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Ways to Shorten Your Hiring Cycle

As a human resource specialist or owner of your own small business, what would you say is one of the most expensive, time consuming, and possibly litigious processes involved in the running of your business? You of course would respond, “The hiring process.” From the time and budget-consuming processes of making the job known, doing proper applicant tracking, and all the interviewing involved, to the point of actually hiring someone, hundreds of hours will have been consumed. Then, what if you hire the wrong person? The whole process starts over. Luckily, you can shorten this through the use of applicant tracking software and a few easy tips. Make Your Expectations Known In many states, there are now laws that require businesses to interview each and every person who submits an application. If a thousand people apply for the job, that is a thousand interviews that someone will have to oversee. What a huge time expenditure! To avoid this kind of waste, try not to be too clever or too vague with your wording. It is common to see major employers use big words to describe menial positions. However by being transparent with the job’s expectations, you will cut down the number of applications you have to wade through. Lay it out in simplified terms to weed out the people who might not be interested once they actually understand what the job entails. Besides, who wants an employee who feels like they were “tricked” into working for their company? Make the Salary Clear Often, businesses are not overly transparent regarding the job details. For instance, it is common to see job positions that do not disclose the salary being offered. Essentially, this pulls in applicants who might not want the job once they learn the salary. This is a waste of both yours and the applicant's time. Some online recruiting software can make it very easy to post a position, but if the details are vague, all you are doing is setting yourself up for a mess of applications, half of which may pull out halfway through the hiring process. All this does is muddy the waters of hiring. However, applicant tracking systems will pick the most experienced applicants. These also happen to be the people who are most likely to walk away from a low paying position.

Think of the Long Term Employees want to learn and grow, and since you are not running a work mill, you need to think about the “who” in the people you hire. Since the goal is to hire individuals who will stay with your company for several years, it is important to get to know your recruitment software in and out. By fully utilizing the right applicant tracking system, you can discern who will fit best with your company. Consider asking questions such as, “What are your professional goals?” and, “What sort of environment do you find the most exhilarating?” By asking these questions, you can hire a person who will actually grow with the company. This will be much more beneficial to your company and probably more satisfying to you.

Ways to shorten your hiring cycle  
Ways to shorten your hiring cycle  

Companies spends weeks trying to find new employees every year, and for a small business that can be very detrimental. Recruiter Box has dev...