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ADULT SOFTBALL MANAGER’S MEETINGS The City of Tracy Recreation Division will be conducting a Manager’s Meeting prior to each season. These meetings will be used to distribute league schedules, update manager’s on our league rules and policies, and introduce staff to the managers. These meetings will be held on the following dates and times: SPRING LEAGUE

6:30 PM

February 18


6:30 PM

May 12


6:30 PM

August 18

Field Rentals: Did you know that as a team registered in the City of Tracy Adult Softball Leagues, you have the ability to rent a complex field for practicing? Call the Recreation Division at 831-6202 for more information.


Holidays - No Games:  May 27, 2016  May 30, 2016  July 4, 2016  September 2, 2016  September 5, 2016  November 11, 2016

City of Tracy Parks and Community Services Department 715 Central Ave Tracy, CA 95376 (209) 831-6202





Introduction, Staff, Contact Information ............................................. 2 Important Dates, How to Register ...................................................... 3 General Information ....................................................................... 4-7 Leagues, Services, Classification League Rules ................................................................................. 7-9 General Information, Players Eligibility, Managers Game Rules ............................................................................ ...10-13 Code of Conduct ..................................................................... ...14-15 Manager Meetings, Field Rentals, Holidays ....................................16

INTRODUCTION The City of Tracy Recreation Division would like to welcome you to the 2016 adult softball season. During the past few years, the City has made some adjustments to our softball program in an effort to make our leagues more family friendly and increase enjoyment of the game. We remind all managers that it is their responsibility to know the rules and ensure that their players and spectators are aware of the rules, policies and Code of Conduct in effect for our softball program. We are always available to hear your comments and suggestions on our program and encourage you to contact us if you have questions on any matter pertaining to our softball program, or to obtain clarification on any rule, policy or Code of Conduct. We wish you all the best of luck and hope you have a wonderful experience playing in our program. For more information, contact: Parks and Community Services Offices ........... (209) 831-6202 Justin Geibig, Recreation Coordinator.............. (209) 831-6207 Field Conditions (WEATHER HOTLINE) ......... (209) 831-6350



hearing, a ruling on the appeal shall be prepared by the Appeal Panel and placed into the United States mail to the individual who filed the appeal and to the City of Tracy. The findings of the Appeal Panel may only be appealed as stipulated in the current NSA Code.

Specific Code and Penalties Illegal Player: All players must be properly listed on the teams roster, or added with an Add/Drop form, and listed in the team’s batting lineup for any game that the player may participate in. Minimum Penalty: Forfeit of game. Maximum Penalty: Team suspended for the rest of the season. Profanity: No player or spectator shall use profanity during league or tournament play. The game official has discretion to issue a warning or move to further action. Minimum Penalty: Warning issued. Maximum Penalty: Suspension from next game and/or placement on probation for one year. Un-sportsmanlike Conduct: No player or spectator shall conduct themselves in an un-sportsmanlike manner. Minimum Penalty: Ejection from the game. Maximum Penalty: Suspension for the season and/or placement on probation for one year Alcohol and Drug Use: No player or spectator shall be in possession of, consuming or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Minimum Penalty: Ejection from game. Maximum Penalty: Suspension for one year, and one additional year of being on probation. Threats or Verbal Abuse: No player or spectator shall make verbal threats or abuse towards any person present in league or tournament play. Threats of harm or violence made against other players, league officials, or spectators will be dealt with seriously. Minimum Penalty: Warning issued. Maximum Penalty: Ejection and suspension for one year. Fighting, Violence or Rough Tactics: No player or spectator shall initiate or be involved in a physical fight, physical abuse, or rough playing tactics against another person. Minimum Penalty: Ejection from game. Maximum Penalty: Lifetime suspension from league and tournament play, possible legal action.


City of Tracy Code of Conduct General Code Provisions A. The team manager/captain is responsible for the conduct of his/ her team on the field and in the dugout/sidelines. B. Any player violating the same section of this Code of Conduct for a second time during the same season, will be penalized the maximum penalty for the code section. C. Any player who is on probation for any offense relating to the Code of Conduct, and violates a provision of the Code of Conduct, will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the season, and the Tracy Recreation Division may impose additional penalties. D. Ejected participants must leave the entire facility within five (5) minutes following an ejection. The manager or teammates are responsible for assisting in the removal of an ejected player. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of the game. E. Game officials and official scorekeepers will report ALL EJECTIONS to the Site Director immediately following the game. F. If an ejected player plays for multiple teams, they are suspended from all other teams’ games until the suspension for the team of violation has been finished. G. A manager’s failure to control his/her team, control the language of the team, or any abusive behavior will result in an immediate forfeit. Additionally, the manager and any rostered players may be subject to other disciplinary action. H. Forgery of a player’s signature will result in expulsion from the league for one year. I. Minimum one game suspension for any ejection. Right to Appeal As per the NSA Code, any player penalized for a violation of the Code of Conduct has the right to appeal the penalty. Following are the methods and guidelines for appealing a penalty. A. The appeal must be submitted to the Recreation Division within seventy-two (72) hours of being informed of the penalty. This appeal must be submitted in writing and include documentation or other evidence upon which the appeal is based. B. The Recreation Division shall convene an Appeals Panel within fourteen (14) days of receipt of an appeal to conduct a hearing on the appeal. The individual appealing their penalty shall appear before the Panel to present evidence, documents or witnesses to support his/her basis for appealing. The City of Tracy may submit evidence, documents or witnesses to the Panel as justification for the penalty invoked. C. Within ten (10) working days after the date of the Appeal Panel



Registration Deadline .......... February 17 Manager’s Meeting .............. February 18 Play Begins .......................... February 22 Summer Season: Registration Deadline .......... May 11 Manager’s Meeting .............. May 12 Play Begins .......................... May 16 Fall Season: Registration Deadline .......... August 17 Manager’s Meeting .............. August 18 Play Begins .......................... August 22 *Dates are subject to change Check our website for more program information and downloadable forms! 2016 CHANGES VEER LINE: Will not be utilized in any of the Men’s divisions. COMMIT LINE: Will not be utilized in any of the Men’s divisions.

2016 Highlights MANAGERS MEETINGS: All Manager’s Meetings are mandatory. Failure to attend or send a representative will result in an automatic loss prior to the start of the season. EJECTED PLAYERS: Any player ejected or suspended from a game must leave the Tracy Sports Complex premises entirely. Failure to leave after an ejection, will result in an automatic forfeit for the team. 1 AND 1 COUNT: At your at bat, after your 2nd foul ball, you will be declared out. OVER THE NET RULE: If a ball is hit in fair territory over the nets in the outfield, the play will considered an automatic force out. FORFEITS: If a team plans to forfeit for any reason, the manager should notify the League Coordinator in advance to inform the opposing team. Alcohol & Drug Use - See page 15

HOW TO REGISTER The City of Tracy offers three methods to register for softball leagues. (Fees: $520 per season) 1) Mail: Send in an Official Roster and full payment to the address listed in method #2. (Rosters do not need players’ signatures.) 2) Walk-in: Bring in an Official Roster along with full payment to the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts at 715 Central Ave, Tracy 95376 during normal business hours. (Players’ names and signatures are not needed to register). 3) Online: Managers may register their softball team online by visiting the City of Tracy’s online program website and can only be paid by credit card:



Location and Times A. All games will be played at the Tracy Sports Complex softball fields, unless noted otherwise. The Tracy Sports Complex is located at 955 Crossroads Drive. B. Games will start at 7pm, 8:05pm, and 9:10pm. 2. Seasons – Dates are subject to change. There are three (3) seasons being offered in 2016: Spring Season: February 22 to May 6 Registration deadline: February 17 Summer Season: May 16 to August 12 Registration deadline: May 11 Fall Season: August 22 to November 18 Registration deadline: August 17 3. Fees A. The cost per team per season shall be $520.00. B. Refunds will not be given after the league registration deadline. 4. Registration A. The manager is responsible for registering the team. To register a team the manager must submit an Official Roster with all team information completed, and pay all league registration fees prior to the Registration Deadline. Player names and signatures are NOT required on the Official Roster submitted at registration. B. Rosters 1) Rosters must be completed and turned in to the Site Supervisor at the Tracy Sports Complex prior to the team’s first league game of the season. 2) The roster must include the printed name, address, home phone, and signature of each player on the team. This information must be completed before a Roster will be accepted. A player’s signature on the Roster implies acknowledgement and acceptance of the Tracy Code of Conduct and the Release and Waiver of Liability Provisions. 3) A team Roster must have a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 20 players. 4) Rosters for male league play shall only include male players and rosters for female league play shall only include female players. C. Free Agents: Managers may pick up free agents prior to the start of a team’s game on the sixth week of league play. Contact the Recreation Division Office by phone or email to


G. Coed Specific Rules 1. Lineups: The Coed official lineup shall alternate by gender, male, female, male, etc. A team may have more female players in the lineup than male players. At no time may two males bat back-to-back in the lineup. If more females are in the lineup than males, extra female players must bat back-to-back. 2. Coed Outfield Line: When a female is at bat, all outfielders must stay behind the outfield line, approximately 170 feet from home plate, until the ball crosses home plate. If an outfielder is in violation of this rule, as judged by the umpire, the batter will be awarded first base. 3. Diving and sliding is allowed in Coed softball. 4. Walks: Following a walk to a male batter, the male will automatically be given second base. The female batter will have the option of batting or being awarded first base. The female batter must notify the game official of her decision prior to entering the batter’s box. Once the female player enters the batter’s box, she must bat. 5. A maximum of fourteen (14) players may be placed in the official lineup. At least half of the players in the official lineup must be female. At no time may the number of males in the lineup exceed the number of females. H. Appeals and Protests 1. The intent to appeal shall be made as outlined in the NSA Rule Book (i.e. notification of intent to protest made to the game official prior to the next pitch). 2. Protests on player eligibility will be handled on the spot by the game official and the Site Supervisor. 3. Written protests will be accepted on rule interpretation or misapplication of a rule, as follows: a. A written protest and a $25.00 protest fee must be submitted to the City of Tracy Recreation Division within 24 hours of the time of the protest, or by the end of the Department’s next business day if offices are closed the next day following the protest. The $25.00 protest fee will be refunded, if the protest is upheld by the Protest Committee. b. ALL PROTESTS meeting the requirements shall be ruled on by the City of Tracy Recreation Department Protest Committee. c. A protest will not be accepted, no matter how valid it may be, if the proper procedures are not followed. d. Protests on umpire judgment will not be accepted.


Equalizer Rule shall be in effect for all leagues. 6. Homerun Equalizer Rule: As noted in D.5 above, any team that hits an over-the-fence homerun after reaching the maximum permitted in their classification of play, are recorded as outs. However, if both teams have reached the maximum number of homeruns (equalized), each team is permitted to hit another. If both teams equalize their number of home runs over the maximum, each is permitted another. This “equalizer” rule remains in effect throughout the game as long as one team never hits more than one homerun than their opponent. Any home run over this oneup, will count as one out. E. Pitching and Fielding 1. One-and-One Count: All batters will enter the batter’s box with a one ball, one strike count. At your at bat, after your second fall ball, you will be declared out. 2. The Pitch: Pitchers shall pitch a ball that has a perceptible arc and reach a minimum height of 6 feet from the ground and a maximum of 10 feet from the ground. 3. Positions: There are no restrictions as to defensive positioning, with the exception that only the catcher may be in foul territory when a pitch is made. Coed players do not have to alternate positions. 4. Any player in the official lineup may play defensively. In Coed play, at least half of the defensive players must be female. F. Exemptions to Penalties 1. Injury: Injured players who must leave the game will not be penalized for an out when their position in the lineup comes up. Injured players can not re-enter the game. 2. Safety Personnel: Players who are also firefighters, paramedics, or police officers that are called away for an emergency will not be penalized for their place in the batting order, nor will they be penalized for returning to the game. If they return to the game, they must be placed into their original spots in the batting order. 3. Courtesy Runners: A courtesy runner may be provided for a player reaching base once the ball is dead. The courtesy runner is designated as the person who made the last out. In Coed play, the courtesy runner must be the same gender as the player replaced.


receive a listing of interested players. 5. Divisions and Leagues A. There are three classifications of league play offered in our program: Novice Leagues: Teams that are new or less skilled and looking for a lower level of play; Intermediate Leagues: Teams that have played for a few seasons or have won a previous “Novice League”; Advanced Leagues: Teams that are more skilled and looking for a more competitive level of play and/or have competed successfully in our past “Advanced Leagues” or have won an “Intermediate League.” B. The Various Nights for Play and League Types are: NIGHT LEAGUES OFFERED DIVISIONS Monday Coed Novice Coed Intermediate Coed Advanced Friday Men’s Novice Men’s Intermediate Men’s Advanced C. When registering, the team must select a desired night of play (Monday-Friday), a League and a Division of play (Example: Monday, Coed, Novice) for the leagues offered for that season. D. Teams may register for the night, league, division level they wish to play. However Program Staff ultimately have the final decision in the placement of teams in their proper division and level of play. Staff also reserves the right to combine divisions and levels of play based on the number of teams registered to play in any adult softball league. Every attempt will be made to group teams of similar skill levels to the extent possible. 6. When two or more teams share the same league record, the following tie-breaker will be used to decide seeding for playoffs. A) Head-to-head record between teams. B) Head-to-head run differentials between teams. C) Least runs allowed in league play. D) Most runs scored in league play. E) Flip a coin. 7. Awards: League champions will receive individual player awards (15 each), and a championship team trophy. The second place team will receive team trophy. 8. The home team for all playoff games will be the higher seeded team.


9. Classification: The following Classification System shall be used in City of Tracy Adult Softball Leagues: NOVICE - This division is specifically for newer teams that have never played in our program or returning teams that have not won a Novice League in their most recent season of play, or finished with a below .500 record in an Intermediate league. Novice teams may not have any Advanced rostered players and a maximum of four (4) Intermediate rostered players on their roster. Teams winning a Novice league will be required to move up to Intermediate league in their next season of play, unless they successfully appeal their automatic reclassification. INTERMEDIATE - This division is for stronger teams. Any team that wins a Novice league is required to move to Intermediate their next playing season. Teams finishing with a sub-.500 record in an Intermediate league are eligible to move down to Novice. Any team that wins an Intermediate league is required to move up to Advance for their next season of play, unless they successfully appeal their automatic reclassification. No more than four (4) Advanced rostered players may be on an Intermediate roster. ADVANCED - This is the City’s highest/most competitive league. In the Men’s program, this league does not use the Veer or Commit line. Any team winning an Intermediate league is required to play in the Advance league in their next season of play, unless they successfully appeal their automatic reclassification. Any Advanced team finishing with a sub-.500 record is eligible to move down to Intermediate. COMBINED LEAGUES - To facilitate participation, the City may from time-to-time, combine two divisions of play. When this occurs, the lower division team’s games against the higher division teams will not count in their standings. Each division will have their own separate playoffs. In games between lower and higher division teams, teams are limited to the number of homeruns permitted in their respective divisions, but games will be run under the lower division rules. Additionally, the higher division team shall spot the lower division team three (3) runs at the start of the game. APPEAL PROCESS – The City of Tracy has established a Classification Committee whose duties include reviewing and modifying Adult Softball policies and procedures, and conducting appeal hearings for teams wishing to appeal their classification. Three appeal hearings will be held each year, one at least ten (10) days prior to the start of Spring season, one on Wednesday the week prior to the start of the Summer Season and the third on Wednesday the week prior to the start of the Fall Season. Teams wishing to appeal their classification must submit a written appeal stating the justification for the reclassification. Justification should include, but not necessarily be limited to, roster


for each game. It is the responsibility of the team who hits a ball over the fence to retrieve it. If both balls are hit over the fence, the game will not continue until one of the balls is returned. The game clock will continue to run while balls are retrieved. 3. Shoes: All players in City of Tracy softball leagues must wear enclosed toe shoes. Metal cleats are not allowed (except during Men’s or Women’s Fast pitch Softball), including shoes with rounded spikes; detachable football cleats are illegal. 4. Warm-up Bats: Only two official softball bats or one NSA approved warm-up bat or approved apparatus may be used by the on-deck batter in the on-deck circle. 5. Catchers: A throat protector must be worn if a catcher’s mask is used. 6. Clothing: The league recommends players wear pants that cover the knees as a precaution against injury or infection. D. Scoring and Runs Rules: 1. Veer Line: A veer line will be used at home plate. Any runner touching home plate or crossing the batters box will be declared out. Runners must advance across the veer line to score. When the runner crosses the Veer Line the foot has to be on the ground past the line before the catch has possession of the ball for the point to count. The veer line will not be utilized in any of the Men’s divisions. 2. Commit Line: A commit line will be used between home and third base. Any runner who crosses over the line must continue toward home plate. The umpire will call out any runner crossing the line and returning to third base. The commit line will not be utilized in any of the Men’s divisions. 3. Play at Plate: All plays at home are force-outs. If a defensive player has the ball in their possession and in contact with home plate before a runner touches the ground beyond the Veer Line, the runner is out. This rule is not in effect in the Men’s Advanced Leagues. 4. Run Ahead Rule: Any team leading by 12 runs after 5 innings of play shall be declared the winner. 5. Home Run Rule: Teams playing in an Advanced League will be allowed four (4) over-the-fence home runs per game. Teams playing in an Intermediate League will be allowed two (2) over-the-fence home runs per game. Teams playing in a Novice League will be allowed no over -the-fence home run per game. Each subsequent over-thefence home run will count as one (1) out. The Homerun


GAME RULES The Rules of play are those of the National Softball Association (NSA) unless excepted here. These rules are listed in the current NSA Official Rules of Softball. Please refer to this book for rule clarification. A. Pre-game: 1. Home team, as indicated on the official league schedule shall sit in the third base dugout. Home team shall keep the official scorebook for the game. If the Home team does not have an official scorekeeper or scorebook, the Visiting team shall become the home team and keep the official score for the game. 2. Official lineup is due to the game official five (5) minutes prior to game time. A copy is also to be provided to opposing team. Teams may place up to fourteen (14) players in their official lineup. See Section G. 5. for information on Coed batting lineup rules. B. Time Frames: 1. Game Time: Game time is forfeit time. 2. Time Limit: Games will last 7 innings or when the time limit is reached, whichever comes first. No new inning shall start after 65 minutes of playing time. Any inning started shall be completed, unless the home team is leading and at bat when the time limit is reached. Games stopped due to time will be official regardless of the number of innings played. 3. If a game is tied after 7 innings, the game shall continue until a winner has been determined or the time limit is reached. 4. Any game canceled due to circumstances beyond the officials’ control, excluding time limit, will be declared an official game if at least 3½ innings have been completed. 5. Warming Up: The umpire reserves the right to continue progress of the game. This means the umpire may limit or restrict warm-up between innings. (No infield practice or pitcher’s warm-up between innings.) 6. In playoff games, if a game is tied when the time limit or 7 innings is reached, the game shall continue until one team is leading at the end of a completed inning. The International Rule will be enforced per the NSA Handbook. C. Equipment: 1. Bats: All teams must provide their own equipment. All bats must conform to NSA specifications unless considered unsafe by league officials. They must be official softball bats. 2. Balls: One new and one used ball will be provided by the City of Tracy for all games. One new game ball will be used first


adjustments, team record in league, team’s statistics or other applicable data. Team manager may attend the appeal hearing to submit verbal justification. The Classification Committee’s decision shall be final.

LEAGUE RULES I. General Rules A. Scheduling: The City of Tracy shall prepare the official league schedule. Teams may not modify or change any aspect of the official schedule. Teams will not receive special consideration concerning playing time or days of play. Games canceled due to circumstances beyond the league officials’ control will be rescheduled as needed to ensure proper completion of the league. Such rescheduled games may be moved to a different night or a different facility. B. Home Team: During Round Robin play, the Home and Visitor teams are determined by the official league schedule. Home team shall be responsible to keep the official scorebook for the game. If the home team does not have an official scorekeeper/ scorebook, the visiting team shall become the home team. For Playoff games, Home team shall be determined by the higher seeded team participating in the game. Home team shall keep the official scorebook. If the Home team does not have a scorebook/scorekeeper, the Visitor shall become Home team. C. Forfeits: A team must have nine (9) players in the dugout at game time, or the game official may call a forfeit. A team that would be declared the winner in this situation has the option of playing the game instead of taking the forfeit win. The team can utilize this option by informing the game official that they wish to play the game. At this point in time, the game shall become official, and the team that would have been declared the winner by forfeit gives up all rights to be declared the winner due to the opposing team not having the required number of players. If any game is forfeited, the final score will be recorded as 7-0 for record purposes. NOTE: Courtesy Catcher: Teams with 8 players or less will have a courtesy catcher provided by the opposing team. The courtesy catcher will only return the ball to the pitcher after each pitch and not be involved in any plays. II. Players A. Age Requirements: The MINIMUM AGE for players in the Adult League is 18 years. There is no maximum age limit. B. ID: Player’s license and or California ID cards must be presented upon League Official’s request. PLAYER ID’s WILL BE CHECKED FOR ALL PLAYOFF GAMES.


C. Multiple Teams: A player may play on an unlimited number of teams, provided he/she plays on only one team in each league. A player may not play for two or more teams within the same league. D. Code Agreement: All players must read and agree to the Tracy Code of Conduct. The player’s signature on the team Roster or an Add/Drop form implies acknowledgment and acceptance of the Tracy Code of Conduct. E. Roster Info: A player’s required information and signature must be on a team Roster or an official league Add/Drop from to be deemed a legal player. Copies of a team’s roster and Add/Drop forms are available every league night from the Site Director. Any player not registered via the aforementioned documents shall be considered illegal. F. Roster Adds: A player may be added to any team’s roster any night prior to the sixth week’s game by completing and signing an official Add/Drop form available at the Tracy Sports Complex. The Add/Drop form must be completed prior to the player participating in a league game. G. Ejection: 1. Any player ejected or suspended from a game must leave the Tracy Sports Complex premises entirely. 2. If an ejection results in a team not having at least nine (9) eligible players, the game official may declare a forfeit. The team that would be declared the winner due to this ejection, may elect to continue playing the game as described in I, C (Forfeits). 3. Any player removed from the game due to an ejection will be declared an “automatic out” each time their spot in the batting order if the team does not have an eligible substitution for the ejected player. 4. Ejected players, at a minimum, will be suspended for all of the team’s games through the next week. Additionally, that ejected player will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game in that division of play, or any other divisions. H. Illegal Players: Any team found to have an illegal player shall forfeit the game in which the player is participating. There is no option to continue playing a game forfeited for use of an illegal player. Illegal players are considered to have been ejected from the game, and shall be suspended from participating in any City of Tracy Softball League for a period of one week. Additionally, any manager whose team uses an illegal player, shall serve a one week suspension for all City of Tracy Softball Leagues.


III. Managers A. Managers are considered players and must abide by all rules. B. Managers are responsible for their team and the conduct of their players. Ultimately the manager – not the umpire – must control team players that get out of hand or become unruly. The manager is responsible for the removal of any ejected player from the Tracy Sports Complex or other premises. A manager’s failure to control his team or remove an ejected player could result in a forfeited game. C. Communication regarding game, rule or official rulings should be directly between umpire and managers – not umpire and team players. D. The Managers Meetings are mandatory. Failure to attend or send a representative from the team will result in an automatic loss prior to the start of the season. E. Any manager whose team uses an illegal player, shall serve a one week suspension from all City of Tracy Softball Leagues. IV. Spectators A. Children (under 18 years old) are not allowed on the playing field or in the dugouts at any time, this includes bat boys/girls. The dugouts are reserved for players and managers only. IF UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN CONTINUALLY INTERFERE WITH A GAME OR ACT IN AN UNRULY MANNER, THE SITE DIRECTOR HAS THE AUTHORITY TO END ANY GAME, RESULTING IN A FORFEIT FOR THAT TEAM. B. Pets (dogs, cats, etc.), are not allowed on the playing field or in the dugout at any time. All dogs must remain leashed and under control. The owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet. C. Spectators are expected to follow the Tracy Code of Conduct like other participants. Spectators that become unruly or dangerous to others will be warned or asked to leave. Law enforcement officials will become involved in any dangerous situation caused by spectators. V. Umpires A. The Recreation Division contractor will assign game officials. B. Processes for concerns about umpires, staff or other participants are as follows: 1. Contact the Site Director or the Softball Program Coordinator. Provide a detailed description of the problem. 2. Please know the exact date, game time, and opposing team involved. 3. Appropriate review and action of the concern will be taken by the City of Tracy.


2016 Adult Softball Handbook  
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