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Q1 Introduce yourself. What you do and where are you based? Hi I’m Mc Bushkin , I’m a Mc Artist & Record Label owner, I’m originally from North London but I’m based in West London now.

Q2 When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music? I first became interested in music in the early 90’s following the fashion of my older brother who also had a sound system. I don’t actually play any instruments but have been doing music for over 20 years now. Q3 If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career?  Would you do anything differently? If I could do it all again I would definitely still choose music as my career it’s a job but if you hit it right it doesn’t feel like your working and the only thing I would do differently would be to be more decisive with my time and family time. Q4 What are your views and thoughts about the music industry? My views on the music industry Urmmmmm if I answered this question fully it would be a whole separate interview  But in short the music industry is a very demanding cut throat business full of sharks and if you haven’t got a very strong character it’s probably not the business for you !  Q5 You’ve been in the industry for a long time. Do you feel artists now need to have the same humble mentality as yourself? I’ve been around for a long time and have chosen to remain humble but I don’t think it’s a trait that the youngsters need to have as you don’t need to be humble to make it in the music industry (in fact it can be a hinderance) so it’s more a choice and is about each individuals own integrity. 

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Q10 What’s MC Bushkin Bringing to the game this year?

Q6 Do you feel Grime has lived up Q7 What personal advice would to the levels of Garage? you give to someone wanting to pursue this career Has Grime lived up to the levels of Garage ummmmm good The best advice I ever got about question and in some ways it has pursuing a career in music was but overall no it hasn’t. Garage from my Gran and she said was a much bigger scene and was “please son pick any other more about the people and business than music” I laughed music whereas Grime is more then but after all these years I about the individuals and in its know what she meant. The present state it’s much more music business is definitely not fabricated than Garage ever was. for everyone. 

Q8 What UK artists are you feeling right now? The artist I’m feeling now are Giggs , Chip , Ghetts , Double S is coming back hard and also lookout for Trebla , Alana V , and Sweet P

Every year I bring energy and vibes to the scene and because these are the foundations of it they never go out of fashion But this year I’m gonna Bring more stage Presence more crazy outfits and the humour as I think everything is too serious nowadays.  Q11 What music releases/materials are you working on at the moment? Is it some of your old projects waiting to be released or do you have something new up your sleeve?  Wow there’s so many projects on going at BushBash Recordings right now but I can confirm you’ll be getting a fresh Mc Bushkin single very soon, Alana V is working on her EP lookout for “Beautiful” Sweet P ft Trebla  We’re also producing two singles for a international artist Shhhhhhh And we’ve just secured our first piece of music in a major film being released this summer. I think it’s safe to say it’s gonna be a very exciting year. Before I go can everyone please make sure they are following @mcbushkin & @bushbashrecs across all social media platforms  And while I’ve still got your attention please let me tell you about a few of my upcoming party’s 

Q9 we hear you have set ur own record label what is it called and when is the launch party

Saturday 31st March - Ripped Jeans & High Heels @club Nomads 58 Old st EC1V 9AJ

Yes I set up my own record label “BushBash Recordings” a year ago and come April 5th 2018 we’ll be celebrating our 1st year anniversary at a secret location in London ...... See you all there

Thursday 5th April - BushBash Recordings 1st year anniversary - secret location 

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Saturday 21st April - Female Skanker of Leicester - @2 Funky music cafe 23a New Park st LE3 5NH | | 15

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Monsters Dance Company is based in North London, offering affordable classes in street/hip-hop, contemporary, gymnastics and break dance. Classes run throughout the week and continue throughout school holidays. In addition to weekly classes, we offer holiday workshops over school holidays.

We welcome students from the age of 4 years up to 18 years old and encourage students of all abilities to try different styles of dance whether it be as a hobby or as a focus towards a career in dance or performing arts.In addition to classes, we have four dance crews who regularly take part in a number of public performances and comeptitions across the country. All crews have suceeded in placing 1st - 3rd in every competition entered this year and the Over 16 crew have recently taken 1st place at the UK Street Dance National Finals 2016.

Monsters Dance Company was set up in June 2014 by Steve Scantlebury and Ali Alexander and since then has grown from offering two classes per week in street and hip-hop to providing eight classes per week in various styles of dance at a number of locations in and around Muswell Hill. 18 | | 18 | |

Public performances have included: Fortitude 2014, Haringey Block Party, Coppets Wood Summer Fair, The Monday Youth Group Summer Event, Midsummer Muswell Festival, Street Dance XXL and Muswell Hill Geisterfest.


To book a class or for more information, please email

At Monsters, we believe in empowering young people and providing them not only with an outlet for their creativity but we also encourage each individual student to develop their confidence through performance and training.| || |19 7



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Online version march2018 issue #5  
Online version march2018 issue #5