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What attracted you to the industry/ profession, and how did you get into it? Having studied accounting, I was asked to support in identifying financial risks for one of the companies we were consulting for. I found the idea of ‘what could be’ – identifying significant risks the client didn’t have on their radar – really interesting. What is your biggest learning to date? As any seasoned risk manager will tell you (having learnt the hard way) it’s all about priority and objectives. The key takeaway I have adopted is the idea of identifying what really matters to a company’s mission and objectives, and those things that can truly threaten what we are trying to achieve.


Fatimah Abdulkarim Alghamdi


What is your career ambition? Growth and innovation. The deeper I seem to dive into the rabbit hole that is risk management, the more my knowledge expands, which in turn solidifies my desire to innovate how the profession will be done in the future.

NATIONALITY: Saudi Arabian TIME IN THE PROFESSION: Three years WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB IN BC/R? My first job in resilience was to set up and build an Enterprise Risk Management Department for a company in the F&B industry


CURRENT EMPLOYER? The Red Sea Development Company

What is the best career advice you have received? “Fatimah, focus on what matters.” You really need to understand what’s important at any level you’re analysing. Focus is key in risk management; without it you will never be able to effectively manage anything.

CURRENT ROLE: Corporate Risk Manager FAVOURITE ASPECT OF THE WORK: To truly support any company in managing its risks, you really need to identify its full risk landscape. What I most enjoy about the job, is the process of decoding these to gain the right in-depth knowledge and insight.

What is your preferred mode of learning? Practice. Practice. Practice. You can read countless pages on industry standards and trends, but if you don’t know what people are saying or what is on the mind of your executive management, I doubt that you’ll be able to really know what matters. What changes would you like to see in the profession? Going digital. Risk management can be tedious, and this may cause you to lose focus. If we can digitise the tedious work and make it

“ ‘Focus on what matters.’ You really need to understand what’s important at any level you’re analysing“ easy to do, not only does this free up time to focus on the critical matters, it allows you to really support your stakeholders which in return will allow them to be more interested in working on risk.


Who would be your ideal mentor? I’m lucky to work at The Red Sea Development Company; the things we are building have never been seen before. Therefore, the people we hired to do the job are seasoned experts within their respective fields. I am learning from one of the best Enterprise Risk Management experts in the Middle East.

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