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Survivingg Girlhood

Thee B British ritiish Council Co oun ncil hass recently reeceentlyy relaunched rela aun nch hed Co Connecting onn neccting Classrooms Classsro oom ms in p partnership arrtneersh hip p with wiith thee Department Dep parttmeent forr Inter International rnattion nal De Development. evelop pmeentt. Itt is an education educaatio on programme pro oggraammee for fo or schools scho ooll that tha hat iss designed desig d s gn need to to help hel elp young yo ou un ngg people pe peo op plee learn lea earn n about abo bou utt global gl glo oball issu issues suees and a b become eco ec om me responsible res esp po onsible s b e cit citizens, c tize zen nss and an and to o develop d elo devel op the t skills kill i needed eed ded ed to t work o k in a global o a eeconomy. n my my. It offers f s school c o partnerships, ar n s p professional po s o a d development e opm n courses cou ourrsess for or teachers, te teach cheerrs, accreditation acccred edita tatio ion tthrough hro ou uggh tthe h hee Int International nteernat ation onal a Sc Sch School ho oo ol A Award w waarrd and nd th the he chance cha han ncce to to share sh haaree best bes est practice prracctic t ce with witth international in ntteerna nattio on naal co counterparts. oun untteerpa parrts Schools Sch cho oo olls can can find fiin nd partners paartn p tneerss in in a wide wid de variety vaarriety e y of of countries, co ountr tries es, including in incl clu udin d ng Sri Sri r Lanka, Lan ankka, Bangladesh, Ban B nglaad deesh h, N Nigeria, igeeria ia, Ghana, Ghan G na, Palestine PPalesttinee and an nd Sierra SSieerraa Leone. Le Leon ne. g g

By Nikki Giant and Rachel Beddoe Jessica Kingsley Publishers £19.99

This is a handy teaching h resource aimed at preventing girl bullying. It does this by addressing the underlying causes and by steering girls into becoming ‘strong, positive individuals’. The bullying often stems from poor self-awareness, low self-esteem and lack of relationship skills. As such, the complex dynamics of friendship can be difficult to unravel and bullying can result. The second half of the book includes more than 60 triedand-tested activities designed to help girls understand their needs, values, beliefs and influences as drivers for their behaviour.

SSay Sa ay yes yes to to making makingg learning leearn ningg relevant reelevvant Th The he Yes Yess Programme Prrogram mme is a learning leaarningg resource res sou urcee p pitched itched d aatt KS2. KS2. It draws draaws on on a vvariety arietyy of of contributors con ntrib buttorss to o show sh how w the th he relevance releevancee of classroom classsro oom m learning leearn nin to th to the the world w wo orld ld of of work. wo worrkk. There There e e are arre 90 90 career-related career a e -related ellated a ed fil films ffilms, lm including iin ncclu lud dingg drummer d dru um mm meer Yussef Yu usssef ef using us using ng fractions, fr frac acttions o s referee refeereee Payam ref Payaam Pay explaining exp xplai lain nin ng tthe h hee difference diffe d feren ence ce between be bettw weeeen fact faact and d opinion, opinion op n o Rowan Rowan Ro n the he computer com omp pu ute t games a e designer d s n r using s g simple i p algebra, g b and n R Rebecca b c thee radiographer a o r p r describing ec b g how ow w sshe hee uses h us usees magnets. maaggn m neetss. Each Eac ach h short sh ho orrt video vide deo iss accompanied acccco om mp paan nieed by lesson les essson sheets sh heets t outlining out utlin ining ng classroom cl class ssroo oom discussions discu d cusssion ons and an nd d ot other oth heer activ activities. t viti i iees.. Th The The Yes Y Yeess Programme Pr Pro oggram amme me is i available ava vailab l ble le on on subscription, su ub bscr cript ption on, p priced ri ricceed at a ££1. £1.35 .355 per peer pupil. p pu up pil. y p g

School-based Teacher Training By Elizabeth White and Joy Jarvis Sage Publications £24.99



This book should prove very useful for teaching schools – primary and secondary – and anyone interested in initial teacher training. It covers topics such as strategies for coaching and mentoring trainee teachers and how to develop your own identity as a teacher educator. It also contains case studies, models of successful teaching and suggested activities. One particularly useful chapter looks at how to provide the right mix of support and challenge.

The Th T he ffi fight igh ht ffo for or eequal qual righ rights hts Intterrnattion International nal W Women’s om men n’s D Day ayy (IW (IWD) WD) is cele celebrated ebraated around aro oun nd thee world worrld on 8 March March h each eaach h year. yeear.. It began beegan n when n a German Geerm man n socialist so ociaalisst ccalled alleed Cla Clara ara Ze Zetkin etkin thought th hou ught g there th herre should sho ould d be a day daay every eveeryy year y to to mark m arkk the th he fight figh ght for for women’s wo omen’s rights. righ ghts. On n the th he first firsst IWD IW WD in 1911 19111 more morre than thaan a million millio on people peop pe ple attended atttend ded d demonstrations d de em mo on nstr tratio t on nss in in Austria, Aust A stria, i Denmark, Denm D nm mark, k Germany Gerrm Ge man any and nd d Switzerland, Switz Sw tzerl e laand d, where where re they th theeyy campaigned ca cam mp paig a gne ned for o women’s wom omeen n’ss right righ ght tto o vote vot ote and an nd d to o work wo orrk in n good ood conditions ond nditi i io on ns w with it ith h equall p pay. aayy The T e TES T website weeb bssitte has haas teac teaching ach hin ng resources res eso ou urce ces ffor fo o or KS3 KSS3 and K an nd d upper up upp peer KS2 KSS22 that th that explore eexp plo loree the he history histo s orryy of o ggender een nd deer eequality q qu ualit a ty aand n nd d lo look oo okk at at girls ggirls’ l ac aaccess cce cesss tto o eeducation d du uca catio ion iin nT Tanzania. aanzan ania. a and-39-s-day-3012623 y


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