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Hampshire Heartbeat Winter 2014

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S o l u t i o n S fo r tHAnk You to All of our 2013 cuStoMerS for Your confidence in our geneticS! Grant Basting•IL Chapman Hamps•SD Hunter Coultas•IL Dakota Fritts•AR Highland Hamps•IA Wayne Horton Family•OH

Meyer Hamps•IL MHW Farm•IA Phillip Moore Family•SD

1st Place Flock and Premier Exhibitor - 2013 NAILE Pictured Above (l to r): 2nd January ram lamb, bobendrier 13-20 “rare feller” (reserve Jr. champ) sired by feller 919; 7th late Yrlg. ewe, bobendrier 12-92, sired by lambert 11-20; 1st late Slick Yrlg. ewe, Quam 11097, sired by Held 09-2910; 2nd January ewe lamb,bobendrier 13-35, sired by “final edition” and 2nd March ewe lamb (reserve Jr. champ) sired by fleener 1202.

Our 2013 Louisville Winnings: 2nd January ram(reserve Jr. champ), 1st and 3rd March rams, 1st Pair of ram lambs, 7th and 12th fitted Yearling ewes, 1st late Shorn Yearling ewe, 4th Pair Yrlg. ewes, 1st and 2nd fall ewe lambs, 2nd and 4th January ewe lambs, 2nd March ewe lamb(reserve Jr. champ), 2nd Pair of ewe lambs, 1st Young flock, 1st flock and Premier exhibitor. check for photos of these winners on our web site!

Consider some “Rare” genetics in your breeding program’s future… Quality Breeding Stock Always Available On The Farm At Prices To Fit Anyone’s Budget.

Beau Mumm•IL Kaitlyn Neff•MD Nelson Hamps•CO Neimeier Hamps•IL Scott & Becky Odland•MN

Bret Sappington•MO Farooq Siddiqi•WV Siddiqi-Evans•OH Tonak Hamps•SD Wannarka Hamps•MN Lori Woods•IL

SPeciAl tHAnkS to Jeff rePASkY And HiS crew for AnotHer greAt Job in PrePAring our SHeeP for tHe SHowS And SAleS in 2013!

Money Back Guarantee, “Spider” Free - Honest Birth Dates - And at least one “R”!

Bobendrier Hampshires

1607 90th Ave • Pipestone, Minnesota • 56164 Home of the“Rare Ones”! PHONE: 507.825.4072 E-MAil: www.BOBENDRiERHAMPSHiRES.cOM

Finding your next Champion is a Journey.

make Fleener’s...

Your Destination! FCL 1315 “Claire”

FCL 1314 “Bo Duke” RR/NN

1St Slick ShorN Feb. eWe • 2013 Naile Sire: Wheaton “Napoleon” son (2nd Slick Shorn march ram lamb at the 2012 Naile) Fleener 1317

Fcl 1314 “bo duke” rr/NN Sire: Wheaton “Napoleon” son look for his progeny this spring!

Fleener 1312

Fleener 1219 “Peaches”

1St Slick march ram • 2013 Naile 3rd Slick Feb ram • 2013 Naile 1st Pair of ram lambs • 2013 Naile Champion Ram PA Farm Show Sire: “Old Skool” Sire: Wheaton “Napoleon” son Look for him at the Ohio Sale!

Kyle and Jen Fleener • Biglerville, PA

Watch for our 2Nd Slick YrliNg eWe• 2013 Naile consignments at Sire: Wheaton “Napoleon” son Dam: “Revival” daughter the OH Showcase Sale!


PH: 717-304-9116 • EMAIL:

Tim and Sarah Fleener • Robesonia, PA PH: 610-589-2588 • Cell: 717-413-5181

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President’s Message Hear from President David Lytle as he addresses the membership.


MEETING MINUTES An overview of the 124th Annual Meeting of the AHSA. HERITAGE HONORS Four Hampshire families’ are honored for their contribution to the breed. LOUISVILLE RESULTS A complete listing of all NAILE Hampshire Show results.

Winter 2014




32 Youth Connection

Winning and losing. It’s all about your attitude.


AJHSA SPotlight Learn about Holly Swearingen, an exciting young sheep producer.

42 The Sheep Chef

Homemade lamb stock? No problem!




Back to Basics Some guidelines for retaining your most productive ewes.

Hampshire Heartbeat

• Winter 2014


Breed Within the Breed 38 The A LEGACY OF LEARNING

The college atmosphere thrives on tradition and for many college campuses, Hampshire sheep are as steeped in tradition as the school’s fight song. Turn to page 38 to learn more about how Hampshire sheep are impacting college students across the country.

Mike Nelsh

2834 kennard-kingscreek Rd. Cable, Ohio 43009 Ph: 937-471-5682 Cell: 937-244-2673

P.D. kiRkPatRiCk 3120 e. 450 s. lafayette, iN 47909 Ph: 765-474-1239

& Mad River

Riviera RivieRa 686 (661)

Valley Hamps

birthdate: 3/5/2013 s: highbridge hamps 208 D: Riviera 661(589) RR

abby Nelsh

JUNiOR ChaMPiON eWe 1st Place Fitted March ewe 2013 Naile Open show

2834 kennard-kingscreek Rd. Cable, Ohio 43009 Ph: 937-206-3261

Entire Riviera Flock For Sale! We’ve made the difficult decision to offer our entire flock for sale. We’re proud of the program we’ve assembled over the years and believe this set of sheep could be successful in anyone’s flock.

We are offering the entire brood ewe flock of 20 head and their lambs at side. Plus all of our coming yearling ewes (included the two exciting females pictured to the right). Our two proven stud rams will also be available this spring. The flock is priced as a group and we welcome all interest and inquiries! Contact us for more details!

We Welcome Ymou!r Visit to the Far

aNDReW 1309

birthdate: 2/2/2013 s: Crome 1050 D: andre 1105 1st Place Fitted February Ewe 2013 Naile Open show

RivieRa 688 (638) birthdate: 2/5/2013 s: Riviera 675 (104) D: Riviera 638 (589)

4th Place February Ram Lamb 2013 Naile Open show Now at Stud for Wayne Beldon Family Hampshires in Indiana!

a note from the editors…


Kelli Armbruster and Skip Anderson

Again, Kelli and I are excited about this issue of the Hampshire Heartbeat. We got the first one under our belts and look forward to sharing our creative work with you in 2014. We will be the first to admit that there were some things about the Fall issue that weren’t perfect, but at the end of the day we were proud of the end result. I think many of us as sheep breeders can relate to this situation, we’ve never bred a perfect one, but we certainly work hard to produce one we’re happy with. Designing a magazine can be just the same. As we move into 2014 our goal is to include a broader human-interest direction to the magazine. We want to share more stories with our readers that involve the human side of the shepherd. We feel that the livestock industry is as much about the people as it is the stock. Kelli and I welcome any ideas from you, as a reader, to point us in the direction of interesting sheep people. Furthermore, as you page through this issue we have added a few new sections of the magazine. With support from the American Hampshire Sheep Association Board of Directors, we have continued to highlight the activities of the junior Hampshire members and started a junior spotlight feature. Kelli and I would like to thank those who see value in advertising in the Hampshire Heartbeat and we truly enjoy working with those breeders and businesses. We also can’t

thank those enough who take time out of their schedules to graciously volunteer to write the articles you enjoy reading. It is their support and dedication to this publication that allows the entire AHSA membership to enjoy a full-color, breeder-focused magazine.

i ll e K d n a p i Sk



Winter 2014

The Hampshire Heartbeat is the official publication of the American Hampshire Sheep Association. Our mission is to showcase all aspects of the Hampshire breed and to promote not only Hampshire sheep but stories and articles about the people who raise them. The publication serves as a communication piece to all association members and includes event notices, meeting minutes, director’s notes and national office correspondence. The Hampshire Heartbeat is published three times per year and is mailed to AHSA members across the US. EDITORS Skip Anderson and Kelli Armbruster RedBarn Branding and Promotional Strategy, LLC • Fargo, ND CONTRIBUTORS Bill Leib • Dan Shell • Debbie Deal • Phyllis Davison PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS Cheri Hurliman • Tiffany Swanson • Jill Alf • Michelle Wade SPECIAL THANKS Julie Warren • Phyllis Davison • Jill Alf • Jordan Hieber

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for more info:

Email us at: The Hampshire Heartbeat is always seeking beautiful Hampshire-oriented pictures, unique story ideas and current sheep industry news. We’d also love your feedback on the feature stories and information within this issue.


Hampshire Heartbeat

• Fall 2013

Jeff, Mary, austin and aaron Held

Aurora, SD • PH: 605.690.7033 •

Sired by “CaSkey 16”


HELD 13-1357 NNP RR


Supreme Champion Sd State Fair and res. Champ ram ia State Fair 5th Place Fitted January ram Lamb at 2013 NaiLe

HELD 13-1342 NNP RR

HELD 13-1396 NNP RR

Watch for Held Hampshires sale consignments this spring! We also welcome your visit to the farm! Sired by HeLd 1234

1st January ewe Lamb at the ia and Sd State Fair 5th at the 2013 NaiLe

Sired by HeLd 1234

1st February ewe Lamb at the ia and Sd State Fair 2nd at the 2013 NaiLe

Be sure to check our website for more pictures and information about our flock!

president’s message…

David Lytle, Pennsylvania Greetings from your President, It is likely many of you will be reading this column in the midst of lambing season, or for some just wrapping up with winter lambing. You may have just returned from the barn from a two AM barn check wide awake looking for a way to unwind, or perhaps you’re sitting in your vehicle warming up while you wait for that nervous yearling to figure out it’s time to move on with life and have her first lamb. Whichever the case, lambing season is a special time that always brings anticipation and, hopefully, rewards

for your efforts! Our association has clearly experienced some changes in the past six months with the departure of our association secretary, Carrie Taylor Kelly. In the absence of a secretary for several months I can say with certainty that I have a new perspective on what it takes to run our business. Although playing a more active role in the day to day operations of the Association has been challenging at times and a demand on the board’s time, I think it has been a good thing for our business long term. Unfortunately we are not in a position to announce who our next association secretary will be at this time, but we are making progress. The board has taken considerable efforts in evaluating what we need in a breed secretary and is moving forward actively interviewing candidates at this point. We have an extremely competent staff in Milo, Iowa, that will continue to be your contact for registration and transfers; Julie Warren will lead this aspect of our business as the breed registrar. Julie and the entire staff in Milo have been a tremendous asset to our association over the past several months. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting with Julie, call and introduce yourself. The new secretary will likely work somewhere other than Milo and be able to dedicate his or her efforts to building our organization, adding services to the membership and promoting Hampshire sheep. It was good to see many of you in Louisville for our annual meeting and the National Show, a special thank you to the members and board for your support in pulling off this event without the leadership of a breed secretary. During the annual meeting The Heritage Honors program recognized four breeders with a combined two hundred and thirty-seven years of raising Hampshire sheep. The recently formed junior association made some significant progress in November both in organization and fundraising; the auction at the meeting generated more than $1,500. What a National Show! The Hampshire breed is clearly in the lead; at the recent Louisville event the combined Hampshire exhibition (junior and open show) represented more entries than any other single breed! Despite concerns that the purebred sheep business is contracting, the 2013 North American International Livestock Show posted their largest sheep show ever with greater than four thousand head of junior and open individuals competing. All types of Hampshires are popular as our national event in November demonstrates! With our 2013 events behind us there is plenty to look forward to in 2014. There will be a special celebration in 2014, as this year marks the 125th anniversary of the American Hampshire Sheep Association. The board has some exciting things planned to make the Hampshire events at our Annual meeting and National show something you won’t want to miss. Some of the things we have planned for the November 2014 event include a banquet, access to special promotional items, a new 125th anniversary logo, as well as some enhancements to the show in Louisville. Keep an eye pealed for that special lamb or yearling that you might want to enter in the reinstated Stars of Louisville Hampshire sale on Saturday afternoon. Start planning now to spend the weekend of November 15th in Louisville for our 125th anniversary celebration. The banquet and annual meeting will be on Sunday, the junior events will be on Saturday and Sunday and the National Open Show is scheduled for Monday November 17th. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any board member with your concerns and input regarding the Hampshire business that we are all so passionate about.

David Lytle• 6

Hampshire Heartbeat

• Winter 2014

American Hampshire Sheep Association PO Box 51, 222 Main St - Milo, Iowa 50166 Phone: 641-942-6402 - Fax: 641-942-6502 Associated Registries Staff: Elisha Hammond, Julie Warren, Jacki Byers, and Barb VanHove AHSA Officers and Board of Directors: President: David Lytle Vice President: Tom Bobendrier District 1 - Lisa Hanson, OR - (503) 881-6550 -

1st term expires 2015

District 2 - Kelly Bianchi-Kunzler - (435) 279-3749 -

1st term expires 2014

District 3 - Randy Pirtle, OK - (918) 532-4553 -

1st term expires 2013

District 4 - Brent Larson, WI - (605)-633-1561 -

1st term expires 2016

District 5 - Phyllis Davison, KS - (316) 841-8223 -

1st term expires 2015

District 6 - Debbie Deal, OH - (330) 607-1347 -

1st term expires 2014

District 7 - Scott VanSickle, KY - (270) 792-7173 1st term expires in 2015

District 8 - David Lytle, PA - (484) 678-9291 -

2nd term expires 2013

At-Large - Tom Bobendrier, MN - (507) 215-0334 -

1st term expires 2015

At-Large - Derick Miller, TX - (806) 239-3670

2nd term expires in 2016

At-Large - Wayne Belden, IN - (219) 869-1851 -

1rd term expires 2014

Subscription rates are $15 per year for Non-Hampshire members. Members receive issues with paid membership and current dues. If you have a change of address please notify our office.

Office Fee Schedule A. Membership Dues 1. New Senior Membership................................. $25.00 2. Annual Senior Dues........................................... $25.00 3. New Junior Membership................................. $15.00 3. Junior Dues.......................................................... $15.00 B. Registrations Postmarked September 1- April 30 1. Animal under 12 months.....................................$4.00 2. Animal over 12 months.......................................$8.00 Postmarked May 1- August 31 1. Animal under 12 months.....................................$6.00 2. Animal over 12 months.................................... $12.00 C. Transfers 1. Under 60 days (from date of sale)....................$5.00 2. Over 60 days (from date of sale)................... $10.00 3. Over 90 days (from date of sale)................... $15.00 D. Duplicate Certificate...................................................$5.00 E. Rush Fee (per transaction).............................................$5.00

Genetics that Work!

Rams used foR 2013 and 2014 lambs include:

100+ REASonS WHy oUR GEnEtiCS WoRK... 50+ yEARS of CAREfUl SElECtion!

Congratulations! • Mercedes Ladies of Perley, MN, who showed the 1st place January Ewe Lamb at the 2013 Minnesota Bred Ewe Sale (sold for $600) sired by Frame 9048 ThundeRR. • Reid Merrill with the 2nd place January Ewe Lamb (sold for $850) and 1st place March Ewe lamb (sold for $700) both sired by Frame 8151 RR “Work of Art”. • Thanks also to Wannarka Hampshires for purchasing Frame 1049 RR tW, a Koehler 1026 RR daughter, for $700.

Koehler 1015 RR Breakthrough Koehler 1046 RR Paradigm (Both Red Baron Sons) Koehler 1149 RR Buford (a Paradigm son) Koehler 1256 RR Equinox (Buford x Wheaton 4-086) Koehler 1060 RR Upscale (a Bison son)

We also used several home raised ram lambs including “Monumental”, a Buford son that was the 2013 Minnesota Hampshire Assn. State Show Champion.

Art FrAme

16465 Paul Ave • Worthington, MN 56187 PH: 507.376.4928 •

BoB Koehler & FAmily

1712 111th St.• Slayton, MN 56172 PH: 507.836.8319 •

For your information AHSA 125th Anniversary

As the American Hampshire Sheep Association celebrates its 125th Anniversary, be watching for more information in the Spring issue of the Hampshire Heartbeat. In the spring issue, the AHSA will be unveiling its 125th Anniversary logo and providing detailed information on promotional material and future events about the anniversary. The AHSA encourages state Hampshire Associations can help spread the word about this special celebration. If you are a member of at state association and want to learn more about the 125th campaign, please contact the AHSA Publicity Chairman, Scott VanSickle of KY. Scott’s contact information can be found on page 6 of this issue.

Remember to use the AI & ET Forms...

Don’t forget when sending in your 2014 lambs, to include the required AI or ET certificates if needed. These certificates can be found on the back of the work order. These require the signature of the technician along with the animal owner’s. Also don’t forget a breeding certificate for use in registering any lambs sired by a ram that you do not own personally or in partnership. REMEMBER lambs are always registered to the owner of the dam at time of mating! Please make sure to complete the proper paperwork when registering.

The voice you hear at the AHSA office…

When you call the AHSA office, the voice you hear on the end of the line is Julie Warren. Julie oversees the day-to-day man-

agement of the office in Milo and works closely with the Board of Directors to execute the duties of the Associated Sheep Registry. The AHSA Board of Directors appreciates the excellent leadership role Julie has assumed. Be sure to say hello to Julie next time you call the AHSA office!

Spring Issue Advertising Deadline

Based on unforeseen circumstances, the production of this Winter issue of the Hampshire Heartbeat was delayed. In order to get back on schedule for the Spring 2014 issue, the FINAL DAY for ad copy will be March 28, 2014. The editors will be contacting all current advertisers to assist with the gathering of advertising information. If you would like to advertise in the Hampshire Heartbeat or have a great story idea, please contact RedBarn Branding at


The editors of the Hampshire Heartbeat strive to provide accurate information, however upon reviewing the Fall 2013 issue of the Hampshire Heartbeat, it was inadvertently reported in the National Hampshire Sale results that the high selling ram was the Champion Ram consigned by Nelson Hampshires of Colorado. The correct high-selling ram was consigned by VanCleave Hampshires of Seneca, Illinois. The ram was the First Place SlickSheared Ram, selling for $5,000 to Alvin McNeil.

Stay Current… On All ThingsHampshire WWW.HAMPSHIRES.COM

Register sheep online • Find sale and show results Download forms • COntact the AHSA OFFICE Make a payment to your account • FOLLOW JUNIOR MEMBER ACTIVITIES Find Hampshire events and schedules • Breeders Directory LEARN MORE ABOUT Breed Standards and Breed information 8

Hampshire Heartbeat

• Winter 2014

Calendar of Events Big Ohio Weekend Eaton, OH May 8-10, 2014

Great Lakes All Breeds Show and Sale

Wooster, OH May 24-25, 2014

Nugget All-American Reno, NV May 29-31, 2014

Reno Classic Sale Reno, NV May 29-30, 2014

Midwest Junior Preview Show Sedalia, MO June 14, 2014

National Hampshire Sale Sedalia, MO June 23-28, 2014

All American Junior Show Hutchinson, KS July 3-6, 2014

Throughout the spring… Watch for multiple online sales featuring Hampshire rams, ewes, wethers and Hampshire influenced club lambs. Numerous Hampshire breeders will also be hosting Online Production Sales.

A Tradition of Producing Champions! Listed Among the Nation’s Best Community Colleges National Science Foundation Award Winning College Low Cost Smooth Transition from High School Small Class Sizes High Graduation Rate Individual Attention Over 70 Degree to Choose From

Enjoy Classes In Animal Sciences Intro to Plant & Soil Science Entomology Livestock Feeding Live Animal Evaluation

124th Annual Meeting

Minutes from the

of the American Hampshire Sheep Association Attendees enjoyed a variety of hors d’oeuvres prior to President Payne calling the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. He formally welcomed everyone to the 124th Annual Membership Meeting of the AHSA. Board members were introduced: Randy Pirtle, Phyllis Davison, Richard Krackow, Debbie Deal, Wayne Belden, David Lytle, Lisa Hanson, Scott VanSickle, Tom Bobendrier and Kelly Bianchi-Kunzler. President Payne then asked everyone to introduce themselves and their families. Everyone was asked to consult the annual meeting program and review minutes of the 123rd annual meeting. Chris Cahoon moved to approve the minutes. 2nd, Warren Finder, all approved. President Payne then expressed his appreciation for the continued support he has received throughout 2013 from the membership and board members. He stated the board was disappointed when Carrie Taylor-Kelly decided to resign her position in October to pursue another career opportunity. Brad explained the board will be accepting applications for a new AHSA secretary through December 2. The membership was encouraged to visit the AHSA website for the position announcement and any related information. President Payne called on the counting committee to collect any ballots and to finalize the election. Terms for four director positions have expired. Directors eligible for reelection were Randy Pirtle (District 3), Richard Krackow (District 4), David Lytle (District 8) and Brad Payne (At-Large). Also on the ballot was Brent Larson (District 4) and Lisa Webster (District 8). Next, Joe Cabiness was recognized as Breeder of the Year. Since the family is not in attendance, Brad said arrangements would be made to get this award to them. It was announced that the 2014 AllAmerican Junior Show will be conducted in Hutchinson, Kansas, at the fairgrounds. In 2015, the show will move to the Big E. Results of the Hampshire ewe lamb futurity contest were presented. Campbell Coyle received the most points for 2013 and won first place. In second place was Kelsey 10

Hampshire Heartbeat

• Winter 2014

Swonger; third to Tyler Majchrzak; fourth to Kelsey Swonger; fifth to Beau Mumm; sixth to Jessica Alf; and seventh to Grace Powell. Tyler Majchrzak and Beau Mumm tied for eighth place. In ninth was Lensey Watson and Alyssa Lytle placed tenth. Other introductions included the advisors for the newly formed Junior Hampshire Sheep Association. Board members Debbie Deal and Wayne Belden are joined by Jill Alf, Megan Woods, and Rocky Swearingen in providing leadership and support to this group. It was then announced that Lensey Watson was the recipient of a $500 scholarship from the Junior association. David Lytle introduced a Powerpoint presentation to honor Hampshire Heritage Award winners: 40 years - Highland Hampshires, Gary T. Klug and Family, Harlan, IA 58 years - Fort Donnally Farm, John R. Johnson, Lewisburg, WV 60 years - Pickney Farms, David A. Pickney and Family, Cayuga, NY 78 years - Marvin Purdy and Son, Blackwell, OK Because the Hampshire Heartbeat is celebrating its 20th anniversary, Skip Anderson and Kelli Armbruster, owners of Red Barn Branding, were introduced because they produced the current issue of the Heartbeat. Skip pointed out that since this was the 20th, the entire magazine had been printed in color. He went on to announce that going forward, the Heartbeat would continue to be produced in color. Warren Finder was then called on to announce the election results. Randy Pirtle, Brent Larson, David Lytle and Brad Payne were elected to serve three-year terms ending in 2016. President Payne then opened the floor for other announcements. Abilene Gatson, director for the Midwest Preview Show, invited everyone to attend and participate in this show which will be conducted in Sedalia during June. Lastly, Brad remarked on the enthusiastic turnout

of junior members for a social on Saturday evening. During 2014, similar events will be held at the All American Junior Show, the Midwest Preview Show, and NAILE. Next, Richard Krackow was called on to auction items for the benefit of the Junior association . Held Hampshires purchased the three classic Santas donated by Alf Hampshires. Christmas trees with felted wool garland were donated by Double Bar D (Deal) and sold to Bill Chappin and Lisa Hanson. The Deals also donated felted Angels which were purchased by Chuck Bobendrier and Phyllis Davison. Brent Larson was the winner of 100 slices of precooked bacon offered by Highland Hampshires (Klug). A corm hole game went home with the Bobendrier Boys. Lastly, the back cover for the next three issues of the Hampshire Heartbeat came up for sale. Kim Ketcham of Ketcham Equipment was the successful bidder. In all, the auction raised just under $1,700 for the Junior association. During closing announcements, President Payne stated the board is planning a Stars of Louisville Sale, to be conducted during NAILE, in conjunction with the 125th anniversary. When he mentioned that promotional items would also be made available to members, Bill Chappin asked if state associations could also get these. A representative from New England also expressed interest in obtaining promotional items. There being no further business, Chuck Bobendrier moved, seconded by Wayne Belden, that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried. Submitted by AHSA Board of Director, Phyllis Davison. The AHSA Board of Directors has an accountant preparing audited financial statements for the period ending December 31, 2013. All financial statements will be presented in the Spring 2014 issue of the Hampshire Heartbeat.

CheCk out our 2014

caSkey “diSTiNcTioN” Sired by “fusion” champion ram at 2012 & 2013 MN State fair

2nd fall ram lamb at the 2012 National Hampshire Show

Stud Ram Lineup!

Prairie Gold rr Sired by “Prairie Pride”

2nd feb ram lamb at 2011 National Hampshire Show.

JT THeory Sired by “Bounce Back”

2nd feb ram lamb at 2012 National Hampshire Show.

2nd yearling at the 2013 National Hampshire Show

We had another great year at Louisville where we had 8 of 11 head place in the top 3 of their class! Check out the results in this issue of the heartbeat!

We will be offering an exceptional set of rams and ewes of all ages this spring. Check our website for details! fiNal ediTioN rr Sired by “rare rendition” 2011 National champion ram.

oVerlooked rr Sired by “fusion” 3rd Place fall ram lamb 2012 Midwest regional Hampshire Show.

New weaPoN rr Sired by “New era” 3rd Place March ram lamb 2012 Midwest regional Hampshire Show.

Visit our website for more show results and updates to our breeding program!


SParTaN rr Sired by “Miller classic” This ram sired the 2nd Place Slick Sheared feb ram lamb at the 2013 National Show.

PineM L awn Farms ,C ,J &k C ike

arrie ason

yle askey

1222 171st St • Holland, MN 56139 PH: 507.347.3229 •

At pine Lawn Farms we take pride in raising high quality, sound, durable, performance-oriented sheep that are consistently competitive in the show ring.

We keep produCtion reCords...iF it mAtters, We meAsure it!

Hampshire Heritage Honors

Congratulations to the 2013 Recipients!


40 Plus Years Highland Hampshires, Harlan, IA Gary T. Klug and Family

50 Plus Years Fort Donnally Farm, Lewisburg, WV John R. Johnson

The Highland Hampshires flock was established 41 years ago in 1972. The flock got its start with the purchase of two mature ewes from Roembke Hampshires of Cedarburg, WI. In 2009, Highland Hampshires was awarded the Master Sheep Breeder, an honor from the WI Sheep Breeders Cooperative (WSBC). While living in WI, Gary was active throughout the state served numerous terms on the WSBC board of directors. Currently the Highland Hampshires Flock consists of 25 ewes. Highland Hampshires are still proud of two outstanding winners, “Intrigue,” a many time champion ewe in 2002 and “Trifecta,” a three-time State Fair Champion ram in 2006.

In 1955, the Fort Donnally Farm flock was started with the encouragement of Dr. James Mann. The first Hampshire ewes were purchased from Lunsford Farms of Virginia. Over the years Fort Donnally has exhibited sheep in eight different states stretching from Maryland to Texas. Some of the historic winners exhibited by Fort Donnally include the Champion Pen of Wethers at the Ohio State Fair and the Champion Wether at the NAILE in 1974, which was the inaugural show at the North American. Currently, the 50 head Johnson flock of purebred Hampshires is last remaining flock of sheep in the Raders Valley. At one time over 1000 head of sheep called the Raders Valley home.

50 Plus Years Pinckney Farms, Cayuga, NY David A. Pinckney and Family

70 Plus Years Marvin Purdy & Son Blackwell, OK

The Pinckney flock dates back to 1935, with the first Hampshires being registered in the mid 1950’s. The family’s sheep operation served as a valuable asset and was one of the main reasons how the Pinckney family survived the Great Depression. It was organizations such as 4H and FFA that guided David Sr. to begin showing sheep. Now three generations of the Pinckney family have shown sheep across NY for nearly 60 years. They started with the “Big Six Picnic” and now are showing at over a dozen shows annually, including the Big E, KILE and the NAILE. The flock today is made up of 30 registered Hampshire ewes.

With the help of Mr. Ross Chandler, an FFA advisor, Marvin started his Hampshire flock in 1936 with a “gate cut” purchase of bred ewes from a carload that Mr. Chandler bought in Wyoming. With the help of his brother, Marvin’s Hampshire flock remained in tact while he served in WWII. In the 1960’s Marvin and his brother took over the management of a 3,000 head commercial sheep operation in Kansas. Presently, four generations have cared for and have shown the Purdy flock. The flock was highlighted with breeding the champion ram at the 1993 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Hampshire Heartbeat

• winter 2014

Land Run 291 RRnn

1st slick Fall ewe lamb • 2013 Naile

Sired by BuRkhead Look for Land Run haMPS at maNy

oF the upcomiNg shows aNd sales LeaRn MoRe about our program at www.faceBook.coM/LandRunhaMPS

Land Run Hamps

342490 E 760 Rd • AgRA, OK 74824 AAROn HubbARd • PH: 918.225.9743 EMAIL: MEgAfARMs1@yAHOO.cOM

r e d n i F

Warren • Pam • Sarah • Kyle • Daniel

HAMPSHIRES The Ones We Sell Are Keepers!

excitinG Set of YearlinG eWeS for Sale at the farM! oUr neW StUd doG, Benelli. pUpS are availaBle!

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North American International Livestock Exposition•Louisville, KY• Saturday, November 16, 2013 • Judge: Logan MacLennan

Hampshire Market Wether Show Hampshire Wether Class 1 (Weights 113-135)

Champion Hampshire Wether (Pictured at Left)

1st-Bree Elliott, OK 2nd Jed Sidwell, CO 3rd-Ryan Liakos, NE 4th-Garrett Gourley, IA 5th-Ella Jahner, IA 6th-Carrie Unroe, IA 7th-Savannah Stevens, MS 8th-Hailee Whitehurst, NC 9th-Tyson Warner, TN 10th-Emma See, NC 11th-Cierra Jordan, OH

Res. Champion Hampshire Wether (Pictured Below)

Hampshire Wether Class 2 (Weights 136-142) 1st-Samantha Raute, IN 2nd-Brock Hill, OK 3rd-Hayley Blevins, VA 4th-Trent George, MI 5th-Morgan Weinrich, CO 6th-Bradley Berlet, IN 7th-Taylor Wiss, OK 8th-Lane Slaton, IN 9th-Karley Warner, TN 10th-Anna Ruff, Elberton, GA 11th-Lilly Hildebrand, CA

Hampshire Wether Class 3 (Weights 143- 146) 1st-MacKenzie Fruchey, OH 2nd-Chandler Schelkopf, NE 3rd-Destinee Johnson, OK 4th-Cal Davis, OK 5th-Morgan Weinrich, CO 6th-Jordyn Leininger, IN 7th-Madelyn Scott, NE 8th-Bailee Amstutz, OH 9th-Beth Zuber, IA 10th-Mac Heuer, GA 11th-Anna Ruff, GA 12th-Shelby Karr, IA 13th-Cassidy Galindo, CA 14th-Toree Fraze, NM 15th-Abigail Critchelow, IL

Hampshire Wether Class 4 (Weights 147-151) 1st-Emily Smith, OK 2nd-Samantha Raute, IN 3rd-Kylee Silliman, IA 4th-Brooke Bowen, IN 5th-Kyle Garringer, IN 6th-Justin Willoughby, IN


Hampshire Heartbeat

• WINTER 2014

7th-Rachel Flanders, IN 8th-Amanda Bacon, AR 9th-Macy Morris, IN 10th-Austin Dunagan, KY 11th-Colin Gump, OH 12th-Troy King, OH

Hampshire Wether Class 5 (Weights 152-158) 1st-Jaclyn Dingels, MN 2nd-Alexandra Raute, IN 3rd-Bryce Schmidt, MO 4th-Meghann Winters, OH 5th-Ty Malechek, TX 6th-Emma Louise Strouse, MI 7th-Claire Woodard, GA 8th-Allison Smith, KS 9th-Chase Benham, MI 10th-Mason Miller, OH 11th-Sarah Edmonds, LA 12th-Tyler Kiggins, IN 13th-Kyle Graber, OH

Hampshire Wether Class 6 (Weights 159-165) 1st-Delanie Wiseman, OH 2nd-Jared Whitcomb, IL 3rd-Beau Davis, OK 4th-Ty Malechek, TX 5th-Austin Bernicky, IN 6th-Kamden Urban, OK 7th-Justin Willoughby, IN 8th-Matthew Wallen, OH 9th-Justin Rupnow, IA

10th-Maggie Neer, OH 11th-Theron Henderson, CO 12th-Skye Schumaker, IL 13th-Chandler Jahner, IA 14th-Collin Tennant, IN 15th-Lynsey Schmitz, ND

Hampshire Class 7 (Weights 166-201) 1st-Toree Fraze, NM 2nd-Travis Wallen, IN 3rd-Savannah Keitzer, IA 4th-Gina Locke, TN 5th-Kelsie Bowles, CA 6th-Kassaundra Veach, IA 7th-Jaden Younts, IN 8th-Adam Heffelfinger, OH 9th-William Rupnow, IA 10th-Sarah Young, OH 11th-Caitlin Goss, NC

Champion Hampshire Wether: Toree Fraze (Class 7)

Res. Champion Hampshire Wether: MacKenzie Fruchey (Class 3)

North American International Livestock Exposition•Louisville, KY• Sunday, November 17, 2013 • Judge: Tim Fleener

National HampshireJunior Show Fitted Senior Ram Lambs

1st - Bobendrier 12-154 “Rare Opportunity” Beau Mumm, IL 2nd - Fuller FB 12109 RR Brady Carter, MN

Fitted January Ram Lambs 1st - J and E Hamps 2-22 RR “Homeboy” Jerry Daniels, MO 2nd - Higgs 301 Uncle Si Ali Higgs, KY 3rd - Klug HH 13-115P NWP RR Dylan Klug, WI

Fitted February Ram Lambs 1st - Mumm 1358 Beau Mumm, IL 2nd - Livermore 453-13 Jennifer Livermore, IL 3rd - Higgs 338 Rye Whiskey Ali Higgs, KY 4th - Caskey 3582 Kelsey Swonger, IN 5th - Klug HH 13-120P Dylan Klug, IA 6th - Meeks 062 Logan Meeks, TN

Champion Fitted Ram

J and E Hamps 2-22 RR “Homeboy” Jerry Daniels, MO

Reserve Champion Fitted Ram Mumm 1358 Beau Mumm, IL

1st - Alf 1712 NN RR Jessica Alf, WI 2nd - Peterson 5857 Brandt Spilde, WI 3rd - Rikow 2075 Brand Spilde, WI 4th - Quam 11073 Beau Mumm, IL 5th - CharLand Farms 1209 Abilene Gatson, MO 6th - Mumm 1246 Beau Mumm, IL 7th - Andrew 12-01 Kelsey Swonger, KS 8th - Gehlbach 12-3 Colten Gehlbach, IL 9th - Hand 215 NNP RR Allison Hand, MO

Hampshire Heartbeat

Fitted Senior Ewe Lambs 1st - Houghtaling 12-408RR Jennifer Livermore, IL 2nd - Riviera 682 (666) RR Jessica Jean Larrick, OH 3rd - Bobendrier 12-159 Beau Mumm, IL 4th - Herrig 0907 RRNN Jessica Alf, WI 5th - Plaza Hamps 1145 RRNN Jerry Daniels, MO 6th - Quam 11161 Beau Mumm, IL 7th - Pinckney 2302 R Matthew Pinckney, NY 8th - Klug HH 12-117 Dylan Klug, IN 9th - Double L 12304 Lindsay Shell, OH 10th - Herrig 0904 Chelsea Shell, OH 11th - Caskey 2838 RR Matthew Pinckney, NY

Fitted January Ewe Lambs

Fitted Yearling Ewes


10th - Bobendrier Boys 1238 Brady Bobendrier, MN 11th - Herrig 0859 Lindsay Shell, OH 12th - Pullin 5-12 Chelsea Shell, OH 13th - Meeks 020 Logan Meeks, TN

• WINTER 2014

1st - Alf 2213 Jessica Alf, WI 2nd - Beth Jenna Sullivan, CT 3rd - Mercedes Ladies 13-09 Lensey Watson, AR 4th - Mercedes Ladies 13-03 RR Dylan Klug, IN 5th - Jadewood 13012 Tyler Majchrzak, MD 6th - Nelssen 13011 Grant Friesen, IN 7th - Fuller FB 13011 RR Brady Carter, MN 8th - Caskey 3407 RR TW Abilene Gatson, MO 9th - Alf 23-13 Chelsea Shell, OH

Fitted February Ewe Lambs 1st - Mumm 1321 Beau Mumm, IL 2nd - J and E Hamps 2-24 Jerry Daniels, MO 3rd - Klug HH 13-158T Ryan Bingen, IA 4th - Caskey 3486 RR TW Abilene Gatson, MO 5th - Jadewood 13062 Tyler Majchrzak, MD 6th - Friesen 1329 Grant Friesen, IN 7th - Held 131398RR Madison Corzatt, IL 8th - Blumenschein 1387 Kelsey Swonger, KS 9th - Alf 26-13 Lindsay Shell, OH 10th - Bobendrier Boys 1328 Brady Bobendrier, MO

Fitted March Ewe Lambs 1st - Livermore 441-13 Jennifer Livermore, IL 2nd - Blumenscheir 1391 Kelsey Swonger, KS 3rd Mumm 1372 Beau Mumm, IL 4th - Alf 3013 NNRR Jessica Alf, WI 5th - Plaza Hamps 1154 RRNN Jerry Daniels, MO 6th - Bobendrier Boys 1336 Mitch Bobendrier, MN 7th - Plaza Hamps 1152 Dalton Payne, MO 8th - Plaza Hamps 1160 Dalton Payne, MO 9th - Gatson 1336 Abilene Gatson, MO 10th - Majchrzak 313 Tyler Majchrzak, MD 11th - Rikow 3030 Brandt Spilde, WI 12th - Bobendrier Boys 1346 Sam Bobendrier, MN 13th - Alf 32-13 Chelsea Shell, OH 14th - Shell 1313 Lindsay Shell, OH 15th - Halligan 10 Ryan Halligan, KY

Congratulations to allJunior Exhibitors!

Champion Fitted Ewe Alf 1712 NN RR Jessica Alf, WI

Slick Sheared Yearling Ewes

1st - Flanders VIP 3662 Joel Flanders, IN 2nd - Lazy 5 2513 Beverly Hampton, NC 3rd - High Hill Farm 3103 Holly Swearingen, KS 4th - Michel 1315 Seth Michel, IN 5th - Rupnow 1000 Ty Thorson, WI 6th - Storms 493 Suzanna Storms, IL 7th - Stahel 1300 Derek Stahel, KS 8th - Goddard 191 Gage Goddard, TN 9th - Swearingen SS 1313 Brandon Stahel, KS 10th - KP Hamps 1307 Katherine Parsley, IN

1st - Shroyer 1094 YE Isaac Thompson, IN 2nd - 1121 YE Ava Shroyer, OH 3rd - Flanders VIP 2584 Joel Flanders, IN 4th - Shroyer 1076 YE Joel Flanders, IN 5th - Hays HB 1213 Holly Swearingen, KS 6th - Shroyer 1148 Morgan Hauger, IN 7th - Miller P4598 Suzanna Storms, IL 8th - Verhaeghe KLV 2311 Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN 9th - Miller P4636 Campbell, Corbin and Clark Coyle, KY 10th - Krinsky 1219 Austin Hicks, OK 11th - Lazy 5 0948 Beverly Hampton, NC 12th - Hambleton KK 2069 Spencer Smith, NE 13th - Swearingen SS 1225 Emma Stewart, KS 14th - Robertson 1222 Kane Zimpfer, IN 15th - Krinsky 1204 Austin Hicks, OK 16th - DDJ CL 0695 Jacen Wilinski, WI 17th - Miller P 4589 Campbell, Corbin and Clark Coyle, KY 18th - Thompson 0569 Brandon Stahel, KS 19th - Shroyer 1175 YE Katlyn Mathew, LA 20th - Goddard 139 Gage Goddard, TN 21st - Stahel 1209 Lakin Stahel, KS

Champion Slick Sheared Ram

Slick Sheared Sr. Ewe Lambs

Reserve Champion Fitted Ewe Livermore 441-13 Jennifer Livermore, IL

Slick Sheared Sr. Ram Lambs 1st - Verhaeghe KLV 3341 Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN 2nd - Verhaeghe KLV 0030 Matthew Pinckney, NY 3rd - Terradise 1310 AI Campbell, Corbin and Clark Coyle, KY

Slick Sheared Jan. Ram Lambs 1st - Lazy 5 2504 Beverly Hampton, NC 2nd - Lazy 5 2502 Beverly Hampton, NC

Slick Sheared Feb. Ram Lambs

Flanders VIP 3662 Joel Flanders, IN

Res. Champion Slick Sheared Ram Lazy 5 2513 Beverly Hampton, NC

1st - Poe 3058 Morgan Hauger, IN 2nd - Verhaeghe KLV 2875 Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN 3rd - Terradise 1309 Campbell, Corbin and Clark Coyle, KY 4th - Hill High 3007 Holly Swearingen, KS 5th - Terradise 1306 AI

Campbell, Corbin and Clark Coyle, KY 6th - Terradise 1315 AI Campbell, Corbin and Clark Coyle, KY 7th - Storms 487 Suzanna Storms, IL

Slick Sheared Jan. Ewe Lambs 1st - Mattingly 1611 Tessa Mattingly, IN 2nd - Flanders VIP 3656 AI Joel Flanders, IN 3rd - Hancock 3008 Tommy Hobbs, IN 4th - Metro 308 Ty Thorson, WI 5th - Poe 3094-13 Morgan Hauger, IN 6th - Hancock 3022 Ryan Halligan, KY 7th - Poe 312613 Taylor Wiss, OK 8th - Verhaeghe KLV 3321 Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN 9th - High Hill Farm 3050 Zach Wamsley, IN 10th - Poe 3126-13 Taylor Wiss, OK 11th - Hancock 3002 Tommy Hobbs, IN 12th - Lazy 5 2501 Beverly Hampton, NC 13th - Poe 3352-13 Kane Zimpfer, IN 14th - Lazy 5 2503 Beverly Hampton, NC 15th - Hays HB 13-12 Holly Swearingen, KS 16th - Stahel 1211 Brandon Stahel, KS 17th - Verhaeghe KLV 2940 Matthew Pinckney, NY 18th - Davis 1980 Alyson Utegg, IL 19th - Goddard 156 Gage Goddard, TN 20th - Stahel 1213 Derek Stahel, Ks

WINTER 2014 •Hampshire



Junior Show Results Continued... Slick Sheared Feb. Ewe Lambs 1st - Poe 3343-13 Morgan Hauger, IN 2nd - Mattingly 1637 Tessa Mattingly, IN 3rd - Flanders VIP 3652 Joel Flanders, IN 4th - 3001 Lindsey O’Hara, IN 5th - Poe 3176 Taylor Wiss, OK 6th - Stewart 1324 Emma Stewart, KS 7th - PPF 341 TJ Yazell, KY 8th - Hestia Wade 321 Izzy Wade, OR 9th - Stitzlein Farm R112 Beverly Hampton, NC 10th - Hays HB 13-20 Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN 11th - Hambleton Kay Bar Kay 3171 Luke Harker, IN 12th - Bobbs 0705 Zachary Bobb, IA 13th - Metro 326 Ty Thorson, WI 14th - Jadewood 13050 Jared Bruhin, TN 15th - Swearingen SS 1307 Holly Swearingen, KS 16th - Shroyer 1294 YE Isaac Thompson, IN 17th - Schrock 0746 K103 Ryan Spangler, IL 18th - Stahel 1219 Lakin Stahel, KS

Junior Show Candids


Hampshire Heartbeat

• WINTER 2014

Slick Sheared March Ewe Lambs 1st - 1392 YE Jada Shroyer, OH 2nd - Poe 3456-13 Maddie Hauger, IN 3rd - Lazy 5 2511 Abigail Wilson, NC 4th - Verhaeghe KLV 2887 Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN 5th - Begalka 3065 Taylor Wiss, OK 6th - Cruit 1368 Ryan Spangler, IL 7th - Hambleton KK 3262 Abbie Hambleton, NE 8th - Lazy 5 2509 Beverly Hampton, NC 9th - Lazy 5 2510 Abigail Wilson, NC 10th - Begalka 3059 Taylor Wiss, OK 11th - PPF 3121 TJ Yazell, KY 12th - Swearingen SS 1332 Holly Swearingen, KS 13th - Hambleton KK 3112 Abbie Hambleton, NE 14th - Stewart 1333 Emma Stewart, KS 15th - Lazy 5 2512 Beverly Hampton, NC 16th - M and M 1324 Erin Israel, FL 17th - Bobbs 0690 Zachary Bobb, IA

18th - Hambleton KK 3028 Spencer Smith, NE 19th - Robertson 1314 Kane Zimpfer, IN 20th - Storms 501 Suzanna Storms, IL 21st - Goddard 189 Gage Goddard, TN

Champion Slick Sheared Ewe Shroyer 1094 YE Isaac Thompson, IN

Res. Champion Slick Sheared Ewe 1121 YE Ava Shroyer, OH

Grand Champion Ewe Shroyer 1094 YE Isaac Thompson, IN

Reserve Grand Champion Ewe Alf 1712 NN RR Jessica Alf, WI

Grand Champion Ram J and E Hamps 2-22 RR “Homeboy” Jerry Daniels, MO

Reserve Grand Champion Ram Flanders VIP 3662 Joel Flanders, IN

Junior Show C hampions

Grand Champion Ram • 2013 NAILE JR. Show Champion Fitted Ram • Jerry Daniels, MO

Grand Champion Ewe • 2013 NAILE JR. Show Champion Slick Ewe • Isaac Thompson, IN

Res. Champion Ram • 2013 NAILE JR. Show Champion Slick Ram • Joel Flander, IN

Res. Champion EWE • 2013 NAILE JR. Show Champion Fitted Ewe • Jessica Alf, WI

Res. Champion Fitted Ram Beau Mumm, IL

Res. Champion Fitted Ewe Jennifer Livermore, IL

Res. Champion Slick Ram Res. Champion Slick Ewe Beverly Hampton, NC Ava Shroyer, OH


•Hampshire Heartbeat


, d n e g e l a e b o t s t n a w l r i g a f i e r u g fi I d a e h a o g t s ju d l u o she sh and be one.

-Calamity Jane

“Bonnie” {

2013 NatioNal ChampioN hampshire ewe

SteffenS 389 nnP QR BD: 2.17.2012 2012 ReS. national ChamPion ewe SiRe: Bh 10-33 nnP RR “RaRe momentum” Dam: SteffenS 962 nnP QR


a special thaNK YoU to Brad payne and the entire plaza hamps Crew for their outstanding job getting “Bonnie” dialed in for her big day! we think she’s something special and are humbled by the number of calls, texts and emails from people who think so too! we are pleased to announce that we have flushed “Bonnie” to the supreme Champion ram at the 2013 Naile, “homeboy”. Be watChiNgfor the resUlts of this moNUmeNtal matiNg!

orget! ’t FGENEraTioN DonThE


oNLiNE SaLE May 2 - 4 • 2014

Spoonster HampsHires

BoBBy and Jessica spoonster Family Eolia, Mo • PH: 636.359.5487 EMail: bjsPoonstEr@ME.coM


North American International Livestock Exposition•Louisville, KY• Tuesday, November 19, 2013 • Judge: Tad Thompson

National HampshireOpen Show Yearling Ram

1st - Northstar Farm (Webster), ME North Star RD329 3/8/2012 S:North Star WH 0444 D:North Star 183 2nd - Pine Lawn Farm (Caskey), MN Caskey 1287 RR 10/7/2011 S:Krackow Rikow 8095 D:Caskey 6170 RR 3rd - Strawberry Fields (Searle), RI Mumm 1201 RR 2/6/2012 S:BH 10-57 ‘Rare Perfection’ D:Springdale Farm 10-004 4th - Krinsky Hamps, OK Krinsky 1207 Ricky 2/17/2012 S:Krinsky 933 D:Krackow Rikow 7051 5th - Lensey Watson, AR Meeks 017 2/12/2012 S:Blu-Acre 10-08 D: Krackow Rikow 9099

January Ram Lamb

597113 591744 17246D

1st - Jerry Daniels, MO J & E Hamps 2-22 1/17/2012 S:Knapp 273 RR D:J & E Hamps 7-18 RR

596111 589714 98057C

59454 588399 93795C

2nd - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 13-20 1/3/2013 S:Feller 919 D:Bobendrier 10-08 NNP RR

595707 588857 24780D

594019 590630 26911D

3rd - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN Caskey 3400 RR 1/1/2013 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Caskey 8228 RR

596939 593477 17776D

594563 591963 96647C

4th - Riviera Hampshires(Nelsh), OH Andrew 1301 1/2/213 595604 S:Andrew 1123 592520 D:Andrew 1100 21710D

594201 590312 23098D

5th - Held’s Hampshires, SD Held 13-1357 1/14/2013 S:Caskey 1016 RR D:Held 10-1055 NNP

595629 593472 24765D

6th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Johnson FHF 1309 1/2/213 S:Strawberry Fields 1112 D:Johnson FHF 510

596626 593049 26207D

7th - Chapin Hamps, IL Basting 860 QR 1/17/2013 S:Bobendrier 10-190 NNP QR D:Hickman 657 QR

596744 593039 18867D

8th - Christian Tifft, SD 1/4/2013 Hickman 1007 RR S:Hickman 809 RR D:Hickman 708 RR

595609 592035 24534D

9th - Peterson Sheep Co, SD Peterson 7002-3886 1/3/2013 S:Peterson 5081-0130’Interesting’ D:Peterson 7509 RR NN

597120 592815 20546D

Senior Ram Lamb

1st - The Hickmans, MN Hickman 1034 9/1/2012 S:Hickman 607 RR D:Mission Bell 6047 2nd - Beau Mumm, IL B-154 “Rare Opportunity” 9/7/2012 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Bobendrier 10-60 NNP RR 3rd - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN Caskey 2819 RR 10/12/2012 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Caskey 9153 RR 4th - Chapin Hamps, IL Chapin 104”HighProof”10/16/2012 S:Hope 09-29’Proof Position’ D:Chapin 561 NNP RR 5th - Campbell,Corbin,Clark Coyle, KY Terradise 1310 AI 12/27/2012 S:Poe 1386-11 D:Poe 7139-07 6th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Johnson FHF 1307 10/26/2012 S:Strawberry Fields 1112 D:Johnson FHF F903 7th - Brady Carter, MN Fuller FB 12109 10/25/2012 S:Johnson 589”Rampage” D:Fuller FB 26085

595585 587275 90633C 595620 593477 29265D 596937 593477 22206D 595654 590028 26175D 595776 592201 99025C

1st - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Strawberry Fields 1313 2/16/2013 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Searle 0307

595834 592719 98574C

595590 593049 17795D

2nd - Pine Lawn Farm, MN Caskey 3521 RR 2/6/2013 S:Caskey 1016 RR D:Caskey 0716 RR

596942 593472 28807D

596155 591256 98559C

3rd - L & L Hampshires(Larson), SD Larson L&L 61 2/8/2013 S:Larson L & L 28 QRNN D:Larson L & L 104

596918 593494 33182D


4th – Riviera Hamps(Nelsh), OH Riviera 688(638) 2/5/2013 S:Riviera 675(104) D:Riviera 638(589)

597059 593937 20208D

5th - Northstar Farm/Ron Willwerth, IA Willwerth RD 103 2/4/2013 S:Bobendrier 11-104 D:Willwerth 3-9

597083 593241 79650C

Senior Champion Ram The Hickmans, MN Hickman 1034


Reserve Champion Ram

Beau Mumm, IL B 12-154’Rare Opportunity’ 9/7/12


Hampshire Heartbeat

• WINTER 2014

February Ram Lamb


6th - Northstar Farm/Ron Willwerth, IA Willwerth RD 113 2/16/2013 S:Bobendrier 11-104 D:Willwerth YE 172 QR

597084 593241 37283D

7th - Jerry Quam & Family, MN Quam 11218 2/5/2013 S:Quam 11036 RRNN D:Quam 935 RRNN

596763 594581 26652D

8th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Strawberry Fields 1314 2/3/2013 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Strawberry Fields 0914

595831 592719 33250D

9th - Beau Mumm, IL 2/20/2013 Mumm 1358 S:SDF 11-002 NNP RR D:Mumm 631 NN

595807 592667 98099C

10th - Plaza Hamps(Payne), MO Plaza Hamps 1149 2/18/2013 S:Plaza Hamps 1117 RRNN D:Plaza Hamps 1120 RRNN

596323 592694 32444D

11th - Peterson Sheep Co, SD Peterson 7061-3888 3/22/2013 S:Peterson 3723 RR D:Peterson 9518

597121 591907 20552D

12th - Edward Niemeier, IL Niemeier 327 2/28/2013 S:Peterson 5557-1508 D:Niemeier 1014

596836 592808 36149D

13th - The Hickmans, MN Hickman 1017 2/7/2013 S:Hickman 729 RR ET D:Hickman 665 RR

596253 590367 18861D

14th – Dylan Klug, IA Klug HH 13-120 2/2/2013 S:Klug HH 105’Tick Tock’ D:Misson Bell 7018

596656 591021 96756C

15th - Moenter Hampshires, OH Moenter 1322 2/16/2013 S:Larson L&L 24 RRNN D:Moenter MH 2825

596779 593492 20118D

March Ram Lamb

1st - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 13-81 3/6/2013 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Bobendrier 8112 NNP RR

595712 593477 17688D

2nd - Gillmore-Davison Hampshires, KS Kjeldgaard 13-874 3/2/2013 S:Kjeldgaard 12-747’Freak Show’ D:Kjeldgaard 10-669 RR

596589 595453 29202D

3rd - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 13-77 3/2/2013 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Bobendrier 11-53 NNP RR

597067 593477 33807D

4th - Jadewood Valley Hampshires(Taylor), PA Jadewood 13085 3/10/2013 597061 S:Jadewood 0990 590530 D:Jadewood 0650 95589C

Congratulations to all OpenExhibitors!

5th - Spoonster Hamps. MO Spoonster 13-30 3/2/2013 S:Spoonster 11-09 RR D:Willwerth BL 94 AI RR

596896 592246 31518D

4th - Richard Krackow, WI Krackow Rikow 1073 10/4/2011 S:KrackowRikow9101”Flashback” D:Krackow Rikow 9038

37207D 589749 18675D

17th - Alicia De Bolt, IN Held 11-1212 9/27/2011 S:Held 08-3821 NNI RR D:Held 08-3866 NNP RR

36873D 586773 13679D

6th - Kelsey Swonger, KS Caskey 3582 RR 3/2/2013 S:Caskey 1041 RR D:Caskey 1148 RR

596948 593474 34355D

5th - Kelsey Swonger, KS Andrew 12-01 1/7/2012 38643D S:Krackow Rikow 6108 585386 D:Andrew 1124 25005D

18th - Alicia De Bolt, IN Herrig 0856 2/1/2012 S:Caskey 0796 RR D:Roof 847

37902D 591695 89128C

7th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star WH5980 3/8/2013 S:Double L 11360 RR D:Willwerth GR 8

597114 594296 96941C

6th - Nelson Hampshires. CO Nelson 12046 2/1/2012 S:Bobendrier 10-49 NNP RR D:Nelson 10010 RR

39693D 590629 26772D

Late Yearling Ewe

8th - Peterson Sheep Co, SD Peterson 7061-3888 3/22/2013 S:Peterson 3723 RR D:Peterson 9518

597121 591907 20552D

7th - Nelson Hampshires, CO Nelson 12061 2/8/2012 S:Bobendrier 10-49 NNP RR D:Nelson 8028”Gucci”

39701D 590629 14558D

9th - Richard Krackow, WI Caskey 3629 3/6/2013 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Caskey 1019 RR

596316 593477 35101D

8th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star RD0076 1/30/2012 S:North Star 0300 ET D:Willwerth BK 15

46805D 590003 22682D

10th - Northstar Farm/Ron Willwerth, IA Willwerth 129 3/11/2013 S:Bobendrier 11-104 D:Willwerth 183

597090 593241 37281D

9th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star WH08275 1/31/2012 S:North Star 0300 ET D:North Star 0446 ET

46808D 590003 28271D

10th - Clint & Rose Kennon, MO Houghtaling 12-353 2/4/2012 S:Houghtaling 11-298 D:Houghtaling 0209 QR NNP

38301D 593077 27119D

9th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star WH08275 1/31/2012 S:North Star 0300 ET D:North Star 0446 ET

46808D 590003 28271D

10th - Clint & Rose Kennon, MO Houghtaling 12-353 2/4/2012 S:Houghtaling 11-298 D:Houghtaling 0209 QR NNP

38301D 593077 27119D

11th -Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN Caskey 1290 RR 10/3/2011 S:Kirlin 7-07 RR D:Caskey 7203 RR

38495D 584156 11755D

12th - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 12-29 2/4/2012 S:Bobendrier D:Bobendrier 0734 NNP QR

37152D 590139 97367C

13th - Pullin’s Hamps, IA Houghtaling 12-346 1/31/2012 S:DOA 7085 NNP RR D:Houghtaling 9008 QR

38300D 587840 23225D

14th - Beau Mumm, IL Quam 11073 2/6/2012 S:Held 09-2910 NNP RR D:Quam 8031 RRNN

38748D 588666 14040D

15th - Kasey & Abilene Gatson, MO Char-Land Farms 12-09 1/3/2012 S:Feller 923 D:Char-Land Farms 09-20

36774D 588858 19464D

16th - Fuller Bros, SD Nelson 12023 QR 1/21/2012 S:Bobendrier 10-58 NNP RR D:Nelson 5091 QR

39687D 591060 85116C

Pair of Ram Lambs 1st - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN 2nd - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI 3rd - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME 4th - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN 5th - Chapin Hamps, IL

Junior Champion Ram Jerry Daniels, MO J & E Hamps 2-22



Reserve Junior Champion Ram Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 13-20 1-3-2013


Champion Fitted Ram 1st - Jerry Daniels, MO J & E Hamps 2-22 1-17-2012


Reserve Champion Fitted Ram 1st - The Hickmans, MN Hickman 1034 9/1/2012


Yearling Ewe

1st - Birschbach’s Hampshires, WI Herrig 0880 2/6/2012 39141D S:Caskey 0796 591695 D:Herrig 0589 15820D 2nd - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Johnson FHF 1201 1/9/2012 S:Northstar 148 D:Johnson FHF 15-03

36420D 588003 71147C

3rd - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN Caskey 1286 10/6/2011 S:Krackow Rikow 8095 D:Caskey 8096

38494D 588399 16390D

1st - Spoonster Hamps, MO Steffens 389 2/17/2012 S:BH 10-33”Rare Momentum” D:Steffens 962 NNP QR

36285D 590626 96766C

2nd - Jerry Daniels, MO Plaza Hamps 1134 2/17/2012 S:Baa Baa Acres 116”Strategy” D:Plaza Hamps 917

38089D 590940 83882C

3rd - Kelly O’Brien, CA KL O’Brien 12-325 3/10/2012 S:KL O’Brien 10-03 D:KL O’Brien 06-17

38394D 590988 92051C

4th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star RD 36 3/8/2012 S:North Star 0330 ET D:North Star 0220

46809D 590003 22751D

5th - Brandt & Beckett Spilde, WI Peterson 5857 RR 3/4/2012 S:Peterson 5660 RR D:Peterson 9608-3673

40395D 593697 26640D

6th - Beau Mumm, IL Mumm 1246 RR 3/5/2012 S:SDF 11-002 NNP RR D:Herrig 0688 NN RR

37204D 592667 22064D

7th - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 12-92 3/15/212 S:Lambert 11-20 D:Bobendrier 11-04 NNP

40285D 592903 30966D

8th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Patti (3AF20)3AF17 3/6/2012 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Strawberry Fields 1017

39292D 592719 33257D

9th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star RD0035 3/2/2012 S:North Star 0300 ET D:Willwerth BR 6

46806D 590003 16553D

10th - Brandt & Beckett Spilde, WI Krackow Rikow 2075 3/22/2012 S:Krackow Rikow 2046 D:Krackow Rikow 9084

38467D 594029 21813D

11th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Strawberry Fields 1203 2/15/2012 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Searle 0805

39744D 592719 16672D

12th - Plaza Hamps(Payne), MO Plaza Hamps 1136 2/18/2012 S:Plaza Hamps 1117 RRNN D:Plaza Hamps 996 RRNN

37740D 592694 96242D

Continued on page 24 WINTER 2014 •Hampshire



Open Show Results Continued... Continued from page 23 13th - Bobendrier Boys, MN Bobendrier Boys 12-38 3/12/2012 S:Bobendrier 11-11 NNP RR D:Bobendrier Boys 10-10 RR 14th - Pullin’s Hampshires, IA Pullin 1213 2/20/2012 S:Houghtaling 8420 RR D:Merrill 733

38822D 593041 27574D 36723D 587852 97884C

Pair of Yearling Ewes 1st - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI 2nd - Brandt Spilde, WI 3rd - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN 4th - Bobendrier Hampshires 5th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME 6th - Alicia De Bolt, IN

Senior Ewe Lamb


1st - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 12-152 9/7/2012 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Bobendrier 0706 NNP QR

42609D 593477 97353C

2nd - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 12-157 9/7/2012 S:Bobendrier 11-11 NNP RR D:Bobendrier 0725 NNP QR

593041 593041 97363C

3rd - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Johnson FHF 1305 10/8/2012 S:Strawberry Fields 1112 D:Johnson FHF 10F

42265D 593049 83076C

4th - Jessica Larrick, OH Riviera 682(666) 9/2/2012 S:Riviera 665(593) D:Riviera 666(576)

42015D 592416 31724D

5th - Beau Mumm, IL Bobendrier 12-159 9/11/2012 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Bobendrier 0749 NNP QR

44362D 593477 97375C

6th - Mathew Pinckney, NY Pinckney 2302 R 11/16/2012 S:Bobendrier 11-82 NNP RR D:Pinckney 1589

43970D 593240 15501D

7th - Beau Mumm, IL Quam 11161 9/15/2012 S:Held 09-2910 NNP RR D:Bobendrier 10-88 NNP RR

44493D 588666 28903D

8th - Mathew Pinckney, NY Caskey 838 10/17/2012 S:Caskey 1016 RR D:Caskey 7203 RR

43435D 593472 11755D

9th - Chapin Hamps, IL Chapin 578”Lady Proof”10/16/2012 S:Hope 09-29”Proof Positive” D:Chapin 561 NNP RR

42478D 590028 26175D

10th - Dylan Klug, IA 9/9/2012 Klug HH 12-117 S:Klug HH 10-105”Tick Tock” D:Klug HH 09-64T NNP

43980D 591021 19023D

Hampshire Heartbeat

• WINTER 2014

Senior Champion Ewe Spoonster Hamps, MO Steffens 389 2/17/2012


Reserve Senior Champion Ewe Birschbach’s Hamps, WI Herrig 0880 2/6/2012


January Ewe Lamb

13th - Chapin Hamps, IL Chapin582”Lady Perfection”1/20/2013 42308D S:Hope 09-29”Proof Positive” 590028 D:Chapin 521 90099C 14th - Chapin Hamps, IL Chapin 579 1/3/2013 S:Hope 09-29”Proof Positive” D:Chapin 558 NNP QR

42305D 590028 26168D

1st - Birschbach’s Hamps, WI Hickman 980 1/5/2013 S:Hickman 729 RR ET D:Frame 400

42236D 590367 33830D

15th - Dyland Klug, WI Mercedes Ladies 13-03 1/15/2013 S:Frame 9048 “ThundaRR” D:Mercedes Ladies 0702

43376D 589823 10525D

2nd - Bobendrier Hampshires, WI Bobendrier 13-35 1/9/2013 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Bobendrier 10-108 NNP

42612D 593477 25428D

16th - Moenter Hampshires, OH Tesconi Farms 1070 1/24/2013 S:Tesconi Farms 1047 D:Tesconi Farms 999

45332D 594292 43439D

3rd - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN Caskey 3408 1/16/2013 S:Caskey 1041 RR D:Caskey 0639 RR

46039D 593474 28801D

17th - Brady Carter, MN Fuller FB 13011 1/11/2013 S:Leventini 1122”California Mike” D:M&J Mrozinski 10-5

43636D 592234 31224D

4th - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 13-23 1/3/2013 S:Feller 919 D:Bobendrier 0936

42591D 588857 19696D

5th - Held’s Hampshires, SD Held 13-1342 1/6/2013 S:Held 11-1234 RR D:Held 10-1073 NNP

42384D 593909 24757D

6th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Strawberry Fields 1310 1/21/2013 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Searle 7706

2nd - Held’s Hampshires, SD Held 13-1396 RR 2/3/213 S:Held 11-1234 D:Held 09-2957 NNP RR

42398D 593909 19246D

42905D 592719 93895C

7th - Riviera Hampshires(Nelsh), OH Riviera 685 RR (635) 1/15/2013 S:Riviera 675 (104) RR D:Riviera 635 (7052)

3rd - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN Caskey 3476 RR 2/3/2013 S:Caskey 1088 RR D:Caskey 0581 RR

46042D 593475 28798D

46406D 593937 20206D

8th - Jenna Sullivan, CT Larson L&L 49 1/29/2013 S:BH 10-33”Rare Momentum” D:Larson L&L 17 RR

4th - The Hickmans, MN Hickman 1010 RR 2/2/2013 S:Hickman 881 RR ET D:Hickman 772 RR

42336D 593863 30097D

45967D 590626 27722D

9th - Lensey Watson, AR Mercedes Ladies 13-09 1/20/2013 S:Frame 9048”ThundaRR” D:Newland 0252

5th - Jenna Sullivan, CT Larson L&L 53 2/2/2013 S:Larson L&L 28 QR NN D:Larson L&L 16 RR

43022D 593494 27721D

589823 589823 28649D

10th - Jenna Sullivan, CT Strawberry Fields 1320 1/29/2013 S:Quam 8091 RR D:Strawberry Fields 0902

6th - Strawberry Fields, RI Strawberry Fields 1316 2/10/2013 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Strawberry Fields 0908

42909D 592719 21327D

42911D 592719 21323D

11th - Rabbit Creek Sheep Farms(Hill), NV Steffens 397 1/16/2013 S:BH 10-33“Rare Momentum” D:Steffens 966 NNP RR

7th - Grant Friesen, IN Friesen 1329 2/6/2013 S:Miller 0-945”Mosey” D:Wheaton 1-161 RR

44167D 593677 35380D

42313D 590626 12963D

12th - Abilene Gatson, MO Caskey 3407 RR 1/4/2013 S:Caskey 1041 RR D:Caskey 8140 RR

8th - Northstar Farm/Ron Willwerth, IA Willwerth RD 104 2/4/2013 S:Bobendrier 11-104 D:Willwerth 3-9

46641D 593241 79650C

44278D 593474 16391D

9th - Bobendrier Boys, MN Bobendrier Boys 13-28 2/5/2013 S:Bobendrier 11-11 NNP RR D:Bobendrier Boys 11-01 RR

45630D 593041 34243D

February Ewe Lamb

1st - Riviera Hampshires(Nelsh), OH Andrew 1309 2/2/2013 42318D S:Crome 1050 593318 D:Andrew 1105 21712D

10th - The Hickmans, MN Hickman 988 2/1/2013 S:Hickman 881 RR ET D:Hickman 683 AI RR

42331D 593863 18874D

10th - Chapin Hamps, IL Chapin 584 2/17/2013 S:Hope 09-29”Proof Positive” D:Chapin 562 NNP RR

42479D 590028 26171D

12th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star WH5255 3/7/2013 S:North Star 0300 ET D:Willwerth AQ 33

46815D 590003 16541D

11th - Beau Mumm, IL Mumm 1321 2/2/2013 S:SDF 11-002 NNP RR D:Springdale Farm 10-002

42835D 592667 26910D

11th - Ryan Bingen, IA Klug HH 13-158 2/16/2013 S:Shellhouse 1203 D:Klug HH 11-133 NNP QR

45230D 595364 34042D

13th - Bobendrier Boys, MN Bobendrier Boys 13-36 3/9/2013 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Bobendrier Boys 12-28 RR

45633D 593477 38568D

12th - Jerry Daniels, MO J & E Hamps 2-24 2/5/213 S:Knapp 273 RR D:J & E Hamps 24 ET

43708D 589714 34186D

12th - Moenter Hampshires, OH Strawberry Fields 1315 2/16/2013 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Searle 0307

42908D 592719 98574C

14th - Richard Krackow, WI Krackow Rikow 3049 3/2/2013 S:Krackow Rikow 2060 D:Krackow Rikow 1027

45189D 594529 31186D

13th - Kasey Abilene Gatson, MO Caskey 3486 RR 2/4/2013 S:Caskey 1016 RR D:Caskey 075 RR

44282D 593472 35107D

15th - Kasey & Abilene Gatson, MO Gatson 13-36 3/5/2013 S:Lubker 991W NNP D:Gatson 10-968

42719D 590252 24706D

14th - Krinsky Hamps, OK Houghtaling 13-449 2/1/2013 S:Houghtaling 11-298 D:Houghtaling 9074 QR

44534D 593077 21378D

16th - Weston Borcher, WY Borcher 3151(13-55) 3/7/2013 S:Peterson 5646-1557”Woody” D:Borcher F 11173-55

46066D 592807 32485D

February Ewe Lamb Late 1st - Blumenschein Hampshire Sheep, OH Blumenschein 1388 2/16/2013 S:Caskey 0541 D:Hope 10-19 NNP

43568D 591688 25667D

3rd - Plaza Hamps(Payne), MO Plaza Hamps 1163 3/12/2013 S:Plaza Hamps 1036 D:Plaza Hamps 1028 NNRR

46553D 586567 98566C

2nd - Richard Krackow, WI Krackow Rikow 3030 2/11/2013 S:Krackow Rikow 2060 D:Mission Bell 9010

45184D 594529 21493D

4th - L & L Hampshires(Larson), SD Larson L & L 69 3/3/2013 S:Larson L & L 28 QR NN D:Larson L &L 526 NNP RR

43025D 593494 87652C

3rd - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star WH5972 2/20/2013 S:North Star 0300 ET D:North Star 0249

46813D 590003 22755D

5th – Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN Caskey 3583 RR 3/2/2013 S:Caskey 1041 RR D:Caskey 1148 RR

46046D 593474 34355D

Junior Champion Ewe

4th - Baa Baa Aces(Anderson), WI Baa Baa Acres 175 2/17/013 S:Baa Baa Acres 116”Strategy” D:Baa Baa Acres 119

44468D 590940 26193D

6th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME North Star WH5182 3/1/2013 S:North Star WH0505 D:E Johnson 0043 AI

46819D 591746 77196C

Reserve Junior Champion Ewe

5th - Peterson Sheep Co, SD Peterson 7040-3825 2/20/2013 S:Peterson 5081-0130”Interesting” D:Peterson 8129 NN RR

46846D 592815 15385D

7th - Beau Mumm, IL Mumm 1372 3/7/2013 S:BH 10-57”Rare Perection” D:Mumm 1118

44634D 590630 32413D

6th - Meyer Hampshires, IL 2/15/2013 Meyer 1319 S:Meyer 0803 D:Meyer 1152

45986D 587547 39380D

8th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI Strawberry Fields 1330 3/16/2013 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Strawberry Fields 0906

42915D 592719 21325D

7th - Blumenschein Hampshire Sheep, OH Blumenschein 1389 2/18/2013 S:Caskey 0541 RR D:Blumenschein 701P NNP

43569D 591688 96790C

9th - Kelsey Swonger, KS Blumenschein 1391 3/3/2013 S:Caskey 0541 RR D:Hope 07-35 NNP QR

43571D 591688 97819C

8th - Kelsey Swonger, KS Blumenschein 1387 2/16/2013 S:Caskey 0541 D:Hope 10-19 NNP

43567D 591688 25667D

10th - Bobendrier Boys, MN Bobendrier Boys 13-46 3/15/2013 S:Caskey 1132 RR D:Kundsen 711 RR

45638D 593477 10353D

9th - D & K Hampshires(Preuit), CO D & K Hamps 13-22 2/16/2013 S:Herrig 0547 RRNN D:D & K Hamps 09-15 RR

44472D 587661 20326D

11th - Holly,Tye & Erin Kjeldgaard, NE Kjeldgaard 13-781 3/12/2013 S:Kjeldgaard 06-624 RR D:Kjeldgaard 07-634”Kya”

42730D 582885 11247D

March Ewe Lamb

1st - Riviera Hampshires(Nelsh), OH Riviera 686(661) 3/5/2013 S:Highbridge Hamps 208 D:Riviera 661(589) RR

46407D 594532 31721D

2nd - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 13-80 3/3/2013 45626D S:Fleener 1202 595162 D:Bobendrier 10-102 NNPRR 25427D

Pair of Ewe Lambs

1st - Riviera Hampshires(Nelsh), OH 2nd - Bobendrier Hampshires, MN 3rd - Pine Lawn Farm(Caskey), MN 4th - Strawberry Fields(Searle), RI 5th - Held’s Hampshires, SD 6th - Blumenschein Hampshires Sheep, OH 7th - Mathew Pinckney, NY 8th - Northstar Farm(Webster), ME 9th - The Hickmans, MN

Riviera Hampshires(Nelsh), OH Riviera 686 QR(661) 3/5/2013


Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Bobendrier 13-80 3/3/2013


Spoonster Hamps, MO Steffens 389 2/17/2012


Champion Fitted Ewe Reserved Champion Fitted Ewe

Birschbach’s Hamps, WI Herrig 0880 NN 2/6/2012 39141D

These results can also be found at Photos of all winners may be also be viewed on the AHSA website:

WINTER 2014 •Hampshire



Open Show Results Continued... Slick January Ram Lamb 1st - Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2502 AI 1/8/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Stitzlein Farms G 922

596669 589344 28146D

Slick February Ram Lamb 1st - Joel Flanders, IN Flanders VIP 3662 2/16/2013 S:Miller 0-945 Mosey D:Wheaton 9-036E

595959 593677 29517D

2nd -Pine Lawn Farm, MN Caskey 3451 RR 2/1/2013 596949 S:Wheaton 9-131 595158 D:Koehler 1157 34264D 3rd - Tim and Sarah Fleener, PA Fleener 1312 2/3/2013 595672 S:Fleener 1216 595166 D:Fleener 1118 31253D 4th - Gracie Metzger, KY Metzger 1322 2/16/2013 596972 S:Hancock 0150 592518 D:Metzger 508 87317C 5th - North Star Farm, ME North Star WH5228 2/21/2013 S:North Star WH0444 AI D:North Star 121

597117 591744 17228D

6th - NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC MG 13-3041 2/10/2013 597017 S:NOC 1144 593631 D:Skipper W13 RR 75195C 7th - Jeff Ebert, KS Ebert 3109 2/14/13 S:Slack 1251 D:Ebert 8116 8th - Brandon Stahel,KS Swearingen SS 1313 2/10/2013 S:Swearingen SS 1127 D:Swearingen SS 1009 9th - Derek Stahel, KS Stahel 1300 2/16/2013 S:Ebert 1093 D:Poe 1132-11

596935 592933 596935 596258 593630 28786D 596124 592442 31125D

Slick March Ram Lamb

1st - Tim and Sarah Fleener, PA Fleener 1317 3/3/2013 595674 S:Fleener 1221 595167 D:Fleener 1124 31256D 2nd – Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2513 AI 3/29/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Stitzlein W1687 3rd – Holly Swearingen, KS High Hill 3103 3/15/2013 S:Miller BK-164-ET D:High Hill 0109


Hampshire Heartbeat

• WINTER 2014

597049 589344 39768D 597104 590013 28702D

4th- Land Run Hamps, OK Land Run 311 3/22/2013 S:Land Run 185 Bona Fide D:Geiman 518

595963 590722 20583D

5th- NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC CO-8114-2021 1/30/2012 40118D S:NOC DW-572-224 589918 D:Wheaton 8-114 NNP RR 15249D

5th- NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC PL 361-3079 3/5/2013 S:NOC RE 46-310 D:NOC DW 68-386

597020 591707 28126D

6th- Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN Verhaeghe KLV 2311 AI 1/2/2012 S:Dee Brothers DB0216 ET D:Verhaeghe KLV 0346

37966D 591357 26314D

6th- NOC Sheep Center, OK 3/3/2013 597010 A McGolden 1339 S:Begalka 1107 594224 16128D D:A McGolden 8011

7th- Bill Fuller, Fuller Bros., SD Feller 252 2/12/2012 S:Feller 110 Ammunition D:Feller 823

37585D 592272 14985D

7th- Gracie Metzger, KY Metzger 1339 3/15/2013 596973 S:Hancock 0150 592518 D:Metzger 1151 35018D

8th- Campbell,Corbin&Clark Coyle, KY Miller P-4589 3/5/2012 S:Miller Y-34 ET Maker D:Miller P-2861

41718D 591964 61109C

8th-Jeff Ebert, KS 3/2/2013 Ebert 3125 S:Slack 1251 D:Cabaniss 06-285Y

596932 592933 10296D

9th- Brandon Stahel, KS Thompson 0569 1/11/2012 S:Greiner 1030-0723 D:Overman OCL 0012

36929D 585374 27195D

9th- North Star Farm, ME North Star WH5177 3/1/2013 S:Double L 11360 RR D:North Star 0304

597115 594296 22757D

10th- NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC PB-272-2026 2/1/2012 S:NOC RE 46-310 D:NOC DW 572-272

40519D 591707 28127D

10th- Rebecca Krinsky, OK Krinsky 1317 3/21/2013 S:Krinsky 1230 D:Krinsky 09-02

596985 596186 19078D

11th- Lakin Stahel, KS Stahel 1209 2/10/2012 37162D S:Ebert 1093 592442 D:Stahel 945-10 25221D

Pair of slick Ram Lambs 1st – Tim and Sarah Fleener, PA 2nd- Beverly Hampton, NC 3rd- Gracie Metzger, KY 4th- North Star Farm, ME 5th- Jeff Ebert, KS


Reserve Champion Slick Ram 1st- Joel Flanders, IN Flanders VIP 3662 2/16/2013


Slick Yearling Ewe 1st- Joel Flanders, IN Shroyer 1076 YE 1/15/2012 S:Miller 0-611 Picasso D:Shroyer 85

38534D 591963 26189D

Slick Yearling Ewe Late

Champion SLick Ram 1st- Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2502 AI 1/8/2013

12th- Austin Hicks, OK Krinsky 1204 2/5/2012 S:Krinsky 933 D:Krinsky 9-07

43420D 588182 41964D

2nd- Tim and Sarah Fleener, PA Fleener 1219 2/15/2012 S:Wheaton 1-020 D:Fleener 607

36714D 593398 90232C

3rd- Holly Swearingen, KS Hays HB 12-13 1/19/2012 S:POE 9118-09 D:POE 7232-07

38105D 588705 99043C

4th- Joel Flanders, IN Flanders VIP 2584 1/4/2012 37833D S:Miller Y-40 591957 D:Stitzlein Farms 0352 33036D

1st- Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Quam 11097 RR NN 2/18/2012 S:Held 09-2910 NNP RR D:Quam 3002 RR NN

38751D 588666 20694D

2nd- Campbell,Corbin&Clark Coyle, KY 2/6/2012 Miller P4636 ET S:Miller Y-34 ET Maker D:Miller P-4134

41754D 591964 23822D

3rd- Land Run Hamps, OK Land Run 277 RRNN 4/1/2012 S:Land Run 185 Bona Fide D:Wheaton 0-040 RR

38574D 590722 26969D

4th- Strawberry Fields, Sue Searle, MA Strawberry Fields 1209 3/3/2012 S:Quam 8091 RRNN D:Strawberry Fields 0914

39530D 592719 33250D

5th- North Star Farm, ME North Star WH08015 3/17/2012 46812D S:North Star 0300 ET 590003 D:North Star WH 0513 28277D 6th- Suehs Hillside Hamps, WI Suehs 12-54 2/22/2012 37424D S:Knapp 309 RR 593087 D:Suehs 10-26 26718D

7th- Land Run Hamps, OK Land Run 253 RRNN 2/27/2012 S:Land Run 185 Bona Fide D:MRVH 0096 (216) QR

38572D 590722 91419C

Senior Champion Slick Ewe 1st- Joel Flanders, IN Shroyer 1076 YE 1/15/2012


8th- Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 0948 4/15/2012 40485D S:Cabaniss 478-09 593669 D:Stitzlein Farms 1254S 33840D

Res. Senior Champion Slick Ewe

9th- Alicia De Bolt, IN Z A Debolt 0002 2/25/2012 S:A & J Feller 139 D:MRVH 126 (868)

40746D 583466 20214D

10th- Jacen Wilinski, WI DDJ CL 0695 2/22/2012 S:Miller 0-228 D:Double F 09-1592

3rd- Izzy Wade, OR Wade 321 AI 2/4/2013 43352D 592272 S:Feller 110 Ammunition D:Feller 108 31348D 4th- Beverly Hampton, NC Stitzlein Farm R112 2/17/2013 S:Stitzlein Farms W1656 D:Cabaniss 02-1600

46657D 595427 73978C

1st- Billy Wade, OR Feller 301 1/6/2013 43333D S:Feller 110 Ammunition 592272 D:Feller 164 40624D

5th- Kelsy Verhaeghe, IN Hays HB 13-20 2/18/2013 S:POE 2038-12 AI D:POE 7232-07

44895D 595374 99043C

41534D 583649 23255D

2nd- Joel Flanders, IN Flanders VIP 3656 AI 1/16/2013 S:Miller 0-945 Mosey D:Wheaton 0-033

44166D 593677 27025D

6th- Pine Lawn Farm, MN Caskey 3452 RR 2/1/2013 S:Wheaton 9-131 D:Koehler 1157

46049D 595158 34264D

11th- Austin Hicks, OK Krinsky 1219 3/2/2012 S:Krinsky 933 D:Dee Brothers DB 6011

38535D 591963 93732C

3rd- Holly Swearingen, KS Hays HB 13-12 1/28/2013 S:POE 2038-12 AI D:Hays HB 09020

44894D 595374 20321D

7th- Abby Cardwell, OK NOC PC 350-3038 2/7/2013 S:NOC BR 355-1204 D:NOC DW 727-350

45837D 595220 28123D

12th- Rebecca Krinsky, OK Krinsky 1206 2/18/2012 S:Krinsky 1107 D:DOA 9070 NN QR

38636D 592385 21903D

4th- Campbell Coyle, KY POE 3308-13 1/11/2013 S:POE 1356-11 D:POE 1291-11

44394D 593523 44318D

8th- Holly Swearingen, KS Swearingen SS 1307 2/3/2013 S:Swearingen SS 1127 D:Swearingen SS 2915

44888D 593630 21115D

5th- Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2503 1/9/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Stitzlein Farms 1254S

45259D 589344 33840D

9th- Land Run Hamps, OK Land Run 1302 2/28/2013 S:Adams 3312 RR D:Land Run 1023

43281D 593082 25644D

6th- Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN Verhaeghe KLV 3321 1/7/2013 S:DeeBrothers DB 0216 ET D:Verhaeghe KLV 1303 AI

44664D 591357 31216D

10th-NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC MG 1142-3050 2/14/2013 S:NOC 1144 D:NOC PL 572-1142

45841D 593631 33911D

7th- NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC MG 291-3011 1/17/2013 S:NOC 1144 D:NOC DW 13-291

45832D 593631 28132D

11th-Lakin Stahel, KS Stahel 1219 2/16/2013 S:Ebert 1093 D:POE 1132-11

43725D 592442 31125D

8th- Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2501 AI 1/8/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Stitzlein Farms G 922

45258D 589344 28146D

12th-Tim and Sarah Fleener, PA Fleener 1313 2/3/2013 42499D S:Fleener 1216 595166 D:Fleener 1118 31253D

9th- Matthew Pinckney, NY Verhaeghe KLV 2940 1/24/2013 S: Shroyer 193 QR D: POE 7259-07

44660D 596019 99046C

13th- North Star Farm, ME North Star WH5276 2/28/2013 S:North Star WH 0505 D:North Star WH 0436

10th- Derek Stahel, KS Stahel 1213 1/18/2013 S:Ebert 1093 D:Stahel 954

43723D 592442 31908D

Pair of SLick Yearling Ewes 1st- Joel Flanders, IN 2nd- Land Run Hamps, OK 3rd- Austin Hicks, OK 4th- Campbell, Corbin & Clark Coyle, KY

Slick Senior Ewe Lamb 1st- Land Run Hamps, OK Land Run 291 RRNN 11/22/12 S:Adams 3312 RR D:Geiman 589

43279D 593082 34532D

2nd- Rebecca Krinsky, OK Krinsky 121301 9/6/2012 S:Krinsky 933 D:Krinsky 09-02

43877D 591963 19078D

3rd- Holly Swearingen, KS 12/8/2012 High Hill 3007 S:Cabaniss 521-01 D:High Hill Farm 8902

44699D 573798 17147D

4th- Campbell, Corbin & Clark Coyle, KY 12/27/2012 Terradise 1315AI S:POE 1386-11 D:Double F 08-1521

42769D 592201 15139D

5th- Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN Verhaeghe KLV 2575 11/12/2012 S:Shroyer 193 OR D:NSLS 11250

44661D 596019 33000D

6th- Campbell, Corbin & Clark Coyle, KY Terradise 1306 AI 12/24/12 S:POE 1386-11 D:POE 8318-08

42767D 592201 37773D

7th- Campbell, Corbin & Clark Coyle, KY Terradise 1309 AI 12/25/12 S:POE 1386-11 D:POE 7135-07

42768D 592201 99023C

1st- Bobendrier Hampshires, MN Quam 11097 RRNN 2/18/2012


Slick January Ewe Lamb

46817D 591746 28275D

Slick March Ewe Lamb 1st- Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2509 AI 3/27/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Lazy 5 0949

45262D 589344 40486D

1st- Kyle and Jen Fleener, PA 2/16/2013 46303D FCL 1315 595167 S: Fleener 1221 D:Fleener 1125 40021D

2nd- Abby Cardwell, OK NOC PC 400-3095 4/1/2013 S:NOC BR 355-1204 D:NOC HI 717-400

45847D 595220 27962D

2nd- Joel Flanders, IN Flanders VIP 3652 2/16/2013 S:Miller 0-945 Mosey D:Wheaton 9-036E

3rd- Abigail Wilson, NC Lazy 5 2510 3/27/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Stitzlein Farms W1629

45254D 589344 39770D

Slick February Ewe Lamb

43267D 593677 29517D

Continued on page 28 WINTER 2014 •Hampshire



Open Show Results Continued... Continued from page 27

4th- Kelsey Verhaeghe, IN Verhaeghe KLV 2887 3/11/2013 44668D S:Shroyer 193 OR 596019 D:Robertson 915 19094D 5th- Billy Wade, OR Feller 353 3/6/2013 S:Feller 201 D:Feller 008

43346D 594181 26344D

11th-NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC PL 9858-3061 3/2/2013 S:NOC RE 46-310 D:Finder 9858 QR

45842D 591707 22714D

12th- Jeff Ebert, KS Ebert 3158 3/12/2013 S:Slack 1251 D:Geiman 131

45996D 592933 17061D

Pair of Slick Ewe Lambs

6th- NOC Sheep Center, OK NOC WF 74-3076 3/3/2013 S:NOC BR 355-1204 D:NOC O-266-1072

45844D 595220 33923D

7th- Land Run Hamps. OK Land Run 1309 4/6/2013 S:Adams 3312 RR D:Land Run 1022

1st- Joel Flanders, IN 2nd- Beverly Hampton, NC 3rd- NOC Sheep Center, OK 4th- Land Run Hamps, OK 5th- Billy Wade, OR 6th- Holly Swearingen, KS

46126D 593082 25643D

Junior Champion Slick Ewe

8th- Holly Swearingen, KS Swearingen SS 1332 3/9/2013 S:Hays HB Y001 D:Swearingen SS 1017

44889D 592770 26357D

9th- Abigail Wilson, NC Lazy 5 2511AI 3/27/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Stitzlein Farms W1629

45255D 589344 39770D

10th- Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2512 AI 3/29/2013 S:Wheaton 9-125 D:Stitzlein Farms W1687

45256D 589344 39768D


Reserve Grand Champion Ewe Joel Flanders, IN Shroyer 1076 YE



Grand Champion Ram Jerry Daniels, MO J and E Hamps 2-22 RR “Homeboy” Beverly Hampton, NC Lazy 5 2502AI 1/8/2013


Res. Junior Champion Slick Ewe 1st- Joel Flanders, IN Flanders VIP 3656 AI 1/16/2013


1st- Joel Flanders, IN Shroyer 1076 YE 1/15/2012


Champion Slick Ewe Reserve Champion Slick Ewe 1/6/2013

Bobby Spoonster, MO Steffens 389 NNP QR 2/17/2012


Reserve Grand Champion Ram

1st- Billy Wade, OR Feller 301 1/6/2013

1st- Billy Wade, OR Feller 301

Grand Champion Ewe



Mixed Pair – Bred and Owned Joel Flanders, IN

Champion Young Flock Bobendrier Hampshires, MN

Champion Flock

1st- Bobendrier Hampshires, MN 2nd- Joel Flanders, IN 3rd- Strawberry Fields, Sue Searle, MA 4th- Pine Lawn Farm, MN

Premier Exhibitor Bobendrier Hampshires, MN

Open Show C hampions

Grand Champion Ram• 2013 NAILE Open Show

Champion Fitted Ram • Jerry Daniels, MO


Hampshire Heartbeat

• WINTER 2014

Grand Champion Ewe• 2013 NAILE Open Show

Champion Fitted Ewe • Spoonster Hampshires, MO

Open Show C hampions

Reserve Champion Ram

Champion Slick Ram • Beverly Hampton, NC

Res. Champion Fitted Ram

The Hickmans, MN

Res.Champion Fitted Ewe

Steve Birschbach, WI

Res. Slick SR. Champ Ewe

Bobendrier Hamps, MN

Res. Sr. Champion Ram

Mumm Hampshires, IL

Fitted Jr. Champion Ewe

Riviera Hamps, OH

Res. SLICK JR . Champ Ewe

Joel Flanders, IN

Reserve Champion Ewe

Champion Slick Ewe • Joel Flanders, IN

Res. Fitted JR . Champ Ram

Bobendrier Hamps, MN

Res. Fitted Jr. Champ Ewe

Bobendrier Hamps, MN

Res. SLICK JR . Champ Ram

Joel Flanders, IN

Res. Slick Champ Ewe

Silver Creek Farms, OR

1st Place Flock and Premier Exhibitor

Bobendrier Hamps, MN


•Hampshire Heartbeat


Naile Candid Photos


Hampshire Heartbeat

• WINTER 2014

Find a familiar face!


•Hampshire Heartbeat


Exciting News!

Jer ry and Rex Quam

SuffolkS and HampSHireS gan

Te Rex, Malinda, Anna and e 60243 195th Av Dodge Center, MN 55927

Jerry Quam 8533 Co.30 Blvd Wanamingo, MN 55983

We are planning on having an Open House of Rex and Malinda’s new barn on Saturday, April 19th, 2014! Our 2014 Farm sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th, 2014! Sale will include 10 Hampshires, 20-25 Suffolks, 3-5 Southdowns and 5-10 Boer Goats! Don’t miss it!

01 • Jerry - PH: 507.261.82 50 26 1. 25 7. 50 : PH Rex Quam 11097 iON” “NOR thERN tRadit

Our Junior Champion Suffolk Ram at the 2013 NAILE

1st Place Slick Shorn Yearling and Reserve Sr. Champion Ewe at the 2013 NAILE

Quam 11218

Watch for Quam 11218 in our 2014 Farm Sale along with the addition of Boer Goats added to this year’s sale! Congratulations to the Broehm Family with their success with our Suffolk genetics. This ewe was 3rd in the 2013 NAILE Open show and 2nd in the Junior Show.

! the fitted classes, l in e a et p o m co G to h r g u u o O Our goal is for our sheep to be big en d show them slick shorn! yet good enough to see


! g n i w o h S t e e w S A u s at Look for ows h s g n i r p s e th and sales!

1st Pair of Yearling Ewes Strawberry Fields 1313

BD: 2/16/13 • SireD By Quam 8091 reserve Champion ram at the Big e 2013 KiLe Supreme Champion ram 1st Place February ram Lamb at NaiLe

! u o Y k n a Th

To our Fitting and Show Team that includes: Tirzah and abigail rasys and Jenna Sullivan! as well as our Pit Crew that includes: roger Sullivan, John eaton and matt Scramlin!

Congratulations Jenna Sullivan on your 1st place win in the 2013 NaiLe Lead Line Competition. We’d also like to congratulate Jenna on her 2nd Place Fitted January ewe Lamb, Strawberry Fields 1320 “Beth” in the NaiLe Jr. Hamp Show!

Strawberry Fields Sue and John Searle and Family 198 Weaver Hill Road West Greenwich, RI 02817

Kyle, Cara and logan Thayer PH: 413.634.5045

The Hampshire

Youth Connection The show ring teaches us a great deal about life that we didn’t even realize. Sometimes we get discouraged if we didn’t win the blue ribbon or get pulled out into the top five line for the judge to give reasons on, our attitude changes and it seems like the world stops around us. Learning to not reach our expectations in the show ring or achieve the things we desire is a hard lesson and takes much longer than learning to win. As a father and having my kids involved in showing sheep for many years, I learned how attitude affects kids. One day before my son entered a showmanship class I joking said “Remember that 2nd place is the 1st place loser, so go give it all you can”. Wow, I didn’t know how much those few words would mold his view of showing sheep. Every class for a couple years he didn’t win and when came back to the pen with his sheep, I would say “God job, you did your best out there”, his response was “2nd Place is just the 1st place loser”. His whole attitude toward competitive activities had been changed in just those few words. 34

Hampshire Heartbeat

• Winter 2014

By Dan Shell •

I began to focus on what I could do to crecoming that winning is the only thing atate that positive attitude. My thoughts titude or why do I never achieve the goals I turned to “Is winning the only thing?” set out to achieve. 1) At the end of a conLearning to lose is a hard lesson and test or event that didn’t go as well as you it does take much longer than learning to expected and you begin to get that losing win. I feel you need to experience both attitude. Keep your chin up. Whatever in your life and sometimes it takes a comhappens, it’s OK, and the next time will be bination of both to create the positive atbetter. All that matters is that you did your titude. Let me first define what winning best and that is what matters most. 2) Reis. Winning is not necessarily getting that member life is a combination of good and blue ribbon. It could be a lot of different bad, winning and losing. Today you might things. It could be just getting to the show be on one end of the class and tomorrow and participaton the other end. ing, it could be Remember life is a combination of good Nothing is permadoing better nent. You control than you did the and bad, winning and losing. Today you your destiny. 3) previous show, might be on one end of the class and Remember you it could be makare always a wintomorrow on the other end. ing the cut for ner from any exNothing is permanent. the first time in perience you have. showmanship. As you can see none of We can learn more sometimes from a losthose involved a blue ribbon. It’s achieving experience. It may not be what you ing your goals and striving toward your expected but look for the good in every expectations. situation and learn from every experience. Here are some tips in creating that posi4) In the achievement of success there are tive attitude in anything you do and overmoments of failure. Those who have been

Youth Connection Cont. successful have also experienced failure. It’s your reaction to that failure that will determine your fate. Persevere even when failure hits you in the face. This is where hard work comes into play. Keep working hard to achieve your goals. Most of us who have shown sheep for many years have experienced the ups and downs. We’ve had to overcome not winning all the time or not reaching our expectations each and every time. It’s how we approach the situation – the attitude we develop that determines our success in the Hampshire business. It’s through making mistakes or losing from time to time that focuses our attention on improving. It’s developing that positive attitude and saying to ourselves “It will be OK; I will learn from this and be better from this experience tomorrow”. I was always told

if you’re not making mistakes and losing sometimes, then you’re not taking risks and that means you’re not going anywhere. I remember the late Clarence Williamson who had Hampshire sheep and was a prominent breeder while I was developing my Hampshire flock tell me, “The key to winning is making more mistakes than the other guy and having those losing moments; it is when you have those losing moments you decide to make changes in your sheep. The faster you make changes and learn, the faster you will determine the chances you have for more winning opportunities.” That in itself is developing that positive attitude and learning. It’s not in just winning all the time but a combination of both winning and losing that makes us successful. •••

Sponsored by the American Hampshire Sheep Association

2013 Hampshire Ewe Lamb Futurity Placings 1st • Campbell Coyle • Poe 3308 2nd• Kelsey Swonger • Blumenschein 1391 3rd • Tyler Majchrzak • Jadewood 13062 4th • Kelsey Swonger • Blumenschein 1387 5th • Beau Mumm • Bobendrier 12-159 6th • Jessica Alf • Herrig 0907 7th • Grace Powell • Fleener 1307 8th • Tyler Majchrzak • Jadewood 13012 8th • Beau Mumm • Quam 11161 9th • Lensey Watson • Mercedes 13-09 10th • Alyssa Lytle • Pine Lawn 3479 11th • Abilene Gatson • Caskey 3407 12th • Dylan Klug • Mercedes 13-03 13th • Alyssa Lytle • Herrig 0928 14th • Mathew Pinckney • Pine Lawn 2838 15th • Kaitlynn Neff • Bobendrier 13-10 16th • Kayla Neff • Jadewood L3016 17th • Alexis Moats • Jadewood 13056 17th • Madison Moats • Jadewood 13002 Would you like more information on the Hampshire Ewe Lamb Futurity? Visit and Click on the Jr. Members Tab!


y l l o H Swearingen

Name: Holly Brook Swearingen Age: 16 Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas Farm Name: Silver Summit Farms/Syndicate Show Lambs Number of Hampshires in your flock: 50 Why you enjoy Hampshire sheep? I enjoy the Hampshire sheep breed because it is one of the most popular breeds. It also has a diversity of fitting styles, as well an amazing group of people who breed them. Fondest sheep memory? One of my fondest sheep memories is hanging up ribbons, and banners with my parents in my room. In my show family it has also become a tradition to watch Bad Boys I and II, in the truck on the way to shows, making that one of my fondest memories too. Future Plans and Goals? After highschool I plan on attending a Jr. college, and participating on a livestock judging team, then continuing at four year college majoring in Psychology. Why you joined the AJHSA? As a third generation Hampshire breeder it seemed natural to join the AJHSA. The passion I have for the breed I inherited through my parent and grandparents, particularly every time I see the Hampshire logo. It was designed, created, and drawn by my grandfather Tom Swearingen. Advice for a younger AJHSA member? My advice for younger AJHSA members is to be as involved as much as you can. Meet as many new friends as possible, and network with leaders, and breeders. WINTER 2014

•Hampshire Heartbeat


Youth News you can use...

By Debbie Deal •

2013…What a great year it was for the American Junior Hampshire Sheep Association! The kickoff meeting of the AJHSA was held during the North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville where junior members spent the evening getting to know one another and learning about the AJHSA. By this time, I’m sure some of you are wondering, “why join the AJHSA when I can just join the American Hampshire Sheep Association as a junior member”. The fact is – having a membership in the AJHSA or being a junior member of the AHSA are the same. Effective January 1, 2014, the AHSA Junior Membership was replaced by the AJHSA. Joining the AJHSA is easy and simple. Any junior who has not passed their 21st birthday as of January 1st is eligible to join the AJHSA. Membership dues are $15.00 a year. Farm or family memberships are not permitted in the AJHSA.

three $500 scholarships have been awarded. Plans are already underway to award scholarships on an annual basis. Lensey Watson from Arkansas was the 2013 Youth Scholarship winner.

AJHSA get-togethers were held during the All-American Junior Show in East Lansing, MI and at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY. AJHSA functions are being planned for the All-Amer-

A great turnout of youth sheep enthusiasts were on hand at the inaugural AJHSA meeting in Louisville, KY, during the 2013 NAILE. The informative meeting provided details about the newly formed Hampshire youth organization.

Another program supporting the AJHSA is the Ewe Lamb Futurity program. A total of 19 ewe lambs were shown during the summer and fall as part of the 2013 Ewe Lamb Futurity program. Campbell Coyle of KY was the overall “Get-To-Know-You Games” had all the meeting participants winner of the Ewe Lamb Fulearning more about their fellow sheep friends and having fun! turity program. Membership benefits include: To participate in the Ewe Lamb Futurity • Discounted registration fees program, the AJHSA member would need to • 1 yr. subscription to the Hampshire Heartpurchase a Futurity nominated ewe lamb durbeat breed magazine ing the Spring and Summer of 2014, show •Participation in AJHSA sponsored activities their ewe lamb at various shows throughout In addition to being a member of the AJHSA, the summer and fall, along with submitting Junior members are encouraged to participate their show placing’s to the AHSA office for tabulation. Additional information concernin a variety of events and programs sponsored ing the Futurity Ewe Lamb program can be by both the AJHSA and the AHSA throughout found on the AHSA website. Junior members the year. The Youth Scholarship program was deare also encouraged to can contact their AHSA veloped two years ago by the AHSA Board of Director for additional information about the Directors as a way of recognizing Outstanding program. Junior members who are continuing their eduIn additional to the Youth Scholarship procation after high school graduation. To date, gram and the Ewe Lamb Futurity program,


Hampshire Heartbeat

• Winter 2014

ican Junior Show in Hutchinson, KS and at the North American International Livestock Exposition. The Youth Scholarship Program and the AJHSA get-togethers could not have taken place without the support of generous Hampshire breeders and businesses throughout the year. Fundraising events were held throughout the year including the Youth Benefit Auction held during the annual meeting at Louisville and silent auctions held at the various shows and sales. Donations are always welcome and appreciated. If you are interested in donating to the AJHSA, please send your donation to the AHSA Office making note that your donation is for the AJHSA. Donations can also be made using PayPal through the Hampshire website… The 2014 Youth Advisory Committee (Debbie Deal, Kelli Bianchi-Kunzler, Wayne Belden, Megan Woods, Rocky Swearingen, and Jill Alf) is working on plans for AJHSA functions for 2014. AJHSA news will be posted in the Hampshire Heartbeat, on the Hampshire website and also on the Hampshire Facebook page. •••

Reserved by Birschbach Hampshires. Awaiting their final approval of ad.

thank you! BoBendrier HampsHires, mn • BoBendrier Boys HampsHires, mn Burns-Hale livestock, or • cHapin HampsHires, il Gillmore-davidson HampsHire’s, ks • douBle Bar d HampsHire’s (denise & deBBie deal), oH Held’s HampsHires, sd • HerriG Family HampsHires, mn tHe Hickman’s, mn • Hope’s HampsHire’s, pa • ketcHam sHeep equipment, il kelli BiancHi-kunzler, ut • kinG Farms, oH cHarles & nancy kirlin, in • kluG HampsHires, ia rickow HampsHire’s, wi • larrick HampsHire’s, oH Brent larson, sd • mccandlisH HampsHires, oH mid-state wool Growers, ks • mumm’s HampsHire’s, il nortHstar Farm HampsHire’s, me • pullin’s HampsHires, ia rose Hill Farm HampsHire’s, oH • sand Hill HampsHire’s, in scHutter cluB lamBs, mo • lakin staHel • sydell, sd ricHard van sickle, ky • silver creek HampsHires, or • sHell’s HampsHires,oH

For your generous donation to the 2013 AHSA Scholarship Program! To learn more abouT becoming a Donor To The ahSa ScholarShip program ViSiT: WINTER 2014

•Hampshire Heartbeat


m a r g o r P a g Buildin around

Grea t Ewes! Andrews 12-01 “Lady A””

• 5th Place (Early) Yearling Ewe 2013 NAILE Open Show • Many Time State Fair Champion in 2013 This ewe measured 42” x 42” and weighed 407lbs. the week she showed in Louisville. We are excited about the size and mass she’ll add to the Newland program!

PeTeRson “Linda” The Peterson ewe was purchased in the 2012 Grady dispersal sale. Her pedigree is worth building a program around!

Caskey 0690 QR “Cassie” sired by kirlin 7-07 This ewe was added to our flock in 2011 and continues to leave her mark!

We’ve got a nice setnd. u o r g e h t n o s b m la of Come see them soon!

Blumenschein 1391 sired by caskey 0541 2nd Place march ewe lamb 2013 nAile Jr. show This promising ewe lamb is shaping up to be our lead show ewe for 2014!


mErLE, mEgAN & KELsEy 2793 Cark road • riChmond,ks 66086 merle: 785-418-3168 • megan: 785-418-6620

From the mountains

to the winner’s circle...

This exciting set of brood ewes has babies on the ground! Lambs in Spring of 2014 will be sired by Caskey, Hickman and our own Nelson genetics. n Ewe 2012 National Champio In her d Pictured Heavy Bred an Working Clothes!

Yearling Rams R

eady to Work!

see you at the spring sales!


Rodney and Kathy nelson • 13329 WCR 74 • eaton, Co 80615

Ph: 970.454.3775 • Cell: 970.481.9837 • email:

The Breed Within The Breed A Legacy of Learning


Hampshire Heartbeat

• winter 2014

The college atmosphere thrives on tradition and for many college campuses, Hampshire sheep are as steep in tradition as the school’s fight song.


The Breed within the breed • A Legacy of Learning

In the last decade, the popularity of Hampshire sheep has grown at an incredible rate. Hampshire sheep registrations continue to be strong and Hampshires are always at the top of the list when it comes to the number of entries at shows, in both the market lambs and breeding stock divisions. However, an area where Hampshires also continue to thrive is in the classroom on many college and university campuses across the country. While paging through the American Hampshire Sheep Association directory, one will notice over a dozen colleges and universities that continue to maintain their AHSA membership and register sheep annually. A number that is quite impressive, based on the financial challenges faced by many academic programs in a university setting.

That simple statistic continues to prove the theory that the sheep industry and ‘hands-on’ learning are still a valued tool in animal agriculture education. These university flocks have been a staple in the education of students across the country.

Historic Beginnings

The college atmosphere thrives on tradition and for many of these college campuses, Hampshire sheep are as steep in tradition as

the school’s fight song. Take South Dakota State University (SDSU) for example, one of the American Hampshire Sheep Association’s oldest, on-going registered flocks in the country, dating back 124 years. The Hampshire flock at SDSU was established just eight years after the university was founded in 1881 and has been in existence ever since. That commitment to a breed and more importantly to the students who attend the university is paramount. Many of these university flocks had unique and interesting beginnings, but the reason they were founded was remarkably consistent. They were established to educate young agriculture students and serve as industry examples for the sheep business. Now as these flocks have evolved over the years, they currently are serving a greater purpose. Animal agriculture education is still the main

focus, however the utilization of these flocks has expanded to many unique disciplines of study. The usage may change, but Hampshires are still at the head of the class.

Hamps On Campus

Many of these university sheep programs consist of mulitiple breeds, but Hampshires still remain one of the most popular. This is a testament to the usefulness and function of the breed. As universities continue to capitalize on the ability to teach a wide array of classes efficiently, Hampshires play a big role in helping to achieve this goal. Hampshires are commonly used in many classes including livestock selection and judging, meat science and carcass evaluation, introductory animal science classes as well as reproduction, nutrition, veterinary science, animal behavior and many others. At the University of California-Davis, Hampshires and Hampshire-influenced sheep make up the majority of the genetic base for the university flock. Dana Van Liew, who oversees the sheep program and serves as the livestock judging coach at UC Davis states that, “Hampshires have served as a great tool in the teaching process and they help fulfill UC Davis’ goal of focusing on student opportunities.” The day-to-day management at the sheep facility at UC Davis is in the hands of the students. Annually, three “student shepherds” are hired to care for the flock and in exchange for their time and labor, these student shepherds are provided housing on-site at the sheep facility. In addition, students who are enrolled in the introductory animal science class are required to work a series of shifts feeding and caring for the stock. Furthermore, the students at UC Davis also take the lead in marketing the offspring of the university’s flock through a modified Silent Auction/Bidoff club lamb sale. At this event, the students oversee the selection, preparation and promotion of the consignments. North Dakota State University, in Fargo, ND, also uses Hampshires in a unique “hands-on” learning experience. For the last 88 years, the Saddle and Sirloin Club of NDSU has put on their Little International. “Little I” as it is commonly called, is a showmanship contest for college

Continued on Page 41 WINTER 2014

•Hampshire Heartbeat


The Breed Within the breed Cont. students. Students draw a sheep at random and have two weeks to prepare and fit a ewe lamb for the showmanship contest. Hampshires have been a tradition at the NDSU Little I and the event involves over 35 sheep contestants annually. There are categories for novice and experienced showmen. The event continues to grow and the number non-agriculture students participating in the show has nearly doubled. Exhibiting Hampshires at shows and sales has played a vital role in the recruitment process for institutions such as the University of Wisconsin and Northern Oklahoma College. Both UW and NOC have found the showring to be a valuable tool in the marketing of their Hampshires and for the exposure of their sheep programs. Both Todd Taylor, shepherd at UW and Bart Cardwell from NOC see the benefit of taking sheep and students to expositions. Bart Cardwell says, “We have raised the overall exposure of our program and feel our current students serve as our best college recruiters while NOC is exhibiting. “

By Skip Anderson

Chapin hamps

Bill & Carole • Derek & laura Coal City, IL 60416 PH: 815.954.5129 •

Some of the Louisville Flock

Lady proof

The Take Home Lesson

Each year a large number of students enroll in higher education programs and many of those students head down the agriculture path. While not all students who study agriculture start their college career with a sheep background or interest, by the conclusion of their college tenure, most likely a large portion of them have worked with sheep in some way, shape or form. With the popularity of Hampshire flocks that reside on college campuses, the chances an agriculture student escapes an encounter with Hampshires is quite rare. When one thinks about the number of students who have gained hands-on, real world experiences because of these Hampshire flocks, breeders should not only be proud that Hampshires are one of the premier sheep breeds in the US, butthat they have also played an intricate and important role in the education of countless young minds. ••• 42

Hampshire Heartbeat

• Winter 2014

Lady pErfECtion 5 fall Lambs on the ground, sired by iLLusion (our fall 2011 Caskey ram) Winter/spring Lambs started in early January, sired by: high proof, our fall 2012 ram (pictured at right) iLLusion – the Caskey ram prinCE Caspian – our illinois hope son rEEpiChEEp – our plaza hamps lineage ram

high proof 4th fall ram Lamb at the 2013 naiLE

The Excitement is Building in 2014... We are still proud of “Big Baby,” our 2012 National Champion Ram. He has truly proven himself as an elite sire in our flock. We are excited about the promise we are seeing in this year’s lamb crop. Not to mention, the lambs by “Freak Show” have been catching our eye as these lambs are hitting the ground. A special thanks to Tom Gillmore and Dylan Nohner for your great help in Louisville! We’d also like to thank Gillmore-Davison Hamps of Kansas for purchasing our 2nd Place March Ram Lamb after the NAILE. We wish Tom and Phyllis the best of luck with this outstanding stud ram prospect.

Kjeldgaard 12-855 QR “Big Baby”


2013 was an awesome year for us and the reports we are hearing from our customers have been outstanding! Be sure to contact us early for your Hampshire needs. We welcome your visit to Nebraska anytime!

Al and Mary Kjeldgaard • 4400 Co. Rd. IJ•Tekamah, NE 68061 • PH: 402.870.0397


•Hampshire Heartbeat


the sheep chef



One of the current trends in the restaurant industry is nose to tail dining. What is nose to tail dining you may ask? What this refers to is utilizing the entire animal, not just the most sought after cuts. The reason I bring this up is many times when we have a lamb processed we use up the leg, chops, and ground lamb very quickly because it’s easy to make tasty dishes from them. However then we are left with the organs and some other non-descript cuts. This is going to be the focus of this article...getting the most out of what’s left. Happy eating! Make Your Own Lamb Stock

One of the most useful things you can have in your freezer when cooking lamb is high quality lamb stock. Unless you have a really great grocery store this is normally not readily available, yet is simple to make on your own. Lamb stock works as a base for many items including lamb stew, sauces, and braising liquid to name a few. So how do you make stock? Next time you have a lamb processed ask for the extra bones. This is also why I get as much of my lamb boneless to give me more bones for making stock. In addition to the bones you will need mire poix (if you remember the last article it is 50% onion, 25% carrot, 25% celery), tomato paste, peppercorns, bay leaves, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and water. Roasting is the most important step in making any brown stock as this will do two very important things. 1. It will give your stock that deep meaty flavor that can only come with roasting the bones. 2. It will help develop that rich brown color that brown stock is known for. To roast the bones preheat your oven to 400 degrees and arrange the bones in a single layer, roast until they are a deep golden brown color. This will normally take about an hour. At this point you want to add the bones to a stock pot and scrape all the brown bits and drippings into the stock pot as well. In the same pan you roasted the bones in and roast your mire poix until it starts to caramelize then add some tomato paste and cook until the paste gets a rusty color to it. Now add this as well to the stock pot and cover with water. Bring the pot to a simmer (should have small bubbles occasionally coming to the surface, not a rolling boil). If you want you can add 44

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• Winter 2014

some red wine to help deepen the color and flavor as well. About 2 hours into simmering is when I like to add my aromatics (garlic, thyme, rosemary, peppercorns, and bay leaves…these can be added with personal taste. The size of your bones will determine how long you need to simmer the stock. Normally for lamb it takes about 6 hours, unless you have really big bones, then more time may be needed. Once your stock has simmered, strain it, and now you have lamb stock. At this point you can freeze it and use it as needed or you can continue to simmer it and reduce it down to concentrate the flavor even more.Once you have your stock made you can use it in many dishes and sauces (Sauces will be a topic for another article down the road).Once you have your stock made you can use it in many dishes and sauces (Sauces will be a topic for another article down the road).

Flavorful Lamb liver and Heart

Some of the other parts that never seem to get the attention they deserve are the liver and heart. Each of these cuts when prepared properly is delicious and full of flavor. Let’s start with the liver. Lamb liver is naturally tender therefore it does not need as much done to it to bring out its wonderful flavor. The liver is a very lean cut which has a lot of natural minerality to its flavor. This pairs very well with some fat in a dish. One other thing to realize

with liver is the more well done it is the more gaminess or mineral flavor comes out (this is why a lot of people do not care for liver because they have only had it overcooked). For my favorite liver preparation you will need onions, bacon, heavy cream, red wine, lamb stock, flour, and salt and pepper. For my liver preparation start by cooking bacon in a pan until crispy (if you do not get it crispy now it will be stringy and chewy when the dish is done) add onions and cook until they begin to slightly caramelize. Lightly coat the liver with flour and sear in the pan on both sides until golden brown, remove the liver and set aside. Add some red wine and reduce by half, add lamb stock and reduce by half, then add heavy cream and bring to a simmer. At this point season your sauce then add the liver back to the pan and simmer until the liver is done to your liking (I like mine around a medium doneness so it is not dry). Serve the liver with pasta, rice or potatoes.

Next on the list would be the heart. Lamb heart has the most intense lamb flavor of any cut. The heart can stand up to strong flavors like garlic,

ginger, chilies, strong spices, etc. The key is cooking the heart with low and slow heat so it does not dry out and get tough. I like a lot of Asian flavors and when making lamb heart I use a marinade of garlic, ginger, jalapenos, cilantro, and fish sauce. Then slowly grill it until it is a nice medium rare (you can cook it more if you like) then when I serve it, I slice it thin to help keep the tenderness. If you have never tried lamb heart, I thoroughly recommend it! So as you can see there are many uses for parts of the lamb besides the legs, chops, and ground lamb. Hopefully after reading this article you will try some of these tasty morsels and make some great dishes getting the most out of what’s left!

Do you have a lamb-related question for the sheep chef? Bill welcomes your comments and questions!

ABOUT CHEF BILL LEIB Bill Leib is a chef instructor at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology and has been a long time sheep breeder. While growing up on his family farm in Pennsylvania, Bill and his family raised Rambouillets and later Southdowns where he perfected his skills cooking lamb. After high school, Bill attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. While in school he started Leib Catering serving central Pennsylvania’s catering needs. In the fall of 2009, the opportunity to move to Oklahoma and teach at one of the nation’s oldest culinary schools brought Bill and his wife, Nichole to OSU IT. Bill currently teaches American Regional Cuisine, International Cuisine, Modern Cuisine, Vegetarian Cuisine and American Contemporary Restaurant classes. Even though Bill is not currently raising he sheep, he stays active in the livestock business as he judges many sheep shows throughout the US.

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Back to the Basics


What do you value in your ewe flock? What are the important traits? The past two years I have devoted a lot of time and emphasis into working on getting back to the basics in ewe selection. The simple things that mean a lot to making my flock more productive. The kind of traits that make Hampshire sheep valuable to all aspects of the sheep industry. When it comes to culling your ewe flock, keeping ewes that will lie down, have a nice single or twins, take care of them, have plenty of milk to feed those lambs and will show good maternal instincts are traits that don’t show up in the show ring but will be very valuable to your success in the barn. When youth are starting a new flock or are working with limited numbers of ewes in a flock, they have to have this type of ewe or they will get discouraged and look at other interests or breeds of sheep that would seem more productive. Don’t get me wrong, sheep can be both productive and good show sheep, but it is where you place the emphasis that will be the big key to success. Over the years I have had many winners in the show ring and I have saved those ewes not based on their potential to be productive but on the banners they hung on the wall. I forgot what was important. Those particular ewe families were not 46

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very good milkers and in general were not the best in their maternal instincts. I found myself bottling many of those lambs, and in some instances losing their lambs because of the ewe stepping on them, or not letting them nurse properly. I spent my time just hoping that the offspring might repeat what the dam or even what her dam might have accomplished. Just one good one out of that pedigree or ewe family and I could go back to the show ring and win or have a really good one to take to a sale. But did I really win with that type of selection? Was it really the best method of improving my flock? What would I have written in the sale catalog? Maybe it would have read: “A complete ewe that will make a great show prospect. She is out of a ewe that has produced two champions in the show ring the past three years. Her offspring are always a hit among the judges and this ewe lamb will be no different. Don’t miss your chance to show a good one. But beware she may not be the most productive ewe in your flock.” Would that catch your eye? If you are basing your sole selection on the show ring it probably would catch your eye. Over time if that is the only way you base your selection process of keeping ewes in the flock you will lose some of those important traits that make lambing time a lot more productive and fun.

This was never more evident this past year when I culled my flock very heavy. I was tired of keeping some of those type ewes around that didn’t milk as heavy as others, lacked the maternal traits of caring for their lambs in the lambing pen, and were always the ewes I was bottling lambs to help them along or even in some instances, I was splinting lamb’s legs because their mothers’ were stepping on them, breaking a leg or even accidently losing the lamb because of her actions. But their banners hung on the wall making them valuable! It was hard to put them on the truck to market. I was lucky, I had the numbers in my flock to be able to keep going but in some starter flocks or new flocks that are dealing with small numbers you are either starting over or out of the business. So when selecting ewes in your flock you might consider these following traits to avoid the problems we mentioned previously: 1) Did the ewe lamb or come from a ewe family that typically lambs easy? Were there any lambing problems? Did she have the maternal instincts to want the lambs at lambing? 2) Did the ewe have plenty of milk to provide for the lamb during the time she was nursing? Did you have to assist the lamb because the ewe could not provide for it? Did the lamb show a good growth rate at weaning that showed the ewe provided for the production of the lamb? 3) What was her temperament in the lambing pen? Did she continue to show maternal instincts that provided for the care of the lamb? 4) We then combine this with the visual aspect of evaluating sheep. That would be conformation, structural correctness, size and growth, and breed character.

Back to the Basics, Cont. That sale ad may now read, “This ewe comes from a productive ewe family that shows good maternal instincts. They milk well and raise their lambs on their own. She would be a great asset to any flock. Besides that she is a high quality ewe that will not disappoint you when you go to the show ring.” Now that catches my eye because here is a ewe that will not only be one that I can show but it will be one that I will be happy with in the barn. A real producer. So when you look at that cull list next year, look close at your records, you may have to make some hard decisions, but in the long run your flock will become more productive and lambing time and shepherding will become a lot more fun.•••

Waggoner HampsHires

Waggoner HampsHires• roy Waggoner Jr. 18217 Hink school avenue • Cole Camp, mo 65325 pH: 660.221.3388 or 660.221.3456

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Breeding Outsta

n di ng H am p sHir e sH ee

a r s! e y 0 2 an p fO r m O r e t H

4tH plaCE Fall EwE laMB purchased by Jessica alf, wi, at the National Hampshire Sale in Sedalia, Mo.

Fall EwE laMB Sired by our Champion Ram in ohio and a maternal sister to Jessica alf’s Fall Ewe lamb. More like her will sell this spring!

RESERvE NatioNal CHaMpioN FittED HaMpSHiRE EwE - 2013 NailE purchased by Steve Birschbach, wi at the 2013 National Hampshire Sale in Sedalia, Mo.

vailable for Sale! Shweeehavepa greatAselection of fall born’s available at the farm! after april 15th, we will begin to make our sale consignments. Check our website for more information!

Herrig Hamps

David and Jake Herrig 677 State Hwy. 267 • Slayton, MN 56172 David: 507.220.1360 • Jake: 507.227.4228 Email: WINTER 2014

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n i e c e i P t x e N e Th ! s s e r g o r P c i t e n our Ge


2nd Fitted March raM laMb 2013 naile

We are excited about the genetic potential this young ram offers! Great breed character, length and extension are just a few of the great traits we hope he’ll pass on to our flock. Look for his first crop of lambs in 2014!

Gillmore -Davison


CHAMPION EWE 2013 SPRING ILLINI SALE Sold to Kylie Moubry, il Watch for quality genetics, like this female, in our 2014 sale consignments!

TOM GILLMORE • PHYLLIS DAVISON Wichita, KS Phyllis Cell: 316.841.8223


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Where “Quality Breeding lasts Forever!” don’t Forget! the adams and Kleinert spring sale in april of 2014! Be sure to check our website for current photos and flock info!

our popular february ram lamb, metzger 1322, has turned into quite the stud ram! after being named reserve Jr. Champion ram at the 2013 ky state fair, he went on to place 4th in the slick shorn february ram lamb class at the 2013 naile. he is sired by a rock of ages son and out of our best ewe family!

Call us or Come by the farm this spring for your sliCk shorn needs!

Producing Quality Hampshires Since 1986 Productivity • Growth • Correctness

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Proven Breeders Proven WinnersFrom

Mumm Hampshires





1. MuMM 1358 - February raM LaMb. Sired by “CLyde”.

1st Feb. Ram Lamb and Res. Champion Fitted Ram • 2013 NAILE Jr. Show

2. MuMM 1321- FEbRuARy EwE LAMb. SIREd by “CLydE”. 1st February Ewe Lamb • 2013 NAILE Jr. Show

3. MuMM 1372 - MARCh EwE LAMb. SIREd by “RARE PERFECtIoN”. 3rd March Ewe Lamb • 2013 NAILE Jr. Show

4. bobENdRIER 12-154 “RARE oPPoRtuNIty”. SIREd by FINAL EdItIoN.

Res. Senior Champion Fitted Ram • 2013 NAILE open Show - 1st Fall Ram • 2013 NAILE Jr. Show

wE hAvE AN ExCItINg SEt oF LAMbS oN thE gRouNd SIREd by RARE PERFECtIoN, CLydE, RARE oPPoRtuNIty, “wIthhELd” (JAN. RAM LAMb hELd 13-1340) ANd A FEw out oF thE FEb. RAM LAMb! wAtCh FoR ouR CoNSIgNMENtS to ohIo ANd SEdALIA! FARM vISItS ALwAyS wELCoME!

Watch for us at the Ohio Showcase and Midwest Stud Ram Sale!

MummHampshires Jason, Megan, beau & Luke Mumm 49 CR 1300 N• white heath, IL 61884 h: 217.687.2874 • C: 217.377.2083 Email:


At Double Bar D Hampshires... l el w as m or rf pe ld ou sh p ee sh ve we belie ! ng ri ow sh in do ey th as rm fa e on th

Our hard-working girls at home! Thank you to Ashley Craun for your help at the shows and sales! And to Mom and Dad... We could not have achieved so much over the years without your help, encouragement and support...thanks!!!

Look for Double Bar D Hampshire genetics at the upcoming sales and shows!

Visitors Always Welcome At The Farm!

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E L I A 2013 Nlights! High More Info...

- Early Yearling Ewe 1. 4th 2013 NAILE

BD:10/4/2011 Sire:Rikow 9101”Flashback” Dam:Krackow Rikow 9038


Rikow 1073

Late Feb. Ewe Lamb 2. 2nd 2013 NAILE

BD: 2/11/2013 Sire:Krackow Rikow 2060 Dam:Mission Bell 9010

Place Yearling Ewe 3. 3rd 2013 NAILE Jr. Show

BD: 3/22/2012 Sire: Rikow 1026 Dam: Rikow 9084 Exhibited By: Brandt Spilde, WI

Rikow 3030

T he 2014 Rikow Hamps Online Sale will be June 6-8th! Watch and the Spring Hampshire Heartbeat for more details!


Rikow 2075

Richard Krackow


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