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{we try not to take ourselves too seriously}

Hello “little data“! How are you?

{Or, how I made friends with data and gave it a bit of a makeover}

1) people are experts in their own lives & experiences 2) ‘taking part’ should be a pleasurable experience 3) your audience is important. people like to feel important. let them be involved!

{a core set of beliefs, and how it relates to data}

stole n theo ry People remember: 10% of what they hear 20% of what they read 80% of what they see and do

DEFINITELY check out all the info and sources:

( i am a visual girl and i live in a visual world)

so says: Lester, P. M. (2006). Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication.

{what might all of this look like - pens and paper?}

{what might all of this look like - digitally?}

{but it just becomes another boring report, right?}

{but it just becomes another boring report, right?} indesign illustrator excel

{box of tricks} other toolkits

1. look at what data you are already capturing: online and in person. what stories can it tell? who are you telling the stories to and why? 2. don’t be afraid to test new methods of collection. keep yourself, staff and audiences on their toes. 3. take inspiration from other artforms. take inspiration from your own. 4. don’t reinvent the wheel. community practice is steeped in methods easily adapted for creative evaluation & research. 5. always allow extra time for collation & design. it will definitely take longer than you imagine.

{5 top tips!}

Creative Pie presentation  

Touching on Big Data and Data Visualisation

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