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Jerry Lewis Creative Brief – Title Art

UPDATE: 5/17/11

WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? On September 3 (Labor Day Weekend), a very special documentary about the unparalleled life of Jerry Lewis as a comedian, actor, film producer, writer, film director, singer, humanitarian, professor and soon to be musical director, airs on Encore. Labor Day weekend also marks the 46th anniversary of Jerry’s nationally televised MDA telethon. This year is monumental, being the 85 year-olds last time as the host. The documentary also airs within Jerry Lewis films leading into arguably one of his most popular films Nutty Professor. There are a lot of hooks to this special event. Currently there is no representative art to promote this truly relevant film that showcases the greatest American comedic genius of all-time. WHAT ARE THE OBSTACLES THAT STAND IN OUR WAY? There may be preconceived thoughts that a documentary of this nature contains historical/dated content. Jerry Lewis is challenging to work with in regard to approvals. There is a need to present more than one option. The title art is being developed by Jerry’s team at the same time we are creating key art. WHAT’S THE OBJECTIVE? To develop a piece of key art that conveys this film is about the greatest American comedic genius ever: Jerry Lewis. Portray that the film takes a look at Jerry’s entire career and extraordinary life through a fresh lens: 

It never breaks a contemporary flow by using 50 hours of brand new HD footage, shot specifically for this project. Incorporates personal accounts from today’s hottest stars, showcasing Jerry’s influence on Hollywood and the entire world (interviews include: Alec Baldwin, Billy Crystal, Carol Burnett, Richard Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, Carl Reiner, Richard Belzer, John Landis, Woody Harrelson, Chevy Chase).

WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? The breadth of channels across Encore appeal to a wide range of consumers…from 12-55. The various theme channels appeal to more targeted audiences. The potential Encore subscriber is: 

Adults 35-60

Skews male

Average income $79,000

The potential Encore subscriber loves movies, and wants a place that is easy to find their favorites. They value the escape, their “my time,” and want a place where they can sit back and relax at the end of the

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day. They gravitate towards a passive viewing experience, therefore making linear movie viewing their primary interest. Additionally, we are talking to premium original fans. This group loves their premium channels and, even more, loves original programming. They are the sweet spot within our Entertainment Individualist target audience. This group is made up of 21 million people. DEMOGRAPHICS 53% men, 47% women 50% 25-44 & 28% 35-44 61% in HHs of 3+ people 58% married, 44% have kids under 18 51% $50K-150K

PSYCHOGRAPHICS Lots of technology in the home Access movies in many ways Above-average DVD rentals/purchases, PPV orders See many benefits in premium subscription Watch HBO/Showtime more frequently than prem subs

WHAT’S THE SINGLE MINDED THOUGHT? See behind the curtain of the incredible life of Jerry Lewis through monumental events in his life/career and personal accounts from well-known stars. WHAT IS MANDATORY AND TIMING FOR THIS?      

Multiple options at version I Key art should be finalized by May 31 There will need to be two rounds of reviews (minimum), one for production and a final review Use already created title art that is in process by Jerry Lewis team Vertical and Horizontal iterations (with and without the Encore logo) We will share with Kandy Barry’s team throughout the process

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Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis  

A show positioning brief for Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis

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