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October 2013

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Santa Fe Trail High School

Selfie Friday Are you making a good choice? By: Brooke Allen

The Internet plays a big role in the lives of teens with communication. Teens use social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook for posting pictures of themselves “selfies” good and bad for people to see everywhere. Many teens post selfies on social media as a way of interacting. “[We do it] to show the fabulous side of us, and because they look hot,” Taylor Tinch, 11, said. Amber Moore, 12, said “that people do it because they think that they look good.” People get on the Internet and are able to hide their identities behind a brick wall and you have no idea who they are. Social media websites can be deceiving, harmful, and life threatening if not used properly. Sam Ralston, SRO gives this advice to students when posting selfies- “ Be smart about it. Don’t reveal where you live. Don’t expose yourself in any way.” Patrick Graham, assistant principal, said “make good choices with what you post. Ask yourself if your grandparents would be OK with seeing it.” When teens post these pictures they don’t realize the affects some of these have on their futures. “Theses selfies can affect your self confidence”, Moore said. Graham said, “inappropriate selfies could be catastrophic and affect future opportunities.” “Bad selfies could affect your job but good selfies just make you look hot”, said Tinch. The Internet can be good in the lives of teens if used properly. On the other hand if used wrong or inappropriately it can be threatening to your future later on down the road. Be safe with social media websites. You’ll be thankful later.

Carbondale, Kan.

New faces in the crowd By: Breann Davis

There are 16 new students this year. Several new students moved here from out of state and are adapting to the change. One new student, Kiara Padilla, 9, came from California Cunha Intermediate in California. “Everything here is different from back home,” Padilla said. Another student, Garrett Adkins, 10, came from Osage City

Charity Elley, 11 “Its different, but I like it.”

Garrett Adkins, 10

“I think I’m going to end up liking it.”

Addison Letch, 9 “This school’s perfect.”

La’Neisha Owens, 10 “It’s been okay.”

High School. “There was more technology there [than here],” Adkins said. Also new to the state is Joshua Elley, 9, coming from Arizona Vail Academy in Arizona. “The weather [is different] and the school is smaller,” Elley said. Below are all the new students to the Trail.

Joshua Elley, 9 “Different but excellent.”

Nick Davis, 10 “It’s okay.”

Jodi Hastings, 9

“It’s fantastic and I like being a freshman.”

Pablo Varona, 11

“Good and different from Spain.”

Kiara Padilla, 9

Spencer Lane, 9

“It’s a lot better than I thought it would be.”

“Great! I’m liking it better than my old school!’’

Carly Stone, 10

James Godwin, 11

“It’s been really good so far. I didn’t expect it to be so good.”

Tony Savage, 12

“It’s a very good educational system.”

Diogo Kalil, 11 “It’s good.”

‘‘I enjoy the smaller Classrooms.’’

Lea Sanders, 9 “It’s been alright.”

Madison Hastings, 12 “It’s boring and the same as last time I was here.”

Lunch Time By Tabatha Bell Grimm

Lunch is a very important part of every students day. A time to socialize with friends, catch up on some homework, and most importantly, eat. Students have complained about the lunches for the past years. While some changes have occurred, the students still are not satisfied. The lunches are now made from scratch and served with fruits and vegetables. Some students say they are not always served at the right temperature. By getting the main entrée, students are no longer allowed to get the salad bar, but they can get an extra entrée if they have money in their account. However, some do not like how fast their charges add up. Due to the changes, there is no longer an à la carte, which was students favorite alternative to lunch. Now students say they are not getting the right amount of food that they need.

Destiny Kresge

“No I hate it, thats why I bring my own. Its always pizza or chicken everyday, I want Crispitos back.”

? e s r o W r o r

e t t e B

"I think the quality of the food is better than last year, but the amount that we get isn't enough," Emily Miller, 11, said. Others complain that there is not enough side dishes. Others like the way the lunch was last year, even if it wasn’t homemade. More and more kids bring lunch from home. This way they know everything they are getting and don’t have to worry about getting something that they do not like or want. "I plan to bring more lunch from home since I don't eat much of the school food," Tasha Hudson, 11, said. Students like the fact that they had salad bar everyday with different dressings to choose from instead of just ranch. However, many say we should get more choices. Crispitos and cheese buns are being missed. Some say they like the new changes in the lunch but many say they still don’t think they are getting enough food and or choices. Students wonder if there will be new changes next year.

Brenton Berckefeldt

“No not at all, we only get one entrée and nothing else. I want more food.”

Is the lunch enough to keep you full? Students dont think it is.

60 50

Do you like lunch this year?

40 30 20 10 0



Bring from home

More than half of the student population said they do not .Little less than half do. A few more than five students bring their own lunch from home.

Keith Johnson “Yes I do. I like having the different choices, but I would like to see more salad dressings.”



Homecoming By: Apryl Corley







1) Homecoming Queen candidates in a dance off. 2) Homecoming King candidates dancing off against the Queen candidates. 3) Homecoming Queen candidate Jessica Abendroth riding with Homecoming King candidate Derrick Zaldizar being driven by Mrs. Alstatt. 4) Homecoming candidates Amber Moore and Chase Logan. 5) Homecoming candidates Tyler Mundy and Veronica Forbes. 6) Homecoming Queen candidate Ashyten Mentzer and Homecoming King candidate Garret Stout.

t i r i p S Week














1) Dance Team, dances with the marching band and the Cheer Team is in the back dancing along with the band too. 2) The Teacher float hands out candy. 3) Football team float throws mini footballs to the crowd. 4) Volleyball float goes tropical. 5) On the FBLA float Zane Cersovsky does the limbo. 6) Chelsea Morris and Colleen Preston represent the NHS club. 7) Carbondale showed it’s support with posters in windows. 8 and 9) Seniors Kelsey Watts, Daytona DaPrato, Megan Reynolds, and Taylor Kent wait for the parade to start. 10) Carbondale, Scranton, and Overbrook have their cops and firefighters contribute to the parade. Monday- Hat day and Backwards day: Caleb Walshire, 10 Tuesday- Red out Day: Dominic Capra, 12. Wednesday- Twin Day: Sophomores Peyton Workman and Samantha Abendroth. Thursday- Superhero Day: Tyler Thompson, 12. Friday-Class Colors: Sophomores Kris Shaver, McKynley Gustin, Peyton Workman, Allison Barr, Jordan Trego. Juniors- Nate Pawley, Zane Cersovsky, Danielle Phipps, Taylor Fiegener, Lauren Hobart, Georgie Branson, Colin McIver. Seniors- Mackenzie Bond, Jay Ryan, Al’Leigh Logsdon, Ashtyn Mentzer, Chelsea Morris, Jessica Kunkel, Madison Koger, Destiny Bruno





The new building project to start soon By: Alex Shatswell

Last year a bond was passed for Santa Fe Trail to have one new gym, and one new auditorium to be built. Many are waiting for the construction to begin. “I’m excited as an

alumni to expand the facilities at the high school,” Patrick Graham, assistant principal, said. Others, like Coach Jason Duncan, are excited for the new building because they will provide

more room. This year’s senior, feel left out since they will not get to use the new facilities. “It’s kind of a downer,” Derrick Zaldivar, 12, said. “It’ll be good for the

students that will be here to use.” It is projected that the construction of the buildings will begin in December.

Stop Cyberbullying By: Apryl Corley

About 13 million kids are bullied every year in America according to That’s verbal and cyber bullying alike. Bullying usually occurs because kids who are or have been bullied themselves by their peers or by their parents usually end up bullying other people. A lot of people that have been bullied don’t come forward. Children that are being bullied online are even worse about staying quiet than their peers are when they have been bullied. They do not want to come forward because they have no substantial proof of who is bullying them. According to bullying- 14 percent of those students that have been bullied have been traumatized by the experience. About 85 percent of those students that have been bullied did not reach out for help from an adult. Children should have an adult that they trust that they can go to about anything but they don’t. According to the same website about 80 percent of all high school students have been bullied in some form on the internet. Thirty-five percent of teenagers have been threatened while online. The survey that was conducted at SFT on September 25 showed that our school does

Cyberbullying and Face-toFace bullying are equally bad Face-to-Face Bullying is worse than Cyberbulling Cyberbullying is worse than FaceFace Bullying People who don’t know anyone who has had a bad experience with Cyberbullying People who know someone who has had a bad experience with Cyber bullying People who haven’t been bullied online People who have been bullied online





Signs Of Bullying

- withdrawing from things they normally enjoy - avoiding school - depression - change in eating habits - lowering of self esteem - self-destructive behavior




have some cyber bullying but not a lot of it. Even though SFT students have been exposed to cyberbullying, only a small percentage of the students have had to watch their loved ones deal with being bullied. With verbal bullying if the victim wants to come forward about being bullied they have a name to tell the adults. They also probably have witnesses that have seen it happen. Since Cyber bullying is done on some sort of technical device there is no face or name that they can tell anyone. With the fear that they could be going to their bully they choose to stay quiet. When students bully their peers they do not know what their home life is like and whether or not they are pushing someone that is already pretty close to the edge of their cliff. With you adding more emotional turmoil in their life, you could cause them to commit suicide. Bully victims are two to nine times more likely to think about committing suicide than people who haven’t been bullied according to a study conducted at Yale University. According to a study in Britain, half of suicides among young people are due to or related to them being bullied.

How to stop bullying

-walk away

- talk to an adult you trust -cut off the bully -act like they do not bother you -Do not let the issue drop talk to your trustworthy adult until something is done

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Charger football having a good season By: Jordan Tinch

This year has been exciting for the football team. With teams that are better than previous years, the Chargers are looking at a much better season. “[My favorite moment so far this season was] making the block for a touchdown,” Dominic Schrempp, the freshman center #63, said. Schrempp also noted that if you are interested in football, be sure to go out next year. Joe Penrod, the varsity center #64, also remembered his favorite moment so far this season. “Against Royal Valley, when Cody caught the gamewinning touchdown,” Penrod said. “We are looking like we will win more [games], because we have the best team we’ve had in years,” Penrod added. The Jeff West game, the most recent game for the Chargers, ended in defeat, 14-7, making the Chargers 1-3 overall. Cody Vandevord,11, scored the touchdown, and Darric Cashier, 11, kicked the extra point. The Chargers punted three times, twice by Chaz Wright, 11, and once by Weston Gloss, 11. The Chargers had a total of 78 tackles that game. Even though this season has had a rocky start, it’s been the best season for the Chargers in recent years.

Watch the pictures come to


Throughout the newspaper, images are connected to videos. The images that are connected to videos will have the symbol. To watch the images turn into videos, follow the following steps.

Step 1// Download the app “Aurasma” on your smartphone or tablet. Step 2// Select the magnifying glass icon on the bottom. Search “Santa Fe Trail Student Publications.” Then select “Santa Fe Trail Student Publications Channel.”

Step 3// Click follow. Then click the viewfinder and hold in front of an image. Step 4// Wait for the camera to recognize the picture and watch as the image comes to life.

PLEDGE CARD: “From this day forward, I promise to respect those around me as well as respect myself. I am somebody and I can make a difference. I can make another feel loved. I can be the helping hand that leads another back to the path of hope and aspiration. I will not stand silent as others try to spread hatred through my community. Instead, I pledge to lift up these victims and show them that their life matters. I will be the change because, I am somebody!”




One of the three new clubs at Santa Fe Trail High School is Stand For the Silent. Stand For the Silent(SFTS) was started by a group of students from Oklahoma State University. They had heard the story of young Ty Smalley, who at just 11, made the choice to take his own life after being bullied for over two years. His parents now go around to different schools telling their story, and SFTS is what enables them to do that. They have spoken to over 700,000 kids, and as of August 23rd 2013, 742,000 kids have signed a pledge card that displays the pledge shown at the top. At SFT the club president Emily Miller says they’ve had 16 students pledge so far. Her and Alisha Gibbs are at the head of the club with Sam Ralston, who was the main force to getting it started here at SFT. They are all very excited about bringing SFTS to Santa Fe. It holds many opportunities for all students. Meetings will be held biweekly on Wednesdays either before or after school. Many positions in the club are available and if you’re interested contact Emily, Alisha, and/or Sam. By: Allison Swisher

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds stregth to perservere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” -Christopher Reeve

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