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SUMMARY An alyt ics app To become aware of our brand values, an analytics app at the core of MAO Capacity Building marketing strategy seems the best way to go forward. Social Media offers an array of platforms, and promotional options that require more measurement and analysis than any other marketing effort. In order to maximize our CE leads, we need to start measuring those efforts. Com m u n icat ion Plan Whether CB is looking to increase leads or expand our network, a comprehensive Communication Plan is needed as a guideline. Such plan can help raise brand awareness and boost traffic to our learning facility. CE st yle gu ide Communication do's and dont's, including fonts, graphics, color, logo use, and social media approach, related to our Continuing Education efforts.

In f ogr aph ics Social media users like infographics to read, share and enjoy. Translating L&L presentations into inforgraphics and post them frequently as a lead to our CE possibillities is as efforthless as functional.

Edu cat ion al Sh ar ePoin t Set up as a page on our MAO website, or as a seperate landing page for our CE consumers, MAO staff and news hires and a CE press room.

CE Pr ess Plan Continuing Education is an excellent way for us to meet the press, keep our community engaged and promote our trainings. If well addressed it could help us fight community based stigma.

BACKEDBYFACTS Being aware of social media user habits, and marketing shifts, helps us to develop a more effective, responsive marketing approach, and ensure that we derive the best value from our time spending. We might even consider paid adds to increase leads to our trainings. Staying up to date with the latest news on social media is key, but for those looking to catch up, have a look at the infographics from Awario for an overview of the most recent social media marketing trends for 2019.

The list is broken down into five crucial categories: -

Social selling Social listening Influencer marketing Ephemeral content Social advertising

Text and Lay Out Jacob van Megen

A powerful social media analytics tool to benefit our CE training campaign efforts is Awario. If used well, this app will help us clarify how good our social media marketing strategy is, and it will highlight problems and tendencies which are impeding our success. Basically this tool will give us the numbers we need to know to create an effective marketing plan. Awario is much more then a social media monitoring tool. The app analyzes online mentions in order to provide us with statistics on mention growth, reach, a list of mentions? languages and locations, sentiment and where on the web they're occurring.

Awario analyzes people on social media who?ve used our keywords - be they our brand keywords or our industry keywords - and displays a list of social media influencers in our niche. Awario lets us create alerts (e.g., one for our brand and another two for our main competitors), so we can get a step-by-step comparison of our social media performance against that of our competition. Awario can also display a ?share of voice? graph, which shows how much 'online buzz' MAO is generating by comparison to our main competitors.

An Awario subscription cost $29 monthly


Specialty Pharmacies Students Physical therapists Public Health Professionals >> CDC, Health Departments, Education Department, promotion, secretaries, admins Sales reps. Community based healthcare organizers >> civic health, outreach workers Elected officials Licensing Board >> Ethics Transportation Employees Midwives Clergy / Church leaders




Social media links Call to action Features and benefits Sign up forms Social proof

INFOGRAPHICSTO GENERATELEADS The visual nature of infographics lends itself to fast-moving social feeds - elements can be clipped out and used as teasers. Complex health information can be condensed into more engaging, shareable formats. Statistics and tips can be included within a single flow, as opposed to being buried in a pages of written content. In addition: infographics could help in our efforts to generate leads. How so? Well, the infographics on these pages are e used to format the 2019 Social Media trends. One single view tells us they are focusing on lead generation, by sharing factual information. The infographic also outlines a range of data points on the effectiveness of this approach. Creating infographics can be very cost effective, if used wel: add's, partner websites, social media, homepage, newsletters all share the same information, without to much editing efforts.

An multiple use infographic cost about $125 - $250.00

is the most popular professional social networking site on the web, which means if you cater to professionals in a specific industry, LinkedIn is the best platform for capacity building.


In the past, LinkedIn was often discounted as a worthwhile platform due to a lack of active users, however, LinkedIn made significant changes to both the user experience on its platform and its algorithm. Those changes have lead to spikes in user activity, experiencing strong upward trends in both its user activity and content engagement, making it an even more worthwhile platform to embrace.

LinkedIn use is free of charge!


Tip #1 - Use our personal profiles to build a MAO Profile While the presence of company pages is growing on LinkedIn, personal profiles still dominate. Company pages are valuable because they can provide more information about MAO. Tip #2 - Link Division Pages to our home Page and create a supportive network of our employees and loyal visitors to boost the visibility of our MAO company page. Tip #3 - Craft compelling content -

Clearly communicate our brand story and value (storytelling Atlas 2018 links) Use keywords to show up in relevant search results Provide value for people who find us (this is what's in it for you)

Tip #4 - The most important content on our LinkedIn profile is our headline and summary. Our headline acts as an instant pitch, helping to provide context and a ?hook? to keep them on our profile. Our summary should clearly state what we do and how we can help our target audience.

Engaging in professional communication doesn't start and end with shooting a lot of words towards our audience. CB strategizes, builds tools, creates visuals, and crafts messages tailored to our clients. CB content practice should be tailored towards helping our professional clients bridge their knowledge gaps, by expressing the value of our care, and using the terms, metrics, and results they care about, whether they work as a midwife or as a dentist: we at CB take the time to understand their overall strategic needs goals, and build training fit to their existing work style as closely as possible. When this involves SharePoint, we use every trick in the book to customize user experience and functionality beyond what?s usually possible.

SharePoint #1 On boar din g an d Tr ain in g Por t al f or Em ployees Develop an MAO SharePoint website for new-hires, internal trainings, booking management, and job support content, preferably connected to a custom filter system that allows users to search for trainings and content based on their specific role within the care continuum. #2 Even t M an agem en t Su ppor t Start using a SharePoint site to keep track of the speakers and events and trainings which could easily be managed by speakers themselves, or their admins. #3 Cr eat e in f ogr aph ics Factual information sharing, to simplify the wordy, complex messaging, and drive target audience engagement on our SharePoint, social media, and company website. For creating SharePoint we need a specialist $1.500 - $2.000


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Connect Communication and Lead proposal