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AN EVENTFUL YEAR AHEAD Software developers tell us what we can expect from their products in the coming year and what technology-related trends will have the biggest impact


he General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is dominating the thoughts of many software developers, unsurprisingly, as they gear up their products to help the recruitment industry meet the demands of the new legislation when it comes into force in May this year. Alongside this concern, other subjects that came up for discussion in Recruiter’s 2018 vox pop were data in general, artificial intelligence, smartphone apps and the cloud. And even though there is a plethora of technology available at recruiters’ fingertips, it seems they still need help when it comes to sourcing hard-to-find candidates. While automation looks set to play a critical role in recruitment processes, even the techies admit recruitment remains a human business, and that the most successful application of technology will always be the one that frees up time and space for recruiters to optimise their people and face-toface skills. With new products including what is described as “a private-label” version of LinkedIn, it looks like an interesting year ahead.



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“The GDPR is going to have a huge impact on the industry. Under the new rules, data controllers cannot use data processors that are not GDPR-compliant” jason starr

Jason Starr, CEO, Dillistone Group It’s all about GatedTalent. We are building a global, GDPR-compliant database of many of the world’s leading executives – essentially a private-label version of LinkedIn. We have executive search firms acting as launch partners in more than 20 countries so far – more than 40 firms in the UK alone have signed since late September – and these firms between them will be sending more than 1,000,000 invitations. This time next year, we expect to have the largest private database of executive talent in the world – and executive recruiters will have exclusive access to it from within FileFinder Executive Search platform. The GDPR is going to have a huge impact on the industry. Under the new rules, data controllers (recruitment firms) cannot use data processors (software companies) that are not GDPR-compliant. This is going to cause an unprecedented shake-up in the sector. Many software firms simply don’t have the resources to invest in making legacy systems compliant. Recruiters will, in many cases, need to replace platforms and then go through a process of making legacy data-compliant – potentially a huge undertaking.

Amanda Davies, managing director, ISV 2018 will be an exciting year for candidate testing. ISV is launching new content early in the new year, including our latest MS Office range and, for the first time, candidate psychometric profiling so we can offer a full suite of people assessments. New features will be added to ISV Online making it more accessible wherever you are, ultimately enabling recruiters and resourcers to get to know their candidates better. We’re finding inhouse recruiters are getting savvy and using these tools almost as much as recruitment consultants in a bid to find the best talent. There will be a lot of talk about artificial intelligence (AI) and how this is taking over our world of work, but there is still some way to go. 2018 will continue with skilled candidates being hard to find. Recruiters need to wise up to technology trends that help them connect with, and build loyalty through, their candidate pool. Use of WhatsApp and video-interviewing will increase. CRMs that support integration to this will do better than those who are blinkered. Cyber security will continue as a hot topic in 2018. Technology suppliers need to balance their offering, ensuring it’s GDPR-compliant and cost-effective. We hope smart recruiters will sniff out those using scare tactics, or charging through the nose for promising compliance, and leave their products on the shelf.


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Paul Thompson, sales director, Voyager Chris Bogh, co-founder and technical director, Eploy We have a major update to the Eploy cloud recruitment platform rolling out in January. This includes new, simpler ways for our customers to visually create recruitment process and requisition workflows and manage their campaigns. We’re also ramping up with new candidate engagement tools and streamlining the journey for every stakeholder. We’ve also improved the way hiring managers can update, progress and provide feedback on their candidates and again, this is fully configurable based on each customer’s requirements. With GDPR, there appears to be a mixture of panic, misinformation and ‘burying your head in the sand’ in the market at the moment. At Eploy, we see GDPR as a major opportunity for recruiters to build trust and improve engagement with their candidates and differentiate themselves from those who continue to misuse candidate personal data. Our customers have always benefited with Eploy Candidate Portals – providing a self-service way for candidates to manage their personal data that you store – and we are introducing more GDPR-specific tools to give customers even greater ways to ensure candidates can exercise their GDPR rights efficiently and securely. 34 RECRUITER

At Voyager we see an increased recruiter appetite for faster, more compliant and more honest recruitment processes in 2018. Via privately-branded agency phone apps, candidates, clients and recruiters will be able to communicate on a level playing field, with increased speed and GDPR compliance. The best perm and temp talent is hard to find, so what better than to have a unique communication channel from the recruiter’s CRM to the candidates and clients they serve – facilitating quicker availability, booking confirmations, compliance, job onboarding, ‘chat’ and much more? Voyager predicts ‘recruiting ninjas’ cutting through the admin normally associated with recruiting temps and managing the workforce. It’s predicted that by 2020 up to 40% of workers will be independent contractors, so if you’re a temp recruiter that’s going to have a significant impact on you. The global shift has already happened, but this represents a huge window of opportunity for temp recruiters to embrace, rather than something to fear. In sectors where temps are in high demand – such as nursing, care, driving, teaching – they’re already able to pick and choose who they work for and when via a plethora of direct-hire apps. Voyager believes that recruiters need to engage with workers on a different playing field – the workers’ own – and join the gig economy.


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The most complete software solutions powering the world’s best staffing and recruitment firms.

Discover why

Expect exceptional.

As the leading technology provider and visionary for the staffing and recruiting industry, Erecruit is the chosen partner for thousands of successful firms around the world. We deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative end-to-end staffing software solutions designed to empower people to achieve exceptional results. Our portfolio includes Adapt (previously known as AdaptUX) recruitment software for fast-growing firms, and TempBuddy, multi award-winning temporary workforce management platform and worker app.

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“Cloud technology continues to advance, with more and more people needing the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips” Paul Sangster

Paul Sangster, head of sales and marketing, Itris Itris 9 will be launched mid-2018, and is set to be our biggest advancement in recruitment technology to date. It is the next-generation recruitmentmanagement solution, taking a giant leap in consolidating all of the experience and feedback gained by industry experts over the past 20 years to produce a more powerful and flexible suite of recruitment products. Cloud technology continues to advance, with more and more people needing the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips. With more and more companies being cyber security-conscious, how this data is stored and accessed will be vital for the years ahead.

Andrew Forster, divisional director, Access Group We’ve got an exciting year ahead, as we continue to invest in our technology to deliver value to our customers and improve the user’s experience. Our roadmap includes the new version of Access RDB, which enables customers to benefit from browser-based technology as well as remove the cost and headache of IT, data storage, hosting, back-up and security. We’ll also launch our standalone flexible consent portal for recruiters, to support the impending GDPR regulations. In addition, our overarching plan is to provide one complete offering for any sized staffing agency, which begins at candidate attraction and goes right through to cash collection and reporting at the end of the back-office process. GDPR will naturally impact how recruiters store and use candidate information. Data needs to continue to play a part in any business, to enable more informed decision-making. We also expect automation to play a more critical role. While the human side of recruiting isn’t going anywhere, for recruiters to succeed, they need to invest in tech that helps them become more efficient while optimising their performance – providing them with the freedom to focus on what’s important and spend more time with clients and candidates. In today’s world, there’s a plethora of technology to choose from. They key is finding what works for your agency and its specific needs. WWW.RECRUITER.CO.UK 37

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DAXTRA TECHNOLOGIES NAME OF SYSTEM DaXtra Technologies INTEGRATES WITH Most of the ATS/CRMs in the market NUMBER OF USERS From the world’s largest staffing companies to boutique recruiters, corporate recruitment departments, job boards and software vendors PRICE Depends on number of users CONTACT DETAILS T 020 7801 6323 E uksales@daxtra.com W www.daxtra.com

DaXtra Technologies is a world leading specialist in high accuracy multilingual CV and job parsing, as well as semantic search, matching & aggregation technologies. For the past 15 years, DaXtra has been at the forefront of innovative recruitment process automation solutions. We support clients globally via seven offices across Europe, USA, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Australia, supporting 1,500 loyal clients who collectively process in excess of 60 million CVs each month. With nearly 400 ATS/CRM integrations available out of the box and the ability to parse documents in 33 languages, DaXtra has become a software of choice for many multinational organisations, job boards, software vendors and the best niche recruitment firms alike.

ENGAGE NAME OF SYSTEM Engage INTEGRATES WITH Your existing ATS, CRM and accounting software NUMBER OF USERS Unlimited OPERATING PLATFORM Cloud-based SaaS CONTACT DETAILS Drey Francis, commercial director T 020 8068 2900 E drey.francis@engagetech.com

Engage is a unique SaaS platform providing a suite of applications from simple outsource payroll processing to a full back office solution. It also offers a vendor management system that is free for end-hirers. The Engage platform is used by agencies of all sizes. Most solutions facilitate one part of the process for only one type of user. Engage is a simple to use, holistic solution that coordinates end-hirers, recruitment agencies, payroll companies and workers. Its back office solution provides registration, compliance, time & attendance, pay & bill. This frees up the agency to focus on business development. Traditional back office solutions involve significant capex investment and IT integration and may not integrate with applications used by end-hirers or other roster agencies on the PSL. Engage requires no set-up costs or licence fees. It replaces manual finance, payroll and compliance processes with a seamless software function. Timesheet management, compliance documentation, credit control and management reporting are also included. Engage’s neutral VMS offers significant advantages over the conventional master vendor structure which suffers from communication & contractual barriers, poor candidate supply and reduced agency margin. With Engage, users enjoy universal cost savings, no controlling vendor, direct contractual relationships and transparent compliance.

E RE C RU I T NAME OF SYSTEM Adapt and TempBuddy INTEGRATES WITH Selected world-class software extensions that help you excel at putting people to work OPERATING PLATFORM Platform independent CONTACT DETAILS James Payne T 01903 707070 E adapt@erecruit.com W www.erecruit.com

A technology provider and visionary for the staffing and recruiting industry, Erecruit is the chosen partner for thousands of successful firms around the world. We deliver the most comprehensive and innovative end-to-end staffing software solutions, designed to empower people to achieve exceptional results. Our portfolio includes Adapt (previously known as Bond AdaptUX) recruitment software for fast-growing firms, and TempBuddy, a multi award-winning temporary workforce management platform. ● Adapt Provides the ultimate user experience to maximise business performance, helping you make more placements and manage the entire recruitment cycle. The SaaS technology brings together a powerful CRM for sales management, searching, sourcing, reporting and business intelligence within a dynamic web-based hub. With Adapt you can manage all perm, temp and contract recruitment processes via intuitive dashboards and workflows. ● TempBuddy Enables staffing companies to get their best workers to the right place at the right time, paid promptly and accurately using intuitive mobile technology. We make temp work easier and more rewarding for workers, employers and agency staff. Our revolutionary platform and app simplifies the entire temp recruitment process by integrating real-time availability, scheduling, deployment, time capture, pay and bill and compliance. Automate processes to improve your efficiency, or deliver an on-demand human cloud service. Erecruit’s customers consistently succeed because our software delivers meaningful outcomes. We look forward to showing how we can give you competitive advantage.




F I R E F I S H NAME OF SYSTEM Firefish INTEGRATES WITH Website, social media, job boards, email OPERATING PLATFORM Cloud-based PRICE From £54 per user/month when billed annually CONTACT DETAILS T 0141 648 8520 E info@firefishsoftware.com W: www.firefishsoftware.com Twitter: @firefishnow

Firefish Software is a sales and marketing platform that helps recruiters reach, engage and recruit top candidates before their competitors. The average recruiter spends thousands per month to attract candidates, only to put them in a database to be left. In fact, on average only 25% of candidates in a recruiter’s database has been updated in the last two years and unless there is an army of recruiters annoying candidates every day this is impossible to increase. Within six months of using Firefish, agencies can have 85% of their database active and engaged. This in turn creates 25% more placement opportunities that were hidden in your dead data. Get in touch to arrange a swim around the system today.

G E L NAME OF SYSTEM GEL Front Office GEL Back Office GEL All-In-One INTEGRATES WITH All-In-One System build in OPERATING PLATFORM Microsoft Windows and SQL Server PRICE From £50/month CONTACT DETAILS Luis Silva T 08448 794 889 E sales@gelsolutions.co.uk W www.gelsolutions.co.uk

GEL is a leading edge software provider to the recruitment industry. With front office, back office and complete all-in-one solutions, GEL provides a powerful SQL server-based system for agencies of all sizes managing permanent, contract and temporary recruitment. Our easy-to-use tools automate the processing of CVs, candidate registration, availability, diary, placements, timesheets, client invoicing and paying the workforce. You take control of your data, managing staff and configuring the system to suit your team needs. We also offer pay-as-you-go options for start-up agencies and those looking to minimise the initial costs. We deliver the very latest tools and with only a small, ongoing monthly cost from £50 per month. Whether you are changing your software or enhancing the way you work, call on 08448 794889. We can offer you the best advice, support and organise a remote demonstration for you to see for yourself.

G E M S NAME OF SYSTEM GEMS NUMBER OF USERS Unlimited OPERATING PLATFORM Cloud-based system CONTACT DETAILS T 01594 888518 E sales@simplicityinbusiness.com W www.simplicityinbusiness.com/services/gems


GEMS is a FREE end-to-end recruitment CRM and workflow solution, developed by Simplicity. The GEMS technology makes your recruitment business more efficient by combining your front and back office systems into one seamless process. The system will save you time and reduce your costs by taking away the hassle of using a standalone CRM and multiple systems to run your recruitment business. • Manage clients & candidates • Create job bookings • Process online or paper timesheets & payroll • No need to worry about HMRC, AWR & compliance • GEMS takes care of invoicing clients • 24/7 access to reporting & management information • Plus many more features From CRM to payroll, right through to invoicing and reporting, GEMS provides recruitment businesses with the complete technology solution. And best of all, it’s completely FREE to Simplicity partners. • FREE Recruitment CRM & workflow technology • Temporary/contractor & permanent placement configuration • Available with our finance or back office solutions • Customise GEMS to your company brand • Cloud-based system GEMS is packed with even more recruitment specific tools and features that will enable you to cut back on admin and focus on growing your business. Speak to us about GEMS today and discover even more about how this unique technology can help your recruitment business become more efficient, save you time and reduce your costs.


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I T E C NAME OF SYSTEM Itris INTEGRATES WITH Microsoft Office, accounting & payroll software, multi-job posting services, CV parsing services, websites, social media, SMS providers OPERATING PLATFORM Windows PRICE POA CONTACT DETAILS T 01892 825 820 E sales@itris.co.uk W www.itris.co.uk

Itris recruitment software supplies recruitment consultancies of all sizes with the optimum tools and functionality to manage their businesses and confidently plan future success. Fully configurable to clients’ specific requirements, Itris has built a reputation for enhancing business growth and profitability throughout the UK. Itris constantly updates and adds to the system making sure it is in tune with what the market demands. Off the shelf, itris contains all the functionality needed regardless of the type of recruitment or sector. itris offers as standard the ability to tailor the setup and functionality within a system, which is key for most businesses. The ability to create unique fields and templates while automating key business processes gives users a huge advantage over most platforms. Itec has been developing and supporting Itris since 1998.

M I C RO D E C NAME OF SYSTEM Profile ePM & Profile RPM NUMBER OF USERS Single start-ups, SME & global companies INTEGRATES WITH Merit, Tempest, InTime,Tempaid OPERATING PLATFORM Cloud or on-premise PRICE Dependent on requirements CONTACT DETAILS Sales Team T 01277 227778 E sales@microdec-profile.com www.microdec.com

Easy-to-use yet fully functional in its unique design, allowing each consultant to concentrate on effective recruiting, saving time, money and providing rapid return on investment. Easy-to-use with SMARTmenus & SMARTfeeds thus avoiding confusion, reducing internal training and support overheads. Unique user interface design and workflows can be configured to suit your business and hide unwanted fields, menus and tabs for greater user buy-in. MI & KPI monitoring, drives users to their targets and provides management with full activity views. Permanent, temporary, contract, executive search and specialist shift & volume recruitment workflows all available within the same application.

S OU RC E B R E AKE R NAME OF SYSTEM SourceBreaker INTEGRATES WITH Your existing CRM and CV databases OPERATING PLATFORM Cloud-based NUMBER OF USERS Enterprise CONTACT DETAILS T: 020 3794 8120 E info@sourcebreaker.com


SourceBreaker is an award winning online end-to-end search platform that finds recruiters more of the best candidates, matches them to multiple live vacancies from start-ups, SMEs and multi-nationals, providing multiple opportunities to place every candidate found. SourceBreaker uses a combination of machine learning and the expertise of top billing ex-recruiters to search across your CRM, CV databases, LinkedIn and social media, saving each recruiter 1-2 hours per day that can be reinvested in building relationships and engaging with clients and candidates.


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TEXTKERNEL NAME OF SYSTEM Textkernel – Machine Intelligence for People and Jobs INTEGRATES WITH Your existing ATS, CRM or home-built software system and your mobile career site OPERATING PLATFORM Cloud-based or on-premise CONTACT DETAILS T +31 20 494 2496 E demo@textkernel.com W www.textkernel.com

Machine intelligence for matching people and jobs Textkernel develops intelligent software to help accelerate and improve the process of matching supply and demand on the job market. It offers the highest quality multilingual CV parsing and semantic search tools as well as solutions for sourcing, lead generation, matching and labour market statistics, which can be integrated into your existing systems. The company was founded in 2001 as a private, commercial R&D spin-off of research in natural language processing and machine learning at the University of Tilburg, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Textkernel now operates as the international leader in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and semantic technology for matching people and jobs. Find talent in your growing database Textkernel’s multilingual CV parser, combined with its Apply-with widget, offers candidates a mobile friendly, one-click application process and helps you to automatically build a high quality talent database. Textkernel’s semantic search, sourcing and matching tools will help you to instantly identify top talent within your existing databases and on external sources. The result: fill jobs faster Textkernel’s technology allows you to offer a candidate-friendly application process and increase the conversion rate on applications. By saving time on processing profiles and finding the best candidates in multiple databases, you are able to fill jobs faster

VOYAG E R NAME OF SYSTEM Voyager Infinity, Voyager VDQ! and Voyager Mid-Office INTEGRATES WITH Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Broadbean (2way), Jobposting, SMS, Synety, Touchscreen and various third-party applications including back-office providers OPERATING PLATFORM Deployed in various ways, on-premise and online PRICE Depends on the deployment. You can rent Voyager with a low-cost setup and low monthly fee or purchase the licence with a great value annual support and maintenance contract CONTACT DETAILS T 0800 008 6262 E sales@voyagersoftware.com W www.voyagersoftware.com

Voyager Software is one of the most established recruitment software brands in the market today, delivering and supporting a range of recruitment software solutions to thousands of users globally. As standard we offer an 0800 support line, free account managers, free online training clinics and free licence upgrades, so you are assured of a good service from start-up to superpower! Voyager’s solution can be rented, purchased or deployed on the cloud. And with a product, pricing model and deployment type to suit every recruiter, we suggest you contact us for an overview on our services. Voyager has four core recruitment solutions: Infinity, VDQ!, Mid-Office and Mid-Office Bureau.

Z E E L SO LU T IO NS NAME OF SYSTEM Zrecruiter, Ztimeex, Zpayplus, Zattend, Ztravelplus NUMBER OF USERS Unlimited INTEGRATES WITH Payroll, front office, financials, time & attendance, job boards, career portals etc OPERATING PLATFORM SQL, Web-Based Platform CONTACT DETAILS Sales Team T 0845 31 31 311 E sales@zeelsolutions.com W zeelsolutions.com

Zeel Solutions provides intuitive software to the recruitment and HR industry. We aim to deliver simple, effective solutions to take the strain and increase your operational effectiveness, providing you with tailored integration and significant cost savings in a highly competitive industry. is a true end-to-end recruitment process management solution. Specifically developed for corporate RPO, HR & healthcare markets offering RPO, vendor management services (VMS), talent management, onsite managed services and contingent workforce. Combines VMS with ATS in one solution to manage both direct hires and contingent workforce. is a complete electronic timesheet solution. It not only provides an automated method for managing the timesheet to payroll process with approval of hours or days and costs, it offers the capability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. It allows clients to submit and approve hours, costs and workers to self-certify expenses and helps ensure compliance. is an innovative web-based pay & bill solution ultimately providing a complete back office functionality. This rapid, innovative web-based (on premise) pay and bill solution gives simple processing, ease of accessibility and continuous visibility. It provides real-time information (RTI) and pensions auto enrolment, adding true value to the payroll process. is a complete, certified, real-time, workforce time & attendance solution. Zattend provides instant workforce planning, visibility and control within a fully integrated solution. enables both recruitment agencies and umbrella companies the ability to offer travel & subsistence (T&S) directly to their temporary employees, while remaining compliant. Complex calculations and HMRC-regulated compliance checks are completed within minutes.


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Driving your success by Microdec

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Winner Best Recruitment CRM

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Profile for Redactive Media Group

Recruiter - Guide to Recruitment Technology 2018 (February 2018)  

Recruiter - Guide to Recruitment Technology 2018 (February 2018)  

Profile for redactive

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