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Welcome to Vision Hello readers! Welcome to the very first issue of Vision. Vison is a student magazine which is dedicated in showcasing work from both Graphic Design and New Media students at UCA Epsom. Vison will also be giving the readers a chance to see how designers create their own work and where they gather inspiration from. This magazine is also aimed at those who arn’t familiar with the world of Graphic Design. This will be a great way for them to understand a bit more about the course. The main goal is to showcase student’s work across the whole campus at UCA Epsom. Every Semester students produce brillaint work which is often displayed on their blog or personal websites. The work done by students never gets displayed anywhere in UCA. This magazine is a great way for both courses to show their work to the rest on the university.

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phic Design Graphic Design is a form of communication that allows the designer to use combination of images, layouts and typograpghy to create their messages. Graphic Design is part of our life, it is everywhere from packaging, to T-shirt design to billboards and even in the film industry. Currentley at UCA Epsom there are two Graphics courses, New Media and Graphic Design. They both use different methods to visually communicate to their audiences, but are equally effective in doing so.

graphic design Graphic Design is a way of visually communicating through image, typography colour and page layouts. A Graphic Designers aim is to visually solve problems and create something that catches the audience’s eye. Graphics often focus more to publications ,screen printing , logos and branding, advertisements and product packaging. A Graphic Designer will often use a combination of different techniques when designing. Tools are also a important factor for designers, as it allows them to create different styles in their work. Graphics at UCA is a three year, six - semester course. Over time students will be engaging in illustration, branding, advertisements, printing and web bades media, photography and animation.

Christian Baranowicz Year 2

new media Graphic Design New Media explores ways of communication using various forms of emerging technologies. The course allows the student to explore in both media and design practice. The key topics that is studied in New Media ranges from image, motion graphics, investigations of type and history and culture of design media. As New Media is a very well rounded course, it gives students the opportunity to investigate and experiment in a wide range of subjects.

john aloy biongan Year 2

I make illustrations not only for freelance projects, but mainly for myself, because painting and designing is like a sport- if you don’t train, you won’t get good results. If I’m doing something, I try to do it good, but most of the time I don’t like my works, because after some time you look at it, and realise that some things could be different and better, but it’s already done, so I just create more drawings, videos, etc.

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