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becca dunn

OBJECTIVE To use my passion for communication, both visual and verbal, to help people and brands have more honest and open interactions.

MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN FIRST-YEAR READING EXPERIENCE POSTER Poster representing Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn. It was chosen over 25 other submissions for the University of South Carolina First-Year Reading Experience in 2012. spring 2012

FLOUR BREAD SHOP PACKAGING SYSTEM A trio of bags designed to emphasize the modern and organic atmosphere of Flour Bread Shop, a small-scale bakery of artisanal breads and pasteries. fall 2010

GREAT FALLS BREWERY BRANDING & PACKAGING Packaging, branding system and promotional items designed for a line of fall seasonal beers from Great Falls Brewery. fall 2012

MELLIFERA MAGAZINE A magazine for the modern apiarist, with a simple and modern aesthetic, featuring recipes and tips for urban beekeepers. spring 2012

MELLIFERA MAGAZINE Logo, identity, business card & stationery for Mellifera magazine. spring 2012

LAMB’S BREAD IDENTITY SYSTEM Identity, menus, coasters and customer loyalty cards for Lamb’s Bread Vegan Café, a fine dining restaurant specializing in soul food. fall 2012

HAVEN HOSPICE MONSTER DASH & CREEPY CRAWL LOGOS Logo options design for Haven Hospice’s annual Monster Dash & Creepy crawl. The top left was chosen to be featured on billboards, banners and t-shirts. summer 2012

the pocket a neophyte’s guide to thinking & drinking like a vintner

THE POCKET OENOPHILE ADVERTISEMENT Advertisement for an app that caters to oenophiles who want to impress their peers with their expansive knowledge of wines. spring 2012

SERENGETI PAPER SAMPLE BOOK A paper sample book designed around the theme of African animals to showcase the tactile quality of the GMUND AlĂŠzan line of paper. fall 2012

THE OCEAN BREATHES SALTY / SCREEN PRINT Based on lyrics from the Modest Mouse’s, “Ocean Breathes Salty,” this poster helped me fall in love with the process of screen printing. spring 2012

USC SUICIDE PREVENTION ZINE Informational zine meant to promote conversations between peers about the high rate of depression & suicide among college students. fall 2012

Portfolio Book  

My design portfolio for 2013.