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MATTHEW MCMILLAN E-­‐Mail:   Phone:  (360)  951  9322        

Skills Computer  applications:  Microsoft  Visual  Studio  2012,  SQL  Server  2012,  SQL  Server  Integration  Services,  Windows  Server  2012,   Microsoft  Dynamics  CRM,  Microsoft  Office  Suite,  GraphEdit,  VirtualDub,  Final  Cut  Pro  7  and  X,  Adobe  Creative  Suite,  Compressor,   Sony  Sound  Forge,  Digital  Performer.   Programming  Languages:  C#,  T-­‐SQL,  XAML,  XML,  AVIsynth,  Regular  Expression,  Visual  Basic.   Administrative:  Space  scheduling,  administering  work  orders,  employee  training,  video  archiving,  studio  upkeep  and  inventory,   instruction  process  improvement.   Production:  Conceptualizing,  developing,  recording,  broadcasting,  editing,  encoding,  and  authoring  video.  Client  management,  on   location  training.  Wrote,  recorded,  mixed,  and  promoted  three  albums.   Instructional  and  production  experience  with:  Ross  Vision  Switcher,  ETC  Lighting  Board,  Red  One,  Sony  HDC  1400,  Sony  HXR-­‐NX5U,   Rebel  T3i,  Bolex  H-­‐16  Reflex  16mm,  Steadicam  Merlin.  

Professional Experience Software  Developer:  Video  Services,  Comforce  at  Microsoft  Xbox  Video    



July  2012-­‐Present  

Experience  in  software  design,  development,  deployment,  documentation,  and  testing  of  Client-­‐Server  and  Web  based   applications.  

Experience  in  WinForms,  WPF,  Console  and  application  development  using  C#,  ADO.NET,  Entity  Framework,  VB,  and   XAML  in  Visual  Studio  2012.  

Design  and  maintain  multiple  SQL  databases  in  SQL  Server  2012.  Write  stored  procedures  and  create  advanced  views.  

Compression  Engineer:  Vidlab,  Comforce  at  Microsoft  Xbox  Video  




May  2011-­‐  July  2012  


Ingested,  encoded,  and  distributed  thousands  of  feature  films  per  month  for  playback  from  the  Microsoft  Video  Store.  

Drafted  technical  documents,  mapped  and  edited  team  workflows.  

Video  Production  Intern:  The  Evergreen  State  College  




September  2010-­‐  May  2011  

Coordinated  projects  with  a  wide  range  of  clients,  addressed  video  production  needs  and  best  methods  to  complete  them.  

Technical  writing  including  flow  charts,  equipment  packages,  technical  manuals.  

Setup,  shot,  edited,  encoded  and  authored  events  on  and  off  campus,  ENG  and  EFP  style  shoots.  

Taught  programs  utilizing  Evergreen’s  CCAM  television  studio,  including  instruction  from  basic  three  camera  interview   shoots  to  advanced  studio  productions.  

Catalina  Foothills  Community  Schools  CARE,  Tucson,  AZ    




January  2007-­‐May  2007   September  2005-­‐May  2006  

As  a  CARE  activity  leader,  I  supervised  children  ages  five  through  eleven  before  and  after  school.  

Organized  activities  and  tutored  students.  


MATTHEW MCMILLAN E-­‐Mail:   Phone:  (360)  951  9322     •

Provided  administrative  office  coordination,  including  addressing  parent  needs  and  fielding  phone  calls.  

Education Bellevue  College  




   July  2012-­‐Present  

Completing  Calculus  and  Computer  Science  classes  in  preparation  for  applying  to  the  Graduate  Certificate  in  Software  Design   &  Development  program.  Upon  completion  of  the  graduate  certificate,  I  plan  to  pursue  a  Master  of  Science  in  Computer   Science  &  Software  Engineering  at  the  University  of  Washington.  

C#  certificate  program  that  includes  200+  hours  of  C#  training,  algorithms,  SQL  data  access.  Currently  scheduled  to  take  final   capstone  this  winter.  


The  Evergreen  State  College   •



 Bachelor  of  Arts,  Spring  2011  

Bachelor  of  Arts  with  emphasis  on  media  production.  Completed  music  composition  and  performance  programs,   Mediaworks  (the  theory  into  practice  media  program),  and  the  CCAM  Video  Production  Internship.  

Northern  Arizona  University   •





 September  2006-­‐December  2007  

Studied  business  including  classes  in  economics,  business  law,  computer  science,  and  accounting.  

Catalina  Foothills  High  School,  Tucson,  AZ    






   Graduated  2006  

References Available  Upon  Request      


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