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Maple Sugar



The surroundings of this elegant kitchen are a recipe for success. One can enjoy many wonderful hours of entertaining friends and family when dining in this luxurious custom kitchen. With contrasting woods, cabinet lighting displaying fine tableware, built-in appliances, panelled fridge, and over cabinet ambient lighting, no detail was spared.

Haute Cuisine


The design of this kitchen reflects the many details of this client’s dream kitchen. A large functional island doubles as a much needed work space and provides terrific entertaining potential. The exquisitely milled over the range hood focal point complements the serviceable dark wood island. The backsplash shows a simple creativity in design.

The island appears seamlessly with the panelled dishwasher and pull out drawers. The present layout could present itself as a commercial kitchen capable of entertaining with the finest cuisine and large number of guests. There are several sinks; a true example of a functional kitchen.

Distinctive Flavour

Do not be fooled by the elegant lighting! There is some fine cuisine prepared and served in these surroundings. The dark floors are a wonderful contrast with painted panelled cabinets. Custom wood trims and corbels adorn the kitchen in just the right places. Mosaic tiles and milled stove top hood balance the layout. The custom cabinets are incorporated into the entertainment area for easy family living.

This classic kitchen was created as a unique space. Custom cabinetry has incorporated a sizable island into this perfect design. The backsplash, custom milled range hood, and the intricate detailed trims create the perfect atmosphere for fine fare. Raised panelled doors and contrasting granite were selected together with a dark island loaded with storage. Many wonderful meals will be created here.

Culinary Delight

Custom components were certainly incorporated in the design of this kitchen. Special attention to the built-in wall ovens and cooktop with the surrounding granite sets an overall neat space. An additional sink is a must when entertaining and there is still ample work space. All these components can only embellish what might be a delightful culinary experience.

Gourmet Gourmand

Transcending time itself! This was the signature kitchen a few years ago, land like a fine meal never goes out of style. A well designed space incorporating all the elements of functionality and grandeur are shown in this elegant and aristocratic kitchen. Our client wanted a custom kitchen that was visually pleasing, practical, cozy yet grand with textured detailing and a classic cream colour.

Crème de la crème

A classical old world feel, with all the storage and essential accoutrements ones needs for a functional kitchen. The elaborate island with its dark wood contrasts the Tuscan tile backsplash, marble floor, raised panelled doors, and custom cabinetry. Pasta anyone?

Pasta and Pesto

A smidgen of old world charm, dark granite, tumbled marble backsplash, mesh door inserts, and appropriate soft lighting highlight every detail of this custom kitchen. The wine hutch adds functional space for the wine connoisseur to sample and serve.

Savoury Palate

A lovely blend of warm woods. Contrasting island, painted cabinetry, glass doors, indirect lighting displaying personal glassware items creates the perfect recipe. Island sink and wine fridge located in this functional space fashions the ideal ambience. Every meal will be a pleasure.

Succulent Dining

An intriguing layout where the island is configured to suit the client’s needs. Inset fridge with custom wall oven cabinetry denotes this unique design. The open space has not been compromised by

Sugar and Spice

the island size. Minimal trims embellish the overall design.

Pudding and Pie Pudding and pie is not the only dish one might have in this unique kitchen. The island is truly the client’s very own design. The island extension accommodates seating for two. Glass cabinets display fine glassware. Counter depth fridge and wall ovens share a space leaving ample room to function.

The oak kitchen is a staple in the kitchen industry. Always dependable, warm and pleasing to the eye. The modern hood fan transitions from old world charm of fine milled oak cabinetry to today’s high tech pace. The pantry has a charm of its own. Custom curved cabinetry, upper cabinets with soft lighting display fine kitchen wares. That Marinara sauce waiting to be plated on that perfect granite countertop.


Crème Caramel

Imagine a delicate and delectable dessert, prepared in this lovely kitchen. A delicious amount of woods, dark crowns and cream painted cabinetry contribute to this clever kitchen design. There is ample counter space, with two functional sinks, allowing for the skilled preparation of many fine culinary delights. One cannot forget a wine fridge secretly hidden like the underlying taste of crème caramel.

Table d’Hôte

A complete menu, where all the components create a wonderful experience, so can this kitchen design. Built-in appliances provide more functional space. The natural wood cabinetry has a lasting effect, like an exquisite meal. Be it table d’hote or prix fix, the choices are endless.

Saffron Threads

Saffron is a unique spice – exotic! The dark wood island suggests a striking vibe. Under cabinet lighting , built-in appliances are some of the many features the homeowners have incorporated into their design. The mesh inserts on the island doors add a European charm.

Tuscany Flavour

As in Tuscany, the food of Florence could easily be created in this kitchen. The most compelling feature is the incredibly rich wood grain. One will never be cold in this atmosphere. Enjoy Toscana flavoured recipes on the coolest of days.

Tartufo for All There is a baker in our midst. This design caters to the delicious aromas wafting from assorted baking in this superlative kitchen. The cabinetry invigorates and excites the culinary senses. The joy of keeping this space tidy is accredited to the simplistic yet well proportioned layout. Tartufo is not the only item on this menu.

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