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How to produce a bar chart for experimental results, using Excel

First, set out your results in two columns. Then, calculate the mean of each condition. Use the cell formula “=average(list1,list2)� (without the inverts. If you are stuck at this point, you will have to see me 1 to 1.)

Copy the means and headings to a new block of cells (called a range), and highlight the range.

With the range highlighted, use the insert chart wizard. I have used Excel 2007 here, and the wizard is slightly different from Excel 2003, which is currently used in the college. If you use OpenOffice, the actions are very similar.

From the chart wizard, choose vertical column. You can then follow the instructions through and customise your chart as you fancy. Copy and paste your chart into your word processor document. The magic bit is putting in the column headings to give the labels at the foot of each bar on the chart.


Walkthough hints to draw a basic barchart for research methods