR) facilitated a public event resulting in a report ‘A Vision for Local Healthwatch in the London Borough of Redbridge’. Going forward, we will be working with LBR to support a managed transition from LINk to Local Healthwatch. To support the transition arrangements, we restructured our management team and created a Management Board to make us ready for Heathwatch. We will continue to strengthen our Board, ensuring members are appropriately equipped to meet the challenges ahead. We have been working in partnership with local statutory and voluntary organisations on the Ageing Well Project. This has seen RedbridgeLINk lead on developing links with sheltered housing schemes, culminating in a report presented to a national conference. The project was so successful that we are now in the process of developing a sustainable scheme (see page 14). A tremendous challenge for local residents has been the failures in service provision relating to our local health provider Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust (BHRUT). RedbridgeLINk has been working hard to ensure that residents’ voices are heard and that improvements continue to be made to Accident Co-chair Vanda Thomas speaking at our Maternity Meeting, with & Emergency (A&E), inrepresentatives from the CQC and Queen’s Hospital at the Ripple Centre, Barking patient and maternity services. Best wishes,

Glynis Donovan 4

Vanda Thomas

RedbridgeLINk Management Board The LINk is led by a Management Board which has developed over the last three years. Last year we made the decision to change from a Management Committee to a Board which would be strong enough to take us forward as a Pathfinder Healthwatch in preparation for national changes to LINks taking place from April 2013. This new structure included members having responsibility for areas such as policy, finance, strategy and communications. It was also agreed Board numbers would be reduced from 20 to 15. An open recruitment process was held and all existing Committee Members were invited to re-apply for the new positions. We also organised a recruitment drive for new members and organisations. An independent selection process was held to ensure fairness and transparency.

Co-chairs Glynis Donovan and Vanda Thomas hold an internet meeting via Skype

We received 43 enquiries and 22 completed application forms were returned. 13 members were appointed to the new Management Board, which held its first meeting in October 2011. Setting a Good Example Board members must agree to follow a set of rules about how they will behave when making decisions on behalf of the LINk. These rules are called ‘Nolan Principles’ or the principles of public life. These are: Selflessness: Our members should make decisions in the best interests of others and not just because it would benefit themselves or their friends. Integrity: Our members should not be influenced or obliged to do something because an organisation is putting pressure on them. Objectivity: Our members should make decisions based on the information they have received in a fair and equal manner. Accountability: Our members must be prepared to be held responsible by others for the decisions and actions they take. Openness: Our members should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take. Honesty: Our members have a duty to declare any other interests relating to their LINk duties that could interfere with a decision they were making. We call this a ‘conflict of interest’ and we ask our members to say so before meetings so that they are not involved in the discussion. Leadership: Our members should promote and support these principles in leading by example. 5

Progress Update The LINk has to meet certain targets set by the Council each year. These are called Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs). The Council uses these KPIs to check we are doing what we agreed to do throughout the year. The following is what we did to meet those targets: 1. RedbridgeLINk must hold 12 Management Committee Meetings each year: We have held 12 Management meetings since April 2011. These meetings are open to members to attend and to take part in. We are pleased that there have been a number of regular attendees over the last year who were able to make suggestions and be part of the discussions. 2. The LINk should hold 6 outreach meetings each year: A total of 32 outreach meetings were held during the last year. Many of these have been as a result of the Ageing Well Project (further details on page 14). In addition to these sessions we have held a number of public meetings and events in response to various issues and concerns to meet local people and ask them for their views on health and social care services. Due to a reduction in funding, the hours for outreach and development have decreased. We have seen the number of meetings halve from those held last year. However, in spite of this, we have consistently remained well above the agreed target. Other outreach meetings and events were arranged in response to local and national consultations which would affect people in Redbridge. A lot of our events this year have been as a result of working in partnership with local and national organisations. 3. The LINk is expected to respond to 8 consultations per year: The LINk responded to 10 consultations and initiatives this year most of which have been locally-based. Information on these is provided on pages 8 to 15. Consultations are usually held nationally by the government or locally by statutory organisations (such as NHS Redbridge or the London Borough of Redbridge) to ask what people think about their plans, and to get ideas about the best way of doing things. We do not hold public meetings for all consultations due to the cost, but we list all consultations and other events on our website, enews and in newsletters. 6

Getting Involved! RedbridgeLINk Membership RedbridgeLINk must collect and publish information about its membership. We ask members to tell us details about themselves including age, gender, sexuality, faith, ethnic background and if they have a disability. Collecting this information helps us to know whether we are reaching all sections of our community. We also note when people prefer not to give us all of the above details. The information is only used to show that we are trying to get everyone involved. Graphs on pages 29 and 30 explain more about our current membership. This year we have continued to encourage our members to use email by continuing to provide regular information electronically as this is the most cost effective way. We continue to send printed newsletters to our members as often as possible; however the postage for sending a large mail-out costs us more than £900 each time. This means we cannot send out information as regularly as we would like. When members tell us how they want to be involved, we record this so that we can contact them about issues that interest them. Our individual membership has remained relatively stable over the past year. We regularly review members’ details and update our database for current information. From April 2011 to March 2012, individual membership fell slightly from 1,830 to 1,722. This was as a direct result of us updating our database. Our organisation membership rose from 85 to 192 with the inclusion of GP practices and other services such as opticians and pharmacies.

Authorised Representatives Below are the names of LINk members who are authorised to speak on behalf of the LINk at meetings and ‘Enter & View’ activities.

Enter & View:

Glynis Donovan Harbans Chahal Anne Bertrand Jasbir Sanger Bushra Tahir

Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board:

Maternity Services Liaison Committee:

Health Overview & Scrutiny:

Ageing Well:

Glynis Donovan

Vanda Thomas

Joint Overview & Scrutiny: Mike New

Vivien Nathan

Anne Bertrand

North East London LINks (NELLi): Lorraine Silver Ram Bhandari


Consultations and Initiatives These were the consultations that we worked on with details about our actions. The consultations were carried out after discussion with our Management Board. Guided by our work programme, we highlighted what our members and the wider community felt were the priority areas for Redbridge regarding health and social care.

Health for North East London

What was it about? Health for North East London (H4NEL) is an ongoing piece of work involving a huge re-shaping of hospital services locally. The initial consultation in 2010 prompted a huge response from our members, many of whom had serious concerns about the changes which recommended a reduction in the number of services at King George Hospital, including the withdrawal of A&E and Maternity Departments. The Government later accepted the proposals, but in June 2011 the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP), an independent expert on NHS service change, undertook a review to look at whether these changes would enable the provision of safe, sustainable and accessible services for the local population. What did we do? 25 of our members attended a public meeting to discuss the IRP involvement in reviewing the H4NEL consultation. We used evidence gathered at this meeting in our presentation to the IRP. The Secretary of State for Health gave his support for the proposals to go ahead, following advice from the IRP which concluded that the plans were in the best interests of the local community. “I liked the However, it was agreed that changes would only RedbridgeLINk take place once improvements across both Queen’s information and was and King George hospitals had been demonstrated. happy I had a translator” - LINk member, Health4NEL What happens next? public meeting We are continuing to work alongside H4NEL in making sure the recommended improvements happen before any major changes occur. 8

Maternity Services

What was it about? In April 2011, Redbridge, Havering and Barking & Dagenham LINks became aware of serious safety concerns within maternity services provided by hospitals managed by Barking, Havering & Redbridge University Trust (BHRUT), particularly those at Queen’s Hospital in Romford. Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the regulating body for health and social care; were concerned enough to place a number of restrictions which would only be lifted when BHRUT met a series of requirements.

Carol Drummond, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services, BHRUT, addresses the meeting in Barking

Reported incidents included a baby being born in a waiting room, another being born in a toilet, long waiting times to see a doctor or midwife, delays in accessing the labour ward and tragic incidents where babies - and in a number of cases mothers - died. These incidents raised such concerns that the LINks within all three boroughs agreed to hold a series of public meetings to speak with people with experience of using BHRUT maternity services over the last two years.

What did we do? We asked people to attend a series of public meetings to discuss and share their experiences. Three meetings took place in Redbridge, Barking and Havering where we listened to over 50 people who attended. A large public meeting was organised where the Director of Nursing, other BHRUT staff and Tony Allen, Compliance Manager from CQC, were in attendance to discuss the concerns. In total, 100 people attended the meetings. What happens next? We are continuing to focus on maternity issues and are planning to hold further public information events this year. Havering have completed a series of ‘Enter and View’ meetings and their reports have been widely circulated.

Members of the public and health professionals question the Care Quality Commission about their inspections at Queen’s Hospital


Whipps Cross, Barts, the Royal London and Newham Hospital NHS Trust Merger (Barts Health NHS Trust) What was it about? In March 2012, a consultation was launched into the proposed merger of Whipps Cross, Barts and the Royal London and Newham Hospital NHS Trusts. This would create a single organisation that would manage the five hospitals currently run by the three separate trusts. The merger would involve making savings by joining nonclinical departments such as management, finance and administration. What did we do? We publicised this consultation to our membership and representatives from our Management Board attended meetings with the merger team. What happens next? We continue to engage with the many consultation events which are taking place during the year. Members of our Management Board are working with other LINks in NE London to ensure we are kept updated. 

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

What was it about? The government requires each local authority to set out how it intends to improve the health and wellbeing of the population. This is an ongoing process which began in Redbridge in 2008 and is known as a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

ing Health and Wellbe

in Redbridge

nt Strategic Needs The Redbridge Joi Assessment 2012

What did we do? We were asked to facilitate a number of events to look at what the health and wellbeing priorities of the borough should be over the next five years. 55 people attended meetings and gave us their views, including a group of young people (age 13 -19) at Redbridge Youth Council “We need more structure who met with us to share their views on the to work on young people’s health needs of teenagers. fitness. We are being told to eat healthily but there is no What happens next? tie in with physical activities.” - Youth Council Member Working with the Shadow Health and JSNA meeting Wellbeing Board we have been asked to support future consultations in 2012 to discuss the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Redbridge. 10

Primary Care Consultation

What was it about? NHS Outer North East London (ONEL), which provides health services to all residents in Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge and Waltham Forest, launched a public consultation about its primary care services in February 2012. The new strategy looked at how to deliver high quality and equal services across the area, including buildings that are ‘fit for purpose’ and which deliver value for money for tax payers. What did we do? We were asked to facilitate a public consultation event and to write the report for ONEL’s Primary Care Consultation on premises and engagement. 25 people attended this event. What happens next? Members were given the chance to discuss the delivery of services across the borough and how services may change to take account of building design and usage. Recent concerns were raised over ONEL’s handling of a retiring GP who had a single practice. Patients felt they had not been informed within a suitable period of time and it was felt that lessons had been learned from this situation. Sangeeta Das and Abda Kazemi from Redbridge Youth Council. The group assisted with our JSNA consultation (page 10)


Clinical Commissioning and Patient Participation in Redbridge

What was it about? RedbridgeLINk has continued to proactively seek involvement opportunities for patients and users of health services in Redbridge. We have consistently supported and promoted the setting up of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs). In May 2011, the LINk Manager attended the National Association of Patient Participation Conference which highlighted the excellent work of these organisations. What did we do? We held a meeting to discuss our involvement with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Primary Care Trust (PCT) Boards. Our Co-chair, Glynis Donovan, was invited to become a member of the PCT Board. What happens next? The suggestion for further engagement events to support the introduction of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) within all Redbridge GP Practices has been discussed. Further work will be needed to take this forward and we will be writing to the CCG Chair regarding our proposals.

Pharmaceutical Premises What was it about? The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) undertook widespread engagement and consultation as part of the development of its new standards and policies around pharmacy premises. What did we do? The GPhC asked us to organise two pre-consultation focus groups with local pharmacists and community organisations seeking views on the national processes. 20 people attended these events and the feedback gathered was used as evidence prior to the GPhC’s formal consultation.

Local Account for Redbridge What was it about? As part of the government’s plan to make local services accountable to local people and to cut down on the reporting that local authorities make to central government departments, councils are now responsible for making their own improvements and sharing this work with their local community. 12

The ‘Local Account’ for Adult Social Services in Redbridge informs residents about the work the department does, as well as providing a basis on which to be judged by its users. What did we do? We worked with the London Borough of Redbridge to advise and support the first Redbridge Local Account and provided important input into the process. What happens next? For next year’s Local Account, we intend to hold a series of engagement events for people within the community to help them understand what local services are available.

Extending Patient Choice What was it about? This consultation looked at giving patients a greater say when they are referred (usually by their GP) for a particular service to be able to choose from a list of qualified providers; for instance, voluntary or commercial organisations. What did we do? We publicised this consultation to our members through our electronic newsletters reaching over 900 people.

ONEL Engagement Strategy

Having mo choice a re nd cont rol

The Gov er about m nment’s reply to ore choi ce and co what people sa id ntrol Easy Re ad Liberatin version of: g the NH S Greater ch Governm oice and control ent respo consulta nse to the tio provider n on extending choice (any quali ch fied pro oice of vider).

What was it about? The Primary Care Trusts in Redbridge, Havering, Waltham Forest and Barking & Dagenham merged into a larger organisation called Outer North East London (ONEL) in April 2010 as part of the national drive to improve efficiency, raise standards and make sensible savings. A new engagement strategy was needed to ensure effective use of limited resources. What did we do? We were asked to facilitate discussions on the new Engagement Strategy being initiated by NHS ONEL. We will continue to work with ONEL as we believe there are many engagement opportunities that we could assist to develop over the next year. 13

Ageing Well in Redbridge What was it about? The Redbridge Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board (SHWB) requested our involvement with the national ‘Ageing Well’ initiative. Their aim was to develop an innovative project which would engage with hard to reach groups of older people. We identified people in sheltered accommodation as one of the most underrepresented and hard to reach communities living in Redbridge today. The project would look at ways of ensuring that older people within schemes are offered, and receive, the same information and opportunities to comment as other community groups. What did we do? Initially, we set up a working group to carry out a pilot project working with the SHWB and Age UK Redbridge to develop links with sheltered housing schemes under the ‘Ageing Well’ initiative.

It’s nice to know there are people about to listen to us. Thank you for coming! - Resident, John Chadwick House

This project saw us hold a stakeholder meeting with the statutory and community sectors in November 2011. We then held three consultation events in schemes across the borough to engage with older people. Finally, we held a debriefing session to draw together a report that was taken to a national conference in February 2012. We were also invited to present the case study to two London-wide events for other Local Authorities in March 2012. 14

So far, we have engaged with over 300 people who had not been involved with the LINk before. What happens next? Due to its initial success we decided to roll the project out to more schemes. This project has seen us visit an additional 10 sheltered housing schemes so far this year and we are beginning to discuss opportunities to develop the project even further.

We hope that your endeavours will improve services to the advantage of elderly people. - Resident, Kelvedon Lodge

We are currently working with Age UK Redbridge (AUKR) and Redbridge Carers Support Service (RCSS) to identify volunteer facilitators to continue this engagement. The information and findings from the collated reports have been used to draw out a series of ‘messages’ to the SHWB covering both aspects of health and wellbeing, and the process of consultation. Key Findings: The following topics were identified as key areas of importance to the residents we spoke to: Local Health Care: GP appointments, hospital care, discharging patients. Eating well: Barriers included costs, access, eating alone. Equality: Language barriers. Engagement: One 97 year old told us this was the first time anyone had spoken to her about her views in 10 years. Exercise: Strong interest in doing more. Getting out and about: Barriers included poor mobility, fear of safety, transport cost and availability. Information: Issues about quality, relevance and accessibility. Face-to-face contact is important. Safety and security: General concerns raised.

Support services: Anxiety at prospect of future ill health. Sheltered Housing: Ability to enjoy high level of independence and importance of support from staff was stressed. However, the rising cost of rent was an issue. 15

Representatives of organisations: Some of our Board Members represent the views of organisations that support different groups in the community.

RedbridgeLINk Managemen

These are the people who were appointed t September 2011. We would also like to say ‘than for their support on the Management C Dharam Sahdev, Varinder Talwar, Bushra T Sanjay Chadha and Sye

Lorraine Silver Cranbrook Residents’ Asso Advocacy lead

Rosalind Heller Individual Member

Leading the LINk This year, we appointed two people, Vanda Thomas and Glynis Donovan, to share a joint role of Chair. 16

Janet West AgeUK Redbridge Communications lead CO-CHAIR Glynis Donovan Redbridge Carers Support Service Monitoring & Performance lead

Suresh Vasishtha Redbridge Equalities and Community Council Equality & Diversity lead

Chris Wilson Redbridge Pensioners’ Forum Campaigns lead

Christine And Individual Mem Policy lead

nt Board Members

Management Board Meetings Our monthly Management Board meetings are open to LINk members and non-members alike. Anyone is welcome to come along and take part but only Board Members can vote on issues.

to our new Management Board in nk you’ to the following LINk members Committee until August 2011: Tahir, Jasbir Sanger, Sue Jackson, ed Mahmood.

Shirley Chinaloy ociation Individual Member Community Engagement lead

derson mber

Harbans Chahal Individual Member CO-CHAIR Vanda Thomas Individual Member Strategy lead

Anne Bertrand Individual Member Projects lead

Mike New Individual Member Finance lead

Individual Members: are LINk members Ram Bhandari who care about and Redbridge Indian Welfare Association want to improve health or social care services in our community. 17

Developing a Redbridge Local Healthwatch

During the last year, RedbridgeLINk and the Council have been working together to pilot the Local Healthwatch (LHW) for Redbridge and creating opportunities for local people to have a say in how the new organisation should be developed. From next year, RedbridgeLINk will no longer exist and we will have a Healthwatch organisation in the borough instead. Through funding from the Department of Health (DH), we commissioned a series of focus groups to begin the discussions on what local stakeholders wanted from their LHW. This work culminated in a public meeting in March which was facilitated by an independent organisation on behalf of the Council. A total of 80 people attended these events. The report, entitled ‘A Vision for Local Healthwatch in London Borough of Redbridge: Report of Stakeholder Engagement Activity’, stated that the preferred option for delivering the vision was to build on the work of the current LINk to create future sustainability. It suggested that that the Local Authority “explore the legal form and structure of the organisation and how best this can be established to support a managed transition from LINk to Local Healthwatch”. A considerable amount of time has been involved in supporting the development of a new Local Healthwatch organisation. We identified specific areas to work on in our community, deciding that we would: • Look at different governance models, ways of engaging with people and working with other boroughs; • Look at how best we can work with other groups, patients and public forums;


Work with key partners involved in the new NHS structure, such as the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board and Pathfinder Clinical Commissioning Group.

The outcome of this work is still being assembled, but so far we have: •

Worked with the LINk Management Board to identify and develop a transitional model to ensure we will have a Healthwatch organisation in Redbridge by April 2013.


Restructured and re-recruited to the LINk Management Board through an open recruitment process which has seen new members joining with the intention of developing specific sub groups such as Strategy, Policy, Finance, Communication and Advocacy.

Further work is planned for 2012/13.

Other Involvement Work Management Board Training We held a training day to identify and assess training requirements for the new Management Board and to look at the priorities for Local Healthwatch. User-Led Organisation We continue to be an active member of the Advisory Group for Redbridge User-Led Organisation to support the establishment of a new user-led organisation in Redbridge. Overview and Scrutiny - We are represented on the Health Scrutiny Committee by our Co-chair Vanda Thomas and have a good working relationship with the Housing and Social Care Committee. Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Meetings are attended by our Authorised Representative, Mike New. Redbridge Shadow Health & Wellbeing Board - As our Co-chair, Glynis Donovan sits on this Board; Healthwatch will be a partner organisation in this venture as we make the transition from LINks. Our relationship has also been enhanced over the last six months due to the Ageing Well Project. Maternity Services Liaison Committee - We are represented on the Committee by one of our LINk members, Vivien Nathan. Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Working Group - The LINk Manager is a member of this group and we have taken an active role in ensuring hard-to-reach communities are involved. Three events have been held this year. Care Quality Commission - We are part of the National Advisory Group for the Care Quality Commission and have been supporting the consultation around Healthwatch.


Looking Forward to Next Year Priorities for Health & Social Care

The LINk has continued to build on the progress made in 2010/11. The evidence of which can be seen throughout this report through the wide range of work the LINk has been engaged in and the outcomes reported. This next year is one of change and challenge as RedbridgeLINk will begin to prepare for its transition into Healthwatch Redbridge, the new consumer champion for health and social care. From April 2013, Healthwatch Redbridge will be an independent organisation which means we will not be hosted as we are at the moment (by RedbridgeCVS). Healthwatch will provide a range of services and support to communities as described above by enabling and facilitating improvements in health and social care services. Healthwatch will also be responsible for making sure that the voices of patients, service users, clients and the public are heard, and can influence the decision making that takes place in the development or change to local health and social care services. They will have an important relationship with, and a seat on, the newly established Health and Wellbeing Boards (currently in shadow form in Redbridge). To ensure that this can happen, we need to continue to focus on delivering our key objectives. For 2012/2013 these are: • • • • 20

To raise the profile of and promote the establishment of Healthwatch Redbridge as an independent organisation. To further develop partnerships with stakeholders, commissioners and providers to contribute and influence service development and quality. To engage with communities and stakeholders across Redbridge with particular focus on hard to reach groups (through our Ageing Well Project, our new Community Maternity Project and consultations etc). To continue to complete ‘Enter and View’ (E&V) visits if and when required and to provide appropriate training for E&V volunteers to carry out the visits .

We will continue to respond to issues raised with the LINk on behalf of the public and will work with individuals and groups to ensure they have a say in improving services. We will also work with stakeholders and respond to requests for involvement in service re-design and ensure that we continue to have a strong presence across Redbridge.

LINk members discussing what they think the new Local Healthwatch should look like

Member Involvement:

These are the numbers of members who have been involved with RedbridgeLINk over the past year: Level of participation


Active participants Occasional participants Informed participants

40 500 3,000

People with an interest in social care 15 200 1,000

Active participants are groups or individuals who take part in a LINk activity at least once a month, for example by attending meetings, training, volunteering, facilitating at meetings, visiting services or representing the LINk externally. Occasional participants are groups or individuals who may wish to respond to a particular LINk issue or consultation; attending events once or twice a year. Informed participants are groups or individuals who register their interest in the LINk and receive information. This includes those who interact with the website and social networking sites. 21

LINks have been asked by the Department of Health to answer the following questions: Requests for Information in 2011-12 How many requests for information were made by your LINk?


Of these, how many of the requests for information were answered within 20 working days?


How many related to social care?


Reports and Recommendations in 2011-12 How many reports and/or recommendations were made by your LINk to commissioners of health and adult social care services?


Of the reports and/or recommendations, how many have led, or are leading to, service review?


Of the reports and/or recommendations that led to service review, how many have led to service change?


How many reports/recommendations related to health services?


How many reports/recommendations related to social care?


If any of your reports or recommendations were not acknowledged or did not result in any service review or service change, are you planning any further follow up? Referrals to OSCs in 2011-12


How many referrals were made by your LINk to an Overview & Scrutiny Committee (OSC)?


How many of these referrals did the OSC acknowledge?


How many of these referrals led to service change?


Did you complete any Enter and View activities? If so, what did you do? Enter & View activities can only be carried out by trained and authorised representatives of RedbridgeLINk. Our authorised representatives can visit hospitals and care homes to look at the kinds of services being provided in them. This type of activity will only be used when we feel it is essential to gather further evidence or to support a project to identify areas of concern to our members. To date we have not found it necessary to use this activity. 22

RedbridgeLINk Budget: 2011-12



Fixed Costs

£114,162 £111,254

These include staff salaries, office set up costs, rent, rates, insurance costs, HR admin, IT support & staff training etc.






These include publicity materials, web design and support, translator services & venue hire etc.

Training & Support These include LINk members’ training, involvement, venue hire and travel costs etc. We have paid carers’ costs to support people who may not otherwise have been able to join in due to their caring responsibilities and accessible transport costs for those people who cannot use public transport due to an impairment. Total Carried Forward to 2012/13 *

£134,000 £123,244 £ 10,756

* The London Borough of Redbridge agreed that the variance shown from last year will be carried forward to support the ongoing development of the Management Board as it works towards developing a Healthwatch for Redbridge. 23

Partnership Working RedbridgeLINk has worked with many statutory and community organisations over the last year. We asked some of them to tell us how they thought we had made a difference to local involvement and they replied with the following comments:

Alwen Williams NHS Outer North East London “2011- 12 has been a year of significant change for the NHS with the impact of the proposals in the Health and Social Care Act beginning to take shape locally. Throughout this transition, RedbridgeLINk have continued to be supportive of and focused on reporting the views of their members and local residents. Their support and involvement over the past year included a presence on the NHS Outer North East London board and, as we are moving into the implementation phase of the Health for North East London proposals, continued membership of the Outer North East London Peoples’ Platform. LINk is also a member of the newly-formed Redbridge Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Engagement Forum, which is helping to develop relationships between the LINk, the borough director and members of the Redbridge CCG, as well as providing input from local people to NHS commissioning. Over the coming year we look forward to continuing to build the relationship between the LINk and the CCG. We know this is a transition year with the formation of Healthwatch, but the ongoing work and subsequent legacy that will be created by RedbridgeLINk remains highly valued.”

North East London LINks (NELLi) “RedbridgeLINk continues to work with neighbouring LINks from Waltham Forest, Havering and Barking & Dagenham, meeting regularly to share information. The group shares information and activities to ensure a consistent approach exists in regards to the work we complete with the statutory organisations which share our boundaries. This year we have completed a large public event looking at maternity services .” (See page 9 for more details)


Averil Dongworth, Chief Executive Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust “RedbridgeLINk members have been active throughout the year in collecting information from the community about their views of our services, and providing constructive feedback to the Trust and the CQC during its investigation. Working with the LINks has really helped our staff identify and make substantial improvements over the last year, particularly in our maternity service. We very much value the time LINk members contribute to our work, for example in testing the new patient menus, which is so important in making sure the views of our community are a full part of our decision-making.”

James Monger Age UK Redbridge “It is so important to have seniors involved in Redbridge LINk, including the Management Board. The Vice Chair of our ‘Voices of Experience’ panel is a member and she is able to report back on a monthly basis about what LINk is involved with. She also represents the voice of older people on the board.

This year, Age UK Redbridge has shared in a joint ‘Ageing Well’ project with LINk staff and volunteers to engage with residents of sheltered accommodation. We wanted to find out their views on local health and social care services, to ascertain how much they feel part of their local communities and discover what issues bother them about living in Redbridge. So far we have jointly visited thirteen sheltered schemes. It has been a great success, with some seniors telling us that this was the first time anyone had sat down and listened to or consulted with them in years! They were genuinely appreciative and took a lively part in the debates. We took great care to include those with hearing loss and other special needs so that everyone could contribute. It was a truly rewarding experience! We look forward to continuing the close relationship with RedbridgeLINk as it becomes Redbridge Healthwatch.”


John Powell, Director of Adult Social Services London Borough of Redbridge “Redbridge Link has continued to be very effective in bringing together the public to consider key issues that impact on the health and social care sector. This year has been particularly challenging with many changes taking place within the NHS but the LINk has maintained strong public engagement throughout this time. The LINk has continued to play a very valuable role in social care developments and worked closely with the Council on a number of significant topics. The involvement of LINk has yet again strengthened the position of resident involvement and empowered residents to have a voice and comment on services within Redbridge. Well done and thank you.”

John Brouder, Chief Executive North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) “We have continued to enjoy a regular relationship with RedbridgeLINK and constructive management of issues of joint interest. Their enduring efforts to address the issues that are important for people using services locally really makes a difference and they have continued to operate as an important LINK for the local community and as a reference point for organisations like ours when we think about the agenda and potential service changes for the future.”


Volunteering for RedbridgeLINk At RedbridgeLINk we are very lucky to have a team of wonderful volunteers that help and support us in all areas of our work. The volunteers help us by attending events with us and talking to people about joining the LINk. They also work in our office and provide administration support. To find out more about volunteering with RedbridgeLINk, please contact us.

RedbridgeLINk staff There are currently four paid members of staff working at RedbridgeLINk: a full time manager and three part time employees:

Cathy Turland Manager

Elana Mossey Administrator (until December 2011)

Laura Thistlethwaite Information Officer

Saffina Masood Outreach & Development Officer

Shilpa Patel Administrator (from February 2012) 27

A LINk Year in Pictures

Members at our JSNA public meeting

At the Redbridge Carers Support Service ‘New Arrivals’ event

Developing our new local HealthWatch: members at our public meeting 28

Christmas time celebrations with residents at Rowan Lodge

Residents at Trillo Court read our latest newsletter

Two of our younger fans!

Membership Charts 800 738

We try to involve all sections of the community in our work. These graphs show how 700 the membership of the LINk is made up of many people from different backgrounds:


Age Age

500 400

Asian 448 Black


Chinese Malaysian







61 9


r 16


e nd














Prefer not to say




- 30

0 people No - 50 - 4of 41 31


- 60


- 70




s t to


n fer e r P



700 600




Black Chinese


Malaysian 280


Prefer not to say

100 8



ia As



Other White







e r y ese sianNoixof edpeople he Whit o sa n t i y t h O a l M C ot Ma rn e f Pre 29


1400 1200


1000 800 551

600 400 200






Sexuality n r a ual y al x a he u say sbi t e x G e s o e i O t L Bisexual Hetrosexual Gay Lesbian Other Prefer not to say s B ot tro n e r H fe Pre




1200 1000 800 516











Prefer not to say


Male Buddist








600 500 400



300 178



100 9



no Ag





e Ath




d ud

2 an


sti hri


n du of people No ish Jai slim Hin Jew Mu



fe Pre


to ot



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RedbridgeLINk contact details RedbridgeLINk 5th Floor, Forest House 16-20 Clements Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1BA 020 8553 1236

Supported by: Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service (RCVS) RedbridgeCVS 3rd Floor, Forest House 16-20 Clements Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1BA 020 8553 1004


RedbridgeLINk Annual Report 2011-12  

RedbridgeLINk Annual Report 2011-12