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Resume Management Software

Stark Inc

Meet Bob! He is from Stark Inc and is responsible for hiring.



Bob starts receiving resumes through emails and tracking through excel. He soon realizes this was getting out of his hands.

Bob needed a simple resume management software that was not too expensive.


He then discovered Recruiterbox!

Collect resumes in one place

Share feedback with team

Track candidates Recruiterbox helped him do three things.


Stark / Careers

He received resumes from multiple sources and put them in one place where Bob and his team can access.



Once Bob has candidates in Recruiterbox, he can assign interviews, take feedback and send emails to the candidates directly.

With Recruiterbox, Bob has found the perfect resume management software, and stopped eating his lunch on a pile of resumes. | +1 415 758 2012 | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Resume Management Software by Recruiterbox  

Recruiterbox, the resume management software can help you manage the resumes you receive for the job openings, in a very smart way. This onl...