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An online offering of elite hampshire genetics April 26/27/28


We are excited this year to present the 3rd edition of the Spoonster’s Generation NEXT Sale. We again are incredibly pleased with the quality we are offering in this year’s sale. We dug deep into our program and are offering the very best in terms of genetic potential. I believe the sheep have that “modern” Hampshire look that will be very competitive in the show ring, yet will have all the tools to go on and be a stud ram or a foundation brood ewe in your flock. This year Schrock Hamps, IL, are back again as guest consignors and we are pleased to welcome Livermore Hampshires, IL, Newland Hampshires, KS and Mercedes Ladies, MN, as new consignors this year. These programs have had some great success over the past few years and are offering a solid set of sheep. The American Hampshire Sheep Association futurity program has proved to be beneficial in connecting youth with Hampshire sheep, and again this year the ewe lambs in this sale will be nominated for the ASHA Futurity Program. Last year, Spoonster 12-03 (Lot 3) went on to be named Reserve Champion Ewe of the 2012 MO State Fair Jr. Show. She was purchased by the James Hale Family of Missouri. Hearing these success stories and helping youth and new families get their start in Hampshire sheep is what fuels the Spoonster program! Please enjoy the catalog and if you have any questions about the offering, please contact us or any of the other consignors. We’d love to hear from you and assist in any way possible! Again, Jessica and I thank you for your interest and it is with great honor we say, at Spoonster Hampshires “you’re not just purchasing a sheep, you’re purchasing part of our program.”

- Bobby, Jessica, Tinleigh, Charleigh, Trey and Paisleigh Spoonster

n o i t a m r o f n I e l a S • Bidding will begin at 12pm CST, Friday, April 26. • Each bidder will be provided with a customer number. • Each Lot will have a base price. • Bidders must call with their bid. • Bids will be in $50 increments. • Website will be updated with current price and customer number on each Lot approx. every 2 hours. • Bids will close at 5pm CST, Sunday, April 28. • Winning bidders will be notified approx. 2 hours after the close of sale. • Payment will be handled on an individual basis. For all sale related questions contact Bobby Spoonster.

To Place Your Bid Call: Bobby Spoonster at PH: 636-359-5487 Guest Consignors:

Schrock Hampshires • Congerville, IL Livermore Hampshires • Media, IL Newland Hamps • Richmond, KS Mercedes Ladies • Perley, MN Please continue to check our website for updated lot information, additional sale day phone numbers and current bid and customer number on each lot!

Offered By:

S p o o n st e r H a m p sh i r e s Bobby and Jessica Spoonster Family • Eolia, MO PH: 636.359.5487 Lot 1 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 2 • January Ram Lamb Lot 3 • February Ewe Lamb Lot 4 • January Ram Lamb Lot 5 • February Ewe Lamb Lot 6 • Shellhouse 70 Splash Semen Lot Lot 7 • Spoonster 11-11 Status Symbol Semen Lot Lot 8 • Spoonster 12-13 Ringleader Semen Lot

Schrock Hampshires The Schrock Family • Congerville, IL PH: 309.369.7173 Lot 9 • Fitted February Ram Lamb Lot 10 • Slick Sheared February Ram Lamb Lot 11 • Fitted January Ewe Lamb Lot 12 • Slick February Ewe Lamb Lot 13 • Slick February Ewe Lamb Lot 14 • Slick February Ewe Lamb

Livermore Hampshires The Livermore Family • Media, IL PH: 309.221.2411 Lot 15 • Yearling Ram Lot 16 • January Ram Lamb Lot 17 • Yearling Ewe Lot 18 • February Ewe Lamb

Newland Hampshires Merle Newland Family • Richmond, KS PH: 785.418.3168 Lot 19 • Yearling Ram Lot 20 • Yearling Ewe Lot 21 • Yearling Ewe Lot 22 • Yearling Ewe Lot 23 • Yearling Ewe

Mercedes Ladies Mercedes Lee • Perley, MN PH: 701.361.8530 Lot 24 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 25 • January Ewe Lamb


SHe’soua t!



What a great way to lead off the 2013 sale! This January ewe lamb has bee she would be staying put in Eolia, Missouri! The pattern of this ewe lamb is sheep with this this much flash, balance and correctness, coupled with bon added as an outcross breeding piece and boy, has she held up her end of th our new sire Splash. I can promise you this, I’d rather be showing her than

g Lot 1


SPOONSTER 13-02 QR Born: 1-07-13 • SG • QR

Shellhouse Splash

Held 10-1088

{ {

Riviera 620 Crome 322 Held 09-2910 Held 05-3503

HELD 10-1088

The dam of Lot 1, was the Reserve Champion Ewe at the 2011 Missouri State Fair.

HELD 11-1234

This NAILE Junior Show Champion is a maternal brother to the Dam of Lot 1.

en a standout since day one. I can tell you one thing, if our children were older, s like something we have never seen before here at Spoonster Hamps. Finding a ne and dimension, is truly rare. This lamb’s dam in the great Held 1088 female we he bargain. Take full advantage of the opportunity to own this great ewe lamb by having to show against her!


g Lot 2


SPOONSTER 13-03 RR Born: 1-23-13 • TW • RR

Plaza hamps Unleashed

Schlichter BB-35

{ {

Plaza Hamps 02-821 Creed Plaza Hamps 775


Gordeneer Custom Built Schlichter W-76

Spoonster 12-13 “Ringleader” This maternal brother to Lot 2 is now a stud ram here at Spoonster Hamps.


This 2011 IL State Fair Junior and Open Show Champion is a maternal sister to Lot 2.


Do killi all k gre gre des dam stud

Don’t ! m i H s Mis

oing embryo transfer work can be hit or miss, but if it hits you can make a ing. Well, I’d say it hit for us. This “Unleashed” sired lamb is a real looker. We know “Unleashed” is the ram that built Plaza Hamps. Countless numbers of eat sheep trace back to him and he has truly proven himself as one of the eatest in the breed. This buck lamb is no exception. He is ultra level in his sign, wide in his hip and pins, yet still stays neat fronted and big ribbed. His m, BB-35 is a true stud ewe. Her influence is all over this offering. Be sure to dy the potential this stud ram prospect brings to the table!


g Lot 3


SPOONSTER 13-14 RR Born: 2-17-13 • SG • RR

Spoonster 12-13 RingLeader

Spoonster 9-09

{ {

Robinson 10-06 Schlicter BB 35 Schlichter BB 1 Plaza 912

g Lot 4


SPOONSTER 13-07 RR Born: 1-29-13 • SG • RR

Shellhouse Splash

Lambert 06-08

{ {

Riviera 620 Crome 322 Spoonster 4-06 Lambert 01-19


These past high-selling ewe lambs from our 2011 and 2012 Generation NEXT Sales are maternal sisters to Lot 4. Both of these females had successful show careers for the Pinkney and Hale Families.


Lot 4 is a Generation NEXT Sale Legacy! That’s right, the Lambert 06-08 ewe has This buck is stout! If you need to add bone, breed type and just overall body and dimension, take a look at this guy. His dam has proven herself to be a stud ewe. In daughter, who sold in our first sale, placed 2nd in the AHSA Ewe Lamb Futurity an produced a set of quad ewe lambs, two of which were Lots 1 and 3 who went on selling ewe lambs. This buck will follow suit. He combines the breed type, mass an his sire, Splash, yet stays cool fronted and extended from his dam. Use him as a sh a stud buck, he’s got the resume to succeed in both!

Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor, but hold on tight, because this sweet, young ewe lamb is on the rise! This is the oldest and first daughter of our young stud, “Ringleader,” to be offered for sale. We only had a few ewes bred to him, before he needed to get shined up for Louisville, but after seeing the small sampling of lambs by him this year, he will breed more ewes. The upside potential to this ewe lamb is monumental! She’s complete, wooly, big-boned and as a bonus, she falls into the later class splits. Oh yeah, one more thing, her grand dam is our great donor ewe, BB-35.

Sweet ! g n a H T Young Lot 4 g

s done it again. center n 2011, her nd last year she n to be our high nd bone from how buck and as


Bright Future Ahead!


g Lot 5


SPOONSTER 13-15 RR Born: 2-18-13 • SG • RR

Shellhouse Splash

Spoonster 12-04

{ {

Riviera 620 Crome 322 Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy

Lambert 06-08

The future is pretty bright for this young Splash sired ewe lamb. I recommend wearing a trendy pair of shades while you study her. Yup, it’s that bright. Remember the set of quads the Lambert 06-08 ewe had last year by the 2010 National Champion Ram, Strategy? Well, we kept two of them and put them to work, and holy moly did they work. The extension, the length of body, the percentage of hind saddle in this sheep is simply remarkable. But not only does she exhibit all the evidence of growth, she remains as sound as a cat and as balanced as you can make one. Trust me, her pedigree will spark your interest, but her phenotype will keep you hooked!

BAA BAA ACRES 116 RR STRATEGY 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPION RAM The maternal grandsire to Lot 5.

SPOONSTER 12-01 RR The quad sister to the dam of Lot 5.


g Lot 6


Riviera 620 X Crome 322


g Lot 7


Spoonster High Stan

s t o L n e Sem

Like in the previous Generation NEXT Sales, we again have de are offering 10 units on each of the rams pictured here, Splash continue to propel our program forward and believe they can offspring in this year’s sale. As we continue to breed Hampshi daughters of these three rams. We are truly excited to see th





ndards X Plaza Hamps 912

Lot 8


Robinson 10-06 X Schlichter BB-35

ecided to offer semen for sale on our stud rams. This year we h, Status Symbol and Ringleader. We feel these rams will n do the same for you. All of these rams are represented by ire sheep, our program will continue to be centered around he positive impact these rams will make in the future.


g Lot 9


SCHROCK 1325 Born: 2-3-13 • _R

Spoonster 12-05


{ {

Spoonster 4-06 bobendrier 0794

DOA Trendsetter SCHROCK 105

Stud R Prospe Delux The Spoonster 12-05 buck worked really well. Check out the most exciting son we have out of him. Just like the 1302 (Lot 11) ewe lamb in this sale, he has a lot of mass and natural thickness without sacrificing size and style. This is one of the most complete sheep that we have raised and we are glad to offer him in this sale. The 1035 ewe is a maternal sister to our Res. Ram at the MWSRS and Res. Ram at WI St. Fair. Selling half Interest, buyer gets possession.


Unique opportunity here, check out this “fitted lamb” that didn’t have to be fit. If you have ever wanted to inject the correctness, pattern, and muscle shape of the wether-type sheep into your fitted sheep, here’s your chance. These lambs are what I call “hybrid” lambs because they are out of fitted ewes bred to the Authentic Son. Make sure to stop by the farm to look at this one, he’s correct, good in his lines, round ribbed, and still has a lot of growth potential. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add some correctness and thickness to your fitted ewes. Offering half interest, buyer gets possession.

g Ram Lot 10

ects xe!



Born: 2-14-13 • TW • _R

{ {

Authentic son

Authentic MVP Daughter


DOA Trendsetter SCHROCK 725

SPOONSTER 12-05 Purchased in the 2012 sale, 12-05 is the sire of Lot 9 and Lot 11.

AUTHENTIC SON Sire of Lots 10, 12, 13, 14.


g Lot 11


Lot 11 g

SCHROCK 1302 Born: 1-11-13 • _R

Spoonster 12-05

ScHROCK 1034

{ {

Spoonster 4-06 bobendrier 0794

DOA Trendsetter ScHROCK 105

g Lot 12



Born: 2-10-13 • TR • _R

{ {

Authentic son

Authentic MVP Daughter


Pretty Caesar Son bowman ewe

g Lot 12

Once again, a great genetic opport have done a nice job with the Auth you have the chance to get in on t lamb is extended through her fron top, and blown apart in her pins. Sh triplet, but buy with confidence, th for years. Crossbred.

Be Both 14

We are starting off our ewe entries with the best early fitted ewe lamb we had born this year. 1302 combines the rib shape and mass that is today’s trend, with the style and size that we have been choosing over the past decade. The 1034 ewe is a maternal sister to our Res. Ram at the MWSRS and Res. Ram at WI St. Fair.

tunity on this ewe lamb. Ellerbrock’s hentic X Pretty Caesar cross and now the success. This triplet raised ewe nt end, big and expressive down her he is a little bit behind due to being a his ewe line has been successful for me

est of ! s d l r h Wo

PATERNAL SIB TO LOT 10, 12, 13, 14. Reserve Champion Market Lamb at the 2012 Illinois State Fair Open Show. Sired by Authentic Son. Raised by Ellerbrock Club Lambs.


g Lot 13



Born: 2-14-13 • TW • _R

{ {

Authentic son

Authentic MVP Daughter



We haven’t offered very many of the Authentic Son x “fitted ewes” daughters to buyers. For this sale, we decided to let one go. To us, there is a lot of value in the pattern, correctness, and balance that the Authentic Son added to our fitted ewes. His lambs are straight in behind the shoulder, great in their loin, and level in their hips. Imagine what she can do for your flock as a brood ewe. We will be keeping a lot of ewe lambs out of this cross, they will be great ewes to build on. Please contact Brad (309-369-7173) if you have interest in purchasing other lambs out of this cross.



g Lot 14


SCHROCK 1343 Born: 2-15-13 • _R

{ {

Authentic son


Authentic MVP Daughter HANDS ON SCHROCK 608

Opportunity knocks with this ewe lamb. The combination of the Authentic genetics crossed on the Hands On daughters (Masterpiece Genetics) has produced great results. We have some nice wethers that will be getting shown this summer out of this type of cross and this ewe certainly brings a lot of value to the table. She is the longest bodied, biggest topped ewe we had this year. She is very good on the profile and is very round ribbed. Take her and breed her to a ram with a big massive hip and you will have wethers that can compete anywhere. Crossbred.



g Lot 15


LIVERMORE 1002 Born: 3-8-2012 • RR

{ {

Spoonster Status Symbol Spoonster High Standards

Plaza 912

Lambert 9-09

N/A N/a

A very exciting yearling ram. This ram is super level made with plenty of extension. He is sired by Spoonster Status Symbol, a ram we have used heavily in our program. As a lamb, this ram had a tremendous show career, highlighted by a great showing at the IL State Fair and a third place finish in the late ram lamb class at the 2012 NAILE Junior Show. Offering one half interest in Lot 15.


g Lot 16


LIVERMORE 394 Born: 1-21-13 • RR

Shellhouse Splash

Lubker 2983T

{ {

Riviera 620 Crome 322 Caskey Trooper Lubker Ewe

This ram lamb has been a farm favorite for quite sometime. This young ram lamb is a great representation of what our Hampshire flock strives for. He’s got all the pieces to be a true stud ram. He’s long, level and very complete. His pedigree combines Shellhouse Splash and proven Caskey genetics.

Take a look!


If you are looking to add the kind you can show, bu show ewe. This ewe is a p Status Symbol.

g Lot 17


Born: 3-

Spoonster Status Symbo

Schlichter DD-51

g Lot 18

g n i d n a Outst ! s r e t s i full S


Born: 2-19

{ {

Spoonster Status Symbol

Schlichter DD-51

Young and Green. That is the best way to describe this ewe lamb. This ewe l Hamp breeder can appreciate. She’s late born and will be real tough in the la She simply needs time to grow and mature. She is a full sister to Lot 17, our the pictures, you can certainly see the consistency Status Symbol injects into


a great female to your flock? Here she is. This female is so complete. She is ut more importantly, she’s the kind that can raise you your next stud ram or prime example of the correctness and balance you will find with sheep sired by


MORE 1054

-13-2012 • RR

{ {

ol Spoonster High Standards

e Ew w Sho ! s t c e p s Pro

Plaza 912

Schlichter R-52 Mr. Goodfellow

Schlichter Ewe


ORE 431

9-2013 • RR

{ {

Spoonster High Standards Plaza 912 Schlichter R-52 Mr. Goodfellow

Schlichter Ewe

lamb cuts an outline any ater classes this summer. r yearling ewe entry. Study o his lambs.


Lo g



A big, po truly gro 40” X 40 This ram looking fo

g Lot 20


Sanford M 240 RR

Born: 3-2-2012 • SG • RR Caskey 9340 RR

Sanford M 951


{ {

Kirlin 7-07 Caskey 821 LT BL Nelson 7057 Sanford M 739 RR

Looking for a


ot 19



Born: 4-10-2012 • SG • RR

tzke 0801

en 466-07

{ {

Knapp 227 Lubker 2851A Glewen 301-05 Glewen 339-05

owerful yearling stud ram prospect. This young, April born yearling ram, has own and still has plenty of gas left in his tank. Currently this ram measures 0.” His dam is the last of the Glewen females we purchased a few years back. m is from the heart of what Matt Glewen called the “Birdie” family. If you are for an RR ram that will inject some size into your flock, take a look at him!

Due to space limitations, we can’t keep them all. This March yearling was purchased in Sedalia last year and has all the makings of a show ewe prospect. She currently measures 38” X 36” and still shows she has plenty of grow left. This fancy ewe comes from the same ewe families that have produced winning genetics for the Sanfords.

shot of Size? 23

g Lot 21



Born: 3-20-2012 • TR • RR Steffens 358 RR NNP

Cahoon 08142

{ {

Krackow Rikow 6085 Steffens 925 NNP QR Schlichter BB-8 Knapp 665 TW

g Lot 22



Born: 3-30-2012 • SG • QR Steffens 358 RR NNP

Land Run 174 SG

{ {

Krackow Rikow 6085 Steffens 925 NNP QR Wheaton 7-056 NNP RR MRVH 0096 (216) QR

g Lot 23



Born: 3-30-2012 • TW • RR Steffens 358 RR NNP

Cahoon 201


{ {

Krackow Rikow 6085 Steffens 925 NNP QR Knapp 216 TW Cahoon 04-23 TW

This ewe is simply a good sheep. It’s real difficult to find a hole in a sheep like this. As you study her pedigree, she combines genetics from many proven programs. If you are looking to add a complete sheep to your flock, check out this one. She’s the kind that has all the potential to raise you a great show sheep next year.

Here is a very correct, very balanced female. This ewe is the kind that is super level down her top, and very attractive from the profile. She is the type of sheep that can be shown slick sheared or fitted. Her dam, Land Run 174, was the 2010 Junior Champion Ewe at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

This ewe is super young, and still has her baby teeth. Again, this is the kind of ewe that can go on and work for you. She is super sound, very balanced and has plenty of breed type. If you are in the market for solid Hampshire females, backed by powerful genetics and outstanding pedigrees, then look no further! She has all the potential to go on and make you an exciting show prospect next year!


g Lot 24


MERCEDES LADIES 1303 Born: 1-15-2013 • SG • RR

Frame 9048 ThundaRR

Mercedes Ladies 0702


{ {

Koehler 0730 Bison Frame 6110 Klug HH 0672P Solution Houghtaling HB 5106

2 Fa


This January ewe lamb is truly one of the most exciting lambs we have bred at Mercedes Ladies. Since I have finished with my 4H and FFA show career, I have decided to offer some of my best for sale. This ewe lamb is sired by our new stud ram we purchased from Art Frame. I feel if you are looking for a long bodied, complete ewe lamb who has all the potential to get big, then look at this one. She stems from the same family as our Reserve Champion Ram at the 2011 Cornbelt Sale.

g ancy Lot 25



MERCEDES LADIES 1309 Born: 1-20-2013 • TW • QR

Frame 9048 ThundaRR

Newland 0252

{ {

Koehler 0730 Bison Frame 6110 Jadewood 0814 TW Indian Creek Farm 0058

A very complete January ewe lamb with plenty of style. This extremely wooly headed ewe lamb is very extended, wide topped and stands on lots of bone. She too is sired by our new Frame ram we call “ThundaRR” and traces back to popular sires, such as Hysteria and Indian Creek Intense. A real show prospect here!


! u o y k n a Th


For your interest in our program and the programs of our guest consignors. Feel free to contact us with any questions.We look forward to hearing from you on April 26, 27 and 28.

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Spoonster Hamps Generation NEXT Sale Catalog 4.18  
Spoonster Hamps Generation NEXT Sale Catalog 4.18  

An online offering of elite Hampshire genetics! April 26-28, 2013 -