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NEXT The Generation

SALE • May 4/5/6

An online offering of elite hampshire genetics

WELCOME We are excited this year to present the 2nd edition of the Spoonster’s Generation NEXT Sale. I’m incredibly pleased with the quality we are offering in this year’s sale. We dug deep into our program and are offering our very best. I believe the sheep have that “modern” Hampshire look that will be very competitive in the show ring, yet will have all the tools to go on and be a stud ram or a foundation brood ewe in your flock. This year Robinson Hamps, MO, and Schrock Hamps, IL, are back again as guest consignors and we are pleased to welcome Plaza Hampshires, MO, and Baa Baa Acres, WI, as new consignors this year. These programs have had some great success over the past few years and are offering a solid set of sheep. The recent change with the American Hampshire Sheep Association futurity program has proved to be beneficial in connecting youth with Hampshire sheep. By allowing sheep from on-farm sales to be futurity eligible, the program has taken a tremendous step forward. Last year in the first Generation NEXT Sale, Mathew Pinckney of New York purchased Lot 3, Spoonster 11-05, who finished 2nd in the National Hampshire Ewe Lamb Futurity. Hearing these success stories and helping youth is what fuels the Spoonster program! Please enjoy the catalog and if you have any questions about the offering, please contact us or any of the other consignors. We’d love to hear from you and assist in any way possible! Again, Jessica and I thank you for your interest and it is with great honor we say, at Spoonster Hampshires “you’re not just purchasing a sheep, you’re purchasing part of our program.”

- Bobby, Jessica, Tinleigh, Charleigh and Trey Spoonster

n o i t a m r o f n Sale I • Bidding will begin at 12p.m.CST, Friday, May 4. • Each bidder will be provided with a customer number. • Each Lot will have a base price. • Bidders must call with their bid. • Bids will be in $50 increments. • Website will be updated with current price and customer number on each Lot approx. every 2 hours. • Bids will close at 5p.m. CST, Sunday, May 6. • Winning bidders will be notified approx. 2 hours after the close of sale. • Payment will be handled on an individual basis. For all sale related questions contact Bobby Spoonster.

To Place Your Bid Call: Bobby Spoonster at PH: 636-359-5487 Guest Consignors:

Robinson Hampshires • Clarksville, MO Schrock Hampshires • Congerville, IL Plaza Hampshires • Weston, MO Baa Baa Acres • Juneau, WI Please continue to check our website for updated lot information, additional sale day phone numbers and current bid and customer number on each lot!

Offered by Spoonster Hampshires

Bobby and Jessica Spoonster Family • Eolia, MO PH: 636.359.5487 Lot 1 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 2 • January Ram Lamb Lot 3 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 4 • February Ram Lamb Lot 5 • January Ram Lamb Lot 6 • February Ewe Lamb Lot 7A & 7B • Pick of March Ewe Lambs Lot 8 • Semen Lot

Robinson Hampshires The Davey Robinson Family • Clarksville, MO PH: 636.578.7285 Lot 9 • January Ram Lamb Lot 10 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 11 • January Ram Lamb

Plaza Hampshires

The Brad and Anna Payne Family • Weston, MO PH: 630.688.2583 Lot 12 • January Ram Lamb

Baa baa Acres

Rod, Terry and Skip Anderson • Juneau, WI PH: 701.205.9764 Lot 13 • January Ram Lamb Lot 14 • Yearling Ewe

Schrock Hampshires The Schrock Family • Congerville, IL PH: 309.369.7173 Lot 15 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 16 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 17 • January Ewe Lamb Lot 18 • January Ewe Lamb - Slick Lot 19 • January Ewe Lamb - Slick Lot 20 • January Ewe Lamb - Slick Lot 21 • Yearling Ram Lot 22 • Mature Stud Ram



To mathew Pinckney on his 2nd place finish in the 2011 national hampshire ewe lamb futurity!



Lot 1

Generation NEXT Sale

Lot 1

Spoonster 12-01 RR Born: 1-04-12


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: Lambert 06-08 You can pound the pavement and drive a lot of miles for that next great breeding piece, but stop your journey and look at Lot 1! This powerful ewe lamb blends all the right pieces; the look, the flash and the pedigree into one sweet package. A true futurity contender!

Lot 2

Spoonster 12-06 RR Born: 1-06-12


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: Spoonster 4-07 A super correct buck that has great rib shape and balance that you really appreciate! The mass and muscle this future sire has when you get your hands on him is not found very often in frame Hampshires. A definite sale favorite!

Lo t 2 Lot 3

Spoonster 12-03 RR Born: 1-04-12


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: Lambert 06-08

Lot 3

A quad sister to Lot 1, this beauty has a bright future in front of her. As you study her, take note of the balance and style she puts together. Couple that with great breed type and you have the equation for showring success. Plenty of gas left in the tank here, boys!

Lot 4

Spoonster 12-08 RR Born: 1-04-11


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: Spoonster 9-09

Lo t 4

Like Father like Son! This Strategy son offers boats loads of genetic potential. His pedigree is overflowing with purple ribbons. His grandam is “Vindication,” the 2005 Reserve National Champion ewe. We believe so much in this guy, we are retaining 1/2 interest in this true stud prospect!


Lot 5

Generation NEXT Sale

Lot 5

Spoonster 12-05 QR Born: 1-05-12


Sire: Spoonster 4-06 “Strictly Business” Dam: Bobendrier 0794 POWER, is the best word to describe this stud prospect. A ram lamb that is living up to his pedigree. If you need to add breed type, bone, and rib shape, study Lot 5. If we didn’t have such a large influence of “Strictly Business” in our flock, this guy would be under lock and key!

Lot 6

Spoonster 12-11 RR Born: 2-16-12


Sire: Robinson 6 “Damage Control” Dam: Schlichter DD-20 Here is super flashy ewe lamb that will be very competitive in the late classes. This “Damage Control” daughter is long bodied and loaded with extension. Her sire was the champion ram at the 2011 MO State Fair and he has proven himself as a great stud ram.

Lo t 6

Take your


Lo t 7A And we will

BUYER’s Choice

Keep the

Lo t 7B other one! Lot 7A Spoonster 12-18 RR • Lot 7B Spoonster 12-17 RR

Born: 3-06-12

The Pick of Twin Ewe Lambs

Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy • Dam: Held 10188

For all you “control freaks” out there, do we have a deal for you! Here is your chance to pick from this outsanding set of March born twin ewe lambs sired by the 2010 National Champion ram, “Strategy” and out of the 2011 MO State Fair Reserve Champion Ewe, Held 10188 “Eye Candy.” We think so highly of these two young females, we’d keep either one. Since we can’t decide which one to keep, we’ll let you do if for us. It would pretty hard to find a much better opportunity than this one right here!

Generation NEXT Sale

Lot 8


Incognito StreakeRR L o t 8 Spoonster Semen Lot

10 Units of Semen Buyer’s Choice

StAtus Symbol

A deal “Frozen in Time!” We believe in the preservation of quality genetics, not only as an insurance policy, but as a way to utilize the past in order to go forward. The buyer of Lot 8 will have the chance to select 10 units of semen from any ram in the Spoonster semen tank. Those rams include, the exciting young stud, “Status Symbol,” the time-tested “Exacta,” the proven stud, “Strictly Business” (grandsire of “StreakeRR”) and the Spoonster and Schrock stud, “Incognito.” Watch for the influence of these studs throughout our program.

Robinson Hamps Lot 9

Lot 9

Robinson 1201 RR Born: 1-15-12


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: Robinson 7004 A big, 3 dimensional stud prospect. This massive made ram is heavy duty from the ground up. He’s huge footed, monster boned and deep sided. If your goal is to add size, scale and pounds, Lot 9 can fill the bill. Here’s what you get when you combine Strategy, with The Intern.

Robinson 1203 RR Born: 1-25-12


Sire: Spoonster 4-06 “Strictly Business” Dam: Robinson 8003 Here’s the kind of female you can be build a program around. The true definition of a brood ewe. This girl is super sound, blends super smooth from front to rear and ties it all together into an attractive package. No shortage of breed type and stoutness in this lady.

Lo t 11

Lot 10

L o t 10

L o t 11

Robinson 1202 RR Born: 1-15-12


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: Robinson 7004 The twin to Lot 9, this ram brings extension and length of body to the table. This tall fronted ram is long from end to end and handles like a dream from his 13th rib back. If your mission is to add some extension and elevate your front ends, Lot 11 is the man for the job.


Generation NEXT Sale

Lo t 12

L o t 12

Plaza Hamps 1132 QR Born: 1-21-12


Sire: Plaza Hamps 1117 RRNN Pyro Dam: Plaza 823 “Flash” Power packed genetics in Plaza 1132. This ram’s sire was the 2011 National Senior Champion Ram Plaza 1117 “PYRO”. “PYRO’s ” mother was the 2009 National Champion Ewe and he was sired by OK State 573. This buck possesses style, balance, bone, breed type, great set of feet and legs, thickness, depth and spring of Rib, and has a square/flat rump structure. Honestly this is the type of ram I should not be selling and is the exact type of ram I am well known for. Don’t miss out on this quality!

The 1st Son

of Pyro to Ever


Lot 13


L o t 13

Baa Baa Acres 160 RR Born: 1-05-12


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: S&C Hamps 25 QR A buck lamb that is loaded with show and breeding potential. This long bodied ram lamb is elevated fronted and balanced. His pedigree blends many great proven sires such as; Bailout, Custom Built, Addiction, Unleashed, Enforcer, Rally and Mr. Goodfellow.

L o t 14

Lot 14

BAA Baa Acres 136 RR Born: 3-01-11


Sire: Baa Baa Acres 116 RR Strategy Dam: Baa Baa Acres 68 QR The brood ewe kind! Here’s a yearling ewe that exhibits all the traits of a great brood ewe. She’s deep sided, super level topped, big hipped and has plenty of bone. Her twin sister was the 5th place March ewe lamb at the 2011 NAILE Open show. Take a look!

Baa Baa Acres

Generation NEXT Sale

SChrock Hamps

L o t 15

Lot 15

Schrock 1220 QR+ Born: 1-22-12


Sire: Gordeneer 802 RR “Incognito” Dam: Schrock 730

Lot 16

A ewe lamb with a really cool pattern. This up-headed ewe lamb is loaded with breed type and style. Her sire, “Incognito” gives his offspring plenty of extension and style.

Lot 17

L o t 16

Schrock 1219 QR+ Born: 1-22-12


Sire: Gordeneer 802 RR “Incognito” Dam: Schrock 730 The triplet sister to Lot 15. If you are in the market for a ewe lamb that will be competitive in the showring and then go on to be a great brood ewe, check out this female.

L o t 17

Schrock 1225 QR+ Born: 1-25-12


Sire: Gordeneer 802 RR “Incognito” Dam: Schrock 725 This female comes from the heart of our program. This large framed, big bodied ewe lamb stems from our best ewe line. Her dam, Schrock 725 has produced numerous keeper ewe lambs the past few years. L earn

more at L o t 18

Schrock 1214 Qr+ Born: 1-20-12


Lot 18

Sire: Ellerbrock Buck Dam: Schrock 914 If you are shopping for a slick sheared ewe lamb or a female that will make you some rippin’ show wethers, look here. The combination of the “Ellerbrock Buck” on the “Hands On” daughters has proven to be a great cross. This ewe is no exception, a real powerhouse!

L o t 19

Schrock 1215 QR + Born: 1-20-12


Lot 19

Sire: Ellerbrock Buck Dam: Schrock 914 The twin to Lot 18. This ewe lamb is tremendously big topped, explosive in her hip, yet still remains attractive and smooth throughout her front end. We dug deep into our program to offer a great set of sheep.

Lot 20 L o t 20

Schrock 1224 QR+ Born: 1-25-12


Sire: Ellerbrock Buck Dam: Schrock 607 This ewe has been a favorite since the day she hit the ground. She is powerfully constructed, super wide based and stout in her bone work. Her dam, Schrock 607 is a massive Wheaton 3034 daughter that never misses.

Generation NEXT Sale L o t 21

Schrock 1125 RR Born: 1-15-11


Sire: Spoonster 8-03 “High Standards” Dam: Schrock 105 Offering 1/2 Interest. Here is an opportunity to buy a complete ram that is loaded with breed type. This guy is trendy, sound, big footed and has plenty of shag. He comes out of our best ewe family and is the maternal brother to “Garnett,” the 2003 Reserve Champion ram at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale.

Lot 21




Lot 22

For YOu!

L o t 22 Gordeneer 802 RR “INCOGNITO”

Born: 2008

Sire: Wheaton “Power Built” Dam: Gordeneer 432


Take the guess-work out of ram buying. Here is your chance to buy a proven sire with a winning track record. “Incognito” has been successful in both the Spoonster and Schrock flocks. He was a past champion, has sired champions and now can be the champion of your breeding pasture! Don’t pass up on an opportunity like this!



High Standards


Damage Control ellerbrock buck


Streakrr Grandson of strictly business

Thank you

For your interest in our program and the programs of our guest consignors. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you on May 4,5,6!

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Spoonster Hamps Generation Next Sale Catalog  

An online offering of elite Hampshire sheep genetics! May 4/5/6 2012.

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