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Woolwich Town Centre

Property Consultants - assembling land for regeneration If you need to acquire land for an infrastructure or urban regeneration project, choose a specialised project consultant who can guide you through the whole process from planning to delivery.

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PROFILE The 21st century demands a fresh approach to urban redevelopment. Large-scale regeneration and renewal projects are the key to addressing the economic, physical, social and environmental issues associated with town and city growth. Successful urban regeneration requires certainty regarding the provision and acquisition of land. Moreover, in times when budgets shrink, success depends upon establishing the best strategy at the earliest stages of project planning. The identification of an optimal land solution is critical, and its swift and cost-effective execution requires a complete understanding of the tools available and the methods of implementing them. Compulsory purchase is the tool that provides the solution, and Ardent ensure that clients use it to its full potential Ardent provides specialist land and property services that make compulsory purchase and land acquisition easy. What’s more, our service is unique; no other property consultant offers a total solution to land assembly strategy. Our wide-ranging compulsory purchase expertise means that we deliver land for projects on time and on budget. With a success rate of 100%.

Docklands Light Railway Ltd Woolwich, London Town centre regeneration CPO, land referencing, developer selection

Ardent is providing land assembly, negotiation of CPO claims, Lands Tribunal referrals and developer selection advice for this £100 million regeneration scheme in Woolwich.

• CPO promotion • Consultation • Land referencing • Estate/CPO management • Land assembly strategy • Compensation/relocation strategy • CPO project management

CPO promotion Various acts of parliament have given public bodies the right to promote compulsory purchase orders to obtain land for development purposes, without the consent of the owner. Of course it’s not all cut and dried, and you must present a compelling case that the acquisition is in the public interest. Ardent specialises in promoting and implementing CPOs, and negotiating CPO claims. We guide you through every stage of the process, from feasibility to compensation settlement, including representation at the Lands Tribunal if required. We go to painstaking lengths to make sure that the CPO is strong enough to deliver your scheme.

Consultation Consultation can be a lengthy and complex process, but our honest and open approach has brought success for clients in both public and private sectors. Because we take the time to listen to every stakeholder and answer every query, we’re able to manage opposition from every quarter. It’s not just about the approach, but about depth of knowledge. Successful completion of complex negotiations and resolution of disputes require the ability to anticipate any conceivable barrier. That’s quite a skill, and we’re proud of it. After all, we’ve achieved compulsory purchase powers on every scheme where we’ve led the consultation process. Land referencing Land referencing involves collating and examining all land-holding interests. Since it involves serving legal notices on every individual or body affected by a CPO, accuracy and precise data management is key. As a firm of Chartered Surveyors Ardent’s team has a professional understanding of legal interests and the CPO process, making us an obvious choice. Ardent carrys out land referencing and plan production for both regeneration and infrastructure

schemes. Using our in-house surveying expertise we create accurate and detailed records to support planning and compulsory purchase applications within our Land Acquisition Management System (LAMS). We prepare not just CPO maps, but also deposited and right of way plans. We produce CPO schedules and books of reference; generate, serve and track statutory notices and their responses; and provide supporting evidence at hearings and inquiries. Estate/CPO management If property is not your core business, then managing a commercial estate can be a burden and a liability. Separately, or as part of a total property solution, Ardent provides an estate management service tailored to help you meet your business objectives. Our team gives authoritative and trustworthy advice on statutory requirements. It’s not just a consultative service however as we’re hands-on too. Our property specialists will carry out valuations, lease renewals and rent reviews, management, and a full marketing service.

Land assembly strategy Strategy is a critical word in regeneration. Land assembly encompasses not just the process of acquiring land for development, but identifying the most suitable land in the first place, and the most appropriate method of acquiring it. By becoming involved at the very outset of any regeneration project, Ardent is able to identify, manage and mitigate financial risk through the careful exploration of all avenues, opportunities and potential pitfalls. We take a long-term and broad view of our clients’ land and property ambitions to ensure that at all stages of a project the best interests of the client are always front of mind. This strategic approach not only delivers land acquired with the minimum of fuss and expense, but sets a standard for future projects. Added value is an over-used term, but because we work in true partnership with our clients we believe we’re entitled to use it. Compensation/relocation strategy Whether or not compulsory purchase is required, relocation for incumbents is a delicate and important responsibility. Ardent’s strategy has always been to


Woodberry Down, Hackney Client: Location: Scheme: Services:

Hackney Homes Hackney, London Estate renewal CPO, land referencing, acquisition

Ardent is providing land referencing and objection management advice, as well as advising on land acquisition strategy for the scheme, which was selected as a National Demonstration Project by the DCLG in 2007.

explore relocation possibilities and compensation requirements as early as possible. This pragmatism goes some way towards explaining our success. It protects the public image of our clients, improves the communications process between stakeholders and reduces the severity and incidence of objections. Early investigation of compensation and relocation issues has been shown to save money and protect not just the interests of our clients, but of those affected by large regeneration schemes. Our solution driven approach and communications expertise ensure that we identify the most appropriate strategy and deliver it with the robustness required to achieve success.

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CPO project management The benefits of Ardent’s experience can be felt most forcefully when we’re project managing. Ardent can drive a project to promote and implement any type of compulsory purchase scheme.

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Whether we are working individually or as part of a multi-disciplinary team, procedures are put in place immediately to keep you informed at every stage, leaving you to focus on objectives. At your side throughout the process, from concept to completion, we manage risk totally, delivering a safe, reliable, swift, cost-effective and of course successful regeneration scheme.

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Of course, compulsory purchase issues can play an important role depending upon your business direction, and by operating estate and CPO management in unison we help you get the most from your property portfolio.

Ardent Management Future of London leaflet  
Ardent Management Future of London leaflet  

Ardent Management Future of London leaflet