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Spam! Magazine of study association Mercurius Wageningen Issue 1 - October 2012

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Preface of the Redakcie

The first period of this new study year have past. First year students are getting used to their new exiting rhythm here in Wageningen. A lot of first impressions have been made and most of you are now finding their own way. Some may be very active with regards to their study, some may be active for Mercurius and others may be active at a sport or student association. The most important is that everybody likes it here in Wageningen and gets their grades (after all we are a study association).

The board of Mercurius has changed and it is time for a proper introduction to all of our members. On page 4 you can read who entered the board and what their activities are going to be.

As you may also know our study association is celebrating its 50 years existence this November. Everything is getting into place and a lot of our members are really busy with organizing this fantastic event! Redakcie is also very enthusiastic about the upcoming events during the lustrum weeks. In this edition we will pay extra attention to the Lustrum. You can read the program during the lustrum week, read interviews and see who is in the lustrum committees. In line with this event and all the upcoming partying we have tested a few cakes. You can read the result of this test at page 3. Enjoy reading this special lustrum-edition and see you at our lustrum!

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Preface of the president Lustrum Board


Redakcie tries...


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The Redakcie

Preface of the president Lustrum Board

In honor of the 10th lustrum of Mercurius Wageningen, I’m glad that I can present you the lustrum issue of the Spam! It’s an issue of our association magazine, in which attention is paid to the 50th anniversary of our study association Mercurius. The 10th lustrum, 50 years Mercurius Wageningen: reason enough to celebrate this by organizing a lot of activities for two weeks in November based on the theme: Golden Days: times are changing. In this preface I’d like to congratulate Mercurius Wageningen and her members with her 10th lustrum. She may look back proudly at her 50-years of existence. 50 years in which a lot has changed for the study association. A retrospect characterizes 50 years in which Mercurius took action for her students. 50 years in which new students became members, and 50 years in which is said goodbye to students who graduated. Years in which the environment of Mercurius has been subject of changes in education, politics, economy, health and society. This golden lustrum also provides us the opportunity to look forward. Looking forward to future years in which Mercurius Wageningen will also be there for their members. Years in which opportunities will be provided to the association and her members owing to the changes in the environment of Mercurius Wageningen.


On behalf of the lustrum board I’d like to wish Mercurius Wageningen many good years to be there for her members. Furthermore I’d like to wish you, as a student, good luck with your study and of course a wonderful lustrum. On behalf of the lustrum board, André van Meijeren President Lustrum Board Mercurius Wageningen

Redakcie tries...

For this “Redakcie tries…” we wanted something really nice for our test panel to celebrate this lustrum edition of the Spam! What can’t be missed at a party? Exactly, cream cake. We all love them with the sweet creamy filling, the soft cake and on top some nicely white whipped cream and fresh pieces of fruit. To find out which cream cake is best to serve to your friends and family in Wageningen , we bought four different cakes in the shops in Wa g e n i n g e n . We bought a cake from Albert Heijn, HEMA, Hoogvliet and the Aldi. After that we, the Redakcie and other members of Mercurius, tasted them, which was a very hard task to do, you can understand. We set up four criteria which are necessary for a good cream cake. Here are the results from our professional test panel.


At top of the Hoogvliet and the HEMA cake there were a lot of big and fresh pieces of fruits. That was definitely a big plus for both of the cakes because it made them look good. It was simply the best part of the cake. Without the top, they tasted half as good. However the winner of the fruits criteria was definitely the Hoogvliet cake. The Aldi and the AH cake both didn’t have lots of fruit. As a commission with five members of Health and Society we couldn’t appreciate that, because we don’t have to forget that besides the taste it’s also important that a cake is HEALTHY too!


Clearly the best looking cake was the Hoogvliet cake. It had lots of nuts and pieces of fruit and chocolate. This added a lot of color to the cake. Our test panel said: “It definitely looks fresh and cheerful”. If you want a good looking cream cake, you can’t go wrong with the HoogvCake crust liet cake. So this There was a lot of difference in the cake crusts. The final winis maybe the cake ner of the crust was the HEMA cake. It was not too sticky or you should serve to dry. While eating your parents in law. the crust, the feeling in the mouth was quite good. Conclusion and end result Also the crust from And the big winner is… the HEMA cake! Overall the HEMA the HEMA had a cake was the big winner. The whipped cream was nice and comfortable sweet sweet but not too sweet like the Albert Heijn cake. It melttaste. The Aldi cake ed in your mouth. The crust was not to sticky or dry, it was has definitely the just right. The filling made the Hema cake very good. It had worst crust. We found out it was tasteless and extremely some kind of cherdry. However we do have to make a little side note: This cake ry substance which tasted very good. was deep-frozen and therefore by far the cheapest. The runner up was the Hoogvliet cake, Filling/ Whipped cream closely followed The winner of the best filling and whipped cream is the by the Albert Heijn HEMA cake as well. The HEMA cake was the best because cake. The worst of the nice cherry substance, the fresh tasting pudding, the was the Aldi cake. It sweet taste and the fresh tastdidn’t taste or looked that good at all. But then again, it was ing whipped cream. AH was by far the cheapest. second best. This was a result of the filling that some of us judged as too sweet. However AH Aldi HEMA Hoogvliet if you are addicted to sugar and € 11 ,- € 3,50 € 8,€ 10,really sweet cakes, you definitePie crust 6.9 5.2 7 6.8 ly have to choose the cake from Filling 7.3 5.4 7.3 6.2 the AH!

And the big winner is... the HEMA cake!

















New Board

On this page you can read which persons are in the board for the coming (half) year, what their functions are en especially: for what kind of questions you can contact them. During every lunch there are board members present in ‘t Hok. You’re always welcome whether you want to ask them something or like to drink a cup of coffee.

Simone Ritzer – President

My name is Simone Ritzer, since this month I’m the president of Mercurius. I’m a third year Bachelor Management and Consumer Studies student. Previous year I was the secretary in the board. As a secretary I had a lot of set tasks, now I have more choice. Together with the former board I wrote a policy and this year it is my task to implement this. Furthermore I preside all meetings and I will make sure that everything is smoothly running. Almost every day I’m present in ’t Hok, so if you have any questions and you don’t know who to contact: contact me!

Jurgen Jansen - Secretary

Dear Members, my name is Jurgen Jansen. I’m a second year bachelor Management and Consumer Studies student. I’m since September the 20th the new Secretary/Vice-President of our wonderful study association: Mercurius Wageningen. I will be responsible for all the incoming e-mail, the officesupply and the membership database. Af- I will be responsible for ter being a Secretary all the incoming e-mail, for half a year a hope the office-supply and the to become the President of Mercurius membership database Wageningen. If you have any question about for instance your membership (or any other questions), please come and visit me @ ‘t Hok or send an e-mail to and I will take care of your question(s). I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year. Hope to see you all (a lot)!

Robert Beijersbergen – Treasurer

My name is Robert Beijersbergen and I’m 19 years old. I’m in my second year of the bachelor Economics and Policy. Since a month I’m the treasurer our study association. My main task in the board is: Taking care of the financial status of Mercurius. This means that I’m the one that pay the bills. Furthermore I’m responsible I’m the one for the expenditures of the board that pay the and her committees. For questions about financial affairs, please conbills tact me.


Pleun van Vlerken – Director of Public Relations

I am Pleun van Vlerken; since March I am Director of Public Relations. I provide the contact between students and companies. Besides that, I take care of the companies who want to sponsor our association I provide the contact and I keep the website upto-date so everyone knows between students what is going on in the asand companies sociation. Besides all these tasks I also take place in the Acquisition committee and Mercurius Professional. Besides being a board member of Mercurius, I am studying Management and Consumer studies (at this time in my 3rd year). You can come to me with questions about sponsorships and company data of companies related to Mercurius.

Meeke Roet – Director of Internal Affairs

Hi! My name is Meeke Roet. I’m nineteen years old and I’m studying BBC. This is my second year at Wageningen University and I still like it as much as in the beginning. This year I will fulfill the role of Director of Internal Affairs at Mercurius. In short, this includes everything that has to do with the committees. That means that you can contact me if you’re interested in joining a committee, have a good idea or want to know something about an activity. Besides that, I’m always available for a cosy tea-party or drinking-coffeemoment in ‘t Hok. I hope to see you all soon at Mercurius!

Jorieke Vaanhold – Director of Education

Since September I’m in the board fulfilling the function of Director of Education. I’m 20 years old and I’m a third year Economics and Policy student. I’m responsible for all educational activities. I stay in contact with the study advisors, student parties and all other study related organizations. Besides that I’m with Pleun in the commissions “Mercurius Professional”. You can contact me if you have any questions about educational activities or if you’re interested in Mercurius Professional. Also for questions about the I stay in contact with consequences of some ed- the study advisors ucational changes, please contact me.

Sanne Totté – Director of Communication

This year I will fulfill the new board function of Director Communication. I’m in my second year of Management and Consumer Studies. My main tasks are to manage the “walkalong days” and to stay informed about all changes that has to do with political changes and the consequences for our students. Those changes I will communicate to the students the best that I can. To facilitate this I will set up a media commission which will take care of our website and our Facebookpage. I’m looking forward to this year and I hope that everyone will contact me for questions about courses, professors and other educational stuff!

Pleun van Vlerken, Sanne Totté, Meeke Roet, Jorieke Vaanhold

Jurgen Jansen, Simone Ritzer, Robert Beijersbergen

Study Advisors

“And the times, they are a changing....”. The editors asked us, your study advisors, to write about changing times – in line with Mercurius lustrum theme. Of course we can tell a lot about changing times, customs and changed study programs in Wageningen. About changed student populations. Or how students changed during student years or notably after their studies when they shaped their careers and lined out their personal path in life. But probably, it is just enough to focus on the changes we

have to deal with this year! 1.More students.

Especially our bachelor programs grow fast! BEB started with 27 students, BGM with 50 and BBC with 96 students. Large groups mean a challenge for lecturers and study advisors.


Wageningen University started a few years ago with minors. More and more students from other universities are coming for a few courses in Wage- More and more students ningen and some from other universities stay for their masters. This increases are coming for a few the interaction courses in Wageningen between universities but notably en- and some stay for their riches Wageningen masters with an influx of students with sometimes a different view and background.

4.Hardship claim.

This means that students need to finish their bachelor before they can start a master. This requires an adaptation in students planning abilities. At the end of the bachelor period , most students have some ‘leftovers’ in terms of subjects not finalised . Also study advisors will be more strict when giving a study advice.

5.Automatic graduation

In 2012/13 Wageningen University will introduce ‘automatic graduation’. When your last (sufficient) grade has been entered in the Student Information System, it will automatically signal that you have passed the final program exam (Bachelor or Master). (See for more details www.ssc.wur. nl/uk and check under current students, graduation).


By now a well known politician in University circles. A law was passed detailing that students who had significant delays in finalising the study pay an extra tuition fee of € 3.000. The last news, at time of this writing, is that an amendment will be discussed in Parliament which may result that this fine will not be imposed, or applied in a more lenient way. The last paragraph includes our main message: BE AWARE of CHANGES. Study advisors

3.Going abroad.

With the clustering of periods for free choice in the bachelor phase, more students opt for a study abroad.


Lustrum Program

November 5th & 6th – Excursion abroad

Party people business trip? Yes we can! Come with us, the Excursion Abroad Committee, for a two day incredible trip to the capital of the kingdom of Belgium, Brussels. More precisely, not only the capital of Belgium, but also of Europe, thanks to the official seats of the European Union, Council and Parliament and also the European Commission, which we will visit. A discussion about a study related topical issue is included in this program. Brussels is more than Europe. It also has its always peeing Manneke-Pis and the symbol for peace among all the nations; better known as Atomium and the UNESCO central square Grand Place in the heart of the center. Therefore you cannot miss Brussels is culinary highlights such as creamy choc- more than olates, sweet waffles and famous BelEurope gium beers. You can also get a look into the nightlife of Brussels. The next day the excursion will go to Antwerp. Do you know Coca-Cola? We will give you an inside trip into the beverages production plant Antwerp. Of course there is time to ask your questions about, for example, marketing and the interesting world of over-consumption and health aspects. Time: Leaving at Leeuwenborch 7.30 Location: Belgium, Brussels en Antwerp Costs: €25,-

Discover the boundless career opportunities… You are entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, innovative and inspiring. You have a lot to offer and you’re always looking for the next big challenge. Just like FrieslandCampina. We want to become the most professional, successful and attractive dairy enterprise in the world. We reach millions of people in more than one hundred countries with our foods, beverages and ingredients. And after 130 years’ experience, we are still looking for new opportunities. That’s why we are going full steam ahead in the development of new products and the expansion of our more than 30 top brands. We really need your knowledge, professionalism and input to be able to achieve all that. We provide opportunities for starters, as well as for experienced professionals: either in our new head office in Amersfoort or in one of our other sites; which, by the way, are closer to your own home than you might think. It’s up to you to make the most of your opportunities.

… in the world of FrieslandCampina


November 7th – Official opening

At November 7th the 10th lustrum will officially be opened. You are welcome from 17.45u and there will be a snack and a drink. At 18.30 the lustrum will be opened by André van Meijeren, president of the lustrum board. Next there will be an introduction to the lustrum theme by Pepijn Meddens. A few people will congratulate Mercurius Wageningen and look back at the past 50 years. These people will be Aalt Dijkhuizen (president and chairman Executive Board at Wageningen UR), Laan van Staalduinen (managing director Social Sciences Group at Wageningen UR), Geert van Rumund (Mayor of Municplity of Wageningen), Piet de Visser (honorary of Mercurius Wageningen) and Simone Ritzer (president of Mercurius Wageningen). After this the almanac will be presented. Finally, the reception starts at 20.00 with a snack and drink. Time: 17.45 – 20.00 Location: De Leeuwenborch, C64

November 8th – Gala

At night the gala will take place at castle Hoekelum in Bennekom, a beautiful location with a rich history. Everybody is invited to feel noble for one night and come in your best suit or dress. The band Chestnut will perform for you. Other music will be done by the DJ Felisco. Your entrance ticket The gala wil can be used to get one free drink (beer, wine or soda) at take place at the after party in café ‘Het Gat’. castle Hoekelum So real party animals can enjoy the party even after 1.00. Each in Bennekom Mercurius member is allowed to bring one non-member to the gala. You can get to castle Hoekelum by bike or by bus 86. For your way home, bus tickets are available for €5,-. Time: 21.00 -01.00 Location: Kasteel Hoekelum, Bennekom Costs: € 20,-

November 9th – Reunion

If a study association exists for 50 years, it also has a lot of old members. These people made it possible that this association exists for so long. Therefore, it is important to engage them in this celebration. For these alumni there is a nice afternoon program, in which they can see how the current student life takes place. Alumni can choose to participate in the afternoon proogram, the evening program or both. In the afternoon, there will be a tour over the campus. In the evening colleges will take place presented by several guest speakers. After this, dinner will be served. For current students it can be interesting to meet graduates of their study. Time: 15.00 – 22.00 / 17.00 – 22.00 Location: Forum en De Leeuwenborch

November 12th – Symposium

After a quiet weekend, there will be a symposium on Monday. It’s theme: Top Sector Policy. This is interesting for students, academics and people from the business life and politics. All these aspects and views will be presented by several people. Speakers are: Berry Martin; Noud Janssen; Marc Hoenders; Medy van der Laan; Johan van Arendonk en Anniek Elemans. The day will be led by Ab Groen and Ronald Hiel. After this there are possibilities to react to these views. Doors will open at 17. 45 and there are luxury snacks. Afterwards there are drinks available. Time: 17.45 -21.45 Location: Theater het Juneshoff Costs: €15,- / € 17,50 / € 25,- (Mercurius members/ students/ others)

November 13th – Lexcie Excursion

The Lexcie will be organizing an excursion to Arla Foods Nederland, a global dairy company. Their concept “Closer to Nature” underlines their commitment to naturalness, responsibility and sustainability. On Tuesday there will be a tour organized to Nijkerk where Arla is situated. During this day you will be informed about their products and the structure of the company. Costs: € 5,- / € 7,50 (Mercurius members/ non-members)

November 14th – Axcie Activity

The Mercurius Axcie will organize a spectacular activity during the lustrum week of Mercurius Wageningen. The bus will take you to your destination, where you can get to the snow. Because the Axcie will take you Skiing! Transport, food and drinks will be included in the price of the activity. There will be a maximum of 50 participants in total. Sign up quickly, because full is full Time: Leaving at Leeuwenborch 17.30 Costs: € 20,- / € 25,- (Mercurius members/ non-members)

‘Goud is niet Fout’

November 15th – Closing party

This 10th lustrum will end with a spectacular closing party. The theme is ‘Goud is niet Fout’ (wearing gold is not wrong). So put on your golden outfit and party all night long! Time: 23.00 Location: KSV St. Franciscus Xaverius Costs: € 3,50 (pre-sale)

Pricing Packages Total package€ 80,00 (incl. bus ticket Gala) - Excursion abroad - Official opening - Gala - Symposium - Axie activity - Lexcie excursion - Closing party

Educational package € 40,00 - Excursion abroad - Official opening - Symposium - Lexcie excursion

Active package € 37,50 (excl. bus ticket Gala) - Official opening - Gala - Axie activity - Closing party

Party package € 20,00 (excl. bus ticket Gala) - Official opening - Gala - Closing party

All prices are without prejudice and therefore can change


Lustrum Commitees

The lustrum board cannot organise the entire week on its own. For this reason a lot of committees help the board. On this page these committees introduce themselves.

Acquisition committee

(Lian, Diederik, Robin, Eline, Peter, Eileen and Vera) All those educational and recreational activities should be financed. We as acquisition committee make contacts with companies in order to get financial support. It’s our mission to get activities and products sponsored so the lustrum board can offer you nice activities and foods for low prices. We hope you will enjoy the lustrum!

Almanac committee

(Lisette Feijen, Sandra Brummans, Erik Teschner and Geke van Dick) The Almanac Committee started almost a year ago with the preparations of the Almanac. The Almanac Committee is different from the others committees of the lustrum, because during the lustrum week we are already a long time done with our job. It was an enormous task to finish the Almanac on time. There were a lot of obstacles to be overcome, but in the end we are very proud of the result. We hope to see you at the opening of the lustrum week, because the Almanac will be handed out here

for free!


(Noraly Duizer, Maureen Overduin, Jamal Roskam, Niek Leijnse, Carlijn Maasakkers, Lisa Tonen and Kirsten Rensen) The Mercurius Axcie will organise a spectacular activity during the lustrum week of Mercurius Wageningen, namely skiing and snowboarding at Alpincentre Bottrop (Germany)! The activity includes a bus trip, the material and unlimited food and drinks. We hope to see you all!


Alumni committee

The Alumni committee is including Eileen van de Pol, Lianne van der Ham, Kirsten Rensen, Eva Fredriks and Thijs Verheul. The goal of the Reunion is to let old members of Mercurius know what we are doing right now at the University that they went to. We are going to give them a guided tour trough out the campus to let them see what has changed and what is still the same at the place where they have studied. We also organise lectures in which a scale of diverse professors and PHD students from Wageningen University are going to show what kind of research they are working on at the moment. Already 80 persons have subscribed their selves for the Reunion on the 9th of November, so its going to be a wonderful day, for them and of course also for us!


(Martijn Klaver, Suzanna Overtoom and Janet van den Boomen) The excursion abroad is one of the most fun activities of the year: business and pleasure will be combined in a twoday excursion abroad! We will visit a few companies where we can take a look behind the scenes, and start a discussion about different themes. Of course there will be enough time for relaxation too: there will be spare time to hang out in the city, and since we’re staying one night in a hostel a glimpse into the nightlife cannot be missed. In short: a nice way to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Mercurius!
We will make it two Golden Days!


(Annemarijn Koedam, Eva Fredriks, Pleun van Vlerken, Mariska van Velzen, Suzanne van der Werff and Janet van den Boomen) In the lustrum period the lexcie, lecture and excursion committee, organizes a spectacular company visit to Arla Foods! Arla is the producer of fresh dairy products (milk, yogurt etc.), cheese and butter of brands like Milk & Fruit, Breaker and Friesche Vlag. The excursion will take place on Tuesday 13th of November in the afternoon! Departure will be the break and the costs are €5,- for members.

Party committee

(Joy, Nicolien, Caro-lynn, Joanne and Vera) We are the Party committee! On November the 8th we organise a very nice gala for you at Castle Hoekelum in Bennekom. The gala starts at 21:00, costs are €20 and drinks and snacks are included! You can buy a bus ticket for the way back home for €5. This gala is for Mercurius members, and as member you can introduce one person to go with you. After the gala, there will be an after party at café ‘Het Gat’, where you will get you first drink for free! We also organise an open party at the 15th of November at KSV Franciscus. The theme of this open party is in Dutch ‘Goud is niet fout’, which means wearing gold is not wrong. The party starts at 11 o’clock and the entrancefee is only €3. It will be busy. If you buy a ticket in advance, you know for sure you can enter. So buy a ticket and don’t miss the party!

Symposium committee

(Daan Martens, Ruben van de Ketterij, Bas Hoogenbosch and Andre van Meijeren) We, the members of the symposium committee, are organising a symposium about the Dutch top sector policy, because of the 50th anniversary of our studyassociation. Well known people from the business, the government, science and VeSte will speak about the Dutch top sector policy during the evening. Last year it was a great challenge for us to make an interesting programme, arrange a good location and find interesting speakers. Our theme: the Dutch top sector policy, is extremely important for the education and the future carreers of students, so don’t doubt and sucribe yourself for this unforgettable evening!

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is hot nowadays. Even Wageningen can’t lag behind on this trend. Actually, we’re even the national host of the GEW, or ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week’, that will take off on the 12th of November. The entrepreneurial student starts rubbing his hands here, as this means lots of free beers, drinks and inspirational talks! Note: We’ve enclosed a picture of one such student on the bottom of this post.

Pieter is a third years student Economics & Governance and a member of both Mercurius and Ceres. Last year he founded his first start-up. “Basically entrepreneurship is about solving problems. To actually make money, you have to make sure you solve problems that others actually care about. I’ll give you an example: the WURshop. Completely broken concept. Way to expensive (especially for us, poor students), and too long queuing. Why not set up a convenient and easy marketplace to buy books from other students and sell them if you passed your exam, I thought. So that’s exactly what I did. Check out www.wurboeken. nl It’s easy, convenient, and – best of all – for FREE! And we don’t have queues either, by the way.”

Check out It’s easy, convenient, and – best of all – for FREE!


Student in Wageningen WUR vs. RU-Nijmegen

Hi there!

As I spent my whole childhood in Wageningen and because my mother teaches at Wageningen University, I fled the place as soon as I could. The place to flee to was Nijmegen, where I started my

With the good memories of the summerholdiday in mind, it is time to start studying again (well, at least following lectures;)). There’s a major change for all third years students, because they have to do their minor. I choose to do mine in Maastricht! In the morning, while cycling to University I can see the river Maas, it’s like the Thames. Such a magnificient view! People in Maastricht have a typical bourgondian lifestyle, sometimes it’s as if you’re in France. Even when it’s raining cats and dogs the terraces are crowded. It’s a small scaled city, yet it’s bigger than Wageningen and I like that.

bachelor in Psychology at the Radboud University. However,

after three years it turned out that Nijmegen couldn’t offer the education of my taste. Therefore, I decided to follow some courses at the University I’d avoided so eagerly. The first thing The first thing I noticed I noticed when I entered the when I entered the Forum Forum build- building, was the big numing, was the big number of ber of people from differpeople from dif- ent nationalities ferent nationalities. Here, everyone is ready to speak English. In Nijmegen, a city which is not so internationally oriented, everyone assumes all students speak Dutch, and people might look at you strangely if you’d start speaking English to them. Next to this, I think you must be the happiest students in the entire world, as you are being tucked in to soft, silk sheets by the facilities and the amount of contact hours you’re offered. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the first course I took offered four lectures a week! Apart from this, the co-ordinator of the course replies emails within two days! In Nijmegen, students are lucky if they are offered two lectures a week, and some people don’t even know who the co-ordinator of the course is. On top of this, a good cappuccino is only € 0,88, half the price they charge in Nijmegen! Of course, Nijmegen has its goods sides too. We give the lecturer a big hand after he or she finishes, resulting in big smiles on their faces and a good feeling afterwards, even when the last 15 minutes of the lecture were overshadowed with whispering and the packing up of books and laptops. I also think that Wageningen still has a long way to go when it comes to shopping; I still haven’t found an H&M here and am always a little disappointed when I reach the end of the Hoogstraat after just ten minutes... Overall, I think WUR is a well-deserved winner when it comes to facilities and education, but when it comes to the charm of the city, I stick to Nijmegen <3. Iris Duif


Student from Wageningen

The main question is: what do I do here, regardless enjoying this new city? The subjects I will be doing for the next five months are quite medically orientated. In Wageningen I study Health & Society, which is a very nice study. However, it is not medically orientated at all, too bad! So I did some research on the internet and I read about the subjects of Healthscience in Maastricht. The course I’m doing can’t actually be called a minor, I just follow four subjects. These are human body related and it’s all very specific, a real challenge! It’s a long distance from Wageningen to Maastricht, so The first room I I definitely needed a room. Fortunately this was no prob- visited, was the lem. The first room I visited, last room I had to was the last room I had to visit as well! I live in the cent- visit as well! er of Maastricht in a house together with 24 housemates. My fellow housemates all join a students’ union. I am used to this kind of students’ houses and lifestyle, because of my students’ house in Wageningen. I’ve just one tip for you: if you also decide to do a minor/ few subjects in Maastricht, take action a long time before! I battled for almost half a year, because making arrangements was a very slow process. But the stickler wins! Oh and by the way, don’t search for a supermarket on Sunday, they’re all closed, drat! Today I have to do it with an apple and some water I think… ha ha. Alanya den Boer


Study association Mercurius Wageningen Leeuwenborch, Building 201 Hollandseweg 1 6706 KN Wageningen E-mail: Website: Telephone: 0317-485189 (Mon/Fri between 12:30 and 13:15)

Mercurius board

President: Simone Ritzer Secretary/ Vice-president: Jurgen Jansen Treasurer: Robert Beijersbergen Director of Public Relations: Pleun van Vlerken Director of Internal Affairs: Meeke Roet Director of Education: Jorieke Vaanhold Director of Communication: Sanne Tottée


Acquisition committee – Pleun van Vlerken Axcie – Jamal Roskam Borrelcie – Danique Bruggeman First Year Committee (EJC) – Marleen Kuypers Lexcie – Annemarijn Koedam Lustrum Board– André van Meijeren Mercurius Master - Eva Engelage Redakcie – Annemiek Florisson Sportcie – Els van Coeverden


The Spam! is a periodic association magazine of study association Mercurius Wageningen. The Spam is published 3 times a year, plus an introSpam and smoelenboek for the new students. Academic year 2012 – 2013 Issue 1 October 2012 Circulation: 800


Annemiek Florisson (President) Bas Hoogenbosch Rianca Scheffel Robin Splithof Michel Steenbergen Pieter van Velzen Nina van Wilgen Simone Ritzer (Board) In association with Bonnie van Dongen on behalf of the Lustrum Board


A picture is worth a thousand words...


SPAM oktober 2013 Mercurius Wageningen redakcie  

SPAM oktober 2013 Mercurius Wageningen redakcie