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Sagicor Celebrates the People Who Make Us Great

Partners in Excellence At Sagicor, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in customer service, and we couldn’t do it without a dedicated, talented and tireless team. That’s why today, we’ll be honouring the best of our employees in recognition of the incredible job they do every day.

Partners in Excellence

Janice Mullin-Sargeant, LUTCF


JANICE MULLIN-SARGEANT, LUTCF Success is no accident “Success in life does not come as a result of luck, chance or accident; it is the result of a purposeful design and well executed strategic plan; in short, success is a habit.” 2013 President’s Trophy winner, Janice Mullin-Sargeant. Little wonder that these are the words of one who for the second consecutive year has copped the Anthony Kennedy Award and the President’s Trophy, two of the most coveted prizes in the Sagicor Annual Awards. The Senior Sagicor Advisor has years of experience in the insurance industry although she only joined Sagicor in 2010. She has established herself as a leading Advisor and has made it a habit of winning awards. Janice remains humble despite her many accolades and her previous elevation to Country Chair of the MDRT of which she has been a member for eight years. “I am grateful, thankful and humbled by my achievements again this year. These awards reinforce what we are doing, and when things are tough you know that there is something to look forward to.” This dedicated Advisor is proof that hard work does pay, but she also credits her success to a strong faith in God. The mother of three is also thankful for the unwavering support of her husband, Charlton, with whom she will celebrate 20 years of marriage in December this year. She is already looking forward to winning even more awards. “I have some wonderful clients who I have worked with for years, and I will continue to do my very best, giving my clients amazing service and the best advice possible and I know that more awards will come.” Janice, who knows how to relax with a good movie and a laugh, has some salient advice for her colleagues, particularly those young in the business. “This business will have its ups and downs like anything else, but if you can manage your time well and you genuinely want to help people and see them get ahead, then you can be successful.”

President’s Trophy & Anthony Kennedy Sales Award Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Sagicor congratulates Janice Mullin-Sargeant, LUTCF, for winning both the President’s Trophy and the Anthony Kennedy Sales Award(for the second successive year). Her success and dedication to her clients and to Sagicor are an inspiration to us all. In her own words: “Success is a habit.”

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.


OSLYN HARDING Enjoying a Challenging Career Oslyn Harding

The Sagicor Spirit Award recipient was previously nominated for the Contributor of the Year award on three occasions. She won the award in 2011, and was subsequently selected as the most outstanding employee for 2013. Oslyn Harding joined Sagicor in 2007 in the Customer Service Department. Her career at Sagicor included an assignment as an Investment Officer and she later joined the Legal and Compliance Department in 2010. Today she is absolutely sure that she has found her passion in a role that she knows is important to the Sagicor companies and one with growing career prospects. “There is always a new challenge and always something new to learn. Earlier this year I completed a designation in anti-money laundering polices and I want to branch out further in this field” she said. Oslyn remarked that the importance of an effective legal and compliance function to the sustainability of the insurance industry cannot be overemphasised. Commenting on her career development at Sagicor, Oslyn said that she really appreciated the contribution made by her department manager, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Althea Hazzard, who has been a source of encouragement and guidance. The top employee also credited her mother and god-mother whom she said have always been there for her.

Sagicor Spirit Award - Employee of the Year Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. An unparalleled work ethic has landed Oslyn Harding the much deserved Employee of the Year award. A strong believer in exceeding expectations, she continues to be a shining example of excellence, ensuring speed and efficiency in the execution of her duties.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

A well-rounded personality, Oslyn likes to read and is also a big fan of cricket and has been an avid supporter of the West Indies cricket team for several years. She may have been disappointed that her team did not reach the final of the T20 World Cup. Rest assured, Oslyn is looking forward to future success both for herself and her favourite team.

Partners in Excellence Margaret Audain, LUTCF (SSA)

D.W. Allan production & persistency awards

MARGARET AUDAIN, LUTCF (SSA) Passionate about life and service She has won every award there is to win and after 33 years with Sagicor, Senior Financial Advisor Margaret Audain is as passionate as the day she started. Margaret joins the 2013 list of awardees as winner of the DW Allan and Persistency Awards. With a youthful sparkle in her eyes, Margaret makes it clear that she only competes against herself, and she never tires of her role as a Financial Advisor nor of winning awards. “It’s still a great feeling, because there is nothing that feels as good as excellence; and so I would always like to know that each accomplishment is equally rewarding no matter how many years I have put in.” As a Senior Advisor, Margaret expects nothing less than excellence; as she puts it: “When you get to these sorts of ages chronologically and in terms of your development as a person, you really don’t have a lot of excuses for mediocrity.” While in earlier years, this high achiever was focused primarily on caring for her son Greg, a love for what she does has kept her passionate through the years. She has become certified as a John Maxwell Executive Coach and looks to the future with much anticipation, with a view to leaving a legacy for those around her.

D. W. Allan Production & Persistency Awards We are made to persist; that’s how we find out who we are. Sagicor offers heartiest congratulations to Margaret Audain, LUTCF (SSA), winner of the D. W. Allan Production & Persistency Awards. For more than three decades, she has continued to go above and beyond for both her clients and colleagues. She is the embodiment of excellence and we are proud to have her on our team. Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

rookie of the year

ANDERSON RICE Focused on helping people

“It is my love for what I do, and also the fact that I want to keep reinventing myself every year; I don’t want to be the same person that I was last year. And therefore if it means that I do other things and my clients benefit from it, I think that’s a great winwin.” The successful Advisor is grateful to her clients and also expressed thanks to Sagicor colleagues who have been there for her during the years. “This has been my family for the past 33 years. I am excited to park my car anywhere that says Sagicor because I really respect and love the company that I work with.” For those who want to emulate Margaret’s success, she said: “Always go for what you are going to be passionate about because like the old adage: ‘choose a job that you love and you never work a day in your life’.”

Anderson Rice

Anderson Rice is the most outstanding new member of our team. A Sagicor Advisor whose dedication, commitment and application to his new career earned him membership in the 2013 Platinum Honour Club, and the personal recognition bestowed by the coveted title - Rookie of the Year. This young Advisor approaches his role with strict focus and discipline. “I feel great and very excited about the fact that I received the Rookie of the Year. There is a lot of mediocrity in the world, and I am not interested in that; if you are not being outstanding what else is there?” he remarked. The former school teacher will have the opportunity to learn even more from his senior peers when he travels to the next MDRT meeting in Toronto, to which he has qualified as an aspirant. The young Christian credits his relationship with God for helping him to emerge from indiscipline to becoming the focused achiever he is today. He recounts how despite his natural ability both academically and as an all-round talented athlete at the St. Michael School, indiscipline and a lack of focus threatened to derail his progress. That was until he came to know and accept that a life of dedication to God was the only way forward. Anderson has not looked back since. When not at work, he volunteers as a lay preacher in his local church and devotes his interpersonal talents to helping other young people. He also credits his wife Shamelle with helping to keep him focused and encouraged. The fact that she is also head of an outreach ministry helping young women at risk gives this dynamic duo a common bond, which Anderson notes is great for helping them to both understand and appreciate each other. As he sets his sights on further achievement, Anderson also wants to remain humble. While keen to take responsibility for how he manages his time on the job, this young achiever does not see himself as a self-made success. He is appreciative of the input and encouragement received from several colleagues, and makes special mention of the role played by Agency Manager, Charlton Sergeant, whom he continues to look to for advice and guidance. “I believe in this industry, and my clients are very important to me. I love interacting with people and I value personal development and emotional intelligence even more than my university training. Most people who are successful in life are good with people; you cannot be financially successful in business or life without good people skills.”

Rookie of the Year The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become. We offer congratulations to Anderson Rice, winner of the Rookie of the Year award. Since joining the Sagicor team in 2012, Anderson has proven himself to be a consummate professional, leaving a lasting impression on both his clients and colleagues. We wish him well as he continues his awardwinning work with Sagicor.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Partners in Excellence

Congratulations to our Honour Club MeMbers. Excellence is not an act but a habit.

andrEW Mason Diamond Club, 100 Club

JaniCE Mullin-sarGEant Diamond Club, 100 Club

KalEb burnEtt Diamond Club, 100 Club

andErson riCE Platinum Club

anGEla GrEavEs Platinum Club

ChElston lord Platinum Club

ConsuElla lynCh Platinum Club

david CriChloW Platinum Club

dEnisE bradshaWGoodMan Platinum Club

robErt hEadlEy Platinum Club

roGEr EvErslEy Platinum Club

sandra basCoMbEhoWEll Platinum Club

shaWn GittEns Platinum Club

shEila ChandlEr Platinum Club

soPhia hoWard Platinum Club

ZEta bridGEMan Gold Club

dionnE JaCKMan Silver Club

fabian GasKin Silver Club

fitZGErald CartEr Silver Club

GaynEllE franCis Silver Club

idalia banCroft-inCE Silver Club

shErWin brandford Silver Club

trEMaynE austin Silver Club

vallEnE WorrEll Silver Club

daniEl blaCKMan Bronze Club

JaCquElinE stoutE Bronze Club

MiChEllE fiddlErWard Bronze Club

Partners in Excellence

niColE Johnson Diamond Club, 100 Club

rEubEn brathWaitE Diamond Club, 100 Club

Jason bournE Diamond Club

lana butChEr Diamond Club

MarGarEt audain Diamond Club

roMMEl sobErs Diamond Club

dEnisE rEid Platinum Club

Erin Walrond Platinum Club

GErtrudE st. John Platinum Club

harold EastMond Platinum Club

John ClarKE Platinum Club

Junior batson Platinum Club

KEvin KinG Gold Club

Marilyn Paton-robinson Gold Club

PaMEla JohnsonCavE Gold Club

Pat GildinG Gold Club

riChard sinGh Gold Club

sonia thoMPsonrEid Gold Club

JaCquElinE KinG Silver Club

KWEKu rEid Silver Club

MarGarEt MatthEWs Silver Club

MarK brEWstEr Silver Club

rudo Catlin Silver Club

ryan hall Silver Club

PatriCia Gibson Bronze Club

PatriCK MoorE Bronze Club

robErt doWnEs Bronze Club

shErriCE fElix Bronze Club

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Leading Agency - Sargeant Agency A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind. The difference between ‘dream’ and ‘desire’ is that the dream is what we build for the team and the desire is what we aspire to build for ourselves. Congratulations to the Sargeant Agency, the Leading Agency for 2013.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Ricardo Hinkson

Leading Unit - Headley Unit Contributor of the Year The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it. We salute Ricardo Hinkson for his unwavering dedication and commitment to the company as the Contributor of the Year 2013. ‘Ricky’ continues to be a guiding light and was the recipient of the prestigious Sagicorian - Employee of the Year Award within the Sagicor Group in 2011. His talent and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is worthy of acclaim.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Efforts depend on individuals but results rely on the entire team. In achieving our goals as a unit, we find that teamwork really does make the dream work. Congratulations to the Headley Unit, the Leading Unit for 2013.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Jacqueline Stoute Shirley Clarke, CLU

Leading Producer - Group Life & Health All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Steadfast and resolute in her pursuit of excellence, Sagicor is pleased to recognise Jacqueline Stoute as our Leading Producer for Group Life & Health. Always willing to go the extra mile, her tenacity and persistence are an inspiration to us all.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Marilyn Rice-Bowen, LUTCF

Leading Producer - Mutual Funds The present and the future belong to believers and practitioners of excellence. Widely known for her resolve and grit, it gives us great pleasure to extend heartiest congratulations to Marilyn RiceBowen, LUTCF, our Leading Producer for Mutual Funds. Her integrity and dependability in the execution of her duties is truly commendable.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Leading Producer – Mortgages You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals. Driven by dreams, Shirley Clarke, CLU, successfully triumphs over obstacles each day as our Leading Producer for Mortgages. We are indeed fortunate to have Advisors such as Shirley, committed to her customers and to the company.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

Charles Packer, (SSA)

Leading Producer - General Insurance, Renewals & New Business Commitment is not something which comes naturally. It’s a decision you make to be committed to people, to a task, to a company and ultimately to your own success. Hard work and dedication best describe Charles ‘Charlie’ Packer, (SSA), our Leading Producer for General Insurance, Renewals & New Business. A veteran of four decades, Charlie says his recipe for success is simple – “Every day, I try”.

Sagicor Life Inc is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating Company.

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PARTNERING WITH OUR COMMUNITIES Since 1840, Sagicor Life Inc has been serving the Caribbean. Over that time, we’ve come to know not just our business, but also the people we serve. Today, we operate in 21 countries in the Caribbean, the US, and Latin America, providing insurance, finance, and banking services. In every community, through every region, across every service, we carry that same experience and expertise with us. We live to serve our customers, and we’ve helped them through every situation. It’s that dedication, passion, and commitment to our communities that make us the company we are today. Whatever your needs, whatever you’re going through, trust us: We’ve been there.

Photo Captions 1. Dr. Patricia Downes-Grant, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sagicor Life Inc receives a pink ribbon pin from Dr. Shirley Hanoman-Jhagroo, Medical Director of the Barbados Breast Screening Programme. 2. Edward Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, Sagicor Life Inc and General Manager - Barbados Operations

presented a copy of the Caribbean Civil Society Cervical Cancer Advocacy Handbook and Planning Tool to Sir George Alleyne, Patron of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition at the 2013 “Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action” meeting in Trinidad & Tobago.

3. The 2012 Contributor of the Year, Sagicor Spirit - Manager of the Year (Barbados) and Sagicorian Manager of the Year (Sagicor Group), Sandra Kellman, illuminating the country’s capital at the Sagicor Life Inc Lighting Ceremony.

4. Hon. Stephen A. Lashley, M.P., Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth and Tracey Knight-Lloyd, Assistant Vice President, Marketing of Sagicor Life Inc announcing details of the 2013 Sagicor Lighting Ceremony. 5. L-R seated: Maisha Hutton, Manager, Healthy Caribbean Coalition demonstrates to Althea Hazzard – Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer, how to access the Caribbean Cervical Cancer Electronic Petition, as members of Sagicor Life Inc staff look on.

Sagicor Advisors Feature April 2014  

Sagicor Celebrates the people who make us great.

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