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Chapter II. The Nature of Man


physical man. (In theosophical literature this “Spirit-Man� is known as Atma.) Again, with regard to the Spirit-Man, it is easy to make a mistake. In the physical body we see man's lowest principle, and on this account find it hard to realize that the work on that body should be accomplished by the highest principle of the human entity. But just because the spirit active within the physical body is hidden under three veils, the highest kind of human effort is needed in order to make the ego one with that which is the hidden spiritual energy of the body. Occult science, therefore, represents man as a being composed of many principles. Those of a bodily nature are: the physical body, the etheric or vital body, the astral body. The soul-principles are: the sentient-soul, the intellectual- or rational-soul, the consciousness-soul. It is in the soul that the ego diffuses its light. Of a spiritual nature are: the Spirit-Self, the Life-Spirit, the Spirit-Man. It follows from what was said above that the sentient-soul and the astral body are closely united and in a certain sense are one. Similarly, the consciousness-soul and the Spirit-Self form a whole, for in the consciousness-soul the spirit shines forth, and thence irradiates with its light the other principles of the human being. Hence occult science also speaks of man's organization as follows. The intellectual-soul is simply called the ego, because it partakes of the nature of the ego, and in a certain sense is the


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