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Asay Media Network: A Growth Company

Roger Asay, President of the Asay Media Network and Publisher of Locator Magazine. In 2000, INC magazine named Asay Media one of America's Top 500 growth enterprises.

Expanding into International Markets by Art Diamond, Senior Consulting Editor The Joplin Tornado On Sunday, May 22, 2011, at about 5:35 p.m., an EF5 tornado touched ground in Joplin, Missouri, cutting a swath of total devastation that measured 13 miles long and up to one mile wide. Tornadoes are common in Missouri, but rarely does a twister of this intensity strike at the heart of a populated American city. With winds measuring up to 200 miles per hour, the cyclone left 159 dead, 1,150 injured, 6,954 homes literally blown away and 18,000 cars destroyed. Roger Asay, President of the Asay Media Network and Publisher of Locator Magazine, lives in Joplin, MO. His home is just South of the tornado’s path. His office on Range Line Road is just North of the once rubble-strewn trail. Luckily, both structures were untouched by the storm! As one of his gambling buddies, in every casino we’ve played I’ve known Roger to be one lucky guy. In the wake of this horrific storm he continues to hold that title! He gambles like an engineer, taking only calculated risks. And with this mindset, he has proven a “winner”, initially as a Publisher and more recently as an Internet strategist. Building Locator Magazine In 1987, while working for a copy machine Dealer, Roger was struck by the large inventory of machines and parts left


gathering dust in the company’s warehouse. These were idle assets that he felt must have value to someone, somewhere. When the copier dealer folded in 1987, he started a service business of his own dedicated to helping members of the Dealer network do business with each other. His mission was to bring Buyers and Sellers together. His vehicle was Locator Magazine, not a traditional publication, as it had no editorial content, but one that contained listings of office machines and business equipment (OMBE) available for sale. As Roger explains, “We were Dealer-based. Our foundation was the resellers that sell used equipment. When it was first opened, it was just me. Larry Jackson, who is still with me, signed on as Vice President along with Carole, our office manager, who has retired. We grew and expanded, adding new faces all along. By the mid-1990s our staff numbered more than 50 employees.” Asay Media’s new facility in Joplin occupies 4,500 square feet of floor space on one of the city’s main streets—Range Line Road. There are no other branches or subsidiaries. Over the past 5 years, the company decreased in terms of employees while they focused on building a presence on the Internet and on growing the customer base. Things are changing now as the company is strategically positioned with 5 websites on the Internet. This new game plan is bringing

Recycling Times Magazine English Edition -Issue 29  
Recycling Times Magazine English Edition -Issue 29  

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