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You're only 21 and you've been involved with the fashion scene since junior high. Can you tell how you initially got involved and what drew you to fashion?

Ok so, it was high school and it was around the Tumblr age when Tumblr was like really really poppin just so happened that I went to school in Union Square which was the heart of Tumblr kids of New Yo was hanging around them and a few of my pictures went viral. I was just always good with timing and that I wanted to do fashion but I went to school with the mindset that I was going to be a lawyer. I stu communications, and I just thought that fashion was for me, so I started my own website on the sidefashion blog, where I always featured people who I thought embodied the look of a celebrity without celebrity, everyday people that dress like celebrities, and that’s what my blog was about, and it picke started meeting different people.

Mainly though, not to sound cocky or anything, but like the way I kind of was in-in, was always becau I dressed. Before I said much, people just looked at my outfits and reached out to me. The way I pre really spoke to people. I started doing internships for hours that didn’t pay because you know, you h slave work, but I did that and like each time a project presented itself it was just a bigger project, big bigger project and then I landed in Nylon and that kind of really set me on the map, and that’s how I

Do you find your influences mostly within the fashion realm or do you pull from other elements of your environment? I am a stylist, and a lot of stylists look at magazines and stuff for inspiration, but honestly I rarely look at magazines. For inspiration for the way I dress, it’s just everyday things, it’s like things I see outside. It’s not particularly people, but different things in the neighborhood, like different fabrics, different colors, street signs, fishnet fences. I have my own mind and I don’t like to look at other people because I feel that when we start looking at other people, we start picking up on other people's stuff, and I would never want my work to depict somebody else’s work because that’s not my work. Not saying you can’t be influenced, but I just like to be creative by myself because I understand myself and I understand what I like and I understand what I can create, so I don’t really look to other people for that stuff. 5

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In such a globalized fashion world, particularly at a place like Nylon, how did you maintain your Brooklyn roots? Do you believe fashion is an accessible medium for expression? I was like the only person from Brooklyn there and I’m black and there were only like four black people there, but Nylon’s environment respected me. They knew my personality and I think that me being from Brooklyn with my personality was fun to them. I was very open and very cultured and loud sometimes, so I think that they liked it but I knew to keep a certain boundary. I didn’t bring like the ra-ra Brooklyn into the office ever because there’s a certain time and place for everything, so I still kept a level of professionalism. But you know, if I’m at a party, I’m gonna wyle out. I would keep a certain boundary for any job, it wasn’t just because it was Nylon, it was just that I have to be professional with whatever I do.


Do you hav What summer projects or goals do you have planned? We’re definitely tryna take trips. We’re gonna take flights. We’re gonna go back to LA, we’re gonna go to Miami, overseas, Toronto. We’re just gonna try to be going everywhere every weekend because life’s too short. Because I’m 21, and I tell people this all the time, this is the time to do all of your shit. I had a career already, and it happened really fast, so right now I just want to relax and try different things like the fashion film and try different companies, because I don’t want people to think of me as Nylon. I am Ziggy. I want to be independent. They really helped me out a lot, to understand the fashion industry, and I learned a lot, but I want to do a lot.

Right now I d and I know I Everybody a the clothes. other clothes really see m

5 words to describe your style? Funky, Bright, Exquisite, Comfortable, and I wanna say flashy but not in a sense of being flashy-flashy, but in a sense of if I walk into a room, you notice it.


What materials, color you the most right no

I love see-thru, anythin love my body, I love sh there’s a layer on top o thru. You know, I wann And crop tops. Becaus


ve any big unrealized projects?

do customizing as far as designing but later down the line I want to start designing-designing I’m going to do that, but I need to just get into it, because I always said designing wasn’t it for me. always thought I was doing it, but I was like nah. Like I will put the clothes together, just give me But I do want to start making my own stuff because I feel that I’m at that time now like fuck these s I want to make my own clothes and wear whatever I really want to wear. So that’s the only thing I myself dreaming of, but really every thing just comes to me day by day.

Your website has everything from your favorite shops to your own designs to the best food spots. What other interests do you have? Any side hobbies? I’m currently working on a fashion film, so that will be coming soon. It’s going to be documentary style. Four characters, not gonna reveal them. Each character has made a mark in the fashion industry in this generation whether it’s through fashion, art, social media, whatever. None of them are from New York, but they ended up in New York. So that was my whole thing, showing people you can be from wherever you are, and dream of New York, and make it here. They’re all young, and they’re all black. I want to show that you can be literally anything you wanna be, and go anywhere that you wanna go with fashion.

rs, or patterns interest ow?

ng see-thru right now. I howing my body, so if of me I want it to be seena flex. And, I love bootcut. se it’s summer.


What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? I’ve haven’t been an advocate for the LGBT community. I haven’t really been asked about how it was growing up the way I did or when I discovered that I was into the same sex. You’ll never hear myself call me gay, because I just feel like that word is very stern. I wasn’t always into boys andI still find women beautiful, it just so happens that I usually fuck with boys, because right now, I’m boy crazy! I love guys! I feel like right now, I can’t get married to a guy because maybe just because of the way I grew up and my mindset. With a guy it’s more like an attraction than emotional connection, I’m curious to explore more into that because it’s something new. And I’m very like tell a child not to do that, I’m gonna do it. I never spoke about sexuality, and I really want to start talking about it because it’s really important for this generation to be comfortable with themselves and I’m very, very comfortable with myself right now.


Do you think the fashion world expects a certain level of androgyny from you? I think they do, but then I also think that they don’t. One thing I do like about the fashion world is that you’re very free to express yourself. One thing that I love about New York City is that I probably had a different experience than another black boy who is into boys did in a different state. I wasn’t really bullied. Of course, everybody gets joked on. I was a jokester myself, and always quick with the remarks, so I never had a problem. And then, most of my friends are straight, and I hang out with mostly girls, but I’ve always just been with straight guys, from the hood, not from the hood, they’re straight. In New York, I’ve always been able to express myself. Once I started dressing out of the norm of other straight guys, my straight friends didn’t really judge me- they fucked with it, they always like “oh my gosh Ziggy what do you have on, that’s great.” So I feel like the fashion world for me personally is like a yes and no, cuz I like set the standard, everybody sets a standard for themselves on how people look at you, and maybe in a way I’m seen as androgynous in the fact I wear both men’s wear and women's wear, but I don’t make it look like women’s wear, and I don’t make it look like men’s wear, it’s just clothes on my body. 10

tell us about a time you spilled: I was painting on my floor on my carpet a little while ago and I have this really gross teal carpet that has many, many stains from the people that have lived here previously, and I have this greenish yellow paint and it spilled into the teal and it kind of looks like a pee stain now. -lily



i spilled water on my computer later week! -octavia


-madeline 12

in jewelry you use a lot of acids so what you have to do is dispose of them in a special container. so one day i went to go dispose of them but i didn’t have a funnel so i went to go dispose of them and i poured about a quarter of the acid onto the floor 13


Oh actually just a few minutes ago! This might not be what you’re looking for but its fresh on my mind so if you’re looking for something else lmk. I’m on the train on my way to Michigan and a bit ago, they said over the speaker that the cafe is open and I usually disregard this information because I bring my own snacks but then I realized they have beer there! So I go because I love trains and I love beer so this should be good. I bought my beer, a miller lite, not the best, (and I didn’t get carded) and walked to my seat and opened it just a crack and it exploded everywhere! And for a few minutes I tried just sipping it up but the foam continued to billow down the can all over the floor in front of my seat. There was no one sitting next to me fortunately, and the guy across the seat from me kept averting his eyes every time I looked around to see who was watching, which I appreciate because this was embarrassing. I thought it was because the train shook it all up but turns out it was frozen, so I couldn’t even drink it. I went back to get a Heineken but I had to pay an extra dollar. The Heineken exceeded my expectations of my first train beer. Despite my first attempt, I would highly recommend drinking a beer on the train. -kate

art by luke palermo


i circle the spills in my journal: coffee 3/11 panang curry 4/23 tear 5/21 we label the spills on our coffee table: bloody nose of summer 2016 handful of wine stains a spike in candle wax during winter some of them got left behind in the move -maggie rose

A few years ago I went to Subway for lunch. Upon sitting, I realized I was surrounded by three exes throughout the small restaurant. I felt like my every move was being watched (even though it probably wasn't). I made the wise decision of pouring sprite into my water cup, and walked awkwardly to my table. I felt uncomfortable and shaky. Two minutes in, my hand twitched while reaching for my drink and in an instant, my entire crotch area and then some was soaked in sticky soda. If that wasn't bad enough, I then had to get up in front of everyone and head back to school for the rest of the day. I never stole soda again. -anonymous

Last night I was Messy Drunk and I spilled a bottle of water in my bed and then forgot I had spilled a bottle of water in my bed and slept in said water. I just woke up, a bit chilly but mostly ok. Point is, we can recover from spills. (This isn't meant to be deep). -anonymous 15

Well this one time in middle school I saw this really cool science experiment that I wanted to try. I had to take an egg and seal it in a container filled with vinegar. After a week or so the entire egg shell was supposed to disappear but the egg stays intact and kinda looks like jelly. The experiment was successful and smelly. I decided to bring it in to school to show the science teacher who told me about the experiment. I wrapped it up in two containers and a bunch of plastic bags (vinegar and egg together). I stopped in my English teachers room to say hi to her and talk with a friend and suddenly my friend pointed to my bag and said it was spilling. I guess it got turned upside down and leaked all over the floor and my pants. The entire eighth grade hallway reeked that day and they all blamed me (I at least luckily got some backup pants dropped off) -jeremy

All over, all ways Skip the good things I fucking want dirt Soup spilled all over Always truth stings I want it to hurt Spill those guts Each and every feat Make each moment a chance to leap -austin potrue

thank you for your spills! 16

collaborate with us!!! Call for Dancers and Performers We are looking for some folks to assemble a sort of experimental performance of movement and sound on our roof. We can help with things like props and sets if needed. We also have a projector and speakers. Please email if you’re interested! We would want the performance to happen at some point this July. If you’re interested in showing your work or organizing a performance of theatre, ballet, sound, a lecture, workshop, etc., please email us at


about red/orange place red/orange place is a temporary summer exhibition space run by Riley Cavanaugh and Maya Simkin out of our apartment and roof in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. Red/orange is the color of the outside of our home and also the color of your closed eyelids when you lay on the grass on a hot day.

mission We want red/orange place to foster artistic experimentation. By virtue of being an exhibition space within a home and on top of a roof, our shows will interact with that environment. May red/orange place be a place for artistic flexibility, creativity, problem-solving, and camaraderie. No racism, transphobia, or general jerks will be tolerated. Our apartment is located on the third floor of our building, and we hope to have most gatherings on our rooftop which is only accessible via ladder. This makes it an inaccessible space for many, but we are committed to helping anyone experience red/orange place to the best of our ability, so please let us know if you want to come, and we can create something for you.


Profile for red/orange place

Zine #1  

red/orange place is a temporary summer exhibition space in bedstuy. this is zine #1.

Zine #1  

red/orange place is a temporary summer exhibition space in bedstuy. this is zine #1.