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SUPPLIERS GUIDE Pathology networks

These are available on the NHS Improvement Hub1 and include: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Business case template Due diligence guide Operational governance guide Consolidation framework Essential services laboratory design Blood sciences Legal watchpoints guide Clinical governance toolkit.

More are expected in the coming months, including microbiology and histopathology essential services guidance.



8 tools

A range of support tools and toolkits, including documents on due diligence and governance models and advice on clinical and corporate structures, have been created to help with network consolidation.


drop in cost It is claimed networks that have completed the transition from a single-site operation to a networked model have seen the average cost per test drop by 20%.

£18m SAVINGS Some trusts developing their networked approach have already agreed contractual savings of £18m over five years by buying equipment jointly, at scale.

£167m AVERAGE PRICE SAVINGS Since networking started, the average price per test in England has fallen from £1.95 to £1.81. This equates to a saving of £167m.

NHS England and NHS Improvement report that they are on track to deliver the 29 pathology networks across England by the target date of 2021.


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